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The Perversions Of Cindy – Chapter 5 (mf, Fmf, Preteen (10y), Teen (14y), Unprotected, Impreg

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Chapter 5 – The whole family gets in on the sordid action and Mandy loses her cherry.

Ryan lay in his room, listening to his mother and sister. He knew what they were doing. His cock was half hard and out of his jeans, and he stroked it as he listened, his mind working up images. He had never seen anything like what they were doing, but he knew they were licking each other between the legs. He was excited that his sexy mom had gone through with her promise to initiate little Mandy into their filthy sex lives.

He wondered what it would be like, the feel of a wet pussy against his face. His mother had certainly sucked up his jizz when he came, he thought. If she liked that so much, then maybe licking a girl’s pussy was good, too. He wondered if his mother would let him kiss her pussy, taste it, and lick it. But most of all he wondered if his little sister’s pussy was any different form his mother’s. He knew she wouldn’t have any pubic hair yet and that excited him greatly.

Although he was not one to spy, Ryan had to see them, see what they were doing to each other that made them so excited. He slipped from his bed, his cock sticking from his pants, and sneaked into the hallway. The closer he got to his sister’s room, the louder the sounds became. His cock throbbed with excitement as he peeked inside.

What he saw was his sister’s naked body on top of his mother, his mother’s hands holding Mandy’s squirming, grinding little ass, her legs lifted and wrapped about Mandy. They were kissing each other, and he could see their tongues meet and lick. His cock turned achingly hard, jerking upright and almost slapping at his belt. He grabbed his prick with a tight fist as he stood in the door watching them, afraid to move his hand, afraid he would come off all over the floor.

Cindy let out a soft sigh when Mandy squealed ramming her hairless pussy onto her pussy. She felt her daughter’s small body shake as she came, and then Mandy lay limply on top of her, breathing heavily. Cindy lowered her thighs, spreading them alongside those of Mandy, but she kept hold of the girl’s small, tight ass, only no longer gripping it tightly. She caressed the satiny ass cheeks, dragging her finger along the crease of her ass, making her daughter gurgle happily.

Then Cindy looked up and saw her son.

“Ryan,” she said softly, her eyes showing her delight at seeing him there.

With a squeal, Mandy jumped from her mother’s body, one arm covering her budding little nipples, the other trying to hide her pussy as she crouched staring at her brother.

“Ryan! ” She gasped. “You were peeking!”

“I could hear…. and your door was open,” Ryan said, his eyes moving from his sister’s crouching body to his mother’s.

Cindy had not closed her legs. Her skirt was at her waist, her crotch exposed, tits poking out from her open blouse.

“Did you hear everything? ” Mandy asked, her eyes burning on her brother’s jerking cock.

“All I heard was squeals and moans,” Ryan said, squeezing his cock hard, the already swollen cockhead bulging even more, his piss hole dripping pre-cum. Cindy sat up, but didn’t rearrange her skirt or blouse.

“Why are you acting so shy, Mandy?” she asked, a teasing smile on her face. “I thought you wanted to do it with Ry…”

“Mommy!” Mandy squealed. “Don’t tell him that!”

“But you said you wanted to fu….”

“Mommy! ” Mandy squealed again, and quickly covered her mother’s mouth with her hands. Then, realizing her brother could see her naked body, she quickly went into her crouch once again, covering her titties and pussy. Cindy laughed.

“What are you trying to hide, honey?”

“Ryan is staring at me,” Mandy breathed, but her eyes were on his hard cock again. “He can see me… naked.”

Cindy gently removed Mandy’s hands, and although there was a flush on her daughter’s satiny flesh, the wild look in her blue eyes told how badly Mandy wanted to fuck Ryan.

“You told me you wanted him to… ”

Cindy giggled when Mandy tried to cover her mouth again, avoiding the small hand by turning her head.

“You said you wanted Ryan to fuck you.”

“Mommy! You told!”

Ryan, grinning from ear to ear, moved into his sister’s room.

“Did you say that, Mandy? Did you really say you wanted me to fuck you?”

