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Striking gold

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Five rapists. Four women. Four ages. Several fucks.

It was pure luck. When we broke into the house, we didn’t know who was inside, we have simply chosen a detached house, where screams wouldn’t be a problem, thinking only in making some fast gains. But we struck gold, and in five minutes we had everyone under control: two men restrained, three women and a young girl sitting on the couch crying and afraid. They were, for what we could find out, an older couple around 55 years old; their two daughters, one around 30 and the other in her early 20s, and the husband and daughter of the older daughter.

The little girl was about ten, a little on the chubby side, black hair, full lips and black eyes, and was apparently playing with makeup, as she had lipstick and eye-shadow on. She had a really plump ass and thick thighs for her age and a small hint of tits, but not more than a bump. Her mom had her hair painted red and nice tits, green eyes, and some tattoos around her body. She was pretty, around 30 years old as said before, and had a nice pair of tits. Her sister was a chubby blonde with nice green eyes, innocent face and braces, and their mother, the woman in her 50s, was a thin, short-haired woman, not particularly pretty but with a slim, firm body for her age. Dad and granddaddy were properly restrained, and daddy had a little blood on his head, as he needed some convincing to quiet down.

We were in five: Me, Rock (a big, muscular guy), Mean (exactly what the name implies), Baldy and Chubby (two regular guys). While two of us looked around the house, me and the other two started a conversation with our “guests” in the living room:

– You, what’s your name?

The older woman, hesitantly, replied:

– L… Layla

– OK, Layla, how old are you? And who are the other people in the room and their ages?

– Why.. Why do you want to know?

– I don’t need to justify myself. Are you telling me or not?

She hesitated again, but a stern look was enough to make her talk:

– These… These are my daughters Brenda and Bianca… They… They are 32 and 21. My granddaughter… Brenda’s daughter… Her name is Chloe, and she is ten… My… My husband’s name is…

– You know what? Their names and ages doesn’t matter.

I made a Gesture and Rock and Mean took the two men and carried them away, ignoring their protests. The women cried even more, and Layla asked in a trembling voice:

– Where are you taking them? Please, don’t hurt them!

– Don’t worry, we will not hurt them, provided that you all do what you’re told. They will simply be restrained in the basement, where they will be comfortable and safe… And where they will not be a problem for us.

– What… What do you want from us?

– Look, Layla, I’ll be blunt. We want you. We want to fuck you all in all ways possible. If you make us happy, everyone will walk away scat-free. If not…

Layla’s daughters were now hugging one another, while the little girl, although not understanding what was happening, also cried hugging her mother. Layla, trying her best to control herself, said:

– Look… I… You can have me. I’ll cooperate, I’ll do anything you want.

– Yes, you will. And everyone else also will.

– Please, please don’t. I… Look, me and Brenda! We… We are married, and… But please, don’t touch Bianca. And Chloe… She is just a child…

– Come here, Layla…

She reluctantly rose from the couch and, looking down, got closer to me. At this point, all five of us, me and my associates, were back in the living room, and I said:

– Strip

She looked at me with wide eyes and begged:

– Please, not here… Let’s go to the…

I slapped her face so hard that she lost her balance and fell down. Her daughters let out a shriek and looked away while Layla tried to protect herself, waiting for another blow, but I simply said, calmly:

– Stand up and strip.

She got up from the floor, crying quietly, her cheek red from my slap, and slowly started to strip. She let her light dress slip from her body and, with trembling hands, took off her bra, exposing her small, sagging tits. She looked at me with begging eyes for a second before finally pushing her panties down, showing a perfectly trimmed pussy and a small but pretty ass, although showing her age. She tried to cover herself with her hands, but I said:

– Stop it. Put your arms to your sides.

She complied stood there, looking down, until baldy, after looking at me for approval, took off his pants, exposing his already rigid cock, and said:

– Get on your knees and suck me.

She started to cry harder, but slowly complied, too afraid to say anything. She got down in front of Baldy and, with a sad expression, took his cock in her hands, closed her eyes, and slowly engulfed it in her mouth.

– If you bite me, everyone dies!

She nodded and started to suck, while her daughters cried and the younger girl observed in a mix of curiosity and fear. Smiling, I said to Brenda, the older daughter:

– Now, Brenda, I want you, your sister and your daughter to also strip.

