Cat: Blackmail

Teen Modelling

In our very early teens my twin sister and I modelled from the age of 6 to 13 and it was shortly after 13 that we decided to walk away. # # #

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Blackmailing Sister into Fucking

This story happened a few months ago, around November 2019, post corona virus. My parents just got divorced and my father had custody of me and my sister since our mom wanted nothing... # #

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Pretty little flower

After spending her life as an orphan Emily is reunited with her father, but what does he want with a impressionable young girl. # # #

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Blacklight (Mg Mole)

I know, you might call, me a “Drug Dealer,” but seriously, it’s just a little pot. I got a Medicinal Marijuana prescription for my Social Anxiety, but that’s... # #

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My unsuspecting sister

One morning I was home alone with my older sister. She’s very hot, has a round ass and nice tits and is beautiful too. She didn’t know I was home because I was supposed... # # #

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turned straight

I’m a 17 year old bisexual whore and i used to think i was a lesbian, i had only ever fucked girls and i never really noticed boys. Last year a guy showed me a video with me fucking... #

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