Mandy gasped. “You’re not supposed to say that.”

“But, honey, you do want to fuck him,” Cindy mewled. “Ryan, come closer, so your horny little sister can see that lovely big prick of yours better.”

Ryan moved forward, his gaze going from his sister’s small, hard titties with her candy-pink nipples, to his mother’s full tits and her light-brown nipples. Cindy lifted her hand to her son’s cock pushing his hand away. She took his prick in her own hand sliding on it her fist back and forth.

“You do want this cock in you, don’t you, Mandy?” she said softly. “You weren’t just saying that, were you? You do want your big brother to fuck you, right?”

“But Mommy…. what about….”

“You said he would be shy,” Cindy smiled. “But I’d say you’re the one that’s shy.”

“Not me! ” Mandy insisted, standing up straight. “I’m not scared… see!”

Cindy stroked her other hand up her daughter’s thighs to her juicy, hairless pussy. She worked her finger into the kid’s pussy and fucked it in and out at the same time pumping her son’s cock. The exciting sensation of fingering Mandy’s hot young pussy and jacking her son’s cock off at the same time, sent a steamy reaction through her body. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” Cindy said in a low voice. “Playing with a pussy and cock together. It’s fun… I like it.”

She couldn’t resist, raising her face and pulling her son’s cock down. She kissed him on his dripping piss hole. Ryan was not playing with his mother’s tits, but his eyes moved from his sister’s naked body to his mother’s blatantly exposed pussy. He trembled with anticipation, his balls drawing up at the base of his cock. Cindy pulled her daughter’s hand to her son’s huge prick and closed her fingers around it.

“Play with his cock, Mandy,” she breathed hotly. “Feel how hard it is. It isn’t as big as the man on the elevator, but I think you’ll love how good it feels in your little pussy.”

Ryan needed no prompting from his mother. As his sister pumped his cock on her own, he grasped her tight little titties, squeezing them in turn, then lowering his hand to her smooth, pink pussy. Mandy wiggled her tiny ass, squealing with pleasure as her brother rubbed his fingers into her moist little pussy-slit. At the same time, she jerked her little fist in short, quick motions on Ryan’s cock, spreading her legs to let her brother finger her pussy better.

Cindy sat on the bed, watching them, her eyes glowing with voyeuristic heat. She licked her lips as she watched her son rubbing at her daughter’s pink, glistening little pussy, and her tiny hand jacking his raging hard-on.

“Fuck each other! ” She moaned softly. “Oh! please, let Mother see you fuck! I want to see your brother’s big cock inside your little pussy, Mandy.”

“Oh, do you wanna do it, Ryan?” Mandy gasped, turning his cock loose and cupping his full balls. “Mommy, these are so hot, too!”

“That’s because they need to be warm to make the sperm he’s going to squirt for you,” Cindy purred, rubbing at her own pussy, sitting on the floor between them. “His balls are full and ready, Mandy. He’s ready to come a lot, I bet. Lie back and put his cock in your pussy, baby! Let Mommy watch you two fuck!”

“Ooh, Ryan, let’s do it!” Mandy squealed, jerking on her brother’s cock urgently. “I wanna do it, Ryan! Come on, hurry!”

Cindy grinned. “My, you’re a hot little twat, Mandy.”

“Yes, Mommy, I am! Oh, I’m such a hot little twat! I wanna fuck you, Ryan! Ah, I wanna fuck you off right now!” Mandy squealed, shivering at the dirty words she was using.

“Fuck me off? ” Ryan gasped, clutching one of his sister’s tight little titties.

“Make you squirt your cum!” she cried hotly.

Cindy lay back on her daughter’s bed, her eyes smouldering with excitement. Mandy scrambled up beside her, pulling her brother by his cock. Ryan had no choice but to follow. As Mandy lay back, spreading her satiny, slim thighs, he gazed into her crotch. His little sister’s pussy was so smooth and creamy, with slippery juices seeping from the pussy-lips, making the flesh of her pretty little ass and inner thighs glisten. His cock jerked up and down, dribbling pre-cum on her leg. Cindy was breathing hard, her naked tits heaving up and down. Her nipples we painfully swollen, and her bushy pussy was throbbing. She moved her hands to her daughter’s crotch, her fingers spreading those satiny, succulent lips wide, making Mandy’s pulsating clit stand up and her tiny little fuck hole flower open.

