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Cat: Rape

Pool Party

Jessica Louise Hammond was fifteen, and so of course her looks were her number one priority. That and boys. Then maybe schoolwork. Everyone girl in her class thought Mr. Roberts, the... # # #

4084 words | 6 |3.86

Ho Ho HO

This story may not be for all, lines are crossed, incense taken, and maybe a life, this is the way we play here in candy land # # # #

1497 words | 2 |5.00

Emma- Uncle Bob’s Trailer

Emma Tenneson: Uncle Bob’s Trailer (In the last episode, twelve-year-old Emma Tenneson had been raped by her mom and three bikers. Emma decided then to run away from home) Emma Tenneson... # #

3997 words | 3 |4.09

Turning Twelve

Emma Tenneson had lived alone with her mother Karen for most of her life. Her father had left when she was two. Since then, her mom has had other friends over often, usually men. Emma... # # #

1849 words | 16 |4.73


Kathy and her new husband Mark Wilson were on a camping trip with Kathy’s daughter Holly in Mark’s new RV. It was late fall and Mark wanted to spend some quality time with his new... # # # #

4169 words | 5 |4.06

The Janitor, Part II

Part II (In the previous episode, Mark Reacher, a mentally-challenged janitor at the local junior high, met two black men who agreed to sell any girl he could get to people they knew... # # #

3608 words | 5 |5.00

The Janitor

Mark Reacher was a young janitor with the Westfield County School System. He often got transferred from school to school, usually going to wherever they were short staffed. While the... # # #

4173 words | 3 |3.69

Birthday Wish

Two brothers, Mark and John Mathis, lived on a farm. Since their mother had died, it was just the two of them living there now, running the place. They had a hundred cattle they raised.... # # # #

3538 words | 2 |4.57

Mall rats 2

I took loud mouth out to my truck and made him lay down in the box, I covered him with a tarp and some wood I had in there, I told him dont move and not a sound, I told the other two... # # # # #

1161 words | 0 |4.39

Psych ward rape

When I was 14 years old I had an eating disorder, my parents put me in a psych ward so they wouldn’t have to deal with me. I got moved into the psych ward in the spring, and didn’t... # # # #

469 words | 1 |4.40

Overdose III

Excitement in the girl scout troop ran rampant when word got out that Cathy and Sherri Longhorn had gotten a $100 dollar tip and an order for fifty boxes from a single customer! It... # # # #

3233 words | 6 |5.00

It just happened

I was home alone with my sister she was hot and it always drove me crazy I was 14 she was 17. She had just gotten out of shower and walked by me going to her room in a towel. Mom and... # # #

274 words | 2 |4.80