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I Saw Daddy’s Big Dick And Finally, He Fucked Me

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I am a 13 year old girl who, how can I say it? Have the hots for my dad. I can’t believe I feel this way but, I do. What happened was, I had been out in our pool an on my way back into the house I saw daddy coming out of his bathroom. He had showered and was naked. He was drying his hair with a towel and I saw his big dick straight on. I was shocked how big he was.

I had only been fucking about a year and only with boys who weren’t nowhere near as big as daddy. I was having all these hormones running around making me think about sex all the time. I couldn’t get his size out of my mind. I wondered what something that big would feel. I know mom was one lucky woman.

Mom worked and she worked a lot. Daddy was actually complaining about all the hours she was putting in at her law firm. Daddy was a real estate broker. He worked most of the time from home. I know daddy watches porn on his computer because, I walked in his office one day and I swear he was jacking off plus he shut his lap top immediately. He was behind his desk so, I couldn’t see his dick but, I really saw his hand going up and down.

I never thought much about it until I saw his dick. I bet he wasn’t getting as much as he wanted from mom with all the time she was gone. I bet that’s why he was jacking off. So, I was thinking maybe, I could get daddy to fuck me. I would get to feel that big dick and satisfy daddy’s sexual needs at the same time. I needed to plan something great.

My body was okay. I wanted my tits to get bigger. They were a 34B but, I wanted big ones. If they don’t get big I’m gonna buy me some when I get a job. I have long curly ash blonde hair with green eyes. I’m
5’3″ tall and weigh 110 lbs. I was gonna expose myself to daddy to get him interested. I know he has noticed me because, I caught him looking at me one day in my two piece swim suit.

I would always plop down on daddy’s lap to ask him about his day so, I will start there. I stayed in my bathing suit. When daddy came out into the living room and sat down I walked into the room and plopped down on his lap, hugged him and kissed his cheek. I said, “Hi daddy, how was your day” He said, “Fine baby and yours.” I said, “Oh just like any other.” I had my arm around his neck. Then, I flopped my leg over and straddled his lap facing him so, I could talk to him.

I could feel his dick. He was able to look right at my titties. It would have been so easy for him to suck on them but, he didn’t. I was making small talk then, I felt his dick getting hard. I acted like I didn’t notice. I wiggled a little but, he said nothing. I was leaning my arms on his shoulders and then, I pulled his head into my titties and squeezed him saying, “I love you so much daddy.”

His dick flexed and he said, “I love you too, Button.” My name is Bunny but, daddy a!ways called me Button Bunny or Button. Daddy’s head was laying right against my titties. I was hugging him into me. Daddy said, “What are we gonna eat for supper?” I said, “Don’t matter to me.” He lifted me up then walked into the kitchen. I thought I’ve got to expose my body a little.

Later, after supper I went into the living room and daddy was laying on the couch. I had on a very thin tank top that was too big so, it would fall down exposing my titties or the shoulder would slip down doing the same thing. I was sitting down by daddy’s feet and the shoulder slipped down showing daddy most of my left tittie.

We were watching Dick Van Dyke and laughing. I looked over at daddy and his dick was swelled up. I squeezes my arm together so, he could see some cleavage. My pussy was getting so wet. I wish he would try something. His dick is hard, he must be feeling horny, like I am. I slipped my shoulder top back up once but, it fell right back down, an I left it down.

I glanced at his dick again an it was still hard. Daddy sat up next to me an I didn’t move anything. I knew he could see all of my titty now. He took the shoulder of my top and put it back up. I looked at him and he said, “Your top’s a little big.” I said, “Yeah it was one of moms old ones but, it’s comfortable to sleep in.” He said, “I saw all of your titty.” I said, “You did?” He said, “Your boobies are growing.” I said, “Yeah, but not enough.”

He said, “What do you mean, they’re big enough.” I said, “Are you kidding me?” “I want big ones and mine are little.” He said, “What size are you?” I said, “Only a B cup.” He said, “That’s perfect, just a mouth full is all you need.” We laughed and I said as I pulled up my tank top, “Look at these, they’re little.” Daddy’s looking as he pressed against his dick.

As he reached for them with both hands he said, “Why do you think these are little?” He cupped them and I know my pussy oozed cum out. I saw his dick was sticking up. I said, “Because they are.” “This ain’t even a mouth full.” Daddy put his mouth on my titty and I was in heaven when he started sucking. He raised up and said, “See, I got all of it in my mouth and it filled my mouth.” I said, “But, men like big titties in women.” Daddy said, “Well it made my dick hard so, I think you’ll be alright.”

