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Little Sister’s Awakening pt5

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(This is a redo for the hecklers on the last version of this chapter.)

Chapter 5

………… Tuesday

I wake up relatively rested and I have the most comfortable feeling ever.

Molly is lying on top of me with her arms around my back. It would be really cute if she didn’t have to wake up. I stretch my arm to turn off the alarm, when I see the time being displayed on it.

“Shit! We’re totally late! Molly, we have to go!”

“Hmm, no. 5 more minutes.” She groans, hugging me tighter and starting to slowly grow her cock again.

“Mmh. We don’t have 5 minutes.” I tell her biting my lip. Feeling a bit reluctant I try to push the little girl off me, but she grips around me hard to keep herself in place.

“Please.. just.. get.. off me already!” I struggle a little before yelling out the last words, having found out pushing only results in more friction.

“I don’t wanna!” She cries out now making little thrusts.

“Ahnn.” I moan frustrated and horny. “Fine!” I finally concede, deciding to finish her quickly. I push her to the side and roll on top of her. She’s still gripping around me, but probably getting my meaning she lets off a little.

I push myself up to sit straight on top of her. Ignoring her now wide eyed look I start grinding my hips. Molly just lies completely immobile staring at my tits and sensually rotating hips while I pick up my pace. With one hand on her belly I use the other to make a show of massaging my own breast when I see my plan come to fruition. Her face tenses up, but instead of signaling me to take it out she suddenly thrusts up hard while putting her hands around my hips. Having already kinda expected the little brat to do this I quickly lift myself up, barely plopping out her already pulsing cock when it starts spraying in the air like a fountain.

“Tell me when you’re about to cum you idiot!” I yell at her trying to look really angry. “Now get up and quickly get ready for school.” I demand while climbing out of bed. “We’re not doing it without condoms again.”


A little later in the afternoon than usual I drive into the parking lot of Molly’s school. I see Molly having a discussion with her best friend Matt. He probably wants to come over again but Molly obviously has other plans. I stop in front of them and roll down the window. “Hey.”

Matt opens his mouth to respond but instead suddenly runs away looking like he’s about to explode from excitement. Ehh right. I’m not even going to ask what that was about. Molly has weird friends I note as she climbs in the car.


A short trip later I pull over at a drugstore to buy condoms. “Ok Molls, stay in the car and I’ll go fetch some.”

“But I want to choose! YOU don’t have to put them on! Maybe there are some cool ones that make rocket sounds.” She says opening the door.

“There’s no such.. Wait! I’m NOT going inside there with you. What w-”


The car door gets slammed in my face and I sigh upon seeing her run inside. Guess I’ll just wait here. If she manages to buy normal ones at least that spares me from having to buy them myself. Wait.. she doesn’t even have any money.

Indeed it doesn’t take long before Molly comes back. She opens the car door with a pissed off look on her face that makes me laugh a little.

“Not you too!” He complains seeing me laugh. I guess he wasn’t taken very seriously.

“Haha, I’m sorry, it’s just too funny. Of course you weren’t allowed to get any. Now be nice and stay in the car. I’ll only take a second.”

I get out of the car and head for the door.


I walk inside seeing the sole employee smiling and wiping a tear from his eye. I imagine it must have been rather funny. I walk around trying to find the condoms but without success.

“Can I help you with something?” Suddenly comes a voice from behind me, making me stagger.

“Ah! Ehm yes, hello. I want to buy some condoms.” I tell the employee while turning around. His face freezes. Did I do something wrong? I mean I’m used to this kind of reaction, but this guy is obviously gay. Ah, it’s because of the timing of the question. He must think I was too embarrassed and got a little kid to get them for me instead. That is pretty weird I suppose. Still not any of his business though.

Apparently having realized the same thing, he walks behind the counter and opens up a cabinet to reveal a large variety of condoms.


“Wow cool there’s so many of them! There’s glow in the dark ones!?”

