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Submitting to Green Goddess

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Total obedience demanded – sexual pet to domantrix

My heart is pounding even more as I reach the end of the 4 hour drive. I have my instructions, and my desires are making me uncomfortable in my jeans. My bladder is full because I don’t know what she will want of me and I daren’t empty it.

At exactly the appointed time, I knock on the motel cabin door. The door is slightly ajar. Following my instructions, I walk in and close. I turn back, amazed at what I see. A flame haired vision in a green satin robe. It’s not tied up, I glimpse the green bra and panties which I’ve played with myself over so many times. I feel my cock hardening.

In accordance with my instructions, I take off all my clothes. My dick, free now, is almost fully hard. She can see I still have the red ribbon tied around it as evidence of my submission to her. I crawl across the floor to you.

Just as I reach for you, you knock my hand away. “Who said you could touch? For this presumption and your shortfall in immediate obedience to all my commands online, you must be punished. Crawl over the and select the means which will inflict the maximum pain on you.”

I do – a two foot long riding crop. I take it to her in my teeth to show my total submission.

“Bend over this chair. Take this bit into your mouth so you don’t cry out while I tease your tail. Quickly now, don’t keep me waiting”

As instructed, I bend over, my bare ass on show. On her instruction, I push out the carrot that has been lodged there all day. The first stroke creates a sea of pain. She waits. Then again. Walks to the bathroom to toss the carrot in the sink. . Again. I’m biting down so hard. I’m sobbing. All I have to do is get up and walk away. But I can’t do it. If I do, I’ll never see her again. Three times more she degrades and tortures me. Oddly, I don’t feel relief, I feel loss when she tosses the crop aside.

“Now you may thank me and kiss my feet.” I crawl to her as she kicks off the 3 inch patent level heels she’s been wearing. “Then you can have me for 15 minutes. Make the most of your time.”

My heart is back in my mouth. My pulse is racing. My cock is hard. This is what I have undergone so many trials to achieve. I start by kissing her slowly, starting on her leg, going up to her breast.

I undo her bra – the one I’ve fantasized over for so long, how smooth and warm it feels. A shudder of pleasure runs through me. I start licking and kneeling, suck her nipples, sucking hard, as if she might feed me.

After several minutes, aware of the clock ticking, I put my her under her armpits, licking the sweat she produced beating me. I carry her to the bed, lay her down on her naked breasts.

Running my fingers down the arch in her back, I start kissing and rim her ass. While I’m going down on her I’m thinking of how lucky I am and how amazing it is because I get to lick everything of her and tasting her!

For a second I wish she was back in control, using the carrot I’d so often been ordered to put up my ass, fucking me, edging me, forcing me to control myself not to cum, task me how much I wanted her, making me drink all her pee instead of my own, clean her after, instead of my solitary shower!

Then I take those wonderful panties off, sniffing them before casting them aside. I start eating her pussy with its ginger fuzz, trying to make her feel like she is my favourite teacher in heaven, show her instead of just telling her by email that I would give her my 1000% , accept anything she wanted to do to me, to make her cum and show her how much of a wonderful pet I am.

She pulls my hair and locks my face between her thighs, forcing me to keep licking until she’s completely satisfied. Her orgasm is a marvel of release, the only time I’ve known her to let go in a year. I lick her nice and clean from her amazing asshole to her delicious pussy. Every time my tongue comes back in my mouth my dick is throbbing because of the excitement at the taste of her ass and still-wet pussy!

There’s precum dripping from my cock from it due to how horny she makes me feel. I beg with all my might to use me for her sexual satisfaction, for me to cum as many times as possible deep inside her because I’m craving that she makes me breed her. “I would do anything you ask me, always, whenever and wherever, however, to be a wonderful sexual pet for you to enjoy every day, “ I plead.

She shakes her head briefly slaps my face. “Get out you snivelling wimp. Take your little dick home with you. Then you can wank into the shot glass until midnight. Send me a picture and tell me how many times. And pictures of the yellow ribbon and carrot in their places . Now go. I have another naughty boy with a bigger cock than you due shortly for his thrashing.”

I try to kiss her feet again, but am pushed away by them. I go back to the door, put my clothes back on. As I reach for the door I say “Will I….”

She says “Next year. If you do as you’re told and obey my every whim for your body between now and then.”

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