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Cat: Abuse

My story

I dedicate this to the only one who might understand me my Daughter TARA, I made a promise to TARA that I would not leave because people was putting me down because my grammar wasn’t... # # #

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High sissy boy

I was smoking meth looking for big black cocks to party with I ended up in the getto side of Birmingham at the mbookstore I walked in an “all eyes on me!! I got a I walked up... # # # #

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Her name is Itsmashruba and she from south East Asia. She is dark but very attractive. I love her virgin teenage juicy beautiful body. She’s so pretty, bouncing along the deck... # # # #

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I seduced him

I seduced him and it didn’t take much to convince him to fuck me. I’m a 14 year old girl who loves to have sex with men. My mom divorced my dad when I was little and she remarried... # # #

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