I said, “Your dick got hard?” He said, “Yes, it did.” I said, “Let me see.” I reached over and grabbed my dad’s dick with my hand. He was big and hard. I was rubbing it up and down and daddy said, “We probably shouldn’t be doing this, I’m gonna want more.” I said, “Wow daddy, you have a big dick.” He let me continue rubbing up and down on it. He was still cupping my titties. He said, “Button, you need to stop touching it.” I said, “But, I like it, daddy.” “It feels so good and it’s making my pussy wet.”

Daddy leaned back a little an I reached under his boxers leg inside to touch it. Daddy moaned and said,
“Button, this is wrong but, it feels so good with your hand on my dick.” I said, “Daddy, pull it out so I can see it, please?” He pushed the elastic waist down under his balls. He was clean shaven no hair anywhere. His dick was huge and beautiful. I wanted him to fuck me. I started stroking it up and down.

Daddy was moaning and I wet my other hand then touched the head of his dick. He gasp and said, “Oh my gosh, I thought you were putting your mouth on it.” I said, “I can do that if you like.” He said, “No, oh my gosh look what I’ve done.” “I’m so ashamed.” I said, “What?”
He sat up fixed my top and pulled his boxers over his dick. He looked at me and said, “I’m sorry I let things get out if control.”

I said, “No you didn’t daddy, I wanted all this that happened.” “Actually, I wanted you to fuck me with that big dick.” Daddy was so turned on, I could tell he was horny and wanted to. He said, “We can’t, you’re my daughter.” I reached for his dick again but, he stood up and went to his room saying, “I’m so sorry baby.”

I was so sad. But, I thought he knows I’m willing so, I’ll try again another time. Daddy didn’t come out the rest of the evening. I went to bed. I’m sure he jacked off. His dick was like a rock.

The next morning daddy acted like nothing happened. So, I did too. The next few days I wondered if I’d ever get to fuck daddy. I was showing a lot of flesh. I was running around in my panties and bra so, I could flash daddy. I bought a new two piece bikini but, only wore it when mom was at work because, she wouldn’t like it. It was so small. It was almost a g-string on the bottom. And, it barely covered my nipples.

I was laying out by the pool facing the house an I saw daddy watching me from the bathroom window. I’m sure he was jacking off. So, I bent my knees up and spread my legs apart. Kinda like frog legs.
When I went in the house daddy was in his office. Mommy came home and said she was gonna have to go to California for a big conference. She said, “I’ll be gone all next week.” I thought, “Great!” But, I moaned to her like I didn’t like her news. She said, “You’ll help daddy won’t you Bunny?” I said, “Of course mom, you know I will.” She hugged me and said, “Thank you baby, I can always count on my girl.”

So, Mom wanted to leave Saturday so, she could have time to prepare before her Monday meeting. Daddy dropped her off at the airport and I got into my new two piece bikini and was laying by the pool when daddy got back. He put his trunks on and jumped in splashing me when he did. He got out and said, “Sorry Button, didn’t mean to get you wet.” I said, “That’s okay daddy.”

I was laying there with my eyes closed and when I opened them daddy was standing over me looking at my body. I said, “You alright daddy?” He acted like he just came to his self and said, “Ah, yeah, I just
came out to cool off with a dip, I’m going in.” I said, “Okay, I’m coming in too, in a minute.”

Daddy was laying on the couch with one leg on the couch and one on the floor. He was watching some golf game. I paraded by him on my way to my room in my bikini. I changed into my too big tank top and boy shorts. I went out and got on the couch with daddy. I laid between his legs and my back was laying on his dick.

I felt it but, it wasn’t hard hard. He was watching golf and I was thinking about his dick. So, I shifted a little an I felt it growing. My tank top was hanging down. I’m sure he could see most of my right titty. I stretched my arms up and hugged daddy. His right arm was on the back of the couch and when my arms were up he put his arm under my right arm and hugged me back. His hand landed on my left titty. He laid it there then, he started massaging it.

He was outside of my tank top. Finally he slipped his hand inside my top and rolled my nipple as he squeezed my titty. His dick was hard now. Daddy did this for awhile then, he pulled me up closer to him and slid his right hand down the front of my shorts, touching my pussy.

I didn’t say anything but, he said, “You’ve been asking for this Bunny so, I don’t wanna hear the word no or stop, when I fuck your brains out, do you hear me?” I said, “Yes daddy, I hear you.” I almost cum when he said that. So, he stuck his finger in my pussy rubbing over my clit which was hard. It felt electric when he touched me. He slid a finger inside and noticed I wasn’t a virgin.

