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Who’s Your Daddy?

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I didn’t even know my mom watched porn, until she showed me. “Did you know about this?”

She came in my room with her phone, but just held it up in the doorway. “Did you know about this?”

“Yeah, there’s porn on the internet.” I sat up, “But I don’t watch it.” I just realized that I wasn’t 18 yet.

“Good, but don’t you recognize her?” I had to put my glasses on, and get up, but she had it paused. So, you could see her face. “She’s using the name Allison on here.”

I took it, but even with 3 dicks around her. In both hands, and the biggest one in front of her face. “Yeah, where’d you get this?” I turned it so the video shrunk down to half the screen.

[Xvids] And [Teen Gangbang] in the search field. [Newcummer Allison’s casting bukkake.]

I still didn’t want to believe it, but a big part of the denial was just my mom. Looking up teenage gangbangs on Xvids, or even knowing what Xvids are. Then again, I just lied, and said that I hadn’t been on any sites like that, underage. I mean, not performing, of course. I bet they checked your age a lot better if you wanted to get on the casting couch, but she took it back. “It certainly looks a lot like her.” She turned it sideways again, pinched 2 fingers, and slid one across the bottom. Skillfully, showing that she’d done this before. Lots of times, which she probably had.

She’s an adult after all, and it is an adult site, but she’s my mom. So, I don’t really even dwell on the idea that she had sex once. When she was a lot younger, of course. Almost 18 years ago, or actually. If you count 9 months back. Over 18 years ago, but while I had wondered what my father looked like. In the mirror, trying to edit out what I got from her, from what must have come from him, and then gender swap it in my head to make him a little older boy than me. I didn’t think about his dick, how big it was, and how he liked it. How he put it in her, bent over? Standing up, lying down, or her on top?

I shook my head when she turned the phone back around. Thank goodness she still had her clothes on, but her arms up, and her top over her face. Her hair sticking out, but a clear red spot over her hip. Sticking out the top of her shorts, unbuttoned to show her underwear, and the hair stood up on the back of my neck.

“That tattoo looks new.”

“Yeah, I remember. When she got it for her birthday. I mean, I wasn’t there, but she showed us when she got the bandage off.” She didn’t have the navel ring yet, but I didn’t have to see the rest of the tattoo, nor the movie. That cinched it, my friend was a porn star, and my mom watched her getting gangbanged by at least 3 guys on the casting couch.

“Huh, no.” I went back to my bed. Pushed my glasses up to rub my eyes. “I didn’t know, but obviously if she gave them a fake name like Allison. She didn’t want anyone to know, but what’s with you watching, that?”

“Huh, well I suppose.” Thank goodness she put the phone away, “I should talk to you about when you get older. Especially when you go through a dry spell.” She leaned up against my homework desk, and closed the door.

“I know about masturbation, mom. I was a little more disturbed by the fact that you looked up girls my age.”

“Oh, no. I’m not interested in that. Anything like that, honestly.”

“Like Incest?” Good.

“No, of course not. I mean bisexuality. If I were, then I wouldn’t be watching stories with so many men in it.”

“Good point.” I guessed, and shrugged.

“It’s just that I used to be a little wilder, and more adventurous when I was younger. About your age, or a little older.”

“Don’t tell me you got into porn.”

“No, not as such but not everyone had a cameraphone back then. There were such things, but they were relatively new. I’m sure if they had, at least one of them would have taken pictures.”

“You’re talking about a gangbang?”

“Huh, I know this must be hard for you.”

“You got a gangbang, in high school?”

“No, not exactly. I took time off, before I went to college, just to get out, and see the world.”

“I know, you went to Europe. Hiking.”

“Well, while I was there, I found out that Prague had different laws regarding these things.”

“All right mom, you came in here with porn of my friend getting gangbanged on the casting couch. So, it’s maybe a little too late to beat around the bush.”

“I know, but I always wanted nothing more than for you to avoid the same mistakes.”

“Well, I’m an adult now, or nearly a legal adult, so I promise to stay away from Prague.” As if I could get a plane ticket to fly there now, what with all the recent events. “So, what exactly aren’t you telling me?”

“Well, I don’t want to blame you, or make you think that I blame you for any of this.” She waved around the apartment, “But after I came home, and got pregnant, my life changed.”

“Wait, so what you’re saying is, you met my dad in Prague?”

“Well,” she smiled a little self consciously, with a hint of dirty look in her eyes, but she was holding up her phone, to type with the thumbs. “I suppose it would be better to show you, than try to explain.

It was a sex club, some kind of dirty sex club with Glory Holes, but all kinds of them. Not just a hole in the wall for men to walk up, drop their pants, and stick their dicks through to suck. They also had big ones, with rubber skirts around them, and boards set up for women to lay down on. Face down, or face up, the face-up ones had their legs in stirrups. So anybody could just walk up, and fuck them. A photograph above the hole, between this one lady’s feet so he could look at her face, while he was pumping away at her.

“Oh,” I shook my head. “Well, you don’t have to worry about that. Even if they had something like that around here. I don’t think I’d even want to do something like that, or anything even close to that.”

“Huh, good.” She just left, and I had a lot to process, but I’m almost 18 now. I always wondered about my father, but of course she couldn’t tell him anything about him. Like he was Czech, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, or Slovak. Honestly, I’d have to look up what the borders looked like, in 2001 when she got out of high school, and went backpacking around Europe. What country Prague was in at the time, but it doesn’t matter.

She couldn’t tell me, because she didn’t know. She probably never even saw his face, so what could she tell me? She found a sex club, where you could be fucked by men, and I think that’s technically a linebang, but she probably can’t even tell Which One hit the jackpot, and found an egg. How much sperm she got shot full of, and it probably dripped out to splash in a puddle on the floor.

Uh, actually, I kinda want to know. “Uh, mom? Which one where you?”

“What do you mean, in the sex club?”

“Yeah, I mean they had girls bent over, and others on their backs, with their legs up?”

“Oh no. It wasn’t that sort of club, or maybe it was, but just on a different night. This was mostly men.” She nodded.

“In the club?”

“Mhm? Gay, and bisexual men, but there were some in the holes, sticking out. Others walking around, and doing whatever they liked. I wasn’t the only woman, but it was mostly men.”

“Huh!” That sounded more like it. “Okay, thanks.” I went back to my room. Got out my phone, and started with [Prague Glory Holes] Then, I switched to the gay side, until I found a thumbnail that looked like the same club. Maybe another one like it, but regardless. It wasn’t hard to imagine going in there, looking around, and all those men. Being the only girl, young, and horny. Very horny, if I even heard about something like that, around here.

I might not be interested, right away, but the more I think about it. “Huh, yeah.”

At least I don’t have to wonder where I came from any more. Wait, they have cameras set up in there. When did they take this video? It’s hard to tell, yeah the clothing styles are a little out-dated, but it’s Prague FFS, and it’s not like they timestamp re-uploads to free tube sites like this, but it’s almost a comforting thought.

To think that somewhere, there might be a tape. With my mom on it, and other women, but when she was young. Horny, adventurous, and possibly my dad’s face. Screwed up, the moment he finished, and shot his wad deep inside her.

“Huh! Huh.”

The moment I was conceived.

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