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How I became a perverted Bisexual little boy

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It all started when I was 6 to 7 year old? Or maybe even lower I kinda forgot its been quite a long time since it happened. Well anyway we have a neighbor name uhh… I forgot but lets call him Jace… He was the one who took advantage of me..

At first we were kinda a good friend he would show me some toys he have when he was young, and let me play with them.. I think Jace was 10-11 at that time.. And things began changing. At first it started with us watching porn and then talking about sex and penises. Then one day when we were watching one of the porn he got he asked me if I want to do it.. I was weirded out at first so I declined.. And that’s when he showed me a toy.. I think it was buzz lightyear toy? I forgot. He said he’ll let me play with this one if we did what the people on the TV was doing so I agreed.

I remember him going down on me and pulling my pants down before he started sucking on my penis.. I was young at that time so I was very small. I remember feeling a slimy hot sensation on my penis and it quite tickles me..but I did not get hard.. Maybe I was too young at that time?

Anyway, after a few minutes of weird feeling on my penis he stopped. He asked me if I liked it. Thinking that he won’t let me play with the toy I just said yes. Then that’s when he said it’s my turn.

I was very confused and I didn’t know what to do. So he stands up and pulled his pants down and showed me his cock.. I think it’s 6 inches? It’s pretty big. Then he told me to swallow it, and I refused because I didn’t like it. So then he told me to spit on his cock and so I did, right at his shaft. Then he told me to lick my spit off and ignore his penis.
Which kinda work because I started licking his shaft. Then he told me to spit on the tip of his head and do the same. And I did. And soon I was bobbing my head up and down on his cock. I then felt his hand on top of my head and he started pushing me further and further.. And then he pull him self out and told me to open my mouth and put out my tongue before he furiously masturbated infront if me and shoot his cum on my mouth..

It smells, and it’s very salty, or was it sour. It was slimy and thick. I was about to spit it out when he stopped me and told me to swallow or I won’t be able to play with his toy on wards. So I reluctantly swallowed it with a teary eye. And then after that he gave me the toy which quickly made me happy. I played around their house with that toy for quite a while….

This kept on going with me sucking his cock off in exchange for toys or anything I want. And back then pogs were pretty popular, and there’s not much gadgets (those round paper card that you hit other to flip then to win) so he made me a deal every time I engulf his cock to the base he will give me one. So I accepted the challenge. I remember hitting 50 balls deep sucking before I call it quits.

And what’s worse was we were only covered by a blanket and his mom is right in front of us ironing the laundry. Also they share room so yeah. She asked what are we doing and what’s we the blanket and Jace said in just giving him some pogs.

And it keeps getting worse. We even started doing it in our home. And it started happening daily. He even made me suck his cock without any exchange. He even tried making me lick his ass. But I firmly refused. He even showed it to me and lick my ass for a few moments.. It’s pretty ticklish and again weird. But I didn’t lick his ass. He have cum on my mouth many times and gave me multiple facials.

I thought that it wouldn’t get worse but I was wrong. One day he bought some lubes I asked what are they for. He told me to bend over to find out so I did. I thought he would kick my ass again so I got surprised when I felt a wet chilly feeling instead of a warm sensation. I felt him rub my ass hole in circles and adding more lube then I felt him push his finger in my ass. It felt pretty painful like the same sensation as pressing you finger in a cloth and sliding it real fast. It’s like the burning sensation caused by friction.

I consciously clench my buttocks and he told me to relax. So I did.. Then he started fingering me and for the first time I felt something. It the same as getting tickled but a little different.
And at that time my first errection raised. I then heard him ask if I like it, and I could hear his smile through his words, you know what i mean? I kept silent though and he kept fingering me. I felt him pull out his finger a few time and he would rub it in some cloth nearby before applying more lube on his finger and continuing to finger me. While I am savoring the nice ticklish feeling I felt another finger gong inside me and it became painful again but this time I kept my ass relaxed and let him at it.

Soon he finished and from then on we’d fuck, suck, and touch each other.. We did 69, he gave me facials, and fuck my ass. And many other debauchery. And then some accidents happens wich led to us stopped meeting and eventually his family moved out. And I didn’t get to see him ever again.

And because of him I’ve become quite sexually active even though I was still young as i would masturbate more often.. And he was also the reason why i became a Bi… But I kinda prefer girls more tho.. But boys are OK as well. I’m not gonna tell you if this is true or not.. You can decide about that in your own.. Since no one other than me knows if this is true or just a little fantasy of mine~

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  • Reply Aras ID:14s76leq6ia

    What he was trying to show you was being his bottom and he successfully did just that. Who cares how weird it feels or how painful it is. It will feel good once you’ve done it so many times. I’m glad to have met so many grown men that have taught me to be a bottom!

  • Reply K ID:1eh712ob27ec

    True .it sounds so much mine

  • Reply Jack ID:cv3050e44

    Well true or not I think it was super hot..if you wanna chat more..my wickr is bigcx69

    • Terry Rich ID:7zvln3jfib

      Smaslll tits pics

    • Robin ID:314kjt9lv9c

      Thank you!

  • Reply God ID:3zxjf15pb0b

    Wtf 🤠

    • Robin ID:314kjt9lv9c

      Yeah, life is a big wtf