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Oh no! Daddy’s Drunk!

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Things get a little rough when Daddy stumbles in drunk.

I was having the most wonderful dream when my door flung open, flooding the room with light. Daddy was standing in the doorway, swaying slightly with a bottle in his hand. I didn’t make a move, we just stared at each other across the room for what felt like forever, but could have only been a few minutes at most. Just when I was about to break the silence he stumbled his way in, slamming the door behind him.

“Dad! What are you… Umf mmm,” I haven’t seen it happen in the dark but his belt was off and he was sticking his semi hard dick in my face! What the hell is going on?? He stood at the edge of my bed pushing himself towards my mouth, my hands trying to push him away being brushed off like flies. “Dad what the hell are you doing??”

He mumbled something incoherent and grabbed a fistful of hair, forcing me towards his crotch. “… Owe me … Alice… You promised” His words barely made sense, but they shocked me into dropping my jaw and he took the opportunity to shove his cock to the back of my throat. Alice is my mother’s name … My father must be so sloshed he thinks he’s screwing my mother! What the hell had she promised him for him to be this rough with her?

I continued trying to push him away, my hands pushing uselessly at his thighs. He was at least twice my size, and I couldn’t breathe much with his daddy dick forcing it’s way passed my tonsils. Even in the panic of everything happening, I couldn’t help but be kinda happy for my mom, getting to ride a dick like this all the time. I snapped back to reality when he slipped a hand in my tank top and began to roughly fondled my tits.

I was grunting and trying to scream, but there’s only so much noise you can make when you’re gagging on a thick 8 inch cock in your throat. I’d never sucked a dick like this before, my only boyfriend had always been gentle, and the way my dad was pulling at my hair was scaring me. He must be black out drunk, but if I could just get air to make him realize I’m not mom….

“That’s it baby, suck it good,” he growled, twisting my nipple and using my hair to fuck my face onto his dick. I whimpered around his cock, tears in my eyes from the assault. I had only just barely even started blowing my boyfriend, and the few things I experienced with him were nothing compared to what my dad was doing to me now.

Almost as quick as it was shoved in, he pulled out of my mouth, drool trailing behind, and the hand in my hair joined the hand in my shirt. Not for long though, as he quickly ripped the thin cotton tank top, leaving me in just my pajama shorts. I finally got a deep breath before half yelling, “Dad, come on, I’m not mom! You have to stop I’m your daughter!” His fingers found my nipples again and he twisted them cruelly causing me to cry out again.

His mouth replaced one hand and I couldn’t help it as a moan escaped me as he sucked in my nipple. I’d only started experimenting with blowjobs and fingering with my boyfriend, he had never played with my nipples at all and I wasn’t prepared for how amazing it felt. His teeth bit down and I jump, my hands going to his hair. It shocked me that I wasn’t pushing him away in that moment. “Dad this isn’t right, you can’t do this!” But even I didn’t sound totally convinced anymore.

“Shhh… Alice said… That’s it… you’ll take it!” He was slurring so bad and it was such a struggle to try to keep up with what he was saying that I didn’t notice his hand at the waste band of my pants. I only noticed when his fingers grazed my bald pussy, I jumped, trying to push him away as I sat up. “Daddy stop, I’m not mom! You’re my Daddy this isn’t right!” I was really starting to panic now, no one but my boyfriend had ever touched my pussy before. Where the hell is Mom at??

He slipped a finger into my pussy and I bit back another moan. I couldn’t see his face in the dark but it felt like he was looking at me as he began to finger fuck my cunt. I was barely fighting at all now, too occupied with trying to keep from moaning at the perversion of this whole situation. A second finger joined the first, and I couldn’t hold it in, “Oh fuck… Please stop. I’m gonna… god please.. it’s so wrong I can’t cum like this!” I was nearly sobbing with pleasure.

He seemed to take that as a challenge because his thumb started circling my clit and I saw stars. His fingers curled into my g spot, he found it so much quicker than my boyfriend had even with practice. My hips were bucking and I was babbling incoherently, but it felt so good and so wrong and God that only made it feel better. He moved to the other side of the bed but I couldn’t focus on much besides his skillful fingers quickly pushing me towards a huge orgasm. A finger roughly penetrated my unprepared asshole and I screamed at the sudden intrusion and sudden orgasm that left my legs shaking and vision blanking for a moment.

