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How I fuck preteen girls

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I’m 17 and I can’t stop having sex with preteen girls (11-12) and don’t think I’ll ever stop. They are just so damn sweet…and easy.

I’m 17 years old and I’m a pervert and don’t care who knows about it, I know I’m going to be a sick fucker even when I’m older because I like girls and I can’t get enough, I am a hunter and they are my prey.

I plan everything out and make sure I know what I’m doing before pouncing, I’ve pretty much mastered the art of manipulation, when I see a girl I like the look of, obviously she needs to live close by, the game begins.

It begins by me finding a girl, preteens taste the best, so I go for girls ages between 11 and 12, I find that to be the prime age for girls because they’re still young but not too young for sexual activity, in fact at this age they’re just starting to bloom and release their pollen, I can smell it on them, it’s so intoxicating.

Once the girl has been targeted then next step is to get to know the parents, I go around to the house and tell them I’m looking to make some extra cash and ask if they need any odd jobs doing like cutting the grass, washing the car, spot of painting and decorating, fixing cupboards or putting up some shelves, anything that will get me in the parents good books so they’ll feel comfortable with me hanging around.

When I’ve earned the parents trust over a couple of weeks I set my focus on the ultimate goal and turn my attention to the girl, I introduce myself and get to know as much about her as I can, if she goes to the shop I offer to go with her for company, I’ll play with her and any siblings she has outside, kicking a ball, going to the park and pushing them on the swings, I’d identify any toys or games they don’t have and I’d buy it for them as a present, that always makes them smile and earns their trust a bit more.

Once the parents and the girl are comfortable around me and thinking of me as a close friend, I can step it up, time to get a little physical, I find tickling to be the best way because everyone hates being tickled but people see it as a normal thing to do and her parents won’t ask questions as to why I keep touching their daughter, so a tickle is good, it makes them laugh and you can ‘accidentally’ touch them in places that would normally be seen as inappropriate.

I make sure I do lots of tickling, every chance I get, because the more I do it, the less they flinch and it makes them so much more comfortable when it comes to physical contact, so now I’ve earned their trust, I’m a close friend of the family, they’re comfortable around me and the girl doesn’t mind me covertly feeling her up under the guise of an innocent tickle.

Now comes the tricky part, how to see the girl naked, or at the very least in her underwear, babysitting is just the job here, I’d plant the idea of a romantic night out in the parents heads and then offer to babysit when they go out.

The idea here is to get rid of the parents leaving you alone in the house with the girl, I’d be the cool babysitter and let her have a cheeky drink of alcohol, that usually settles them down, during the evening I’d keep going to the toilet and purposely leave the door wide open so she can have a sly look at my cock when she walked by the bathroom, most girls at that age can’t resist having a peek, and standing at an angle by the toilet so my cock is clearly visible to anyone looking through the door helps a lot.

Then I’d wait until it was late then send her upstairs to get a shower before bed, once she was in the shower I’d ‘accidentally’ walk in while she’s showering and get a really good look, when she finished I’d go in to her room and apologies, I’d make a joke and make laugh.

The reason behind needing to see her naked is because when it’s time to fuck her she won’t be too shy when she takes off her clothes because she knows I’ve already seen her naked body, and by making her laugh afterwards, she’ll subconsciously associate being naked around me as a good and happy thing, it’s all psychology.

I find it best to do this part as soon after the shower incident as possible, I’d talk to the next day, apologise again and then move the subject on to boys and boyfriends, try my best to make her blush and smile, then ask if she’d kissed a boy before, I’d tell her I think she’s very pretty and any boy would love to go out with them, flattery is always good, then I’d make them blush more by fishing for a kiss, they let me but it’s only a peck on the lips, making them feel comfortable kissing me.

Then I’d start tickling again moments after the kiss, don’t give her time to think about it too much, but this time get her to sit on my lap, either willingly or just casually pick her up and put her on my lap while tickling her, then I’d stopped and put my arms around her and talk to her some more, she’s remain on my lap as my cock got hard, I’d do this intentionally so she could feel my hard cock underneath her through my pants, they don’t normally realise at first but when they do they don’t mention it because they feel embarrassed.

