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Finally fucked the girl I’ve been grooming

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After two years of contact I found the opportunity to take advantage of a young girl I’ve been craving

I’ve always had a thing for young girls, even in my teen years. I blame porn honestly, I loved the videos of naive teens being picked up either in a van or taken back home and totally ravaged by an older man. Sure, in real life that has consequences, but I’ve been lucky in my journey so far (forty-five years young now) not to get caught.

I came to terms with being a pedophile, groomer, what ever monstrous names you might want to call a guy who preys on younger girls for sex. The youngest I’ve claimed has been fourteen, the oldest I go for tends to be twenty. I try to find virgins when I can, even better if they have boyfriends but haven’t done much with them, I love the idea of making them cheat with my old ass while taking their virginities and corrupting them.

There’s a few girls I’m currently talking to, around or within a reasonable distance of my location, but not exactly in the same neighborhood (although there are some cuties I see getting off the school buses on my way home from work that I would love to give a taste of me.) but this conquest is about one in particular that I finally managed to talk into meeting up.

We’ll call her Sara, I met her on a site when she was fifteen. I saw her pics and that she wasn’t too far from me and knew I had to have her. I started off casually, stalking her likes and trying to get her to be the one to notice me by liking the same posts or commenting on stuff in agreement with her, shit I don’t particularly care for but girls like to feel as if they can relate and have some kind of connection with strangers online. They have to get comfortable with you and feel like they could have some common ground with this person.

Usually I would like about my age and gradually let on that I’m a bit older than I made myself out to be up on initially talking, but after stalking her posts for awhile I saw that she actually had some daddy issues and an old/young kink, perfect! Sara let me know she was saying minor, and I played it off as if I didn’t realize it, and told her my age. I told her I was okay with talking, if it was just talking, if she was, saying the typical stuff us creeps tell all your daughters to make them feel like they’re in control of the situation. You know the game.

We would talk everyday about whatever, I took things slow. This girl was delicious looking, describing herself as tiny at 5’3, fairly skinny but with a hint of baby fat, shoulder length strawberry blond hair, face full of freckles and bright blue eyes, and at the time of meeting she had braces. She got really comfortable with me, we would play question games and get to know each other (I’d usually make some shit up, including my name, that way if she ever told on me I would be harder to find.) in the two years we talked, I got her to become paranoid of her friends and isolate herself from them, and she actually said I was now her best and only friend. Exactly where I wanted her.

Soon I got her to admit her sexual curiosities to me, she said she felt safe telling me her dreams and fantasies, and we began sexting. She was smart enough to never reveal her face in her nude pics, but I could easily identify her body by her bedroom. I got her to even ask me for some dick pics, making her feel like it was all her idea. She said my cock was beautiful and she wondered how I would taste and feel in her mouth and other holes. She went from having only touched herself a few times to masturbating almost every night and even facetiming quietly after her parents and brother went to sleep and trying things I would tell her to do, including inserting larger objects, in both holes. I trained this little girl to be such a slut for daddy!

After two years of earning her trust and grooming her, I got her to be comfortable enough to meet up for coffee after school, I told her I understood she would feel safer in public but other people might not understand what we have together as a sixteen year old meeting a man in his 40s. So we agreed to get coffee at a Starbucks separately but then walk outside and meet just around the corner on a day when she knew her parents wouldn’t be home until later that evening.

Part of me didn’t think she would show up, especially since I got there half an hour early. I stayed parked and watched as school buses began passing by, and then there she was, even smaller and more childlike in appearance than she looked in her pictures. It took every bit of resistance not to just pull her into my truck and have my way with her, fucking her virginity out of her right then and there. But all good things to those who wait, and I knew as soon as the initial nervousness of meeting offline the first time wore off, I could easily seduce this gullible little bitch and get what I wanted from her for two long years.

She walked in and ordered something and then I watched as she started texting me, my phone chimed.
“I’m at Starbucks” she sent a nervous face with it.
“I’ll be there soon” I sent a winky face back and then a few minutes later I left my car and walked inside, got in line and made my order. Her eyes were glued to her phone, she didn’t even see me at first. I finally texted “you’re even more beautiful in real life.” I looked across the room and saw her smile as she got the text. She shot me a quick glance and then texted me back.
“Meet outside?”
“See you there, gorgeous little girl.”

