Cat: Abuse

The game

He would drug me every night, just enough so that I wouldn’t be able to move but not enough to make me forget what he’s done to me # # #

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daughters friends

Daughter and friends got drunk at her small birthday party. I couldn’t resist fucking two of them after they all went to bed drunk out of their heads. # # #

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My start as young slut 4

Finaly the hour for lunch had coming,we had 40minutes to eat i sit with Elsa in a table to tell me her story.I was hoping teacher return my knickers but until now not so i was carefull... # # #

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Raped my step sister and she loved it

Me and my step sister share a room it was 3:30 and she was sleep I was up watching porn I was so horny I closed my laptop and walked over to her to see the only thing she had on was... # # #

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my big brothers toy

as a small child I was like a mutt I was very small and by the age of 14 I was built like I was 6 years old imagine being a freshman so small which led to me being an outcast unlike... # # #

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