She made a desperate face, saying:

– No, no, please not Chloe. Look… Bianca is… Bianca is a virgin, you can have me and her… But not Chloe, please!

That piece of information only made me hornier, and I screamed, faking rage:

– How long will it fucking take for you all to understand this is not a fucking negotiation??? Take off the fucking clothes!!!

Looking to my colleagues, I said:

– You two, strip the older ones. You, get the younger girl here!

Layla tried to stop sucking and say something, but baldy hold her head in place and told her to suck or he would hurt her daughters, and so she did. Rock and Mean did as I said, and after some struggle started to strip Brenda and Bianca while slapping them around, making them scream, while I knelt down to Chloe, that Chubby brought to me, and said calmly:

– Chloe, do you want me to hurt you?

She looked at me with fear in her eyes and said in a feeble voice:

– N… No…

– Then, please, take off your clothes.

With tears in her eyes, she slowly complied, taking off her t-shirt and then her shorts. As soon as I saw her fantastic small tits I couldn’t resist anymore, and started to lick and kiss them while using my thumbs to push her pink panties down. At this point, Brenda and Bianca were already naked, and I said to my guys:

– You can do anything you want to the two older ones, but leave the younger one to me first. I want to break her cherry after I’m done with this one.

Looking disappointed, the guys put Bianca back on the couch, now completely naked, and in no time Brenda was on her fours, grunting and gagging with Mean’s cock in her mouth and Rock’s large cock ravaging her pussy. Chubby, looking around and thinking, decided to join Baldy fucking Layla, the mother, and without warning knelt down behind her and entered her dry pussy, making her let out a scream before Chubby pushed her back to his cock.

The room was a symphony of grunts, moans, crying and gagging when I took Chloe by her hand and, sitting on the couch and already naked, told her:

– See what your granny is doing with her mouth?

She glanced at Layla and, looking down, nodded.

– I want you to do the same to me. Now, listen to me: if you scratch me with your teeth, or bite me, or hurt me in any way, I’ll hurt you and mommy. Do you get it?

She nodded again, tears running down her eyes, and I smiled, saying:

– Now get on your knees. Put your lips over your teeth, so you don’t scratch me, and put my cock inside your mouth.

She looked at her mother in search of support, but Brenda’s head was firmly held by Mean. She then looked at Bianca, and I got an idea:

– Bianca, come here.

The girl looked like she was trying to disappear inside the couch, and I repeated in a stern voice:

– Come here or Chloe here will pay the price.

She slowly complied, and got closer, her young chubby tits and body begging to be used..

– Now, I want you to kneel down with little Chloe here and teach her to suck cock.

– But… I… I never…

– You’re 21 and never gave a blowjob???

She looked down, her cheeks completely red, and at that exact moment, I heard two heavy moans and, looking to my left side, saw Baldy and Chubby emptying their balls, one inside Layla’s mouth, the other in her pussy. I waited a few seconds until they left her alone, lying on the floor, and said:

– OK, then let’s do something different. Layla! Come here!

She looked at me, her face in a complete mess from her crying and gagging, and with cum running down her chin, completely confused. I got Chloe’s hair in my hand and, raising my other hand as if I would slap her, repeated:

– Come here, now!

She didn’t even got up from the floor, covering the small distance in her knees.

– I want you to teach Chloe and Bianca how to give a blowjob.

She wiped a stream of cum from her chin and, genuinely confused, asked:

– W… What???

– You heard it. I can see you gave plenty of blowjobs and that drinking cum is not something new to you, so I want you to teach them. But I don’t want your mouth near my cock, not after gulping my friend’s cum.

Baldy laughed, and as Layla was still frozen, looking in shock with my request, I lost my patience and, without warning, slapped Bianca’s face. It was not a hard slap, but it was enough to make Bianca cry harder and to get Layla to speak:

– P… Please, don’t make me do it… They… Oh, please don’t!

– You have two options: you teach them, or I’ll shove my cock inside their throats and hold it there for a minute.

At this point, we heard a small commotion on the other side of the room. It was Rock and Mean that, now, had decided to double penetrate Brenda, making her scream from the pain of Rock’s cock inside her ass. Seeing this, Chubby joined them, shoving his semi hard cock in Brenda’s mouth, stopping her from screaming.