The clerk called my order by the same name Sara had been led to believe my name was and then walked outside, she followed a minute later and we met by my truck. This girl was kind of stupid, she’d walked right by my truck earlier and still hasn’t made the connection I’d been there waiting. She was so nervous, it was cute if not a little annoying, but I didn’t let that show. My mission was to smile and make her feel as comfortable as possible.

“It’s so weird, like, meeting you, like, offline for the first time in, like, forever” she giggled. Don’t worry, I’m not going to pester any readers with all the countless times she inserted the word “like” into all her sentences. Trust me, it was a lot.
“Well worth the wait, baby doll,” I smiled. That was a nickname I’d been calling her, she liked that.
We made some casual conversation and I realized she probably had ADHD or something, she stuttered and stammered a lot and was quite hyperactive, and talked, and talked, and talked some more. The whole time I just kept nodding and smiling and agreeing with her, thinking how much I’d rather just shut her up by shoving my cock down her throat. The shit we have to go through, right?

We talked until our coffees were empty and I offered to throw her cup away for her, purposely making sure to graze her little soft fingers with mine as I took her cup. I noticed people were approaching the store more and suggested we could continue talking in my truck, and if she told me where she lived I could even drive her home (as if I didn’t already know.) she was hesitant but agreed, since it would still be two hours before her parents got home. If I played my cards right I could make a lot happen in those two hours.

We got in the truck and she told me she just lived down the street, first left. I said okay and started driving, and decided to stir the conversation into a more perverted nature. I touched her leg as I shifted gears and gave her a cheeky “oops” with a smile, and she smiled back at me. I knew I had to awaken the sexy little freak in her that I’d helped develop over the course of our illegal companionship.

“So Sara, can I ask you something naughty?”
She seemed a little taken aback, but giggled and said sure.
“When was the last time you touched yourself?”
She looked so embarrassed and visibly blushed, but I said it’s okay, it’s human, we all do it. We’ve done it together, haven’t we?
She nodded and said she did it last whenever we did it together on FaceTime. I acted surprised, “wow, really? So that was over the weekend then.”
She asked when the last time I did it was, and I told her “honestly? When I woke up this morning. I ended up going through our messages and saw her pics, couldn’t help myself.” Actually, it had been a few days for me as well. As soon as we started talking about meeting up, I had been saving my load so that I could give her a huge one. But, girls like to be flattered and made to feel like they’re the reason you’re pleasuring yourself. So, I let her believe I’d done it just hours prior, just to put the picture in her head of this older man beating his cock to her. Get the wheels turning in ber little mind.

“You like when I do that to you, don’t you?”
She bit her lip, god I love when girls do that.
“You love knowing you can get a man three times your age off like that, with your sexy young body, huh?”
She began squirming in her seat and nodded.
“That’s good. That’s real good. You are such a beautiful little girl, Sara.”
“Nu uh… Really, you think so?”
“Oh yes, I so do. You turn me on more than anything girl in the world.” Today, anyway. There were a few others I was talking to, but this one would do for a fine little fuck toy right now.

She pointed out her house and nervously looked around, no parents in sight. Still she told me to park my truck a little ways down the road just in case there were any suspicious onlookers. A practice I was well versed in, but told her “good idea” as if it was all hers. I parked my truck and I did my seatbelt, looking over at her. So young and precious, so pure, I needed to corrupt her little body so badly.

“So Sara, it was so nice meeting you. And now you can see I am exactly who I’ve said I am” I lied. She smiled and nodded.
“Yea, you are. You’re really nice.”
“So are you, Sara. I really like you.”
“I really like you too.” She said nervously.
“If I showed you how much I liked you, would you be okay with it?” I asked, the clock was ticking and time was pussy.
“What do you mean?”
I held my hand out for her to take it, and she reached out cautiously but curiously, and I was gentle with her. I slowly brought her hand down into my lap, and rested it on my crotch. I was rock hard, and her eyes widened with a “ooh!”
“You feel that, Sara?”
“Yes…” She said with bulging eyes.
“You know what that is, don’t you?”
“Your cock…” She said, acting sort of timid, but not taking her hand away.
“You’re such a smart girl. You feel how hard that is?”
“That’s because of you, because of how beautiful you are, baby doll, that’s what you do to me.”