… This voice… I look behind me hoping it’s my imagination playing tricks on me, but there he is. My kid sister. This is bound to go wrong.

My death stare apparently going unnoticed by her, she continues. “Sis, what do you think? I think those will feel really good.” She says pointing at some condoms with ribs and raised dots.

I’m slowly dying inside. This is it. We are going to be found out.

“Can we try them out?” Molly asks, putting her hand on my ass.

Yep, this is how my life ends. With panicking irrational thoughts going through my head I anxiously glance at the employee.

What the hell is he calmly looking around for? Does he not see what’s going on in front of him? Does he think this is a prank? Oh.. He probably does. Is he trying to look for signs? Hidden camera’s maybe? I guess I escaped this one.

“You can’t, but I can give you some advice.” The employee responds with his best smile as if trying to impress someone.

“Aw.” Molly sobs looking dejected, before looking around some more. “Why are there some with flavors?”

I spot a slight error in the employee’s smile as he sizes up the kid in front of him.

“Can you taste things in there?” Molly adds poking me in the crotch. The employee looking relieved he got out of that question instead gives me a pitiful look.

Sigh, better get this over with quickly. “Just give me some normal ones, please.”

“No! I want the ones with the ribs!” Molly yells.

The employee is starting to look like he’s struggling with his thoughts, we need to get out of here.

“The ribbed ones then.” I say quickly.

“For him or for her?”

Eh, what? Before I can ask he shrugs his shoulders apparently deciding it doesn’t matter in this case. Thank you. I take out my wallet and pay for a box of 12 that reads it has ribs for both parties.

“This will be fun!” Molly calls out, giving my ass a final squeeze before heading outside. I see the employee’s look of pity previously on me now shifting to Molly. I must have a real angry look on my face.

“See you again.” He says, giving me a quick wink.

Yeah I’m not coming back here, ever. I can’t believe he didn’t catch us. He’s probably thinking we’re going to walk back inside in a minute along with an entire film crew.


I’m driving home. Next to me Molly has pulled her pants down and is trying to put a condom on. She’s already ruined one by letting it inflate outside the window and this one doesn’t look like it’s going to make it either. Still not having figured out she’s supposed to be rolling the thing down AFTER placing it on her dick, she places it on her mouth and blows hard. The condom instantly inflates to a too large size and she laughs holding it outside the window again.

“Can you stop that? Those things are expensive, you know.” I tell her.

“I can’t. It’s not as easy as it looks.” She says. Is that true? They told me how it works in Sex Ed but maybe it takes some practice. Well, this is a pretty good opportunity. “I’ll do it once we’re home, so stop wasting them already.”


Sigh. Why am I even surprised. “Okay, okay. I’ll pull over. Don’t ruin that one.” I say before stopping next to the road on a little side road for farmers.

I take the condom out of her hands. Remembering what to do I give it a look to see what side rolls down and place it on top of Molly’s never disappointing erection. I’m completely focused as I roll it down, letting her cock slide through my hand. It feels really big like this. It’s still hard to believe I’ve had this entire thing in both my little holes already. I feel a tingle in my crotch. This is not the right place for this. “There, happy?” I say trying to sound indifferent.

“No. I want to try it.” She says, showing me an expecting smile.

“Hah. No way. I’m driving.” I say sitting back in my chair.

“Pleassee? I want to know how it feels… You just sit on it for a little and I’ll take it out again okay?” She pleads while wiggling her dick a little with her hand.

I can feel myself heating up looking at the impossibly taboo sight, but we can’t do it here. We’re in public. “No Molly. Look at where we are.” I say putting my hands on the steering wheel.

I’m starting to turn the car around when in the corner of my eyes I notice some odd movement. I glance to the side to see Molly masturbating while staring at my body. Well, this is kind of interesting, but she’s going to make a mess of my car.

Seeing me look at her, she suddenly screams. “I can’t wait anymore!!” She grabs the steering wheel with both hands and pulls.

