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Little girls

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One thing I’ve never been proud of in life is my obsession with little girls, first, it was just watching petite girl porn you know extraxxx small stuff then I began reading hentia mangas or videos with lolis.

That stage had made me feel good because when I was in public or around family members’ kids I never felt the attraction until I met my neighbor’s kid.

She was a newborn in the apartment we lived next door to each other I was 19 at the time watched her grow up until she was 10 and me being 27.

I watched her occasionally and the attraction grew stronger I felt ashamed, I self-harmed every night and cried I contemplated trying a noose and ending it.

I was afraid if do something bad and unfortunately, I did.

It was Friday her parent’s date night they wouldn’t be back her dad giving me the hint of getting a hotel room is be stuck with her until they came back tomorrow.

She wore a pair of fuzzy socks you know the ones you get for Christmas, a princess and the frog nightgown and I can’t forget her pal green panties.

I remember playing various games such as patty cake, hide n seek, my ps4, even Jenga to distract myself but I found us playing the cliche game to get a kid to grind and bounce on your crouch..horsey

She was having fun bouncing unaware that her favorite neighbor her best buddy was a p$do and a perv hard, I felt as if we had gone too far I had to taste.

While she sat and watched tv after I watched one of my sleeping pills slowly dissolve in the water I stirred it and look at her, she was laying on her stomach giggling at the tv, rugrats were playing.

Nick at night..it was late I got over my thinking fit and I don’t remember much after but I do remember stripping her body her chest was flat and her nipples were puffy and hard.

The window was open, I closed it and kissed her I imagined it to be our wedding night…. she is my child bride ready to take my cock.

I kissed her sloppily drooling and tasting her saliva next I kissed and sucked her puffy Nipples, after that, I kissed all over her body.

Once her panties were off I lifted her hips and began giving her a rim job spreading her little cheeks and sucking hard, next I placed a kiss on her puffy closed pussy lips I spread them and the more my tongue pushed in her very tight hole the more she opened up.

Her body was hot she was blushing and making noise I was now naked rubbing my tip on her entrance surprisingly my whole cock fit her tummy bulged.

Blood seeped out it didn’t stop me from slowly pounding her I didn’t wanna tear her and cause her to bleed her pussy was right it was like she was sucking me in.

We went 4 rounds before I cleaned her up and rubbed a pain-relieving cream on her I made sure to put an ice pack to stop any redness.

In the morning she complained about sore legs but after an hour or two, she was fine.

They never found out but I never did it against moved east after a year or two they were expecting twins…I wonder if she knows what happened.

I don’t feel heavy guilt but it weighs me down knowing I took her virginity and the first kiss she was only 18 for god’s sake what is wrong with me.

I think about turning myself in or shooting myself I’m attracted to kids…kids I’m afraid to be around them I’m.scared I’ll touch or rape them.

Or cause them trauma or even become suicidal I just made to get this off my chest…

This the person who made the dare idk I’ve been having lotta thoughts about these things and I decided to become a writer on here?? Idk but I don’t want a name also I proof read a little hope this is better ig

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  • Reply your mom ID:2px1mhudvhx

    you should end it <3

  • Reply The guy11 ID:1dt8nbzyptvk

    When me and my friend was younger like 15 we use to have a neighbour disabled girl in wheelchair aged 12 she was kinda cute and we use to fuck her a lot, she never told anyone as she use to love us pounding her little hole

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    I’ve always wanted to fuck a little girl

  • Reply Diggersteve ID:7zv38yxtd3

    Damn that story was so hot I got my cock rock hard and as you blew your gum I’ll do my c** I would love to have been there when you did that

  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bhm

    Proof read your maths mate 🤣 19+10 is not 27

  • Reply 😒🖕🏻 ID:1e1me6obmhap

    Sis if you were 19 and she was a newborn … 10 years later you’d be 29 not 27… 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ idk how you think that 19+10 is 27… 😂

  • Reply Aries ID:1dvcc6d8j2go

    The last part give them trauma or become suicidal. That’s not what happened to me after I was molested. I became hypersexual and loved sex. I know there are other kids like that, out there having sex with men or women! I grew up with a group of boys who were sexually active and had sex on the regular. We went gay cruising at 12-16 years old. Got fucked by a bunch of men. These guys are still here nothing wrong with them. Some of them are married, and I still masturbate with these guys. As we talk about the best sex with each other or giving grown men blowjobs and getting fucked! Honestly, kids having sex with adults is ok!

