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I’m a naughty girl

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I’m 12 and love nothing more than to fuck married me, they are the best. It’s naughty and evil, but it’s so much fun.

Hiya, my name is Ivy and I’m a 12 year old cock loving slut, I don’t care, it’s who I am and I love it.

I lost my virginity when I was 10 years old, my school headmaster was a very naughty man and he fucked me on his desk in his office after school, it didn’t even hurt, as soon as I felt his cock going inside my body I knew, this is what I want to do from now on, I want men to fuck me, I want them to use me, use my body and get pleasure from it.

I prefer married men, mostly my friends dads, they have the most to lose, and the most the gain from having sex with me, it’s so naughty and bad of them to be fucking me when they’re married, and the adrenaline of the thought of their wives finding out or even catching us in the act really turns me on.

This one time I went to the seaside with my mom and I was on the beach in my bikini, sitting on a towel on the sand having just come back from getting an ice-cream, when a family came and laid down their towels near us, a man and his wife and their 2 children, and the man immediately caught my eye, not because he was handsome, but because he had a wife and kids, and that’s what turns me on.

While their kids ran and played in the sea, his wife laid down and he was rubbing sunscreen on her back, he glanced up towards me so I licked my ice-cream provocatively and he did a double-take and then watched me licking my ice-cream.

I lifted my knees up with my legs together and then started to swings my legs open and closed, and when his gaze went down to my crotch, I put my hand between my legs and rubbed my finger up my slit over my bikini bottoms, he was sweating and it wasn’t because of the hot sun, I had him, he was lusting for me.

I finished my ice-cream and got up, and as I walked behind him and his wife he looked at me and I signalled him with my head to follow me.

We walked under the pier and behind a large wooden post, I stood with my back to it and he stood about a foot in front of me, “Hi there.” He said.

“Hiya.” I replied, flirtatiously.

He was licking his lips and fucking me with his eyes, “Are you a naughty girl?” he asked.

“Yes. Very naughty.” I said, “Is she your wife?” I asked.

“Yes.” He replied.

“Good.” I said, then I jumped up and wrapped my arms and legs around him and kissed him passionately, he stepped forward and pressed my back up against post and pulled off my bikini top, then he pushed his swim shorts down to his knees and exposed his fully erect cock.

“I’m going to fuck you.” He gasped.

“You better.” I replied.

Then he pulled off my bikini bottoms, then he squatted down a bit to guide his cock between my legs, and then he thrust upward and penetrated me, “Oo – Uh – Uuuh”

He fucked me very enthusiastically up against the post and sucked on my nipples while thrusting deep inside of me, it was great.

A few minutes later when he was just about ready to come, we heard a voice call out his name, “Oh shit.” He gasped.

I giggled, “Is that your wife?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He said.

He tried to pull out but I stopped him with my legs, “No – No. You have to finish.” I said.

“I can’t let her see me doing this, let me go.” He begged, hearing his wifes voice getting closer.

“Not until you’ve finished.” I said, bouncing myself on his cock.

“Ooh shit – god!..” he groaned, then he started thrusting in to me faster and faster, and then finally he ejaculated, “..Ooooooaaah – Ooaah!” he ejaculated at the same time I heard his wife call out his name again, it was funny and made me giggle.

He quickly pulled out and pulled up his shorts, “Don’t follow me out – please. Just stay there.” He said in a panic.

“Say hi to your wife for me.” I shouted as he ran out from under the pier.

I found my bikini in the sand and put it on then headed back to my mom, as I walked by them he was sitting on the sand and his wife was behind him rubbing sunscreen on his shoulders and back, he couldn’t look at me, he’d been a naughty boy and he knew it, if only his wife knew too, I sat on my towel running my fingers behind my bikini strap, taunting him, teasing him, his wife had no idea I was sitting right there with her husbands fresh warm sperm inside of me and slowly soaking in to my bikini bottoms.

Another time we went to a wedding of one of mom’s work colleagues, and I bagged myself a groom.

I was wearing a white mini cami-dress, with thin shoulder straps and the bottom of the dress was very short it only just covered my panties, at the wedding ceremony I got really turned on hearing the young couple say their vows, for richer or poorer, till death do us part, to always be faithful, it turned me on, a newly married man, I just had to have him.

At the reception at a local posh hotel, after the speeches and dancing, the groom went to the bar, so I walked over to a chair nearby, I lifted my leg up on to the chair, pretending to adjust my shoes, but making sure he had a perfect view up my dress.

