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Cat: Blackmail

This is hot story

I was laying in bed, as I seen maid with her maid outfit on and her boobs kept bouncing but I was scrolling on TikTok as I was pretending to use my phone but also I quickly took some... # #

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Cheating on my husband p7

Back at the house I was tired after. Dad asked me how it went.i asked dad what club was he into.he say he goes there all the time just to look but it the first time I have taken a daughter... # # # #

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The New Girl-25

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here ( ). Now let’s continue I went and prepared... # # # #

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Fucking an 11yo

Around 10 years ago I used to watch an 11yo boy named Calvin who was really hot. At the time I was 43 and had been divorced for 6 years. My ex wife divorced me because I was regularly... # # # #

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YMCA a year later

Last year I found out that I’m a cocksucking cumloving slut for old guys at the YMCA I’m 15 now. This is the rest of my story and how much has changed # # # #

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Blackmailed mom. Part 17

There was no time to rest, so before my mom had time to recover from what had happened, the chief already started talking about a new task for her: – So, you couldn’t work... # # #

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