“Put it in, Ryan,” Cindy moaned softly. “Put your cock in your sister’s hot little pussy! Hurry, Ryan!”

Mandy whimpered, raising her pussy the way her mother had before, making tight grinding motions with her little ass. “I wanna feel your cock in me, in my pussy! Oh, Mommy, make him hurry up and fuck me!”

“You better hurry, Ryan, ” Cindy moaned, holding her daughters hairless little pussy wide with her fingers. “Mandy might cum before you get your cock in her pussy. Feel how hot she is.”

Ryan ran his palm up and down his sister’s pussy, feeling the wet heat. Mandy gurgled and strained her pussy against his hand, her own flat on the bed beside her raised hips, already clawing at the sheets. As Ryan drew his wet hand away, Cindy stabbed a finger in her daughter’s pussy, fucking it in and out. Mandy sobbed and jerked her hips up and down, fucking herself on her mother’s stiff finger as Ryan stared hotly.

“She’s ready, Ryan! Fuck her! Fuck her good, baby!” Cindy hissed, pulling her finger out.

Ryan pushed the head of his cock to his sister’s pussy. His dripping cockhead smashed her small, hard clit, causing Mandy to yelp with the sensation. She arched her hips a bit higher, and the swollen head of his cock penetrated her pussy.

“Oh!” Mandy gasped, her eyes going wide as she felt the stretching, stuffing sensation of her brother’s big prick sliding into her small pussy. “Oh, Ryan!”

The boy hunched his hips, driving his cock into his little sister’s pussy until his cockhead met with a spongy resistance. He hunched harder, but try as he might, he couldn’t seem to get his cock inside her more than a couple of inches. “I can’t get it in, Mom!”, cried Ryan in frustration. Cindy got behind her son and grabbed his hips.

“Don’t worry, baby, that’s her hymen. Your sister is a virgin, remember? You just need to bust her little cherry that’s all,” soothed his mother.

“What do I do?”, panted Ryan, moving his cock shallowly in and out of the squirming little girl.

“Just thrust your cock in her a little harder until you feel it give way. Then you can fuck her as deeply as you like. Here I’ll help you, honey,” said Cindy pressing down on her son’s bunching ass-cheeks. “Now push hard!”

Ryan thrust his hips down hard and felt the rubbery membrane inside his little sister’s pussy stretch a little. Mandy bit her bottom lips and moaned in pain both pain and pleasure. But her mother had told her about her `cherry’ and how a guy would have to hurt her a little bit at first before he would be able to get his cock right up into her pussy to fuck her properly.

Cindy pushed down on Ryan’s muscular buttocks as the boy rammed his cock into his sister’s upthrust little twat, and on the third attempt Ryan felt a popping sensation and his long, thick cock slid slowly into Mandy’s tight little pussy until their pubic mounds mashed together and his sperm filled nuts rested against her slender young thighs.

“Ooh, Mommy!”, moaned Mandy as she felt a cock penetrate her girlhood for the first time. Like her mother she instantly became hooked on sex. She knew she would need to do this again and again! She wrapped her arms around her brother’s shoulders and lifted her hips up off the bed.

“He’s in me! Ryan’s cock is in me! Oh, it’s so big! Umm! It feels so good, Mommy!”

Cindy held her breath as she watched her daughter’s hairless little pussy part widely and close about her son’s cock. Seeing it almost caused her to cum. She fingered the girl’s puffy pussy-lips as she watched Ryan slowly fuck his man-sized cock deeper into his little sister’s ultra-tight pussy. Mandy held her breath, her ass lifted, legs spread wide, her eyes unfocused, lips parted. When she saw her son’s cock fuck completely into her daughter’s bulging pussy, Cindy pulled her fingers away, sliding them along the moist, pink lips at the top of the ten-year-old’s hairless pussy slit. She pushed, and Mandy’s sweet little ass jerked.