I looked up and saw he looking at me, I smiled and winked at him, then I stood up and pretended to straighten up my dress, turning around and rubbing my hands over my curvy bottom, then lifting it up slightly so he could see my bum cheeks, he quickly drank his glass of brandy and adjusted his bow tie, he was literally getting hot under the collar and I was turning him on.

As he walked away he kept turning his head to look back at me, so I followed him and he went in to the bathroom, I waited until he came out, standing in the hallway with my back to the wall and I purposely bumped in to him when he came out.

“Oh, sorry.” I said.

“That’s uhm…” he said, mumbling a little when he realised it was me, “…That’s alright.” He said.

As luck would have it he had forgotten to zip up his fly, so I reached down and slowly pulled it up, with one hand I cupped his balls over his pants and with the other pulled up his zipper, “Your fly was open. I got it.” I said.

He gasped, “Thanks.”

Then I felt something in his pocket and I reached in and took it out, it was a key, “What’s this for?” I asked.

“My uhm – Our hotel suite.” He replied.

“I’ve never been in a hotel room before. Will you show it to me?” I asked.

He looked around nervously for a moment, “Uhm – I – Yeah, sure.” He said.

He took me to the room, it was the honeymoon suite, a big king sized bed covered in rose petals, champagne and strawberries on the table, mood lighting, a lit fireplace, and romantic music was playing, “Wow – This is a very nice room. It must have cost you a lot of money.” I said.

“Yes, but my wife is worth it.” He replied.

“I’m sure she will really appreciate it. But it is kind of hot in here don’t you think?” I asked, as I slowly pushed my dress straps off my shoulders and dropped my dress to the floor and stood in the middle of the room in my underwear.

“Uhm – Y – Y – Yes, maybe a – a little hottie – uhm – HOT!” he replied, getting confused with his words.

I took his hand and walked him over to the bed and we sat down, “Maybe you should take this off…” I said, removing his jacket and waistcoat, then I got him to lay back and I undid his pants while giving him a long kiss.

Then I reached in to his pants and pulled out his cock, it was semi-erect, so I sucked on it to get him fully hard, “Oooah Jesus! – My – My wife.” he gasped.

“Your wife? – What are you going to do with your wife?” I asked him, then I sat up and took off my bra and panties, and he could not stop staring at my goodies.

I straddled him and held his twitching cock at my entrance, “Are you going to do this?” I asked, then I lowered myself down and his cock slipped inside me.

“OOoooaah!” he gasped.

“Are you going to fuck your wife like this, right here on this bed?” I asked him, slowly riding his cock.

“Yes. – Oh god yes.” He replied.

“Have you fucked her before?” I asked him.

“No.” he said.

“No. Why not?” I asked.

“We were – we’re saving ourselves for the wedding – Ooaah god.” He gasped.

It got even better, it turns out he and his wife were both virgins, saving themselves for marriage, I was riding a virgin, “You’re a virgin?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said.

And hearing that just got me so wet I went crazy, “Not anymore.” I said, then I started to bounce on his big virgin cock fast and hard, “Want me to stop?.” I giggled.

“Yes!” he said, then changed his mind, “No! – I mean – I don’t know.” He gasped.

“It’s a simple question, yes or no, do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“No – NO!” he replied.

“No you don’t. You’re a naughty husband aren’t you.” I said.

I rode his cock for about 10 minutes until I made him come inside of me, his virgin ejaculation felt good, “There we go – Mm – I bet that felt good didn’t it.” I giggled.

“Oooah god – What have I done?” he said to himself, holding his head in shame.

“Me. You did me. You naughty boy.” I giggled.

I got off him and got dressed, “Congratulations on your wedding. You’ll make your wife happy I’m sure.” I said, then I made my way out of the room, leaving him laying on the bed, half dressed with his freshly fucked, no longer a virgin, dripping cock hanging out of his pants.

His wife in her beautiful white wedding dress was walking down the hall towards me as I was walking away, she smiled at me as we passed, “Congratulations.” I shouted to her, and quiet saying in my head, “I fucked your husband for you and have his fresh sperm inside me.”

“Thank you.” She responded, looking radiant and happy, no doubt eager for her husband to fuck her virgin pussy, she would have had to wait a while for him to recover.

I know, I’m evil, but I can’t help myself, I love fucking married men.

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  • Reply Connor H ID:8hdrzf4st5d

    Wow that was great!!


  • Reply The King ID:1eo8zyoowm4r

    Ain’t no 12 yo doing that

  • Reply Linnea ID:8zs64tm1

    I always loved married men too. The first to fuck me was my dad when I was 9. But I seduced lots of old married men after that. It’s so hot to know your pussy feels so good that a man will risk his whole life for it. I fucked teachers, friends dads, neighbors (including one who was a cop), and our church pastor and youth pastor. All by 15. Men go off about that being pedophilia and how it’s so sick and blah blah blah but try being a 12 year old and rubbing a man’s dick through his pants while you beg him to fuck you. You can get ANY guy you want.

    • Gabe ID:6rkls53k0b

      I’m not married but am older, message me on sessions 059471e0af2c8c2b27c980b9c26a284e956c2ef46d7243c9f02474e984e7462331

    • Lauren ID:1d5jpyhbfqa6

      I agree 💯%with you. I absolutely love fucking my dad and feeling his cum squirting inside me.

  • Reply TallNativeHunger ID:101bccywzr9

    Wish I could run into a cutie like you~ I’d tell my friends that I was training a new girl at work, without ever telling them it was her training me, getting me so desperately addicted to pre-teen pussy that I’d renounce adult women~

  • Reply Keira ID:1ee5u2udqznw

    Fucking a married man sounds so hot I wish I could have the courage to actually approach one 🙁

    • jack-o'-lantern ID:1ei8an4lj3mi

      Don’t be shy Keira❤️let old guys know how you feel and make their day😜 if you want to talk more just let me know and l’d love to help, any ol way l can🙃 [email protected]

    • pappa ID:1ei8an4lj3mi

      Let yourself go Keira😜 married guys, especially old guys, like me, love young pussy flirts. Had one just other day at the casino. Have no idea how old she actually was but she was good to me😛 send me a note @proton.me if you need encouragement… pappabear99

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    You can come and have my 67 year old married cock anytime up.your young 12 year old cunt . There is no better feeling than a 12 year old bouncing on my old hard cock .

  • Reply Avery ID:1dycwf5pk7po

    Hi girl! I am A12 yo girl too. I love doing the same thing with married guys only. They appreciate young tight pussy the most and cum huge loads! Get in touch with me please at [email protected]. Let’s discuss.

    • [email protected] ID:1eht3vh1dgxm

      Hi Avery, you sound like a hot little girl, have you ever been with a horny older woman?

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    You’re definitely not evil you’re definitely a girl that every man wants. I think you’re what I call a dream come true.

  • Reply Jess ID:1fjhfviq20c

    U are a naughty. Girl and u should be spanked.

  • Reply Silas ID:1ebvmzx3gtmu

    😂 why can’t I meet girls like you

  • Reply Old phil ID:2qlannqrd

    I want nothing more than to taste every fiber of your sexuality while also making you orgasm like nobody ever has or ever will

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfxij

    You know what you want and you go for it. Just a natural born slut. Good on ya!

  • Reply Na ID:2px1ogomkqz

    Should be legal.
    Telegram @FraterBarrackubus

    • Rick ID:1egzi95iptyi

      10 should be legal

    • Linnea ID:8zs64tm1

      My dad didn’t care about legal. Popped my cherry when I was 9.

    • BaRuu ID:hd33o4tql

      Same here

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1qkwnvpb0j

    Be nice to have a naughty girl like this is Australia.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f742

    Absolutely priceless and what a girl. I have had my share of cum sluts but I do remember a few super naughty ones that loved it in every hole dreaming of them dripping with sperm daily. Between a full time strenuous job and balls being literally drained every night I am surprised I even survived.
    Damn I love the naughty ones.

    • PrettyToes ID:14grun306ib

      @gonzo check out this post I just made and private DM me please, I need to tell you something.



  • Reply Nickuk2k ID:1cuv5c2gk71l

    Perfect fiction. Would love to bump into you and hsve fun with you.

    Hmu on kik nickuk2k

  • Reply Older guy for fun ID:1ei8nb0r7ugu

    I would love to run into a naughty little girl like that!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback6996

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1un7k5nh

    Is it me or she said she is 12 ? man , you got a good fiction

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1qkwnvpb0j

    Would be nice if you were in Australia

  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

    Very lucky guys.

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    This was great. I hope to meet such girl no matter if wife is near.

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    God, you ARE a cock loving slut

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