Seeing that scene apparently made Layla enter in a trance. She stopped crying, apparently in shock, and probably decided that their only chance was to do what we asked them to do, so we would leave without hurting them. Caressing Chloe’s face, she said:

– Honey… I… I have to ask you to do it, OK? Otherwise these men… They will hurt us. Do you trust your Nan?

The girl nodded, and Layla said:

OK… Then, open your mouth as wide as you can… Put your lips over your teeth, so you don’t scratch his… His penis… And put your mouth over it.

Chloe looked at me, than my cock, and slowly did as her granny said, while Bianca observed between fascinated and afraid. As soon as the girl’s mouth touched my cock, Layla put her hand behind her head and gently started to push her forward and back, saying.

– Now, sweetie, move your tongue, licking it.

I had only the tip of my cock inside the girl’s mouth, but it was enough to make me moan hard, especially seeing that red lipstick smearing my cock. Unable to control myself, I held Chloe’s head and started to force more of my cock inside, with the girl struggling to accommodate it and Layla telling her to relax her throat and breathe when possible. Layla was now crying again, but this time quietly and defeated, and I told her:

– Tell Chloe to look at me. I want to see her eyes while I fuck her mouth.

Clearly hurting inside, Layla said:

– Hon, look at the gentleman’s eyes. Yes, like that… Keep looking while you go in and out. Don’t stop.

The girl looked at me, her eyes even prettier with the eye-shadow on, but wet from her tears and from the gagging, and I knew I would cum very soon. So, I held her head and told Layla:

– Tell her… Tell her to keep sucking and to drink… Everything… Otherwise she will pay the price…

Layla looked completely broken when she said:

– Chloe, honey… Now he will let some liquid out. It’s not piss, OK? It’s something else, and you can drink it, it will not do you any harm. Try not to spill it, OK? Just… Just gulp it down as fast as you can.

Hearing a grandmother say this to her granddaughter did it, and I pulled my cock all the way down, starting to cum. Chloe tried desperately to get free, smearing my pelvis with her lipstick, but my hands in her head and Layla’s holding her arms down made it impossible, and the only way for her to avoid choking was to start gulping my cum down her throat, drinking the first cum load of her life. It took me a good fifteen seconds to finally relax and stop cumming, and as soon as I did it she took her mouth away from my cock and started to cough hard, making some of the cum that was still in her mouth plaster her face.

I looked down and saw the most erotic scene I’ve ever seen> the girl’s face was a complete mess, with smeared lipstick around her mouth and cum all over her face, her tears making it even more messy, while her grandmother, that a minute ago was holding her arms so she couldn’t take my cock off her mouth, was trying to console her. holding the girl in her arms.

Minutes later my head started to clear up a bit, and I looked around. Brenda was on all fours, cum dripping from her ass, now sucking baldy, while the other three were lying on the floor, completely spent after the gang bang with Brenda; and Bianca was in complete shock, doing nothing, in the same spot she was before, by my side. Already ready for another round, I got up and, without warning, shoved my cock inside Bianca’s mouth:

– Suck it like your granny taught Chloe to do.

Bianca was startled at first, but soon looked at me with fear in her eyes and did as I said, taking my limp cock in her mouth without hesitation and starting a very amateurish blowjob.

– Like that… Keep looking at me and make me hard.

She did as I said, and I asked Rock, that was already standing up and going in the direction of Layla, the grandmother:

– Man, could you please find me some lube?

She smiled, and asked Layla:

– Where can I find some? And don’t tell me you haven’t any, you’re an old bitch and I’m sure you have a bottle somewhere around.

She blushed hard, and said:

– In… In my bedroom, inside my bedside table’s drawer. It’s… It’s the last bedroom down the hall

I started to instruct Bianca, and in no time her green eyes were looking at me while her mouth was doing a very reasonable job in my cock. She couldn’t take all of my cock inside her throat as her young niece had just done, but I had other plans for her… and her niece.

I already had the lube with me, and Layla was already being double-fucked with ease by Rock and Mean, when I took my cock off Bianca’s mouth and took her and Chloe by their hands, saying:

– Guys, let’s get everyone to the dining room. Someone get the restraints from our gear.