I quickly hit the brake. It’s a good thing we were hardly moving. Looking at Molly’s esperate face I realize I should have seen this coming as soon as we pulled over.

I look at the cars rushing by to our side, but they’re going too fast to see anything. This might work. I can even keep my clothes on. “Hmm, ok, but only for a little bit.” I say with a little nervous excitement.

“Haha! This is going to be awesome!” She says seeing me crawl over to her.

I hold up my skirt and follow after my slender legs to go sit on her naked lap. “Move your chair a little back will you.” I tell her. She quickly complies, giving me the space I need to properly sit down her thighs with my back to her. Still holding up my skirt I slide backwards until I can feel her latex dick getting plastered between us. Being in this position it of course only takes a second before I feel Molly’s hands grabbing my boobs over my clothes.

Feeling the little hands massaging my orbs while I erotically grind my ass against her, I’m soon feeling very aroused.

“I’m ready, Molls.” I tell her.

I push myself up until I’m lined up with her dick. Moving my panties to the side I lower myself, letting her head prod against my entrance. I take a moment to look at the cars passing by right beside us before slowly letting my body sink down. Mmmm. This is the b.. Hm..

“This sucks!” Molly calls out subtle as ever. I have to agree though. I’m not feeling any ribs and doing it with a condom for the first time somehow feels off. I’m still horny as hell though. I keep lowering until my bottom hits Molly’s groin. “Haa.” I let out a content sigh. All day I’ve been anticipating this and now I’m finally filled up again.

“I want to put it in without next.” Molly says apparently having meant her promise from before. As if I’m letting her take her cock out now that I’m feeling like this

I start moving around sensually, quickly silencing her whining as she realizes we’re going to have sex right here in public. Immediately taking the hem of my top she pushes it upwards, exposing my stomach on the way. I want to tell her to stop, but exposing my skin here is really turning me on. Reaching my bra she wiggles a few fingers under the fabric and takes it with her as she slides up over my tits. The cups slip over my round tits as they’re folded into a band above them.

“Mmm.” I moan as my now naked globes bounce back in place in full view to all who happen to look through the window.

Molly plays with my tits while I use my feet as support to hump up and down on her dick, but it’s pretty hard to do.

Trying to get a better grip I place my feet on the dashboard and hang all the way backwards, arching my back as I hug my arms around the headrest. Now able to use my legs properly, the car is soon filled with slapping sounds.

“Ahhn” I moan imagining the passing drivers noticing the rocking of the car and looking inside to see my naked upper body. I continue bouncing on her dick but I feel it’s not enough. I need more. It needs to go faster. “Aahh! Fuck me!” I call out startling both of us. Only for a fraction of a second though as Molly thrusts back into me. “Yes! Ah! Harder!” I call out. I feel Molly letting go of my tits before he starts pounding into me really hard and fast. “Yes!!”

It takes everything I have to keep lowering my butt as she rams her meat into me from below. “Ohhmmygoddd!” So close! I feel my butt burning from the slaps when she stops her movements and spasms, probably filling the condom. Not caring about it I continue fucking her unmoving body when “AHHH!” a powerful orgasm hits me.

After a moment of rest I crawl back into my seat, lost in thought. I really lost my control there and it’s not often I orgasm so quickly. Was it because I was having rough sex with my little sister in full view to dozens of drivers? I shiver a little in pleasure imagining it again. I see Molly throwing the condom out of the window but I don’t feel like commenting on it. I start the car and we continue on the way home.


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    I really like the story so far. But this one is really difficult to read and understand.

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    Complicated read

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    I love your stories, but I hate the fact that you keep changing Molly’s pronouns. Not to be rude, but it seems like you’re doing all of these when you’re half asleep

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    You keep using the noun for the
    person wrong he for she him for her me for her etc. re do it and post it so it reads right. you have a good story that is messed up do to pronouns.