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Little girls at the beach a perverts dream

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Little girls 10- 12 in little bikinis just a string in between their sweet cheeks their little asses showing and they call me a pervert?

I read these stories here about pre-teens and always fantasized about maybe one day i could have hot wet wild sex with a little girl. Call me what you will a Pervert, a dirty old man I’m 45 divorced I know it’s just a fantasy in my mind but when I was at lake last week I knew my life will never be the same .

It’s been like 20 years since I’ve been here and what I saw were young mom’s with their kids playing and every girl from 10- 30 wearing bikinis with just a string between their ass cheeks for anyone to see leaving nothing to the imagination. I couldn’t believe my eyes so many sweet asses to be admired.

I just sat on my beach chair sunglasses on staring fantasizing when I seen this little girl running by me she tripped falling down on the sand face first right in front of me. I seen the sexiest sweetest little ass ever and when she knelt on her knees to get up I seen her little pussy.and she looked back at me smiling licking her lips.

WTF … i wanted to say something or get up to help her but all I could do was stare and I felt myself getting hard… WTF

“ Sorry mister I wasn’t looking where I was running to I saw you and tripped over my feet he he “ she smiled getting up brushing the sand from her body and when she reached in the front of her bikini she started to rub herself… WTF

“ I’m Judy I’m going to be 11 next month I’m here with my mom and brothers they were teasing me I hate boys so I ran away from them do you want to go swimming with me “

What the… my mind is racing this little girl is babbling playing with herself giggling. She comes up to me grabbing my hands standing me up I’m 5’10” she was like 5’2” like a little doll blonde hair tiny bikini top no breasts yet but i could see her tiny nipples sticking out. She looks at me seeing I’m hard giggles and holding my hand she starts to run in the beach

Like a lost puppy dog I follow her into the water we’re waist deep I am the water is almost up to her neck. She dives underwater pulling my swim trunks down she comes up in front of me holding on to my cock

“ Do you think I’m pretty I saw you staring at my ass when I fell down in front of you did you see my little pussy I knelt like that so you could see it your cock feels hot in my hand do you like me playing with it do you want to touch my pussy you can stick your finger in my ass if you want to can I kiss you can I suck your cock do you want my pussy “

What the… she’s babbling talking fast a mile a minute I’m losing it .
I pick her up like a wet rag doll..
“ Oooh Judy oooh god yes look at you so young sweet pretty hot sexy and so fucking slutty oooh my baby my little girl “
I kiss her we’re swapping tongues she’s moaning loudly rubbing her body next to mine her hand is still on my cock my hand is rubbing her pussy

I look around making sure nobody sees us like this I’m making out with a little girl in public both of us half naked playing with each other’s nobody was paying attention to us everybody were just swimming having a good time

She giggles looking at me goes underwater comes up handing me her bikini bottom her top and my swimsuit.
“ Catch me catch me if you can hurry before I get away “ She’s laughing swimming away completely naked the two of us I swim after her going underwater I’m kissing her pussy sliding my finger up her ass.

I come up for air she’s clutching on to me panting moaning
“ Do you want to fuck me tonight when my parents are asleep in my backyard behind the garage 11pm please it’ll be our secret I gotta go I see my brothers are looking for me “

She threw my suit at me pulling hers back on squeezing my cock giggling and swims away.

WTF … I’m a daze not believing what just happened I wait awhile to cool down and when I get to my towel n beach chair I see the note
: 11pm her address can’t wait Judy “

I park a block away I’m nervous apprehensive this is so wrong illegal dangerous scary what if she’s just fucking with me teasing me with if I get caught fuck cops dad jail newspapers ..WTF .. i almost back out thinking i better get out of here when I see her running up towards me a few houses from hers.

It’s a half moon she’s just in a nighty panties so young so pretty so sexy jail bait .

She jumps into my arms French kissing swapping tongues moaning loudly… “ I dint think you were going to come I’m glad you did quick follow me so nobody sees us “

She leads me behind her garage by the bushes there is a blanket on the ground two pillows. She strips naked giggling twirling her lil body around showing off. I strip naked gazing at her young naked body her beautiful sweet pussy

“ Mmmm eat me out first please get my pussy wet I’ll cum then you can fuck me I want your hot cum in my pussy oooh me my daddy my lover do you think I’m pretty do you like my naked body after you fuck my pussy will you fuck my ass can I suck your cock I want your cum in my belly I told my girlfriend about you and she wants to play with us her name is Lori she’s 10 like me we play with each other’s pussy licking and sucking is this ok with you..oooh hurry oooh yes “

She’s so cute babbling like this my little girl we start to 69 both of us moaning lost in lust I’m fucking a 10yr old when I see her little friend Lori watching us she’s naked her fingers are in her pussy I roll my eyes smiling before the night was over I fucked two little girls sucking on their asses their sweet little pussies and then I watched them eat each other’s pussies.