She rubbed it a little through my jeans, which felt nice, but I did find myself giving a little over-exaggerated wince.
“Am I hurting you? She asked, falling right into my trap.
“No, hunny. Well, it’s just, I don’t usually wear underwear and jeans can be kind of rough… Would you like me to unbutton them?”
She hesitated but nodded after a moment, as I smiled and undid all the buttons, releasing my seven inch hard cock and exposing myself in front of this little girl. If it were possible her eyes got even wider
“There we go, much better” I chuckled a little. “You can do that again now, sweetheart.” I took her hand and put it on my cock, she was shaking as she started rubbing me. Her little hands felt so good.
“How’s it feel?” I asked.
“It’s…. Like, really hard, and smooth, and warm…” She said, sort of mystified and holding back a giggle. “It feels good”
“Mmm yes it does, Sara. It feels really good… Hey, can I try something?”
She sorta jumped and asked what?
“Come a little closer.”
She did, and I put my arm around her, petting her hair. She was a little resistant but I pulled her towards me and forced an old man kiss on her little girl lips. She moaned something into my mouth I couldn’t quite make out, but I kept kissing her, and sort of holding her in place as I encouraged her to keep stroking me.

With my other hand, I reached out and started feeling up her breasts, her whole little body was shaking. I realized she was being given her first kiss, feeling her first cock, and being fondled all at once. All to an older stranger at that. But most of all, I just knew everything we’d ever talked about or shown each other was going through her little head right now. This girl had to be getting wet, just like all the ones before her and the ones that will come after.

“How long until your parents get home sweetheart?”
She looked at the clock on my dash and said “in a little while…”
I said we could be quick…
She was so torn, looking lost between rationality and lust, as she sat up, looking down at my cock, then at me.
“Yeah?” I smiled. “You want to?”
“Good girl.”
She let go of my cock and I put it away, only doing one button as we got out of my truck and walked up to her house. The poor little girl was shaking so bad and nearly dropped her keys. But she got the door open and led me inside, and upstairs to her room, shutting the door.

It was exactly how it looked in all her pictures. Full of stuff that made me realize this girl truly still was a baby at heart, which turned me on even more.
“Very nice room,” I said, taking a seat on her bed.
“Sorry it’s messy”
“Shhh it’s okay baby, come here”
She came to me and even sitting down in front of her, we were still almost eye to eye.
I wrapped my arms around her little body and rubbed her back, kissing her again as I brought us both down into her bed, and again freed my raging hardon from my jeans.
I wasn’t quite on top of her, just enough for her to know I was in control of the situation, that this is about what I wanted. She kissed me and moaned my “name” was i grinded against her little body.
“Oh Sara, I’ve wanted this for so long.”
“Me too…”
“What do you say we get these off, huh?” I tugged at her clothes. She nodded, looking sexily scared.

I sat up and started to take my clothes off, dropping them to the floor as she clumsily did the same, looking like it was the first time she’d ever undressed in her life. Still shaking, she seemed so embarrassed to be standing there showing her body off to someone.
“God, you’re so perfect baby.”
“Really?” She asked surprised.
“Yes really. It’s like you were made just for me.” I sat on her bed and pulled her between my legs, fondling her little breasts and kissing them, which made her gasp and moan in shock.
“Mm you like that huh, little girl?”
“Good. Hey, I have an idea. Remember what you talked about wanting to do the first time you saw my cock?”
“Let’s try that.”
I smiled and pet her hair, then leaned back on her bed, looking down at her as she shakily got on her knees, looking at my older cock standing straight up. She licked her lips and I nodded.
“Just kind of stroke the bottom of it, you can play with my balls too, and just give the tip a kiss or two.”
She did as I instructed, taking a hold of my cock in her little hands and touching my balls, she giggled a little and then moved forward, seemingly smelling my cock before she placed little kisses on the tip. I sighed happily and just when I was about to tell her lick it, she did it all on her own.
“Mmm that’s a good girl… You’re doing so good, Sara. Just think of it like a lollipop, baby.” As I tell all the girls.
She moaned a little response and then tried to take me in her little mouth. My cock was bigger than her lips and she struggled and I felt her teeth scrape me, but I didn’t want to discourage her from trying. She instead just took to sort of sucking on the tip and licking it, and stroking me. It was okay, for a sixteen year old first timer it was fine. But I’d gotten better head, that was for sure.