  • Reply Alex ID:gnrvcvoid

    I really like to have sex with guys

  • Reply Older guy ID:1dgm5b2mj420

    Lina I agree with you!! Who cares if it’s real or not. It’s the fantasy 🤤 add me on Snapchat if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11

  • Reply Lina ID:58g1hxym2

    Who cares if story is fake. Its hot anyway

  • Reply Eric ID:1duh4ausucp2

    This is just another story that really didn’t happen…

    • PO469 ID:1dohkr01a3z5

      Do you think more than 1% of the stories on this site are true? Even the true ones are embellished.

  • Reply Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

    Your only regret should be that you didn’t eat and fuck her little asshole

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      I want to see your fantasy pussy

  • Reply Robert Kent McClain ID:2bgo46vzri

    Don’t sweat it you know it’s just your way of getting in your space

  • Reply Daddy’s girl ID:1fr5gtbzm

    It’s totally normal to be attracted to people of all ages. My dad started coming to my bed every night when I was 8. It hurt at first but when I got used to it I enjoyed it. It was our special time together.

    • snaap ID:45xyqk9kfik

      wanna talk on snap?

    • Matt ID:3zxjhzglk0k

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  • Reply HH ID:8d5fnvjdm4

    why repress a sexual orientation like homosexuality. people should accept you as you are and respect you. repressing is wrong. and we must normalize and accept that. not all of us have the same sexual orientation. #normalizesexwhitlittlegirls

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      Homosexuality is not child molestation. Being a lesbian doesn’t change that dangerous stereotype from when it’s assumed that gay men molest little boys. Abuse is not sex.

  • Reply jackyboy ID:8ldl9tapm0

    for sure you need help. especially on how to write a good story

  • Reply Hort too ID:ljzzgcfik

    Nasty 10 is a hot age.

    • the author ID:21z3s54k0c

      no its not you should feel ashamed for saying that dude get help

    • Ja ID:fzq6hy2hl

      The author is right 10 is not a hot age 5 is!

  • Reply Lady ID:dj4olvs40

    ❤️this is hot

    • Tabooman ID:fx7itcm9a

      Got any daughters

    • Hot too ID:ljzzgcfik

      Fuck yeah it is . It touched up two 13 yo twins

    • Pedo ID:2px1ognr7qz

      Love u

  • Reply spguy ID:ydkop341

    there is nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to children its not an illness and you are not a sick evil pervert. these feelings have been in humans since the dawn of man, millions of years ago females were being impregnated the moment they started their periods which these days girls start their periods from as early as 8 year years old like my niece did. my niece is a massive slut now and is expecting her first baby at the age of 13 so what does that tell you

    i dont believe in raping or forcing a child to do something sexual but if the child is willing and gives consent then thats okay.

    kids these days are having sex with other kids aat very very young age and if they enjoy sex with other kids why not with adults as well….as long as its consensual

    you should write more stories cos by writing down your fantasies it is a way to live them out without actually doing it…if that makes sense

    • Lady ID:dj4olvs40

      Spguy. You’re right ❤️

    • Stfu ID:fx7i93qrb

      You’re a weirdo like seriously wtf is wrong with white people

    • the author ID:21z3s54k0c

      unauthor here it is dude get help i talk to friends about it and I try not to think of kids that way because its disgusting I hope you don’t ever get around kids because I may be attracted to kids but I will and I mean never touch a child

    • Dan ID:1i2kovirk0c


      We’re you the one that got your niece pregnant ?
      I’m asking because I took my niece 12 year old virginity Xmas eve. The next day my sister slapped my face said I better hope she didn’t get pregnant or they be moving in with me. They stayed with me until the new year. I did my niece even night.

      Few months later my sister and niece moved in with me. My niece is about to give birth soon.

  • Reply Tabooman ID:1rou39e8

    Give in and take more virgins .But do it to them so they can experience the end of their virginity

    • Lo ID:94tcvmrz

      So you gave her sleeping pills?

      Does anybody know any sleeping disolving pill that’s good for kids, I’m craving for my niece’s pussy.

    • the author ID:21z3s54k0c

      to lo no this is just some sick fantasy do not rape your neice thats disgusting please do not do that just don’t your a grown man go get some grown pussy

    • lack ID:fzq6hy2hl

      The author shut up! Men are here to rape young pussy! Grown pussy is disgusting

    • Dan ID:10zhlx7x20j

      Nothing like a young one. They’re so eager to please.

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