“You’ve busted her cherry, Ryan, now fuck her!” Cindy gurgled hotly. “Oh, baby, fuck her hot little pussy! Fuck your sister, Ryan!”

“Oh, yes, Mom!” he gasped, gripping his sister’s hips tightly.

“Fuck me, Ryan!” Mandy breathed hotly. “Oh, it feels so good! Mommy, I’m gonna love this! Oh, his cock feels so deep in me… I don’t know if I can stand it!”

“You will, honey, ” Cindy purred, stroking her daughter’s firm little titties, pulling and twisting her pink nipples. “You’ll stand it and want more… want as much as you can get!”

“I know!” Mandy cried. “I already want more!”

Ryan drew his cock back, almost slipping the cockhead from his sister’s pussy. Mandy thought he was going to take his prick out of her, and lunged upward, sliding her pussy back onto her brother’s thick, glistening cock-shaft. Cindy made hissing sounds as she watched her son fucking his cock into her daughter’s tight pussy. The way those pink, hairless pussy-lips bulged and clutched at his pumping cock-shaft made her own pussy throb and ooze juices. She leaned down, keeping her head turned to see her son’s cock fucking into Mandy’s upthrust little twat, and began to suck greedily at the girl’s small, hard nipples.

Mandy wrapped an arm about her mother’s neck and began to churn her hot little ass as Ryan rammed his cock in and out of her pussy swiftly. Her blue eyes blazed up at his face, her lovely, flushed cheeks burning with hot desire. Her small hips twisted and churned, humping up to meet her big brother’s down-thrusting cock. Soft, moist sounds filled the bedroom, and as Cindy sucked at her daughter’s titties, she inhaled the delicious scent of their fucking. Ryan was on his knees, holding his sister’s hips while she spread her thighs around his, working her cute little ass in a frenzy, fucking him back, meeting him fuck-thrust for fuck-thrust.

Cindy moved her hand over Ryan and Mandy’s heaving young bodies as she sucked and licked at her daughter’s tiny titties. Her eyes were on fire as she watched how frantically her son’s cock pounded into the little girl’s tightly clinging pussy. She caressed Mandy’s smooth back and down to her tight little ass, squeezing the ass cheeks. She felt her son’s balls bang at her fingers, and she gripped them, twisting gently as he fucked his cock deeply into Mandy’s steamy young pussy.

“Ooh, fuck me, Ryan!” Mandy sobbed. “Fuck me hard! Uuh, I like this, Mommy! I think I’m gonna wanna fuck all the time! Ryan, it feels so good in me! I can feel how hard your cock is, and it seems so long and big!”

Cindy licked her way up to her daughter’s face, swirling her tongue over Mandy’s chin, then into the youngster’s sweet, hot little mouth Mandy closed her lips over her mother’s tongue, sucking at it. Ryan, feeling his cock gripped very tightly inside his sister’s hairless ten-year-old pussy, watched as his mother and sister sucked each other’s tongues. His mother’s big tits were out of her blouse and bra, her skirt hiked very high on her slim thighs.

“Mom, let me see your pussy!” he gasped.

“Oh, baby! Yes! ” Cindy groaned, lifting her ass and jerking her skirt to her waist.

With one quick tug, she ripped her flimsy red panties off, and drew one knee high on the bed, the other leg out. Her shaved pussy was on full display to her son, and she began to suck at Mandy’s titties once more, writhing her naked ass as her pussy bubbled. The soft hairs of her pussy were wet with the juices, and her clit protruded with hardness.

“Look at my pussy Ryan! Oh yes, baby, look at Mommy’s pussy! Fuck your sister and look at my pussy!”

Ryan stared at his mother’s pussy, his cock swelling even more inside his sister’s very tight, very hot young pussy. As he fucked his little sister, he darted his hand up his mother’s thigh, and when Cindy said nothing, he caressed her pussy. Cindy twisted and rolled her hips, working her eager twat up to her son’s hand.