After a few minutes I told her to come here, she popped up out of breath and asked if she was good. I told her she was beyond great, but I wanted to taste her now too. She giggled and said okay.
One thing is learned about little girls, no matter how turned on they are, they can be tight as hell, sometimes even uncomfortably so, although seeing them in pain was usually enough to make me cum. But as I always say, the wetter the better. So I planted her down on her bed and kissed her, sucking on her tits and moving my nude old hairy body down her young smooth small form, and to my surprise I barely had to try to push her legs apart. This little girl was a slut waiting to be.
I started slowly breathing on and then kissing her beautiful pussy, she hadn’t been shaving so it was a little work moving her tiny red bush out of the way of her clit, and when I started licking it she giggled and shook like crazy. It always tickled them at first, but I ignored her pleas to go slower, this bitch was mine now. I made sure to drool extra on her little pussy, but honestly it was already fucking drenched, and god damn her cum tasted so sweet. I love the taste of young virginal girls so much.

She laid there moaning and rubbing my thin hair but was taking fucking forever to orgasm, my eyes kept darting towards the clock in her room, somehow we’d already spent an hour here. I didn’t want to take the chance of her parents coming home and seeing someone their age deflowering their sweet little innocent daughter. It was time to claim the reward I put two years of hard work into.

I withdrew my tongue from her underage pussy and climbed back on top of her naked body.
“You ready to become a woman baby?”
She gasped a faint “yes.”
I kissed her and maneuvered on top of her, spreading her legs and slapping her pussy with my hard cock. I started to insert it, parting her wet lips when reality seemed to kick in and she told me to wait.
“You have protection right?” She asked, startled. I could feel her heart beating against my chest.
“Nu-uh…” I kissed her and kept protruding my cock into her virgin pussy. “This is your first time baby, I want to give you the full experience.”
“Shhh don’t worry baby doll… Daddy will take care of you.”
She could feel my cock sliding up against her virginity and knew there was no turning back now. I was sick of her protesting so I pushed forward and broke her hymen, talking her another underage virginity and making her mine. She screamed, good god she fucking screamed and I had to practically shove my tongue down her throat to muffle the bitch.

Even with how wet she was from a mixture of her wetness, my salvia, and undoubtedly the blood, she was so fucking tight that I could barely move once I was inside her. Sure, I made her believe I was just holding still to give her pussy time to adjust to having a grown man’s cock inside it, but the truth is I had to just wriggle around to loosen her up a bit so I could comfortably move in and out of the little cunt hole.

“Mmm see baby, you were made just for me.”
“Yes daddy… I was made for you.” Tears were welling up in her eyes, I ignored them. I rocked back and forth, going in and out of her tight little teenage pussy a little faster, slightly harder, after a few minutes it was finally starting to feel good for me, which is all my selfish pedophile ass cares about anyway.
She even started moaning, not entirely sure if she was actually enjoying it or not, but I didn’t care.
“Mm you feel that baby?” I asked. “You love it dont you?”
“You love having a grown man in your little teenage pussy don’t you?”
“Oh my god yes!”
“Old enough to be your fucking father, little girl”
“Mm yes you are daddy… Fuck mm…”
“By time I’m done you’ll be saying you love pedophile cock, baby”
“Mmm I do…” She gasped.
“You do what?”
“I.. I love pedophile cock”
“Good girl! Such a good girl!” I fucked her harder, faster, god this was worth two years of the wait. I loved little girls so much.

I thought about when we met, when she was just a child. To the times we talked sexual. To the first pictures I saw of her naked. And now here I was, in her room, surrounded by teen shit I didn’t understand, and on top of this little girl, inside of her minor pussy, and cumming in her.

