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The Perversions Of Cindy – Chapter 6

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The family fuck fest continues. Ffm, Teen (14), Preteen (10)

Cindy was in heaven. Her baby daughter was asleep in her crib, and she was sitting stark naked on the couch with her ten-year-old daughter on her right side and her teenage son on her left. They were both naked as well. Little Mandy had Cindy’s right nipple in her mouth and Ryan had her left in his. They were both happily sucking milk from their mother’s boobs. Cindy’s eyes eased shut as she concentrated on feeling her babies’ mouths greedily suck on her milk heavy breasts. She enjoyed it every time as if it were the first time.

Normally a mother’s milk stops when the infant grows enough to move onto other food and the demand is gone, but the demand for Cindy’s milky breasts had been going on strong for over a year now. She loved the feel of having milk in her large breasts and loved it even more when she felt it squirting into her incestuous son’s or daughter’s mouth. She loved feeling their lips on her jugs and their tongues swirl around and tease her nipples. It made her so hot and wet, even now her pussy juice ran out of her onto the towel she was sitting on.

“Mm that feels nice my babies! Mommy likes it when you do that!”

With her left hand she reached out and found Ryan’s cock. She took hold of his hard penis and began slowly jacking it up and down. She noticed it was dry, so she put her fingers up in her pussy and moved them all around. She coated them thoroughly with her own juices and then moved her wet hand back to Ryan’s dick. She lovingly glided it up and down along his meaty shaft.

“Oh Ryan, you’re so nice and hard” she cooed. With her right hand she reached out for Mandy’s pussy.

When little ten-year-old Mandy felt her mother’s hand reach down between her legs, she quickly spread her legs so mommy could touch her easier. She loved feeling her mommy’s hands on her special place. She liked it when mommy put a finger up inside her and moved it around. Cindy rubbed little Mandy’s pussy lips with her extended fingers. A little love juice was coming out of her pussy now and Cindy used it to get her fingers all nice and wet. When she had, she took a finger and placed it at the entrance of her daughter’s love canal.

“Why Mandy, you naughty girl, you’re all wet.” Cindy said teasingly, and Mandy giggled.

Cindy slid a bit of her finger in, then back out, each time sliding a bit more in before she pulled back out again. Mandy was really getting into it now and began grunting, concentrating on sucking the milk from mommy’s boob.

After a while Cindy got up and beckoned her children to follow her to the bedroom. Once there, Cindy laid down on the bed looking down at her son’s tight, bulging balls as he climbed up on the bed with her. She knew they were full of his hot cum, and she instantly wanted to feel that cum shoot up inside her. She didn’t care about getting pregnant anymore. Having baby Sammy was the dirtiest and most erotic thing she had ever done, and she wanted to do it again, to get knocked up from risky, bareback sex with her own son. She spread her legs wide and invitingly.

“Ryan, I want it. I want to feel your cock inside me. Fuck mommy NOW!”

Ryan was glad to oblige. He knew his mother hated condoms and would never ask him to use one, so he just came forward between his mother’s legs and put his hard dick at the entrance to her shaved snatch. He leaned forward and gently pushed it in.

“Oh, Mom. You’re so hot inside.” He began slowly fucking his mother, moving easily as she was already so wet.

“Mandy,” Cindy said breathlessly, “come up here and sit on mommy’s face.”

Mandy quickly scrambled up to her mother’s head, put one foot on each side of her face and squatted down so her sweet, bald little cunny was right on her mother’s mouth. Cindy reached up with her head and put her mouth on her daughter’s wet cunt, tonguing her little slit. Mandy thought this was fun and grinned. She leaned forward a bit so she could more easily see Ryan’s dick sliding in and out of their mom’s pussy.

“God that’s sexy, Mom. Seeing you suck on her pussy like that!” Ryan gasped. He began pumping faster, slamming his turgid penis in and out of her warm sheath. He could feel every lovely tingle as his mother’s pussy wrapped his dick in its warm, tight, hungry embrace. Nasty slorping and slapping sounds echoed through the room as their combined fuck juices lathered up over her cunt and his sperm filled balls.

“FUCK ME BABY!” Cindy screamed as she continued to suck and tongue Mandy’s prepubescent vagina. She moaned and felt her head swim as her slick cunt was pounded and poked by her teenage son. She put her lips all over Mandy’s cunt, sucking and licking. She loved the taste of little girl juice as she sucked it out of Mandy, swirled it around her mouth like a fine wine and swallowed it down.

Ryan sped up and started panting. He was close. He rammed his rigid pole in and out at a furious pace, eager for release. His hot sperm churned in his balls and his sticky precum oozed out and mixed with his mother’s juices in her cunt as his dick moved deeper and deeper inside.

Mandy saw Ryan start to go really fast and knew he would squirt soon. She loved the taste of her brother’s semen and tried to get some whenever she could.

Cindy felt Ryan speed up as well and redoubled her sucking efforts on Mandy’s little pussy. Her tongue found Mandy’s clit and licked it furiously.

