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How my Asian fetish turned into the best 8 years of my life and memories for me to jerk to forever

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How my love for petite asians unintentionally led to a perfect family affair

I have had a love for asian girls since my teenage years and finally popped that cherry while on a trip in Thailand with an ex partner after we had a fallout and got offered my choice of girl on my way back to our hotel.
Fast forward 5 or 6 years and i got to chatting to a filipina on a dating site and met purely just to fuck her. The sex was the best i ever had and she knew exactly how to pleasure me (i later found out this was due to her being a prostitute in the past) and i fell in love with her tiny hairless (alopecia) pink pussy, extremely high sex drive and daddy issues. After a while i discovered she had been raped and had a daughter through this so, in my mind, she liked it rough, being spanked, choked and slapped. This was all new to me but i loved it! Eventually she started bringing me into her home and i first met the daughter from being raped, 15 at the time and innocently sexy, and a 2nd younger daughter (too young) We used to all sit and watch movies together and i at first convinced my ex to give me handjobs as we all sat together then blowjobs under a blanket. Little did she know that i was looking at her eldest as she sucked me lol. I always fucked my ex making as much noise as possible so the daughter could hear everything in the bedroom next door and even fucked as she slept in the same room. Fast forward another year and the daughter was starting to prepare for exams in school and needed a laptop for her studies. I thought, genuinely innocently, to buy her one. When i presented it to her, my ex to my shock, said that her daughter needs to thank me and do something for me as this is tradition in the phillipines. Her daughter was confused and asked how to? Her mum instantly said “suck his dick”. With both myself and the daughter still both in shock, the mum pulled my dick out and proceeded to instruct her daughter how it was done. I was in heaven and came super fast!
So, i thought to myself, what happens if i buy the daughter more gifts (without her mum knowing)?? More blowjobs happened at first along with secret flirting, being naked in front of each other and masturbating in front of each other. During this time me and her mum would get super drunk and fuck all night, with her mum passing out and leaving me to fuck her like a toy. I would stay awake and wait until the daughter would come downstairs getting ready for school, then fuck her passed out mum as she walked in, looking her in the eye asserting dominance as she sat down to her breakfast and pretended to look at her phone. It took a lot of effort not to cum with her watching but i was only using her mum to build my sperm count up so when i was driving her to school she could suck me and get a mouthful of fresh cum.
After a while her mum started working night shift so she would spend the night in my bed, begging me to fuck her like her mum then sneak out before her mum came home from work and got fucked and sucked my dick not knowing she was sucking her daughters juices while doing it.
Eventually my ex started working a day job so playtime with the stepdaughter switched to daytime, which ended up taking it up a level… we were doing a 69 in the living room one day when the younger daughter, now 14, walked in and froze. She said eventually after watching for 10-15 secs “what are yous doing”?? “i’m telling mum!!” Her sister turned to her, still holding my dick, and said “its ok, mum knows” and told her to come closer, pointed my dick at her and said, you try it, its nice! She walked towards us and wrapped her hand around me, nervous and trembling. Her sister showed her how to stroke me and started undressing her litlle sister, revealing her sexy petite body and untrimmed pussy. Her sister laughed and said omg, you need to shave, hold on, proceeded to the bathroom and got a razor and pushed her younger on to the bed and ordered her spread her legs and told her “daddy likes it smooth”. There wasnt much hair there so didnt take long for her sister to shave it. once it was smooth, the eldest daughter told her sister to show us how she plays with herself. She had no idea what to do so we had to help. Her big sister spread her little virgin pussy, located her tiny pink clit and started rubbing and licking it until i could see the juices starting to ooze out and that was my invite to dive head first between her legs and start eating her…it tasted amazing!!!
As she started to tremble and moan, i picked her up above my head then lay back and set her tiny virgin pussy on my face and instructed her big sister to sit on my dick and they both rode me until they orgasmed multiple times. i then threw them off me on to the bed and jerked over them and shot my load all over them.
Things went quiet after that because they were worried about their mum finding out and the eldest ended up going to university. It was limited to me and the younger daughter watching each other masturbate while her mum wasnt home. I made sure this was happening more often when it should by putting female viagra and coke in the daughters food and drinks making her horny all the time and openly playing with herself in front of me. When she started having school friends stay for sleepovers (mum was on night shift again) i filled them with vodka, weed and coke so i could have some fun. It didnt take much effort to convince them to have nicest boobs, bums and pussy contests! It started with 1 classmate and once word spread that you could party at our sleepovers, its currently at a high of 8, with a minimum of 3 each weekend.
So thats my story, still ongoing, i now have at least 3 15-16 yr olds every weekend getting drunk, high and horny at my disposal and for my own personal use… i just hope their mums dont find out lol maybe ill fuck them too!! lol

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