“Finger-fuck her!” cried Mandy, watching her brother’s hand rubbing her mother’s pussy.

“Ryan, fuck mommy with your fingers!” Cindy cried.

With a moan of delight, Ryan rammed his fingers into his mother’s pussy, bringing a hot hiss of ecstasy from Cindy. When she raised her head, watching her son’s fingers ram into her pussy, her daughter twisted around and sucked on one of her big tits with her hot little mouth.

“Oh, God! ” Cindy cried, feeling the powerful suction of Mandy’s eager mouth on her tit, feeling her son’s fingers fucking into her pussy, watching his cock fucking in and out of Mandy’s bulging pussy. “Suck my tits, Mandy! Ah, suck them hard! Fuck me with your fingers, Ryan! Oh, yes, darling! Finger-fuck your mommy and cock-fuck your sister… ooh, ram it to us…. both of us!”

Ryan couldn’t concentrate on both pussies at the same time. He fucked into his sister’s pussy frantically watching his mother fuck her hairy pussy up and down on his fingers. Then, with his balls boiling hotly, he pulled his fingers-out of his mother’s pussy and grabbed at his sister’s twisting churning, tight ass. He fucked the little kid harder, grunting with rapture. Nasty slorping noises of dirty unprotected sex echoed through the room as Ryan mated with his beautiful little sister.

Cindy, almost overwhelmed to see her son fucking her daughter, shot her hand to her pussy and began to finger-fuck herself furiously, spreading her long, slender legs as wide as she could.

Fucking into his sister, Ryan gazed at his mother’s fingers. His mouth was sagging, the tip of his tongue hanging out, his breath coming out in quick panting sounds. Almost frantic with voyeuristic ecstasy, Cindy raised to her knees, spreading them wide, her skirt bunched about her waist. While she stared at her son’s cock fucking in and out of Mandy’s pussy, she finger-fucked herself in a frenzy, ramming first the fingers of her right hand deep into her hairy wet pussy, then the left ones. Her hips twisted and arched, the wet sounds of her fucking fingers mingling with those of Ryan’s stiff cock and Mandy’s gooey pussy.

“Ooh, I feel like I’m gonna come!” Mandy squealed. “Make me come, Ryan! Ooh God, make me come!”

“I’m gonna cum, too!” Ryan cried. “Can I do it inside her?” he panted to his mom, his teenage balls boiling with hot semen as the bounced against his sister’s ass cheeks. Mandy squealed in delight.

“Ooh yeah let him please mommy! Let him spurt inside me!” she cried. She wanted more than anything to feel her brother spray his jizz inside her, and Ryan wanted nothing more than to cum in Mandy’s impossibly tight pussy. It was music to Cindy’s ears.

“Do it boy! Don’t pull out, cum as deep inside her as you can! She can’t get pregnant yet, but you can practice!” Cindy squealed in encouragement. She couldn’t wait until Mandy became fertile and they could have risky baby making sex with her too! Clawing at her own overheated pussy with her fingers, fucking herself with one hand and smashing her hard clit with the other, Cindy felt herself roaring toward an orgasm. Her tits jiggled as her hips darted back and forth, her ass bunching.

“Now, Ryan! Squirt your baby milk into me!” Mandy squealed, humping her little crotch up hard, the hairless lips crushed at the base of her brother’s slamming cock.

“Oh, please, I wanna feel you squirt in my pussy! Cum in my pussy, Ryan!” Mandy wailed as she began to experience her first ever orgasm with a cock in her pussy. With a wild, squealing cry Mandy came, her little pussy going into strong spasms around her brother’s prick. The hairless pink pussy-lips squeezed his cock like a fist, flexing in powerful waves of pre-pubescent orgasm.