Naked backyard public sex oooh yes my wildest fantasies cummming true. Five times in one month we played at 11pm
I now hang out at this beach a lot looking searching for little girls being a perverted pedophile old man one day I saw a little boy who looked so cute that all I could do was to stop me from raping him was the fear of getting caught but i got over it when I raped my first little boy it was sooo exciting especially when he started to beg

Call me what you will I Cruise around looking for little boys and girls now.. beaches woods playgrounds there are so many to choose from horny little kids wanting sex with strangers boys and girls

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    Anyone want to do a no limits role play add me on session: 052f83f5fef8518b66751f0fc2ea2e1784e87cbb1204493ff04dc409c20cee4042

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  • Reply N ID:1dgwcbx7xpup

    Story asked a little rushed. All that detail in the beginning and than almost nothing for the actually sex part

  • Reply Elendrilboy ID:bj0heoyhi

    Great story

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1d227ottxp4u

    Mmmm I like nawtygranddad Kool name I’m very young pretty happy n willingly I love these stories wish I lived by your parks you could play with me secretly discreetly use my lil 5’4 80lb body maybe lick my pussy I’ll suck your cock mmm wanna play promise not to tell my mom u cum pick me up mall park movie take me somewhere safe get naked if u don’t ask my age n I don’t tell u mine U can’t get in trouble

  • Reply Tt ID:bgggn0c43

    You ruined it with the little boy part.

    • Caleb ID:1d227ottxp4u

      Little girls little boys young innocent sweet naked bodies. Maybe Tt when U have a boy you’ll change your mind a little girls ass is just as sweet in a little boys ass mmmm try it you’ll love it

  • Reply Demonoid ID:1v4n6s520k

    This story reminds me of the first 12-year-old I ever had sex with. I was 15. It was at a local lake, not the ocean but there was a group of about seven or eight 11, 12, and 13-year-olds. And they were dressed very similar to what you said. More than half of them had on g-string bikini bottoms, not even thongs. The changing “rooms” were these shack-like things all connected and in a row, set back from the sand area. I was walking to go change when one of the girls I had seen came out the door of one. She stopped. I didn’t say anything so she said “I saw you watching us” and smiled. I said “No I wasn’t. I didn’t even know you guys were here.” Which was a blatant lie. She laughed and said she knew that wasn’t true then really shocked me by saying “I can suck you if you want me to.” All I could think to say was “Huh?”. I was dumbfounded. She repeated it “I’ll suck you if you want me to.” All I could think of was “Okay.” but I was frozen. She opened the door she just came out of and said “Come in here” I looked around to see if anybody was looking. Nobody was. When I stepped in, she locked the latch on the door and got on her knees in front of me. She pulled the front of my shorts down and the next thing I knew, yeah, she was sucking my dick. I told her I was about to cum and she jerked me off and I came on the floor. She saw me staring at her bare ass (nothing but a string in her ass crack) and said “You like that?” I said “Yeah.” She said “You can touch it if you want to”. So I squeezed both her ass cheeks. They were unbelievably firm. She laughed and said “Well, gotta go. Maybe I’ll see you around sometime” and again all I said was “Okay”. I’m sure she thought I was a complete idiot, and I’m sure she was right.

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    I love young girls and boys

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      Hi wanna chat

  • Reply Dan Storm ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    U r looking into the wrong place look at all the kids that come over the border

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    I think you’re just a normal man. It’s very difficult when you go to the beaches and you see these type of things. It’s hard to resist. They were made for fucking if they wanted to give it to them one day. I might find someone as well. it’s been a dry spell lately.

  • Reply James ID:1ec7wpymxq9c

    I love this so much!! Had my cock very hard and cum multiple times!!!! There’s absolutely nothing better than a little girls pussy , ass. Especially a little boys tight little ass too!!!!! Id love to chat with you.!! Fuck now I have to jerk off again…

    • Silent stalker ID:e5xm6spd4

      I’d love to chat you have session