Cat: Rape

Park rape

Left alone I as a young girl, I found a playground at a park, but not everyone was nice, I soon found out the hard way. # #

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My rape Story

My name is Luna, I am 19 y/o and I am bisexual. This story is about the first time I was raped about a year ago. # # #

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Fake pin, real rape

On the evening of December 28, Jessica H., 21, and Jamison H., 24, attended a Christmas party at the skating rink in Cordova, Tennessee. #

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The cop’s wife

On the morning of May 10, at about 3:15 A.M., wife and husband were awakened by the bark of their dog. The husband looked up and saw a person advancing toward their bed, who asked for... #

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Judy’s kidnapping

On June 5, about 3 p.m., Judy N. was driving eastbound in her car on highway 50, a freeway in Sacramento. Pedro A., driving his brown car, came into her lane from the right and bumped... #

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Raped Again

A second rape often follows the first, but it may be a few years before it happens again. #

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Caught at home

Late last year I was raped in my home, this is an account of what happened that day. I am now pregnant as a result. #

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Emiley wants more

Shortly after midnight on May 16, Todd M., 38, commenced his regular morning routine before departing on his job driving an eighteen-wheeler. While walking his dog, Todd.noticed a young... # # #

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On the evening of June 22, former Lawrence North High School students Justin, Drew, and Serena, all of whom were nineteen years old, were watching the movie Traffic in Justin’s apartment... # #

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She loves sqad dick

In April 2015, Sandra was living in an apartment in Groveport, Ohio, with her fiancé, Gary, and was then in her mid 20s. She was on her way back to her apartment sometime before 5... # # #

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