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I got my teacher pregnant

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I fucked my religions teacher and now she could be pregnant

It is Tuesday, just like every week. Im sitting in the first row in my class and the next subject is religion. Our last religion teacher got replaced and today is the first lesson with a new one. It knocked and there she was. The prettiest teacher I’ve ever had in my school career. She walked in with hair dyed light blue, red and black Harley Quinn pants, just like the old school Harley and her heeled shoes. She introduced herself but I only noticed her light, soft skin and her blue eyes. Time passed and every hour with it, improved the day. Every time she stood at the blackboard, I noticed her butt or her flat chest. I often dreamed of what it would be like to sleep with her or to talk to her about it, but 2 facts prevented me. Firstly, that she often talked about her family, her husband and her daughter, and secondly, that teachers and students are not allowed to have sex. Oh yes, did I already say that she also has a very high intellectual level? So I figured she would say no anyway and send me to the principals office.On the next test, I forgot to study and used a cheat, but she saw it and gave me a F. After the lesson, she asked to speak to me again. So we talked about the test and she wanted to give me another chance. She said I could write the test again and I should tell her when I had time for it.So we made an appointment after my class. So at 3pm I stayed in the classroom and waited for Patricia (her first name) so I could rewrite the test. She came in with a wonderful presence and gave me the test. She got bored after 5 minutes, so she drew a bit on the blackboard. When she turned for it, I didn’t believe what I saw. I could see a camel toe in her Harley-Quinn pants. My cock immediately hardened and hit my pants, which hurt. In my horniness it seemed like the only way was to get my cock out. It didn’t take long and I started jerking off to a wonderful view. Of course she didn’t paint forever so she turned around and asked how far along I was. I was startled because she turned around so quickly and just said I wasn’t done yet.So I sat there. With a hard cock hanging out. “Why are you naked?” She asked. I answered openly and with shame. “I’m sorry but I find you too attractive and you might see something through your pants.” When I went to wrap my cock again she said, “Wait, let me see.” I was confused and just let it happen. She got on her knees and wrapped her hands around my cock and started rubbing it. “I don’t actually do it, but I think it’s really nice.” “I see you failed the test, so I have another idea. If you don’t come when I blow your cock, I’ll check your grades again.I just nodded and enjoyed her soft lips on my cock. I took her head lightly and pushed it up and down. I was thinking if she could take it all in and pushed my dick and her head. She didn’t even choke. She had a big grin and got up off the floor again. I just grabbed her by her thighs and pulled her on the table and we just started to make out. We undressed each other. I her top, bra and pants and she mine. As we kissed wildly, she continued to rub my cock and I touched her nipples. “Want to earn an A? Then don’t keep me waiting”. Said and done. My cock slid so easily into her pussy, you didn’t realize she already had children. I pushed like she wanted to. hard and fast We fucked so hard in different positions. When she leaned towards the doggy, I didn’t think twice and pushed my hard cock into her tight asshole.She screamed so loud. “Why did you do that? It hurts, pull it out!!”. But I knew she wanted it. So I started getting faster and harder in her ass. She screamed with every movement. I slowly felt my sperm coming. I pulled my cock out of her ass and quickly put it in her pussy. My cock felt like it would explode in her pussy. I pulled it out and saw my cum spilling out of her onto the floor as she trembled. She looked at her pussy in shock: “Did you cum inside me? Im not under birth control!?!?.””fuck, what do we do now?” I said. She yelled at me and kicked me out of the room. I was scared but ultra happy. I just fucked my favorite teacher. It felt so good. I would do it again but what do I do if she gets pregnant?….

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  • Reply Jan ID:1e42llfmxpen

    I have a 14 Yr old student that I’d love to get me pregnant

    • admirer ID:3yw3chd9d

      wow,,,,,, what is so special about him [email protected]

    • Horny boy ID:fzq6riehl

      Can I get your email I would love to hear more about it

    • Darrell Nickelln ID:3zxjmhgw20b

      Go a head and fuck him and let him breed you till you are pregnant with his baby. No one will have to know that he got you pregnant. Not even him.

    • Darrell Nickelln ID:3zxjmhgw20b

      I say kids are in school to learn about everything . Why not sex to.

    • Colin ID:1cqzol9ygu06

      This reminds me of my days in Hilton grange school which was a national children’s home, one of the house staff was called Miss Mandy and before i left in 1970 I fucked her senseless, the days of knee high boots and mini skirts.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    She needed your baby in her womb. Fuck her every day just to be sure

    • Bob ID:3h5tcbe5h

      Part 2

  • Reply Lucy ID:2kyhpc18rd

    I’d have swapped you … because I was the bad girl slutty one apparently because I smoked in school etc andvgit caught doing coke by teachers and so took me staff room and then said you’ve asked for this for long time and made me sniff up all of it and then told me light cigarette up and then took my virginity
    , forced me sit on teachers cock and then 2nd forced uo pussy aswell and raped me saying I was begging for it etc and was pregnant from them age 15

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      oh i would trust me

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      Make me cum mama

  • Reply Kittycum ID:2v2ylmlk0b

    You could get me pregnant aswell

    • LordHornyness20 ID:1b3zjj586ia

      U sure? I would do it 😉

    • LordHornyness20 ID:1b3zjj586ia

      Wanna chat with me?

    • admirer ID:3yw3chd9d

      has it happened for you yet [email protected]

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Breed her, she wants it

    • LordHornyness20 ID:1b3zjj586ia

      I hope so

  • Reply Girl ID:1ah770lfxi9

    Nice story

    • LordHornyness20 ID:1b3zjj586ia

      The best thing is. Half of it is true

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii