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When daddy took my innocence

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The day my parents separated was a kind of sad day but not too sad. I had listened to my parents fight for the last two years. I had just turned 10 and did not get along with my mom. So daddy told her that she could keep the house if she gave daddy custody of me. Mom didn’t hesitate to agree.

Daddy wanted to get us the best place that he could for the money and I helped with the search. We both fell in love with a one bedroom place that overlooked the river ans downtown area. Daddy told me that meant that we would have to share a bed. I didn’t mind, the place was really nice. To get something bigger would have meant giving up gymnastics and competitive cheer. Both of the things that I loved doing. I soon loved to take on the role of taking care of the house. Washing dishes, cleaning, and cooking. Daddy loved the food I made and told me that I should grow up to be a chef.

I also learned to love bedtime, i would sleep on one side of the queen size bed, daddy on the other. I always wore a long nightshirt and panties to bed. I never knew what daddy wore because he would be in bed and asleep first. I don’t know why, but I loved laying in bed looking at his bare chest and arms. The more I watched, the more I felt sensations that I didn’t know what they were, only that it was in my belly and pussy and it made me feel good.

The first time I learned about masturbation was by accident. I was in the shower after getting home from cheer practice. I was washing myself, my hands moved over my flat chest and I rubbed my soapy hand over my nipple, I felt a sense of excitement and my tiny nipples hardened. I moved my hand over my belly and to my bald pussy. When i started to wash my pussy, I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I found a little nub poking out and when I rubbed it, it felt so good that I closed my eyes ans bit my lip, rubbing it faster felt even more amazing, feelings inside me grew, a sensation that felt like I needed to pee, then a release cane over me that weakened my shaking knees.

Watchung daddy sleep after that brought funny feelings and I had the overpowering urge to rub my pussy as I looked at him. Every night I would slide my hand into my panties and rub my clit until the release filled my panties with my cum.

The night that everything changed was in a hotel, daddy traveled with me to a cheer competition. We wore tiny two piece uniforms that showed a lot of skin and we always wore what some would say is too much make up. Since i started masturbating I had found wearing the tiny lycra shorts turned me on when it rubbed my pusay. I also noticed looks from some of the dads, which made me feel.good inside, it was the first day that I noticed daddy’s eyes drop down to my shorts for a lingering moment.

I had showered and removed my make up. I exited the bathroom in just a towel and I saw daddy look at me and give me a smile that made me start to have urges to run back into the bathroom to masturbate. I opened my suitcase and discovered that I didn’t have my nightshirt and only had panties for the next day.

“Just sleep wrapped in your towel, or you have the hotel robe you can wear” daddy said, I noticed his eyes on my legs

“Yeah, I can do that” I replied and got into bed in just my towel. I was laying on my side with my back to daddy, I was always comfy sleeping on that side.

It was sometime in the middle of the night that I felt a hand on my shoulder. Caressing up and down my arm. I awoke and stayed on my side, not moving. The hand moved down to my wrist and back up to my shoulder. I felt a sense of excitement at the touch, at daddy’s touch. I felt his lips kiss the back of my shoulder then the back of my neck and then the side of my neck. I closed my eyes, loving the feel of lips on my skin. His hand moved over the towel, over my flat chest and then my belly. His hand slid under the blanket and began caressing my leg. His hand slid just under the towel, inches from my crotch I wanted him to touch me, but he didn’t, yet. His hand moved back up the towel and undid where I had secured it.

His hand pulled the towel over me and he gently pulled my shoulder, moving me to my back. I kept my eyes closed except for a tiny bit so that I could try and see in the almost pitch black room. Daddy’s hand moved over my skin, his fingers circled my nipples. Then I saw the shape of his head lower to my chest. As daddy sucked on my nipples, his hand slid down to my bald pussy, his fingers sliding between my puasy lips. His fingers found my clit. I was fighting the urge to moan at his touch on my pussy. Then his lips moved down my belly, closer to my pussy.

When daddy’s lips first met my pussy I started to breathe heavier. He shifted down the bed and pushed my legs apart gently. He started to lick my pussy, his tongue flicked on my clit. I was breathing heavier, this felt way more amazing than my fingers did. Daddy stopped licking my pussy and I heard his voice quietly say “God I need this”

He slid up the bed over me, he had no clue that I was awake. There was some shifting on the bed as he took his underwear off. I could see his figure over me. That was when I felt something poking against my pussy, something bigger than a finger rubbing up and down on my pussy. It was now resting against against me, I felt a push against me, then a second. I didn’t move as daddy pushed against me, I didn’t know what was about to happen but I needed to find out. He pushed a couple more times ans then I felt a burst of pain as daddy broke my cherry and the tip of his dick entered me. I clenched my eyes closed as he paused for a moment, he gently pushed again. I could feel my.ouasy stretching around his dick. He pushed again, deeper, the pain was still there as he entered deeper into me.

The pain eased, my daddy’s dick was all the way inside of me, he didn’t move for a couple of long moments, then he started moving his hips back and forth, I hearf him moaning “I love you ao much baby, I’ve always wanted this”. His hips started to move faster and that was when a moan escaped my lips. Daddy froze, looking down.at me

“What are yiu doing daddy?” I asked in a groggy, sweet voice

“Juat relax baby, daddy needs to feel good”

“What’s in my vagina daddy?”

“That’s me showing you how much I love ypu”

“Okay daddy”

Daddy started moving his hips again, I was in heaven, overcome by a sense of ecstasy. The feel of a cock moving in me was the best feeling in the world. I began to moan “Yes daddy, I love it daddy” as his hips moved faster. The sensation of my orgasm built and my.moans grew.louder. when I came, my body shook uncontrollably and I gripped the sheets. Daddy was going faster and faster, then his body froze, fully inside of me. I felt it twitch inside of me ans then I felt something filling up my pussy. Daddy’s arms got weak and he laid down on top ot me.

We laid there motionless for a couple of minutes before daddy pulled his dick out of me. It was dark.in the room but I sensed the same smile that I had on my face. He kissed me on the lips softly and held me in his arms as we fell asleep. That was the night everything changed between me and daddy

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