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School Classroom – Story Idea

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My english is not so well so IM SORRY that some worlds appear so often and IM SORRY if you cant understand something.


First Details :
Daughter age – 10
Mother ( also teacher ) age – up to you
Son age – 16
How they are looking is up to you

You need to make a story aboyt how students gets easily horny by looking at teacher but they are getting angry at her bcs of grades.
In the story one of students find something that he will use to blackmail her ( she will be scared to lose a job and MAYBE something else ) . After that they will meet somwhere just he and her. This will be a moment when student will blackmail her to show boobs , pussy , naked and then he will rape her. She will protest but he holds the evidence ( things that is perfect to blackmailing her ) When he will fuck her doggy style he will record it on the phone. It will be a moment when she stops protesting but will begging for more and will screaming how much she likes it etc.
After this situation this student will train her to be obedient and to love rough sex.
Slowly other classmates will join for banging , dominating and humiliating her both – boys and girls also till her entire class will be a part of this.
After this one day one student wants her a little longer so he suggest her to invite him to her house.
She protest and will say that she have young daughter and how she do not want anything to do in her house. But still …. those records on phones will make the work.
In the house he will admire the daughter and will try to talk with her near mom ( teacher )
Daughter will asks what they gonna do together and boy answer ” we will play” and will slap mom tits , ass and pussy too
Boy : Am i right?
Mom ( teacher ) : nods yes
Boy : Are you prepared as i said ?
Mom ( teacher ) : Yes i am.
Boy : Show me then.
Mom : Right now in front of my daughter?
Boy : Don’t ask … just do what i said if you dont want those records spread.
Mom will show him that she do not have bra and panties by showing him boobs , and then by lifting skirt asshole and pussy. She show it so daughter couldnt see that she does it
Daughter : What are you playing ?
Boy : Its just a simple game where your mother must do things i told her
Daughter : Can i play with you ?
Boy : I dont think so … its a game for adults
Daughter : I am adult !
Boy : Okay … ill give it a try
whisper to mom : Told her to show me what you show me the last ( pussy )
Mom Whispers back : Please just not her , dont involve her
Boy : okay so you want record to spreeee…
Mom : Show him your mouse.
Daughter : Really ??
Boy : See? you cant do it so its not for you and that means you are not adult !
Daughter will show it : I AM ADULT
Boy : Oh wow now you are adult i must admit. Let me take some photos.
when reaching for the phone mom said : please dont do this !
Boy : Its part of game pretending that you dont want something … am i right ?
When he looks at mom he will show his phone to her
Mom : Y-Y-Yes of course
Boy : So you are happy that i will take somo photos of your daughter ”mouse” ?
Mom : Yes do what you want and daughter please let him do the photos.
Boy after taking photos whispers to mom : Now i want to take photo of both of you but i want you to show boobs and lift skirt to show pussy and dont protest right now you already protest enough so dont make me angry anymore… thats a tip from me – if you dont want to be seen by her then stand not far aways but behind her and after this photo i want you to lie on the ground and your daughter to stand above your head. So you will watch her pussy. When this happens take out your tongue like you want to reach her pussy. You can cover your boobs but you must reach for your pussy and spread those lips.
Daughter : I can do splits i know how to ! Want me to show it ?
Boy will come to her and hugs her also whispers to her : Do it when i say 3 , 2 , 1 NOW if you will do it without thinking i will consider playing with you some more. And try to jump a little when you reach whats under you. You will be without panties and pants … i already talked about details with your mom.
When she goes back to mom Daughter scream : Okay ill do it !
Boy whispers to mom : When i say 3 , 2 , 1 NOW you will finger yourself still having your tongue out. if you hide your tongue at some point … you should know whats gonna happen. And by the way … it wont be a photos … i’ll record all of this.
Now they will prepare for the ”photos”. 1st pose done. Now its time for 2nd.
When everyone was ready boy say 3 , 2 , 1 NOW. Mom will be surprised and daughter will do what he told her and will do jumps on mommy tongue. So basically she punch mommy tongue with her pussy.
