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YMCA a year later

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Last year I found out that I’m a cocksucking cumloving slut for old guys at the YMCA I’m 15 now. This is the rest of my story and how much has changed

After being a cock slut sucking strangers at the Y for the last four months I’ve been raped gangbamged blackmailed videotaped used as cum-dump for private parties and turned into a fem sissyboi.

I’ve been sucking cocks for awhile now at the Y and every old horny men know who I am ..A pretty young cocksucking cumloving slut.

Three weeks ago my life changed completely.
Monday morning standing by my locker changing into my swim suit this old fat guy came behind me and I felt his cock trying to get inside me.

I turned around smiling licking my lips “ Sorry I only suck “ To my surprise at least 10 guys were next to him some holding their phone’s recording me everyone was naked.

“ Timmy boy you’re the youngest prettiest boy we ever seen here sucking us in the sauna with your pretty sweet lips just like it’s a girls pussy you beg for our cocks to fuck your mouth like it’s a girls cunt it’s time for you to be fucked like a girl “

I just stand there like I’m hypnotized can’t move all I see is cocks I smile because I knew one day I was going to lose my virginity. But not here in public in the locker room.

I’m stuttering getting nervous a little scared.
“ I..I..I.. don’t know if..if if. I..I.. am ready for…for this I..I.. don’t think I..I.. “
Before I could say anything else … “ Don’t worry boy your mommy won’t know we been videoing you for awhile it’ll be a shame if she seen the tapes of you “

My knees are getting weak I’m hard horny I reach over going to my knees grabbing two cocks and I sucked all 10 guys in the locker room.

“ Good boy Timmy come to this address Friday night having a party just for you 8pm don’t be late and we have a present for you open it when you get home “
And just like that I’m alone naked cum dripping off my face my body
I’m so excited I get dressed not showering off the cum on my face or my body I want to get home and see what I got.

I’m in my bedroom cum is caked all over me.. i opened the package
… Naked pictures of me in the sauna sucking cocks pictures of at least 20 guys naked cocks out . And inside the package were white panties white nylons white training bra white lingerie teddy slip white lipstick and nail polish.
And a note: “ Knock on the back door dressed in this you little slut WHITE is for Virgins your going to be our little girl our sissy cunt for the night don’t be late you fucking little slut”

I’m standing in my room and without touching myself I start to cum.
Waiting for Friday night

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    I just love fucking young guys . I hope you tell us what happens at the party , and don’t leave out anything that happens

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck77e7szya9

    Loved the look into your life. Story was great. To be with me Timmy, I do believe in showers every day, morning and night. I don’t believe in a dirty bed, ever.