Cat: Blackmail

High school orgy

Sorry for the long story but I don’t have many epic ones… My freshman year, my two best friends and I set up a orgy because we were slutty and thought it would make us legends... # # #

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Spit roasted at Daycare

It was fun with my grandfather while it lasted, he passed away sometime when I was 13 years old a year after he took my virginity. I was still a horny girl my pussy needed a penis,... # # #

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My lil sister

My lil sister misty just turn 10 a week ago. She really mature for her age. You ever seen the show called “drake and josh”? She that kind of mature. She know alot more then... # # #

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Corner shop fun

It was just gone 6pm, it was summer so still really hot and the sun burning. I never get many customers after 5 being in a little cornershop just outside of town, so I thought to myself... # # #

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