Ryan was frantic to cum as his sister’s pussy gripped his cock and he imagined getting her pregnant too. He fucked faster and faster and with a loud shriek he ejaculated in his sister’s tight pussy, huge spurts of teenage semen splattering into her developing body. The sticky fluid smeared over her tiny cervix, his potent and virile teenage sperm managing to swim through the tiny hole and up into her uterus. Their journey would be fruitless however as Mandy had not yet begun to ovulate.

“Aah! MOMMY!!” Mandy wailed as she experienced her first orgasm with a cock inside her. The muscles in her preteen cunt squeezed Ryan’s penis until it popped out of her tight sheath and sent a spurt of pearly white jizz over her bald mound and almost up to her tiny nipples.

“Oh no! Put it back in!” Mandy shrieked. Ryan stuffed his still spurting cock back into his sister’s quivering vagina as Cindy came too, her mind exploding at the thought of the dirty, perverted things they were doing as a family.

After what seemed an eternity Ryan’s ejaculation subsided. He rolled off his baby sister, his cock popping out of her preteen cunt with a plop, followed by a river of white nasty. Mandy was completely spent and made no effort to close her splayed legs, and the sticky baby making fluid could clearly be seen oozing from her bald vagina.

“I’m on clean up duty!” said Cindy, laying on the bed in front of her children. She lovingly sucked the foamy mixture of love from her son’s penis and swallowed it, savouring the taste of her children’s combined genetic fluids. She then lapped at her daughters freshly fucked cooze, making sure to swallow as much of their spend as possible.

“Mm can we do this every day mommy?” Mandy said sleepily. Cindy grinned.

“Oh yes baby. There is so much more we are going to experience as a family in future!” she reassured her little girl.

On Monday, after Ryan and Mandy left for school Cindy went and got a home pregnancy test. With eager, trembling fingers she used it.

Mandy had band practice that afternoon so Cindy knew she had Ryan all alone for a few hours. When he got home from school, Cindy greeted him at the door naked as usual, but grinning from ear to ear.

“What’s up, Mom?” he queried. She took his hand and placed it on her belly.

“Oh honey, I’m so happy! I’m going to be a mother again, and you’re going to be a daddy! You’ve squirted so much cum in me your sperm fertilized my egg and we’ve made a baby!” she cried in happiness. Ryan gasped, a shiver of naughtiness running down his spine.

“Oh Wow!” he said, running his hand around on his mother’s completely flat belly, feeling where his child was growing. His son or daughter and also his brother or sister! It was a dirty thought and they both loved it.

As the months past, Cindy and Ryan continued to have mad passionate sex. Her belly grew and grew. Looking down and knowing her son’s child was growing within her only made Cindy even more horny. She noticed her breasts had started to get bigger and knew they were starting to fill with milk.

She usually didn’t pay too much attention to her breasts during sex, but all that changed now. The nipples had become very sensitive and she loved how big they were starting to get as they made sweet mother’s milk for her incestuous child. She or Ryan often played with her nipples now when they were making love.

He loved to suck them too, but no milk had come out yet. They were growing big enough now that she could actually suck on them herself. She often did when Ryan was at school and she was home masturbating. It felt so good.

Cindy was naked in the den when Ryan waltzed in. He was also naked and sporting a huge erection. The naked mother immediately felt her pregnant pussy start to moisten. She started to play with herself as she watched her boy’s hard dick bounce as he walked. Ryan hurried over and sat beside her on the couch.

He leaned over and took one ripe nipple in his mouth. He began sucking and warm fresh milk gushed into his mouth. Both of their eyes widened in surprise. She actually felt the milk being sucked from her heavy breast. The feeling was incredible. Ryan got over his surprise of having milk come out of his mother’s breast and swirled the little bit he had sucked out around his tongue.

It was very different from the cold milk out of the carton, but quite good. Plus, there was the fact that it had come from his pregnant mother’s breast. He hungrily swallowed it down. The realization filled both with desire. She put both hands on the breast nearest her son and offered it to him.

