Cat: Abuse

Trading up

I had posted some car parts for sale or trade and a guy had responded with a deal on trading but I had to drive to his house ! He lived in the bottom of the state about hour half away... # #

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Little Amber

When I was a kid my father always had different women with there kids in and out of our home they would maybe last a year and break up and on to the next . One of the women he dated... # #

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Sheila the girl next door

When I was 15 we had a girl with Down Syndrome living on my block. Sheila was my age but had the mentality of a 8 year old they said. She was always a very friendly and loving girl.... # # #

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My surprise new fuck buddy 2

I went back to work and had been working 10 hour shifts and was preoccupied with work but I haven’t forgotten about my new friend . My imagination was running kinda wild with ideas... # #

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The Barn

When I was 10 my aunt got married and moved to the country. My sister and I who is 4 years younger than me adored Uncle Phil. He was a very handsome young man in his early 20’s.... # # # #

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Lesson continue

Beth was placed between jenna out stretched legs.. The tall slim lady took her hand and placed it on jenna long clit.. You know what to do in sure you have played with your own many... # # #

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Sub starts her new life

Morning daddy… I felt My cock was being sucked deep into my girls mouth.. On your knees cunt.. I need a piss.. Beth immediately got off our bed and knelt before me..yes daddy.... # # #

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Hannah’s therapy

My cousin has a 10yo daughter, Hannah that was involved in a accident leaving her with a traumatic brain injury. My cousin and I grew up together so she always comes over or I go over... # # #

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Craving little pussy

I had gone off women my age and became more interested in young girls. I’ve been wanted to fuck one for months and last night got to do it for real. # # # #

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Adventures of me and a friend with my girlfriend Angela # #

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Cum inside my drunk mom’s mouth

My mother and i were alone for a while and after my dad and her got divorced, she’s been a bit of an alcoholic. It would be bare able, but since I don’t live with my dad occasionally,... # # # #

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