Cat: Rape

The Bad Boy part 2

The weekend was extremely awkward. Neither my son or I wanted to be the one to bring up the subject of what he saw through the window of my classroom. He was distant and kept to himself,... # # #

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I’m dating my rapist

My friends and family don’t get it and sometimes neither do I in a sense, but we love each other and you can’t help who you love. How it happened still turns me on thinking about.... # #

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I raped Big Sis

Hi, it’s Maria’s brother, Thomas. Today I’ll talk about how I made my older sister my sex slave. (Story is only a fantasy) # # #

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The bad boy

I had married young. I was pregnant with my son when I was 17, and married his father when I was 18. We lasted almost 10 years, before divorcing and going our separate ways. I had never... # #

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date night

16 year old Tim and 15 year old Megan was finally allowed to go out on there date . Up until now Megan’s parents wouldn’t let them go but they got to know Tim and was comfortable... # # #

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I made my 47 years old husband rape my 20 years old stepdaughter who is three years older than me # # #

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ex wife pics

After many years of marriage the wife left and moved in with another guy. Trying to move on in my 40’s has been tough and have maybe had sex several times in a 2 year time period.... # #

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