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Maid Service

434 Words πŸ‘€ Sometimes I fuck maids also. Currently, I am living in a rented house in another colony. The landlady or the house governess is very kind to me. Seeing I am lonely and need legitimate...
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Beth’s punishment

661 Words Beth’s dad finds out about her and her boyfriend having sex, and punishes her severely. But this time his punishment goes beyond his normal beatings.
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Ass fucking Ranjana Desai

864 Words πŸ‘€ At a dating site I, once, befriended Ranjana Desai, a Gujarati girl from Surat, 27-years old. Our conversation started through SMS over a mobile phone, but soon she one day called me....
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Fucking my little grand daughter

918 Words πŸ‘€ My father was a big business man. He married four times as circumstances called. he was 35 when his first wife died. He married again but the second wife also died after seven years....
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My Excursion !

556 Words πŸ‘€ Recently I visited Japan, Mongolia, and a few other countries of Southeast Asia where sex tourism flourishes. I am a 59-year old sexy male with sound health, and of course with ample...
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Kindergarten fun

1206 Words πŸ‘€ I’m a 21 year old girl. I’m still in college, but decided to get a job to help me cover some of my loans. I’m very athletic and I have an amazing body. I’m 176cm...
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My guilty pleasure part 2

1745 Words So previously I wrote about how everything started and how I found about the connection between my daughter and Bruce, now I’ll continue writing right from where I ended last...
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1140 Words πŸ‘€ Part time model caught in an apocalyptic heatwave, trapped in an apartment block. The heat and strangeness overtakes the residents, turning them into sex crazed freaks
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