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he just wanted a dad

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=waits at the county home, sitting in his little room, hoping to be picked up by a good man who will love him=

the story opens with a wonderful 11yo boy, abandoned before his 4th birthday and lived his young life without love or a real home.

Call me Coach. Those were the first words i said to this underfed and very lonely 11 year old boy. Josh, is the name on the tag he wears on his overly worn dress shirt. he sat alone at a picnic table while parents pass him by. he never looked up because he knew he had become to old for a mon and dad to want to adopt him. But it was the rule, he had to go, he had to sit and answer any questions an adult may ask.

Honestly? I was looking at other boys who were playing, laughing and having a generally good time. When i did finally see him, his shoulders were so far down and his head hanged so low my first impression was he was a special needs boy. But then as i walked closer i saw what he was drawing with colored pencils. it was a boy standing next to a very tall man holding hands. I was moved. he was just a normal boy who may look lost, but hadnt completely lost hope.

I asked, Josh? Call me Coach. May i sit down with you? He looked up, tried to smile and made a simple nod of his head. His eyes were lacking the brightness of youth, but a flickering ember was still there. I sat down on his side of the picnic table and asked about his drawing. he had penciled an outline and then had begun to add colors. It was actaully very good work for a young boy and he was adding details to it.

I sat for more than twenty minutes, until i heard his first words. Coach? do u like airplanes and racecars? I nodded and we chatted about his interests for another hour. We shared a Coke and he carefully took very small bites of a sandwich i had bought from the snack stand. he was so small for his age, he was barely 4 feet tall and weighed only 51 pounds. He lacked muscle tone in the areas that i could see. His legs and arms were so thin. My heart knew this was the boy i would adopt.

Over the next few weeks, we spent more and more time together at the county home. i wanted to see if the boy would begin to open up and accept someone new in his life. By the 7th week, I was allowed to bring him on weekend trips with me. We traveled around the local area, going to museums, baseball games and enjoyed movies and popcorn together.

When the time for decision was finally allowed by his wards, I asked Josh the big question. Josh? what if i would change my name from Coach to Poppa, would you like that? I never used the word adoption yet, i didnt want anything to disrupt what was growing between us. He looked at my hands and then placed his hands into them. he took a few moments to look up at me as we sat at that same picnic table we had first met. Poppa? I’d like that very very much! Josh wrapped his body around my torso, i rubbed his back and we rubbed our noses together.

That weekend was his last at the county home. I helped him pack up his clothes and the three toys he was allowed to have and we left with my wrapped around my torso with his head over my shoulder. When we got to the truck, he was already prepared to do the jumping leap from my arms to the cab. He watched me with eyes of wonder and hope as i crossed in front of the truck and enter behind the wheel. he scooted himself over and waited for my arm to come around him as we drove away.

When he arrived at my small apartment in the city, he waited till i brought him out of the cab and into my arms again. He had become a snuggler and cuddler and always wanted to be held on my arms or hanging onto my back. Josh was 11 years and 8 months the first nite we spent as Poppa and son in my city apartment. I had converted a large walk-in closet into his own bedroom, decorated it with his favorite super hero, spiderman. i felt his arms wrap me tight when he saw all the presents that were laying upon his single bed.

As he sat on his bed, Josh began to open every present with such careful fingers as not to tear the wrapping paper. he looked on with amazement at the new clothes, shoes and toys that were just for him. It was a wonderful start for me and I wanted Josh to know that he was loved and that I was very proud to be his Poppa. he tried on all the clothes showing them to me each time he opened a new present. I helped as needed to remove packing papers and tape that held the clothes to stay folded in the boxes. Soon, it was dinner time. but first, a bath.

he knew it was okay to let me bath him and he enjoyed being bathed with the frog shaped wash cloth i had found at a yard sale. Mr. Froggy had become his best bathtime friend and Josh would stand, kneel and sit to make sure Mr. Froggy cleaned every inch of his body. Josh was so happy but i had yet to hear his giggle or laugh. I wasnt sure if he could even laugh to be honest or that he was just very reserved with his laughter.

After the bath and dinner we settled onto my recliner together. josh taking his regular spot straddling my thigh and leaning back against my abs and chest. His hands would make unconscious circles on my thigh as we watched recorded cartoons from late night tv. As the evening wore on his hands would always bring one or both of my hands onto his body and would expect to be rubbed, soothed and massaged.

That first nite together as Poppa and son is when he told me about how much he wanted to be my son and how long he had waited for a man to adopt him. I asked only once in the past if he could live with a man who wasnt married and Josh had made it clear that being a son was most important in his life.

From the first weekend stay with me i wanted Josh to know that i enjoyed rubbing all of his body. he would bring my hands onto him from then on when we watched tv. I would watch his boyhood tent up in his briefs and i would gently fondle him for a short time before he would slide his briefs off on his own to feel my hand rub his boyparts.

