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My Excursion !

556 Words πŸ‘€ Recently I visited Japan, Mongolia, and a few other countries of Southeast Asia where sex tourism flourishes. I am a 59-year old sexy male with sound health, and of course with ample...
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Kindergarten fun

1206 Words πŸ‘€ I’m a 21 year old girl. I’m still in college, but decided to get a job to help me cover some of my loans. I’m very athletic and I have an amazing body. I’m 176cm...
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My guilty pleasure part 2

1745 Words So previously I wrote about how everything started and how I found about the connection between my daughter and Bruce, now I’ll continue writing right from where I ended last...
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1140 Words πŸ‘€ Part time model caught in an apocalyptic heatwave, trapped in an apartment block. The heat and strangeness overtakes the residents, turning them into sex crazed freaks
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Josie Jo gets doubled

859 Words πŸ‘€ Disabled husband taking wife out to a dance club letting his middle aged sexy wife enjoy herself in the company of strangers where they meet another married couple who have desires
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Hold her legs apart

495 Words πŸ‘€ While working at the flea market in winney Texas,my drugged up and drunk wife gets her pussy ripped open by unwanted big black dick. It was just a typical day of vending, selling items...
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Black fraternity party

1699 Words My name is Melissa and my boyfriends call me Mel for short. I’m a single white female, 25 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m about 5′ 2″ and 115lbs,...
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