Now I have her comfortable with me touching her, comfortably with me seeing her naked, comfortable sitting on my lap, I make her laugh, feel at ease, and she’s felt my cock touching her so her little brain is going to be thinking about it quite a lot, the time has come, she’s ready.

I’d get the parents out of the house and babysit again, this time they’d be more alcohol, really loosen her up but not too drunk, I want her to understand and enjoy what is about to happen, I’d cosey up to her and fish for a kiss again, this time it wouldn’t just be a peck, I’d get her to a point where she’d want more, then I’d feel her body, rubbing my hands along the curve of her ass and on her chest, she wouldn’t flinch, soon I’d have my hands underneath her clothes touching her naked skin and she wouldn’t even flinch.

I’d unzip my pants and take my hard cock out, sure, she’d be surprised and slightly nervous at this point, I’d tell her it was big because she was beautiful and my body thought she was beautiful, always compliment and flatter, I’d let her touch it then I’d show her what to do with it and she’d rub it, slowly but surely I’d get her clothes off and before she gets a chance to think about the rights and wrongs of what we’re doing, I’d be laying on top of her with my cock deep in her tight little pussy, and she’d be enjoying it.

While fucking her I’d constantly tell her how beautiful she was and I loved her so much, girls her age love hearing those words and it just makes them more submissive, in my head I’m thinking “Finally I’m fucking this hot little girls pussy.”, but in her head, she’s thinking, “He really loves me. I want to get married and have babies. We’re going to be so happy together.”, girls always think about that crap, especially sweet little virgins.

I’d take her up to her bedroom and fuck her in her own bed, girls always feel better in their own beds, familiar surroundings, I’d fuck her for hours multiple times, I’d teach her how to suck cock and let her taste my spunk.

We’d spend the night making hot passionate love, well, it would be passionate love to her, to me it’s just great sex, and we’d meet up for the next few weeks in the park or go back to my house and fuck like rabbits all the time, I’d get what I can out of her until I got bored and wanted something fresh, I’d let her down gently though, slowly calming the sex down to once every few days and eventually to not doing it at all, then I’d tell her I loved her but I was too old for her and she needs to be with someone her own age.

I’d always make sure we ended up being happy, the last I want is for her to go crying to her parents and them finding out I’d been fucking their little girl, so we’d be happy and still talk to each other but never to fuck again.

Then I’d find a new target and make her the focus of my attention and start the whole process over again.

I love young pussy.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply someone with a brain ID:3h5rp9em1

    all u grown ass men are stupid – coming from a 14 year old girl you talk about 11 year olds as if they are 7. i have known what sex was since i was 7 along with many other girls. we are not clueless, at the age of 11 i was swearing like a trooper and knew what sex was and made frequent dirty jokes along with every other 11 year old girl, we are not innocent and clueless u stupid, horny weirdos. also i can guarantee u none of this shit actually works, most parents leave 11 yr olds home by the self and i doubt that if u did babysit them they would just willingly let u fuck them. i would understand what you’re doing and be creeped out immediately

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoik

    Thats so funny hell I still cant stop having sex with 11 to 12 year olds either but i will boost it up to 11 to 16. Best fucking sex I ever has was from a 12 year old. Sex is a natural animal instinct in humans and it is hard wired into every one.
    Some get their sex switch turned on sooner then others and there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking out sexual pleasure and satisfaction. All females are goddesses as they can reproduce and as such should be able to seek out sexual pleasure when ever they so chose to. No female should ever be turned down for sexual pleasure.

  • Reply Jack ID:7zv1lwo743

    Thank you for teaching me how to use young sex toy girls I like them even younger then 10

    • Lollilover1759 ID:xbkcbbv3

      My dream,I wish I could fuck my neighbors’s little 6yo blonde Hottie. She like to wear sleeveless short dresses and Skirts. Looking at her in her pleated short school skirt, would give a snowman a hard one.

