Cat: Blackmail

Bus Driver

My Name is Lin and I was almost 14 years old when I had this experience. We went on a School trip to some historical place and the trip was one night and two days since the place was... # # # #

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Me and my teacher

3 years ago I got a message from a boy of my school telling me that it was not very appropriate what I did with my math teacher. I asked him what he was talking about and he sent me... # #

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Poor dother

I (30m) have one dother (10f). Me hm wife died hiving birth to our dother. One day i was searching for some porn and was looking at teens i foud some girl thag i have been following... # # # #

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Blackmailed by my brother

If I hadn’t have kept those photos he wouldn’t have found them and used them to blackmail me in to doing sexual things to him and his friends. # # #

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Fruit of My Crime

They call me Renato. I’m black, 38, 1.75, 15 cm. I have two houses, one in the countryside and one in the city. It all started at my late father-in-law’s place. Janete was... # # #

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