Cat: Abuse

Damsel in Distress

Our self-sacrificing heroine alway does her best to do the right thing, especially for the men and boys who help her out of her troubles. # # #

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“Hello, my name is Jasmine,” I announced to the guests as I welcomed them into our house. I was trying hard to be polite, but I was seething. The four men had come to see my mother,... # # #

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A whore at 50

When your a 21 year old hooke making more money than God, no one tells you about Financial Institutions, by the time your 50 it’s too late if they do # #

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Blacklight (Mg Mole)

I know, you might call, me a “Drug Dealer,” but seriously, it’s just a little pot. I got a Medicinal Marijuana prescription for my Social Anxiety, but that’s... # #

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Naughty and Ice (fb Sibs)

Well, I guess my little brother, Jake got into the mocha dad made this morning, because he was wired. In the car, on the way out to go last minute shopping first, and then in the store,... # # #

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A Gail of a time

A sexy woman displayed and fucked while on a marriage break. Short with great breasts, she must have look great from over the road. # #

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Maid Service

Sometimes I fuck maids also. Currently, I am living in a rented house in another colony. The landlady or the house governess is very kind to me. Seeing I am lonely and need legitimate... #

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Beth’s punishment

Beth’s dad finds out about her and her boyfriend having sex, and punishes her severely. But this time his punishment goes beyond his normal beatings. # # #

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Ass fucking Ranjana Desai

At a dating site I, once, befriended Ranjana Desai, a Gujarati girl from Surat, 27-years old. Our conversation started through SMS over a mobile phone, but soon she one day called me.... #

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