    • SweetMom ID:1arcu2a9d4

      Would love to chat

  • Reply amogus ID:1b3ze6sa8r9

    thats great and i am doing the same, reply if anybody wants to know

    • Brian2000 ID:bo2qeo7m4

      I’d love to know more

  • Reply Sean ID:7ylren6xia

    That’s a great story, man! I’m 44 years old, when I was 14, I wanted to have sex with a girl as young as 8. There was this light skinned girl in school that I knew named Jennifer. She was very cute, nice and chunky. She had some pretty, silky smooth legs too. I wanted to do her nice and good.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoik

      Funny thing, Tracy at 8 years old was a better lover then most grown woman i have been with and by 10 could make a grown man cum in 5 minutes flat. It is such a crying shame she and her mother were killed by a drunk driver. Now she was a goddess!

    • Jack ID:7zv1lwo743

      Gonzo it’s not a funny thing that young kids are a better lover then grown women.
      The funny part is if people when they need love they go with grown women, it’s ugly.. Just use kids

  • Reply Lauren ID:5u1ci0soii

    You need to be EXTERMINATED

  • Reply No ID:9ce794qj

    You need to go to a mental institution or something

    • Lauren ID:5u1ci0soii

      That’s to easy

  • Reply Javid ID:13t56rnxi9

    Shut up bitch
    You son of a bitch

    • Fredrick ID:p8vjnp2zk

      Eat a dick dude

  • Reply Stiffy ID:honpaph209

    I lived next door to a guy who was fucking his two daughters, one was 11 the other was 4. I caught the 4 year old playing with her cunt in my back yard.. I helped her by fingering her cunt about 6 different times when her older sister told me she knew, and wanted me to fuck her. I did and she told me her dad fucked both of the on a regular basis.

  • Reply alex ID:20prorlzra

    bro i need help doing the same, i’m 16 but it’s hard to even get to talk to preteen girls like my sister’s friends and girls in my neighborhood

    • Sexy bitch girl ID:161qngwqb0k

      I am 12 –

    • JustKindaHappened ID:bpbts72m2

      Babysit. Definitely babysit. But do it in the evening so you have the responsibility of bath time. Obviously you can’t actually bathe a 10 or 11 year old. But you can make sure there are no towels in the bathroom so you can bring them some. Wait until you hear the water go off then enter and pull back the shower curtain and hand them the towel. Also, be sure to turn off the air conditioning so you can get naked and say you had to because it’s so hot you need to shower next. Tell them they must stay in the bathroom while they dry off then take your time getting into the shower. They’ll be extremely curious about your body so their eyes won’t leave you. (They will find the way you pee to be totally amazing!) Be sure to find a reason to reach past them as if reaching for something on a shelf and “accidentally” brush against them. They will be totally fascinated by this. One you lady even reached out and took it in her hand. Yes, definitely babysit. At night. It should be interesting.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      @JustKindaHappened: This is a great story idea, but I can’t encourage grooming underage boys, and girls. So, keeping this in the realm of Fantasy (And out of the jurisdiction of the FBI) another reason to work nights is so you can tuck them in, tell them stories, and fill their heads full of dreams that are progressively more suggestive…

      Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  • Reply pedokillerfuckingretard ID:ygdy0l08rd

    yuck pedo kys

  • Reply Kellsie Tillman ID:nenvo6ij

    just ask her, not all of us are into the relationships, we just want fun

    • Donald ID:7ylrenbqra

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    People telling how they do this makes me so wet. I’d love to be bred and have a grown man make me his virgin preteen bitch

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  • Reply Kimi ID:8b9fqgik0c

    Damn I know that’s fake but it made me wet lol

    • Ken ID:1rou39zl

      Kinda cruel to the sweet young girls though Kimi. I’d love a nice young girl to show her the joys of sex. Especially how great it feels to have her pussy licked to orgasm after orgasm.

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qi

    Great Story Do Part 2

  • Reply anonymous ID:5u1d7cg499

    Good story, breed the girl