So then, he stuck two fingers in my pussy fingering me. He said, “Who fucked your pussy Button?” I said, “A boy I go to school with, Eric.” “Does he have a big dick?” I said, “No.” “Have you fucked anybody else?”
I said, “I let Steven fuck me.” “Has he got a big dick?” I said, “No daddy.” Have you fucked any more guys?”
I said, “No.” He was fingering me roughly. I was about to cum.

Daddy said, “You’re only 13 when did you fuck the first time?” I said, “I was 12.” Daddy was excited. He raised up and pulled his fingers out of me. I turned around and pulled down his boxers then, took his dick and put my mouth on it. Daddy was shocked when I started sucking his dick. He said, “So, you sucked those boy’s dicks too as well as giving up this pussy?” I said, “Well, yeah.” Some pre cum leaked out on my tongue.

I said, “Do you like how I’m sucking you daddy?” He held my head and said, “I absolutely do, you suck good baby.” Daddy’s laying back while I’m going up and down on his dick. It’s so hard and he’s helping my head slid up and down on it. He said, “You’re gonna make me cum Button, it’s hard to hold off.” I stopped sucking him and told him, “I want you to fuck me daddy.”

He said, “How do you want it, from behind or what?” I said, “I love it from behind.” “Those guys fuck you from behind a lot, huh?” “Yeah, they did.” Daddy got behind me and bent me over the chair arm. He started putting his dick in my pussy but, he was so thick it wouldn’t go in. He said, “You’re gonna have to lay down and pull your knees up by your head so, your pussy opens up.”

I did that and said, “Is it gonna go in daddy?” He said, “Oh, I’ll get it in you one way or another.” He put it at my opening and it started going in. He had to push hard a couple times but, then he rammed it in me. It was so tight. It felt so good, better than I thought. But, he fucked me where no one else had been, length wise. He was so big.

He said, “Their dicks must have been small because your pussy is so tight.” Daddy was pounding my pussy an I was loving the feeling. He said, “You gonna cum on daddy’s dick?” His dick was rubbing my clit. I was wanting to cum. Daddy said it again, “Cum on my big dick Button, come on cum for daddy.” Then, I started cumming and it felt so good. I said, “I cum daddy.” He said, “I can feel it.”

“Now, I’m gonna fuck you so hard, so I can cum.” He put his hands under my butt and held me up and rammed his dick in me hard as he could. It hurt me but, I just let him fuck me however he wanted. He said, “I’m gonna cum baby.” He pulled his dick out an shot his load on my titties. He was grunting with each last squirt of cum. Then, he put it at my mouth and said, “Clean daddy’s dick off baby.” “Lick and sick it good.” I did what he told me.

He laid down beside me and said, ” Is that what you wanted, your daddy’s big dick in your pussy and mouth?” I said, “Yes, daddy.” He said, “Well now, I’ll be fucking you whenever I want and I don’t want go hear any complaints.” I said, “I won’t complain daddy, I love your big dick.” He said, “You can’t fuck them or any other boys as long as I’m fucking you.” “Okay, daddy.”

I couldn’t wait to see what daddy was gonna do to me while mommy was gone. I hope he fucks me every day.

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    Yeah, I saw my step-dad’s cock one time when I was 13 and he went crazy. I walked in on him in the bathroom and he was jerking it. Cum squirted on the floor so it was real bad timing on my part. He screamed “GET OUT!!” and I closed the door. I just yelled “Sorry!” once and that was it. What fantasies of his that triggered when I saw what I did, I have no idea but it did something to him. He changed. He had been cool before and I never saw him staring at me or anything. After that happened, he came into my room later wanting to talk about what “I saw”. I was lying on my bed and I told him we had sex-ed at school and I knew what I saw. It was no big deal. Then he started telling me he had been noticing lately I was looking “very nice”. It was cringe, really. I wondered if he was going to try to get me to suck his cock. Instead, he tells me that if I had had sex-ed, I knew that sex in the butt wasn’t really sex. I said, “Yeah, it kind of is”. He insisted it definitely was not. So yeah. One thing led to another and he told me at one point “Turn face down for me.” WTF? I did. Then he got on top of me and although I didn’t scream, I was squirming around and the next thing I knew, he had put spit on the head of his cock and he had my panties down and it was pressing against my butthole. I squeezed it as tight as I could but it went in anyway. It burned like crazy. I told him to stop but he said “You’ll get used to it in a minute and it won’t hurt” which turned out partly, kind of true. So he just did it. I thought it was a one-time thing but he started making a habit of it. I was his “cum toy” I guess, or something. So yeah, me seeing my step-dad’s cock caused all kinds of problems.

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