“Oh!!! Ugh!! Ugh!!” Mandy grunted and bucked as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her prepubescent body. It felt like she was exploding. She felt her little pussy spasming and sucking on her mommy’s tongue as it went deep inside. Every part of her body tingled. She felt so good! Her little pussy was cumming like crazy. Cindy eagerly sucked every drop of little girl juice from Mandy’s spasming body.

“Oh Mummy! AHH!!” Mandy squealed in climax.

Ryan saw Mandy have an orgasm on her mother’s tongue and it sent him over the edge. He pushed forward with all his might as he felt his dick let loose. Wad after wad of hot cum shot from his hard dick into his mom’s pussy, and her cunt was soon overflowing with her loving son’s spunk. Feeling Mandy cumming on her mouth and Ryan shooting his load deep inside her did it for Cindy.

“YES RYAN! LET’S MAKE ANOTHER BABY!” she screamed. Her pussy went into convulsions, trying to suck more jism from Ryan’s cock straight into her womb.

“Ahh!” Cindy cried. Her cunt was pumped full of incestuous sperm and her stomach was full of her own daughter’s pussy juice. Wave after wave coursed through her as she continued to feel cum jet into her and juice trickle in her mouth. Ryan’s potent sperm swam furiously though Cindy’s fallopian tubes, desperately seeking an egg.

At last, the waves subsided. Ryan’s balls had been emptied inside Cindy and now little Mandy sat down on the side of the bed with a lustful expression on her face.

“Can Ryan fuck me now, Mommy? Can he?” she said eagerly. Cindy grinned.

“Ryan, would you have a shot at knocking up your sister before she even gets her first period?” she said lewdly. Ryan’s cock twitched and hardened instantly.

“Hell yes!” he grinned.

“Okay, Mandy you lay down here on the bed. Would you like to eat Ryan’s cum out of mommy’s pussy?”

“Uh huh!” Mandy said smiling and licked her lips. Ryan pulled his rapidly softening dick from Cindy’s pussy with a little slurping noise. Cindy scooted around on the bed keeping flat on her back so Ryan’s cum wouldn’t pour out and positioned her crotch next to Mandy’s face. Ryan came ’round the bed and got his face between his little sister and daughter’s knees. He began noisily to lick her little slit.

Mandy turned her head to see her mother’s pussy only an inch from her little face. It was all red from its exertions and had a tiny stream of milky looking cum leaking from it. Mandy quickly leaned over and scooped up the leaking cum with her tongue. She collected it in her mouth and swallowed it down. She then put her mouth on Cindy’s pussy and began licking and sucking to get the cum out. Cindy raised her head and looked down at her angelic little daughter’s face as her mouth was eagerly working away at her cum bloated hole. What a nasty and beautiful sight, Cindy thought. Seeing my own daughter suck my son’s cum from my pussy.

“Fuck her baby! Do her on her back so I can lick your balls while you make love to her,” Cindy instructed her son. She started moaning again when she felt her daughter tonguing her.

“Oh, that’s it. Suck the cum from mommy’s pussy, baby. Suck mommy’s juices! That feels so wonderful!”

Mandy’s cunt was so slick Ryan’s stiff cock slid in easily to the hilt. He began to pound his stiffy in and out of his sister’s wet slot, revelling in the tightness of her hole and the lewdness of fucking his own preteen sister. Mandy was enjoying her brother’s attentions on her pussy as well, and she quickly started to feel another explosion coming on.

“I’m getting that nice feeling again mommy!” she cried.

“Oh yes, baby. Cum! OH! OH! You’re making mommy cum, too! AHH!”

Cindy and Mandy both felt their pussies begin to contract and squirm.

“Aiii!” cried Mandy.

“Oh my God! I’m cumming! I’m cumming with my daughter!!” Cindy bellowed. Her pussy jerked and poured out juice and cum. Mandy swallowed some of it, but she was too wrapped up in her own orgasm to get it all. At the same time Mandy’s tight vagina finally took its toll on Ryan and with a howl he ejaculated, burying his dick deep into his sister’s bald slot and squirting a massive load of semen into her preteen vagina.

After a few moments, Cindy and Mandy stopped twitching. Mandy crawled up beside her mother as Ryan plopped down beside Cindy on the other side. Cindy looked down at Mandy’s little face as she cuddled with her. Mandy was grinning from ear to ear with Cindy’s pussy juice all over her cheeks and her brother’s jizz leaking from her bald clam. She looked over at Ryan who was lying beside her with her pussy juice all around his mouth.

“I like orgasms, mommy!” Mandy declared. Cindy and Ryan laughed.

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    This is such an incredibly hot story Oz. Truly delightful to read. Mother and daughter both getting pregnant at the same time and being able to experience pregnancy together is so hot. Is that what just happened? If so, WOW! This story is well thought out and very fun to read. I love this family.

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      Thank you so much!

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    Both Ryan and Mandy would probably be one year older now so m(15) and f(11).

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      I noticed that right off. Mistakes happen. LOL.
      Wonderful story.
      A mothers milk dries up only if she slows down or stops breastfeeding.
      She can make lots of milk until menopause, providing she pumps or breastfeeds a lot.
      Wetnurses in days of old nursed babies for decades.

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