When I finally cleared my shorts were gone and my dad had gotten into the bed with me. I still hadn’t quite caught my breath from what was probably the best orgasm I’ve ever had, but my mind cleared real quick when he spread my legs and I felt something prodding at my lips. I tried to close my legs but he just held them open with his knees. “God Daddy no please! Please you have to wake up I’m not mom! I’m not her and I’m a virgin you can’t do this it’s so wrong!!”

He muttered something, I couldn’t make it out over the slap to my face that left my ears ringing. He rubbing the tip of his dick up and down my slit a few times, causing me to whimper and try to scoot away. Clearly talking to him wasn’t getting through his drunken stupor. He lined up at my entrance and grabbed my hands quickly, pinning them to my sides so I couldn’t fight, not that it was ever much of a fight, and without warning shoved the first half of his cock in my virgin pussy.

“Daddy fuck!” I screamed at the pain crashed over me. My pussy was still tingling from cumming so recently, but my dad was long and thick and he wasn’t taking his time or letting me adjust. He adjusted so he was pinning both my arms above my head with one arm, the other hand covering my mouth, as he began to pump into me. I had tears running down my face as he forced his massive member into my tight hole. I could feel my cervix being pummeled by my daddy, using me like mommy. I was disgusted when I realized it was actually starting to feel good. Really good even. My cries of pain giving way to grunts and moans of pleasure.

“So fucking tight,” thrust, “wet as fuck,” thrust, “all mine!” His hand left my mouth and he bent forward to kiss me, shoving his tongue where his cock had been only minutes ago. I couldn’t help it, I kissed him back. I knew it was wrong, all of it. But he was so drunk he probably wouldn’t even remember… And I could feel another huge orgasm building as he continued to plow my newly deflowered pussy.

I gave up all pretense of fighting back, and instead did was felt natural and wrapped my legs around his hips. It pulled him in just a little deeper to my already abused cunt, “Oh God Daddy please!” He responded by picking up the pace of his fucking and grabbing me by the throat and kissing me harder, one hand snaking between our bodies to play with my clit. I nearly melted right there, but he suddenly pulled out and flipped me over, pulling my knees under me to put my ass in the air.

He lined himself up and sunk all the way in on one stroke, he grabbed me by the hair again and pulled me back towards him. This new angle was too much, and I was just a sputtering mess trying to push my ass further onto his cock as the biggest orgasm of my life built up. One hand found my tits and the other my throat as he pulled me close to start hammering into my pussy from behind. “Daddy please oh fucking god yes I’m gonna cum Daddy please don’t stop!” My heart nearly stopped when he growled in my ear “That’s it babygirl, cum on Daddy’s cock. Use that tight pussy to milk your Daddy’s seed into that fertile little daughter pussy!”

My brain didn’t even have time to process that he knew he was fucking his daughter instead of his wife. I was cumming so hard and screaming and begging and he bit the side of my neck and I almost blacked out from the pleasure of it all. That is until he slammed his huge daddy cock balls deep and coated my whole pussy in his hot cum. I didn’t have time to register the implications of him cumming inside me before he pulled out, shoved a finger in my sloppy cunt, and brought it slick with our cums to my lips. I sucked it into my mouth without thinking, wanting to know what we taste like together.

He chuckled, and tenderly kissed my forehead. “That was perfect. I’m so glad your mother agreed to let me use you.”

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0a

    Oh god was this a fantastic story. I swear I could replace my daughter and myself in this and it would fit. My daughter and I fucked like animals with her screaming “fuck me deep daddy, give me your man seed. Fuck your little 9 year old daughters tight virgin pussy” My own daughter whom never cussed screamed this almost to the top of her lungs. Hehehe, she passed out for almost an hour when she came so hard, well actually a triple orgasm back to back. At the end of the night the wet spot was right at three feet from her squirting and my cum. I will never forget this my entire life. No girl should ever pass up the chance to either fuck their dad or someone else;s dad. Trust me you will love it.

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    A great way to deflower your daughter . I hope you keep fucking her and get her mom to join in for 3sum fun

    • Syn ID:1ck66pyd5ldi

      I did write a continuation I just submitted lol

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    Fantastic story

  • Reply Bobby ID:1eeel654elt6

    Hot, this needs next chapters, make her carry his child!

    • Syn ID:1ck66pyd5ldi

      The next chapter is up, I regret not naming it as a series though. It’s called Daddy’s Back 😍