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Times of war

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My country declared war on Russia after the Ukraine invasion. I am a soldier with the Luvianian army. Our mission was to kill a Russian officer at a Russian outpost. High value target. Our squad found a farm and decided to stay the night. We breached the door and walked in. I was searching the farm house and this Russian woman came out of nowhere and stabbed me in the leg. “Ow you fucking bitch!”, I yelled. I shot her in the shoulder and collapsed. The others found two girls in the other rooms. The cut was not that bad and the medic patched me up. “What do we do with this one sarge?”, one team member asked. We tied her to the bed and I cut her clothes off. She was a definate MILF. She had a kid but was still hot. Her snatch looked so inviting as I felt her up. Her legs closed as I touched her bush. Two of my comrades grabbed her legs and opened her legs. I started rubbing her clit to get her going. I slammed into her hard and she screamed. She kept screaming as I pounded her. I could see the fire in her eyes as I violated her. Her pussy was got totally wet as she orgasmed. I came shortly after that emptying my load into her. She still had that fire afterwards threatening to kill me if we set her free. She was definately a fighter. Always love doing the fighters. Makes it more fun. My comrades took turns on her also. I turned to what was in the other room. A beautiful teen girl. Fuck could we get more luckier? I grabbed the oldest and ordered her onto the bed. She looked scared to death. I started removing her clothes. Inside was a beautiful young bush. She had lovely firm tits. A body people would die for. I started playing with her. She was less of a fighter than mom. I had her suck my dick as played with her pussy. She responded well to what I was doing to her. I could tell she was enjoying it as she sucked on my shaft. She started going faster and faster with her head movements and orgasmed. I moved down and prepared to mount her. I stuck the head in and heard her gasp. I don’t think she was a virgin but she had very little experience. Still she was good for the experience she did have. I started sliding in and out of her and she moaned. She grabbed the back of my head and started making out with me until she came again. I could not hold out and shot my load into her. The other guys took turns on her also. She showed each of them a good time.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    rape their assholes!

  • Reply Circle of hell ID:13tbspbb09

    Instead of seeking medical help from your comrades you chose to fuck you got to be kidding me what a war 👏🏻👏🏻

    • Bruno is dead ID:13tbspbb09

      No he had medical help you just didn’t read the whole thing

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    You should have eaped them even more , then put your rifle up their cunts and shot them . Fucking Russian whores that they are .

    • Bum ID:4s0ccfy44

      Rifles up cunts! Sexy!