Cat: Rape

Raping my little sister

My friend and I took advantage of my little sister and her friend and had mind blowing sex with them all night and made them our cum sluts # # # #

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I will fuck you

I decided to drug and rape my sister and her friends because they were hurtful towards me, they deserved it, and it was epic. # # # #

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My dad and our games

Growing up I was always a daddy’s girl. I loved him so much, he was my hero. But everything started to change around the time I was 10. I first started noticing how he looked at me... # # # #

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when daddy raped me

daddy was my coach and we went to a tournament. in the hotel room, daddy took my 11 year old body and used it the way ‘good girls’ are for their daddy # # # #

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Breaking in Brooke pt.2

(warning: violent if you can stomach it, then just click off) All of the girls I’ve had in my life succumb to me inevitably, and unexpectedly, Brooke, the youngest, was the last... # # # #

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If they only knew

I was waiting for my friend to come home and was in his house alone with his older sister. She had an accident and I used the opportunity to rape her. # # #

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