God I came so fucking hard. My orgasms are usually pretty quick and at my age not much cum even amounts, but I’m telling you now, this orgasm must have lasted a good minute. I actually felt each spurt of cum shoot from my cock as I filled this little girl up with cum that existed nearly thirty years before she was even here. And now here she was, my newest cum filled little sex toy. So fucking good.

I collapsed on her, totally spent and feeling such sweet relief, knowing my seed was buried deep inside of this youngling. I moaned and kissed her again, as I slowly withdrew my cock from her, encased in her cunt so firmly that we both moaned as I pulled it out with a large slurping noise. We giggled a little and I sat up, looking down at my newest work of art. Her freshly fucked pussy looked like it had taken a dick, all right. There was a mix of daddy cum and newly deflowered cunt blood leaking out of her, drenching her bedsheets. Oopsie. I hoped I could get dressed and get out of there before she noticed. Lucky for me, she was laying there looks very pleased and sleepy. She probably would have drifted off if I hadn’t decided to wake her, but not before taking a few trophies of her naked body and pussy with my cum in it as photos on my phone.

“Hey Sara, sweetheart?” I was already dressed and leaning down to kiss her forehead.
“You might wanna take a shower honey, get cleaned up. Your parents are probably gonna be here soon. I should get going too, thank you so much for the good time, baby doll. I’ll always remember you.”
“Mmhm” she moaned again. “I love you.”
Aww, sweet kid. They always thought this was love. I kissed her lips and then took one last look at her room, and her laying naked on her little girl bedsheets. Wondering if she would get pregnant. I guess I’d miss her. Usually after I fucked them I would immediately block them on everything, or at least ignore them for awhile to make them want me again.
I might be back for this one though, only time would tell. I wanted to at least get a proper blowjob or two off her and try fucking her ass before I ditched her completely. Bonus if I ended up getting her pregnant and promising her I’d take care of it and then just disappear like I have all the times before.

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    A new story entitled A Previous Conquest has been posted:

    • Vi ID:bvjjmqra

      Can I be honest? I’m 15 almost 16 (in september) and i never found myself attracted to older men, but know that I see all the posts, I realize how much I liked all the stares those men would give me on the street, or a horny teacher, and, I think I want to be groomed and fucked, real bad

    • The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

      Sounds like my kind of girl. I’d get you addicted to my pedo cock, Vi

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    I wouldn’t say my experience was an act of grooming, but I did sort of stumble into it.
    Use to be a regular on this one fandom site, built a reputation. Ended up with this one user who had a very bubbly personality and it wasn’t long before we formed a friendship. After months of that, and exchanging DMs we got to know each other more personally, nothing honestly bad on my end, but she was 14 at that time and I was in my later 20s.

    Well a group of us from the fandom decided to do a meet up at a con convention and to cosplay for, and she was absolutely giddy to go along. It was cool meeting people from online face to face, and a bit awkward with others. She dressed up like Winry from FMA which git alot of compliments. Most of our time there was a blast. Near the end though we just wanted to chill out, so the plan was to go back to one of our hotel rooms with just the four of us. While we were there, one of the other guys proposed sharing some drinks, and that’s where things started to go off track. She was getting more and more lucid, saying stuff she normally would have been far too shy to ever confess, all while those other two kept encouraging more and more. Things got more sexual, and I was just lost over what was going on till eventually I was in the thick of it too. Didn’t know it, but one of them slipped something into her drink originally, and this was their whole ploy to fuck her, and that they did. We each just took our turns or shared, I just thought this was something she wanted, but when she was finally out cold and they kept going and taking pictures, I knew that gut feeling I had deep down was right.

    I found it hard to get her out of my mind after that, and as much as part of me wanted it, even when she confessed a year later to having a crush on me, I didn’t pursue it. I said some bs excuse like I felt similar but it wasn’t something possible, something to let her down easy. The real reason though was the guilt I still had for that day.

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    pleasee more of your story😭

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      Got nothing else to tell about this one yet, exchanged a couple messages with plans to meet again but keep having to reschedule. I have some other conquests I could write about though 😉

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      Definitely more to come, thank you for reading and enjoying!

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    They’re pretty easy to find on all the popular social media sites

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      Can you email me and give me pointers [email protected]

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      @alisia – I messaged you

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