After this mom and boy go to a room together without daughter. boy will just said to daughter : You were great ! I’ll definitely consider to play with you some more !
Daughter : Thank you so much ! It was fun and it makes me happy !
When they enter a room there will be a pc and a printer. Boy will use it to print the photo of daughter showing pussy but it will be zoomed on pussy. Mother will see this all and will already give up to protest. After this they will close the door so no one will come and interrupt them. Boy will start fuck mom. At first she would try to hold moans but as always at some point she will be a different person when fucking. When this happens boy will gave her the printed photo and will told her to lick it and talk to photo dirty things like its not a photo. At one point daughter will hear those weird things coming from room and she will try to open a door but they will be closed. After this she screams : Mom , are you okay?
After this question Boy and mom will be fucking while mom will hold the photo on doors and mom will answer to daughter. Daughter will ask if she’s happy etc. while mom will mostly moans ”yes” and answer what boy said. At one point daughter will start cry and yell how bad is mom not allowing her to join and how much she at least wants to see mom playing with boy.
Boy : Oh but you can see … use the keyhole
When she reach the keyhole with her eye she will see mom pussy ( boy now lifts mommy and mommy fingering so much ) after a second mom will squirt on the keyhole and daughter will cry even more. ( wont looking at the keyhole now )
Mom is forced to kneel in front of keyhole and talk ”thats who i am” and boy will cum on her cheek. They will dress up and will leave room. Mom will try to make her daughter stop cry.
Daughter : I just want to play with him ( points at boy ) too and i dont care who you are and what makes you happy. If you are happy then im also happy mommy but let me be ”more” happy PLEASE !
Boy : Sooo …. will you let us play together too ?
Mom : Everything for my daughter. if you can make her happy as i am then i will be a bad mother if i wont allow my daughter to be happy.
Daughter will slowly stop cry and will hug mom to thank her.
Boy : Your mom is having yogurt on cheek … you could lick it now so kinda you will be part of our game.
Mom crouch to allow daughter lick it. After daughter licks it
Daughter : Oh my god. Thats the best yogurt i ever have ! Please bring more for me.
Boy : If mom will agree…
Mom : Just dont make my daughter sad. thats all i want.
When boy leaving house will said to daughter
Boy : okay i give you one task for now.
Daughter : Yey im so happy ! Please say it faster !
Boy : Take mommy clothes off so i will see her pussy.
Daughter without even thinking does it and saw that mommy panties are wet
Daughter : Why is it so wet ?
Boy : oh … we spill the juice too.
Daughter will use the finger to take some juice from panties and will try it.
Daughter : Oh my god ! This juice is also great ! You have probably the best food ! I would also to drink some more !
Boy : I think then your mom needs to give you a glass or two. I hope she will record it for me how she prepare it and you when you drink it.
Daughter : Yeah i hope so too ! Then you will see how much i love it ! Thats a great idea !
Boy leave the house , receive the video from teacher and now from time to time he wont appear in class to spend some time with daughter to teach her and play with her. While other classmates will humiliate the teacher in class.
At one time when he was with her in house he will said to her that one day he and others will play with mom somewhere else and mom will make a call to her. He told her what to say and promise her if she will do it then he will show her whats mom doin.
When this day happens mom will moans to the phone and will said how much she likes it.
Daughter will speak thing that will made mom feel more humiliated but also will make her hornier too. And also will said that she is masturbating because hearing her mom makes her horny. Boy shows the phone where will be her daughter masturbating ( her house now has plenty of hidden cameras ) .
After this daughter will appear in school ( other teachers wont know but slowly the will take a part in humiliating and fucking mommy too ) in toilets where will be a hole for dicks and she will know what to do with them ( use mouth , ass and pussy )
Mom was learned by girls in class how to use a strapon. One day the will bring a mom to toilet and fuck the hole [ she will basically fuck her own daughter not knowing this ] ( someone will be with daughter to record it and fuck her throat as well ) after some time someone will hush the mom and will show her on the phone who is fucked by her but that makes her speed up and use more force.
After some time daughter will suggest that maybe they stopped use the hole and will be closer. Boy will said that this is good idea. Blindfolded her and take her to her mom. where mom will ride a dick ( has in ass ) and daughter head will be putted to lick mom. After some time when mom will be close to orgasm will take of daughter blindfold and smiling said
Mom : Im so happy that now we can enjoy those games together.
After those worlds will make her daughter fall on the floor and will get her pussy near her daughter head. Daughter was told to have open mouth. Mom will squirt to her mouth mixed with sperm.
Now Teacher ( mom ) and Daughter is under control of everyone.
Now its time for the part with son.
He comes to live with mom because he do not want to going to his school anymore ( he was bullied ) so his dad change his school to a school where his mom is teaching ( dad and mom do not live together , they divorce and mom have daughter while dad have son )
He is same age as everyone that used his mom and sister. They will be hiding more now at the beggining but still will do things to a teacher ( mom ) like vibrating her while she reads or fingering her under skirt while she talk to a son in class. Also other teachers will play with his mom under desk. But they wont hiding orgasms. Those things will make him horny and will try to stroke his dick in house alone but every time his sister will interupt ( classmates will call to her to interupt it every time )
This will make him angry so he will do something in school and will be called by headmaster of school. He will also getting a blowjob by his mom under desk. When he talk with son what makes him so angry son will just say
Son : This ! This everything makes me so horny i feel like every teacher play under desk and gets orgasm in class you too right now ! And when im so horny i want to play with myself in house but everytime i got interupted by sister !
Headmaster : okay … i uhh … understand you … and OHH wow .. yes i am getting a blowjob and if you want some then she will give you but you need to do something for me while u will get your blowjob. You know .. i do something for you so you will do something for me. And i want something simple. When you gets the blowjob from her talk something dirty about mother even if you dont have thoughts about her. For example how much you want to make her pregnant. You can use the woman the way you want. Grab her hair … whatever. And by the way you will be blindfolded. You will be surprised how much more you will enjoy it with this.
Son : Oh whatever just give the blindfold and let me fuck my mother throat
he will act so much and will use her so brutally that she will vomit 2 times.
After all headmaster hides mom and takes off the blindfold.
Headmaster : Wow you was so good. I have an idea. From now on Teachers and students will use worlds like your mothers name and other worlds that will suggest that they are playin with your mom. Just because watching you with this woman makes me think that you really thinks about your mother like that. Am i right ? Are you okay with this ?
Son : Yea but … i will feel horny so much and i said that i cant play with myself in house…
Headmaster : Talk with ( one of students name ) He will show you something and you will be relieved. Trust me and him. Its better to ”get milked” by a woman than by ourself…
He will be introduced to the ”game” they are playing and that he can use bathroom hole to get sucked or something more. Sometimes students with male teacher will do ”extra trick” on him and will call a whore to a school. Everytime it will be different whore. She will pretend to be his mom ( for him ) and will gets a blowjob maybe something more in class. At one day he also will get blindfolded at the same time. When this happens teacher will drag mom from under desk and now real mom will do things to son because he just said that this whore have voice like his actual mom and that he dont want any other.
But they will bring another whore… his actual sister that will pretend to be his sister. He will fuck her with anger. He will spank her so much and sometimes he will use other toys on her that class will gave him.
He will see the bruises and other things on his sister in house and will me even more aroused.
One time he cant hold it so he will rape her in house ( skips school )
Mom will see this in school because again someone shows it to her.
After this he will get 2 whores to please him in school.
And also they will slowly work on him to also make him rape mom and cum in her to make him think that he make her pregnant. But it wasnt him.

Story ends PROBABLY
maybe someone will gets more ideas 🙂

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