Cat: Rape

White trash didn’t need their clothes on

At 3:30 a.m. on February 24, Mrs. Rita Eichor left her place of employment and drove to her home in Inglewood. A few blocks before she reached her residence she noticed a light colored... #

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The vicar’s daughter

At midday on 6 March 1986, Jill Saward and her boyfriend, David Kerr, both 21, were watching a video recording of an episode of ‘Dallas’ at the Saward’s vicarage home... # #

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Raped my wife

Broken into my own house and raped my wife #

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How I Became A Sex Addict (Part 1)

I’ve always loved sex, even from an early age. My parents were barely home because of their work, which always required them to go on business trips, and our housekeepers usually... # #

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raping amber again

It was around midnight and I couldn’t sleep my cock was hard thinking about raping amber earlier today i checked to make sure everyone was sleeping . I got to amber’s room... #

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raping amber

Amber got home from school and went to her room i went in and she was watching cartoons i sat down and pulled her onto my lap her skirt rose exposing her panties i put my hand on the... # #

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my family

So have you ever regret anything?? Wish you wouldn’t have done that ? Wishing you could do anything to take it back?? Well this is not one of thos time. Hear is the story of how... # # #

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I got bored, and horny, so I checked my messages. I guess 18221 was a dating site, or hookups. 18-to-21, those awkward ages where you could buy sex toys, and perform porn, but not beer.... # # #

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Pizza girl

The whole thing came off without a hitch. A bunch of us guys from the minimum security prison were doing cleanup along the highway. My sister drove up, I got in and we drove away. I... # # #

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Daddys lil sissy 2

It’s been a few weeks since what my dad done to me. We dont talk about it but I havent dressed up since. Although I hate to admit as much as I was hurt by this it was the best... # # #

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raping lori

I was at the store getting a few things I paid for my items and was on my way out when I ran into 2 of my friends little sisters we chatted about different things and Roxanne pipes... # # #

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raping emma

I was traveling and ended up in new Zealand when I came across a small town I got a room outside of town and went for a walk just as school was letting out when this young beautiful... # # #

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raping robin

It was Friday night we were all partying and having a good time a friend of mine had met this girl robin she was pretty about 5.4 long brown hair blue eyes perky 32b breasts small waist... # # #

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raping girls at a party

I was at the mall I was watching these cute girls as they got their food tight shirts no bras showed their smooth bellies and tight midriff tiny little asses I guessed between 11 and... # # #

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