He happily put his mouth back on it and began sucking. They were both rewarded with the incredible sensation of fresh milk streaming from her breast. She felt so turned on. She plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy as she was

“Oh God that feels good! Suck on Mommy’s breast, baby! Drink mommy’s milk! Oh your tongue feels so good! Mommy’s gonna cum!” Ryan quickly switched to her other breast and sucked out a big stream of his lover’s milk as her pussy began its convulsions around her frantically pumping fingers. Her breast spewed milk into her teenage boy’s mouth and he drank it down.

“Want to fuck my tight, pregnant pussy now, Ryan? Do you? Right here on the couch?”

“You bet!” he grinned.

Cindy immediately withdrew her hand from her sopping wet cunt. She twisted around on the couch, bending over for him. Ryan repositioned himself, aiming the swollen tip of his fuck-tool at the dripping slit of her cunt.

“Oh, yes, Ryan, fuck me!” Cindy moaned. Ryan pushed and his large dick entered her.

“Uh! OH, fuck, that’s good! Slam it up my tight little cunt, Ryan! All the way in!” Ryan thrust his cock into her, her swollen belly weaving drunkenly back and forth as they thrust at each other. He stabbed inch after inch of his cum-bloated cock-shaft into the slippery tightness of the mother’s cunt.

Ryan’s rock-hard cock felt so good up her pussy. His meaty cock pushed her hairless pussy-slit to the bursting point, making her tight, hot cunt accommodate all of his cock.

“Ah, yes! Fuck my pussy! Oh, please! Oh, fuck me hard!” Cindy wiggled her ass skilfully encouraging the horny youth as he fucked her clasping pussy. She humped like bitch in heat, rhythmically pumping her gooey, red-hot pussy onto the womb-reaching length of his cock.

“Fuck my cunt, Ryan! I said fuck my juicy, pregnant, little cunt!” Cindy’s voice was loud, nearly loud enough to be heard on the street with the open windows. Cindy didn’t care. She pushed back at him, trying to make him sink his massive cock even farther up her cunt.

Ryan fucked his naked mother, panting as he speared his big cock in and out of her wetly sucking pussy. Cindy shoved herself back to meet his strokes, gasping as she listened to her dripping pussy squish audibly around the probing length of his prick.

“Harder!” she pleaded. “Fuck me harder, Ryan! Oh, fuck me baby!” Ryan quickened the speed of his humping, grunting as he slammed his enormous cock deeper and harder into the gushing sheath of the mother’s cunt. The naked couple humped in rhythmic unison, their bodies slapping noisily together as they gave themselves to each other. Her pussy was overwhelmed by the furious intensity of his fucking.

“Mommy’s cuming, Ryan! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my juicy, pregnant pussy!” Her hairless fuck-hole spasmed violently, spewing juice around Ryan’s hammering cock as her fucking muscles contracted uncontrollably around his prick.

Ryan fucked his horny, naked mother as fast as he could, enjoying the rippling feeling of his knocked-up mother’s cunt on his cock. Then he went rigid, spearing his prick to the hilt in her cunt. Hot, frothy, white prick-juice streamed up from his balls, making his giant fuck-pole buck and pulse as it spewed its sappy contents deep into Cindy’s cunt.

“Oh yes Ryan, spray your sperm all over our baby!” Cindy whimpered with passion as she felt his cum rushing into her cunt, bathing the inner walls of her pussy with spurt after spurt of his love. “Let your little daughter taste your cum while she’s still inside me! Give us your hot sperm!” she flexed her cunt around his gushing cock, helping the sturdy young fucker shoot out every drop.

Ryan emptied himself in her and then smiled down at her. He slowly pulled his huge prick out of her wet pussy and climbed off the couch. Cindy reached down her hands to catch her boy’s cum leaking out of her well-fucked pussy. When a good amount had pooled in her hands, she brought it up to her mouth.

She opened up her luscious lips and poured her boy’s cum on her tongue, savouring the dirtiness of the act. She swallowed it down. Then she licked her hands clean of the jism that still clung to it and greedily ate it. She looked down at her bloated belly where her baby was growing.

“Did you enjoy that sweetie? I know I did.” she said to her unborn child.

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