As the cartoons would end and the news would come on, Josh would turn onto his side, place his head on my abs and begin to rub his hand up and down the shaft of my manhood. After a short while he’d look at my manhood and begin a conversation with him. He would ask all sorts of questions about living inside my boxers all day and if he really liked to be rubbed. I would flex once for yes and twice for no to let Josh know the answer to any question. After making sure my manhood was fully enjoying his hand rubbing him, Josh would slide his lips near and whisper, may i have some warm milk again please? then slide his soft lips and cooling mouth around the head and begin to gently suckle and then suck.

josh was always eager to have some warm milk when we were comfy on the recliner or later when he would come to my bed during the night. I never penetrated him with my manhood at that time. But he did enjoy rubbing his butt on him while we would kiss and rub noses together in bed before he would slide down and ask for milk from my manhood.

i hope you enjoyed this little memory. if you do, please note it and i will write more about the good boy named Josh.

thanks for reading

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  • Reply poppa of one ID:6nzrkvhoqwe

    just reading thru your wonderful comments. im so happy that Josh and Poppa (coach) are part of your lives now. Josh is 11 years old, about to turn 12 come the fall. Page 4 is currently under consideration. Please let me know more about yourselves (if you wish to share). xxxooo Poppa of One

  • Reply afk ID:hhbjfqqhzwc

    hi poppa of one, im james, but used to be called jimmy. i was a lonely boy too and never had parents. i know some people think you are bad, but poppa of one you are wonderful. please write again soon.

  • Reply innocence lost ID:6nzrkvhmhwa

    hey poppa of one, i wrote a story too. if u want to, please read? luv ya and luv ur stories

  • Reply Joe Kalinowski ID:5unzka4xi9

    Can’t wait for Poppa and Josh to have an awesome relationship and reading all about it ❣️❣️🤤🍆😈

  • Reply Poppa of one ID:6nzrkvhpve0

    hi readers its poppa of one. yes i will write another story very soon. it will be about when Josh and I were allowed to spend the day together, but not a sleepover yet. i do hope everyone enjoys these short stories and how Josh and Poppa begin to fall in love. xxxooo Poppa of one

  • Reply embarrassed ID:hhbjfqqhzw6

    gosh Josh and Poppa…. “heavy sigh”. and i agree, tell us about the 1st sleep over poppa… pleeeeaaaassseeeee?

  • Reply Poppa ID:1d07wq1ifp96

    I love it!! It’s a really good story!!! We need more of it!!

  • Reply nighttime emissions ID:hhbjfqqgve0

    Poppa? you wrote that Josh knew from the first weekend with you about being rubbed over every inch of his body. Poppa? can you tell a bedtime story about that first weekend sleepover?

  • Reply needs dad ID:6nzrkvhxqw0

    i need a dad like you, poppa. please tell us more about Josh and his new dad.

    • Ubbi ID:1ebg2cwuyv2j

      Love stories like this

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eht3vh1dgxm

    I love hearing about grown men playing with lil boy’s penis’s. Or penetrating them I especially love it when my lil 5 year old niece comes over for the weekend and I give her a bath, I join her and rub her little vagina with my fingers. I am gonna lick her tonight though.

  • Reply aboy ID:6nzrkvhnme0

    please tell another bedtime story poppa, pleeeeeease?

    • Captain America ID:1ah742a5t0k

      Let us know how it feels and tastes

  • Reply Steven R. ID:gnrroou4z

    I wasn’t so much looking for a dad, nor was he a coach, but my uncle convinced me to suck his dick when I was 10. That later progressed to him fucking me in the ass. I was going to call the whole entire shenanigans off and blame it on it hurting so bad when he told me that was what he was going to do. He did say it just like that. too. I was sucking it one day and he said “Get it nice and hard for me then I’m going to fuck you”. Like very matter-of-fact. Although it did burn some at first, it didn’t hurt anywhere near like I thought it was going to. So I just let him do it. He must have always stimulated my prostate with his dick or something because every time after he came in me, my dick would be hard. He said it was because I liked it so much, which wasn’t true. I was kind of indifferent to it, not liking or disliking it. He insisted that him fucking me in my “boy pussy” was it and that “girls” like me liked being fucked in their pussies, that’s why my dick got so hard. The more I denied that, the more he insisted it was true. He never bothered to suck me or jerk me off. He busted his nut and that was it.

    • Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

      Yeah, your uncle’s like lots of guys, but he got his rocks off and you weren’t harmed, so no bad shit really.

  • Reply happy boy ID:6nzrkvhmhvs

    i know that the men who want to read about girls always vote down wonderful boy stories… so i always enjoy reading about a boy and his dad… please please tell us more Poppa

    • Blackbear7 ID:1ck6d1vcvg6i

      Well Happy Boy, how about you being my bedtime story. I can make up for those wanting of a Daddy not being there to dick you when you wanted it most.
      [email protected]
      And let this Daddy treat you right and make you a Happy Boy indeed.

    • fuckboy ID:60aeri741

      So dam true, love young boys and what they like.

  • Reply J ID:5vyj28gh8r9

    Beautiful Daddy

    • happy boy ID:6nzrkvhmhvs

      i love ur reply too

    • happy boy ID:6nzrkvhmhvs

      he really is a good writer aint he?

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck6d1vcvg6i

    That was nice, had my manhood hard looking for a son in the house. Couldn’t find one. Oh well…. I know what to do….

  • Reply little boy ID:1cngmlssnvhw

    very nice keep it up

    • BigDixkDaddy ID:1dxa70o7lbwy

      How you doing

    • happy boy ID:6nzrkvhmhvs

      i cant wait for poppa’s next story…. i so wanted a man like that as a boy

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    Oohh wow so lucky boy to have such nice older man! The boy is my age

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      If you want an older man drop a social 😉