All the fucking stopped and we dragged the three women and the girl to the other room, where a long dining table were.

– You four, stand in front of the dining table and curve your body, putting your chest over the table.

Brenda tried to protest, saying:

– What.. What are you…

I slapped her very hard, and as soon as she fell on the floor I slapped her again and again, making all the other women scream. She curled up, and I repeated:


In no time our four captives were in position, from the grandmother to the granddaughter in order of age, and standing with their back to us and their chest over the table. Using the handcuffs and ropes we had, we quickly tied them down with their hands in front of them and tied to the table’s legs in that side of the table. We also tied Layla’s left leg to the left leg of the table, Chloe’s leg to the right leg of the table, and then one girl’s left leg to the other girl’s right leg. In the end, we had all four of them with their legs spread and their asses and pussies exposed to us.

I took the lube in my hand, poured some at my cock, and positioned myself behind Chloe, saying:

– Guys, You can have the two older ones. After I’m done with the younger ones, they are free for you to use, so save some energy.

Everyone was now openly crying, but not complaining anymore as they knew it would be futile. While Rock and Baldy started with Layla and Brenda’s asses, making them scream in pain, I gently lubed little Chloe’s pussy and ass and, getting near her ear, said:

– Honey, if you relax it will not hurt to much. I will fuck you one way or another, so you should not be too tense, as it will only hurt more, OK?

She was crying hard, but nodded, and I smiled at her. Positioning my cock in her virgin, bald pussy’s entrance, I started to push slowly, making her grunt at first. Her pussy was fairly big for her age, but even so it took me a while to be able to push my head through her entrance. During all this time, Bianca, that was at her side and still untouched, was crying softly, and I smiled at her when, feeling Chloe’s hymen, I said:

– Now, Chloe, it will hurt a little.

And pushed hard. Chloe let out a guttural scream, then another and another, while I started to really fuck her pussy, her pussy smearing my cock in the same way her lipstick had done earlier, when she sucked my cock. I fucked her for minutes, while the other guys took turns inside Layla and Brenda’s asses and pussies, but after a while I knew I needed to stop or I could cum. And I still had other holes to fuck.

As soon as I stopped fucking her, she relaxed a bit, thinking it was over. But when she felt my cock touch her asshole, she started to move around and scream:

– No, no, don’t put it there, please!!!! No, not there!!!

Brenda, her mother, also started to scream, telling me to leave her daughter alone, but mean, that was fucking her at that moment, smacked her head twice and she stopped.

– Chloe, as I said, don’t fight it or it will hurt more. Relax.

She seemed to try to relax, and I pressed hard at her lubed asshole

– Yeeeeee!!! It huuuurtsss!!

I pressed again and again, until I could finally pass the entrance. She screamed more and more but now that I was already inside things were easier, and little by little I got deeper and deeper, and soon I was fucking her ass like she was an old whore, going all in and smashing her plump ass with my pelvis with each thrust. After some time she simply stopped crying, just laying there while I fucked her, waiting for it to end. And it did… In a few more minutes, I could feel my cum building up and emptied my balls inside Chloe’s ass, pumping and pumping until I had nothing more left.

I sat down in a nearby chair and admired my work, The girl’s pussy and ass were now completely open and ravaged, and ready to take my colleague’s cocks. Rock looked at me asking for approval, and as soon as I nodded he took position and entered her ass, making her scream again as he was visibly bigger than me.

– Calm down, baby girl… I’ll soon enter your pussy also, I want to cum there…

Seeing that scene, and also seeing Bianca’s still untouched body waiting for me, make me hard again in record time. When I got behind her, she didn’t even protested, only asking in a low, afraid voice:

– Please be gentle. I’ll relax to help you. Don’t hurt me, please.

I caressed her blonde hair and poured some lube, entering her pussy in a single thrust and making her a woman as I had just done with her niece.


We fucked them for hours, until we were completely spent. Before going away, we gave granddaddy and father some pills each to make them hard no matter what and forced them to fuck everyone: Layla, both daughters and the granddaughter, filming everything, and giving them two options: forget what had just happened, or going to the police and seeing the videos leaked to the Internet, having to explain why they had fucked little Chloe and the others.

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