Cat: Rape

Paula’s Night Out

I’m Gary, my wife is Paula. Both 39,Paula always looks good with long dark hair, size 10 figure & great 34C tits. She’s very pretty & a complete tease # # #

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Toby – Is a girl

I was so shocked when I found out my best friend was actually a girl. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I just had to fuck him…her. # # #

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What made me

It was a dark and stormy night, well ok it was the afternoon but it was raining. I just turned 10 i was out doing my paper route, The rain started coming down hard so i booked ass to... # # #

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The human breeder 2

Sue sits slumped over. Cold and exausted. She can hear the slow, steady and heavy footsteps coming down stairs. “So pet. You going to tell me your answer?” Henry has food... # # #

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The human breeder

15 yro sue is hand picked for breeding. Will she survive? Not without popping a few baby’s out of her shredded whomb. # #

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Rapist Dentist

He abused and raped me in the dentist chair every single time I went and he got away with it. # #

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Sex education done right?

My daughter and her friend tied me up and raped me in the name of education. Not sure if it was the right way or the wrong way to learn. # # #

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She pushed it too far

My 13yo daughter lied to me, swore at me, treated me like shit, and got drunk. “If you’re going to dress like a whore I’ll treat you like one.” # # #

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