Cat: Rape

Taken in

I know ow this story is long but I didn’t want to miss anything and wanted to tell my whole story . Keep any nasty comments to yourself as well # # #

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Raped in a tent

Lisa and I were camping by the creek when we were both tied up, stripped of our clothes, and raped by a dirty old homeless man. We were only 11. # # #

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I raped my mom

I moved my cock faster and faster in her mouth and choked her for pleasure. i was sure she couldn’t breath but Didnt give a fuck. # # #

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We scored that day

Our football coach got us a cheerleader to fuck so that we would focus more on our football game and less on sex. # # #

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Boyfriend made me fuck a dog

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months. We have a very active sex life. We are both comfortable with sharing our kinks and we don’t judge each other. Josh always respected... # #

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Horror House

I remember when Trick or Treating was fun, but it’s been canceled the last couple years. I’ve grown up a little, but I barely started puberty. # # #

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Raping another woman

I’m a woman who thinks about violating other women. And when I got my chance, I couldn’t help myself. She was so drunk at this party that I invited her home to crash. Offered her... # # #

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I raped my mom

Mom was driving me insane with her choice of clothes while we were stuck at home and I just snapped and raped her one night. # # #

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