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Cat: Abuse

Hello Kitty

I’m a therian and my dad walked in to my bedroom drunk while I was wearing my costume, and he fucked me, and I loved it. # # # #

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The maid for the summer 3

So a few weeks had pasted and after been shouted at Graham told me I was on my last chance and was working in the hotels bar and restaurant this was his my punishment. He wants me to... # # #

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I love my sister

No one will ever tell me what I did was wrong, it wasn’t wrong, it was right and it felt right. I love my sister, she is my forever girl. # # # #

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How I ruined my pussy part2

Years passed by and now that I’ve fully entered the world of sex there’s no going back… By the time I was ready to join college, my body count reached to 40 and my... # # # #

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My personal slut

An old girlfriend, well not really a gf just a fuck hole I would use at least once a day. After I gave her a load I would leave. One day she asked me if I was just using her. I told... # # # #

844 words | 4 |3.77