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When I was 15 I fucked an 11 year old girl part 3

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Marie Ann confesses she’s in love with me and loves when I cum in her.

Just a quick reminder on what Marie Ann looks like incase you don’t remember. Marie Ann is half Portuguese and half Italian and is very very tan. She’s about 4’6ish, long brown hair and blonde highlights, completely flat chested, no boobs whatsoever but she had this crazy ass that bubbled out, by far the nicest ass I ever seen on a girl her age, I mean when you gripped that thing you knew you had an ass in your hand, you could grab it and shake your hand and it would jiggle. She had very tan slim narrow legs and these perfect tiny feet with pink toenails. Marie Anns best feature is her face tho, she’s fucking gorgeous, large wide eyes and a nice button nose.

Technically I had just raped Marie Ann, I never got any sort of consent from her that I could fuck her and cum inside her but I did it anyways. It’s wild the things you’d do when you have a boner and a mostly naked 11 year old girl below you. I was so fucking horny and had immediate access to a pussy and I just went and fucked her. I felt horrible after, this is the daughter of my parents best friends of many years, Marie Ann was a good friend to me herself and I had just force deflowered her in a sense. I was in shock, I started thinking that she was gonna tell her parents and they’d tell mine and I’d be fucked. In my moments of despair, Marie Ann with a cum filled pussy reached her hand out and placed it on my arm and told me she loves me, not like loves like a friend but she’s in love with me. She said she’s been in love with me for a couple years now but knew she’s much younger than me and figured I didn’t see her that way. Woahhh I wasn’t expecting to hear that. That’s good tho I’m relieved, cuz honestly her pussy was so fucking good, and to be honest even if I did get in trouble it would have been worth it cuz I never thought pussy could feel so good in my life.

She asked me if I loved her back, glaring at me with her cute little puppy dog eyes, she assumed cuz I had sex with her that I was in love with her too. Although I cared about her a great deal I wasn’t exactly in love with her… yet, but I told her I was just so she wouldn’t get upset and hoped she’d let me fuck her more. Usually people confess their true feelings and THEN have sex but we did it the other way around. All I knew was I was in the clear and didn’t have to worry about anybody finding out. She asked me if this means were boyfriend and girlfriend now, only boyfriend and girlfriend have sex according to her. I told her it wasn’t that simple, the world and our parents wouldn’t allow us to date with our age difference, at least not for a while. I told her we could be secret boyfriend and girlfriend tho and that only we would know the truth of it otherwise I’d get in trouble and that’d be the end of us. She agreed to that but made me promise her I wouldn’t mess around with any other girls and I made her promise to never tell ANYBODY about us and the things we do. I’d be hung on the street if people knew that me a 15 years old is fucking and cumming inside an 11 year old girl.

I asked her how the sex was for her and she said it was amazing, it hurt at first but cuz she loves me she endured it and then it started feeling really good, and when she had an orgasm she felt like she was floating on clouds. Cuz her pussy is so small and tight she loved the feeling of my hot cum burst inside her and fill her up.. She asked me if I liked having sex with her and I told her it was the best sex I ever had and that her body is sexy as fuck, she jumped on top of me and hugged me tight, she was still pretty much naked and as she was on me I felt my cum leaking out of her pussy on me. I wanted to fuck her again so bad that night but I figured I’d give her pussy a little break so we spent the rest of the night cuddling and we both slept together in the same bed. I went to bed so happy, not only was I able to have sex again but it was with an 11 year old girl, something I thought I’d never experience as I never thought to seek it but dam am I glad I did it cuz it was spectacular, I mean who gets to do that??

When we woke up we showered together, in the hot steaming water we held each other the whole time as the water rained on us. I had a boner the whole time and it was pressed up against her chest. I actually wanted to wash up a bit so I pulled away from her and went to lather myself up in my body wash and as I was faced away from her getting all sudsy I felt her press her chest up to my back and then she reached around and I felt her small hands and fingers clasp around my dick and she started jerking me off. I had just used some conditioner so my skin was super slippery and as she was stroking my cock it felt so fucking good, she stroked my dick slow but steady, when her tiny fingers went over the head of my dick it was incredible. I ended up cumming in 30 seconds. Oh what a tease that was.

I picked her up right after that and brought her out to the guest bedroom she’s staying in as it’s a bigger bed and tossed her on it, I was in such a rush I never even shut off the water and it kept running. As I’ve said I only had sex once before, but I never got a blowjob and wondered what it was like so I laid down on the bed and told her to suck my dick. She seemed intimidated, cuz even tho my dick wasn’t super big then it still seemed huge to her cuz of how tiny she is, she questioned if she could fit it in her mouth but I begged her to try anyways. She sat at my side and bent over and examined my dick trying to figure out the best point of attack. She grabbed it with her tiny hand and lowered her head and took the tip of my dick in her mouth. Ughhh finally!! I’m getting head for the first time fuck yes. She was only sucking about 2 inches of my dick as her mouth was very small and hurt her jaw to open up wide enough to get more of my dick in her mouth but hey I’m not gonna complain. I looked down at her and saw this amazing small tan girl with my cock in her mouth, her eyes were closed most of the time but every now and then she’d open them up and make eye contact with me and it was so fucking sexy.

While she was sucking my cock I had my right hand over her body, going between rubbing her soft back to playing with her ass, she has the best feeling skin I ever felt, I didn’t know skin could be so soft and smooth it was unreal, and she’s mine now. As she was sucking my dick I reached under her ass and started rubbing her little tight pussy with my fingers. I got a finger in her and could feel she was super wet from last night when I came inside her that was still in her. So as she continued to blow me I thrusted my middle finger in her and as I was doing that she was moaning and it reverberated on my dick. I took my left hand that was doing nothing and placed it on her head, that’s what I always saw guys doing to girls in porn so I figured I’d do it too. I can’t believe it, the first time a girl sucks my cock and it’s Marie fucking Ann. If you asked me a week ago if this could ever be a possibility I’d have said no fucking way.

I rapid fire finger Marie Ann and in a few minutes I got her to cum hard. I felt my finger get crazy wet and slimy I went to suck it off. I took my other hand now and placed it on her head as well and instead of just resting my hands on her head and let her do it at her own pace I gripped that tiny head and started moving her head over my cock. It’s like I’m jerking off but I’m using a little girls mouth to do it. This just got so much fucking better. I’m not deepthroating her but I am making her take about 80 percent of my dick. Each time I thrust her head on my dick I can hear vivid wet fucking sounds coming from her mouth. This feels so good I become a little animalistic and throw her head up and down over my cock much faster and Marie Ann’s making louder sounds, seeing my dick go inside this pretty little face and mouth is so sexy omg. I legit face fucked Marie Ann for 3 solid minutes not even letting up for her to breath.. and then right as I cum I push her head down all the way so now my dick is in her throat and I cum right in it. I held her head all the way down for 10 solid seconds constantly cumming inside her throat. When I took her head off me a bunch of my cum had came back out of her mouth, she didn’t know to swallow while I was cumming, maybe I should have warned her.

My dick was still hard as fuck even after I came in her throat so I got up and told Marie Ann to get on her hands and knees in front of me. Holy shitttt seeing this girl bent over in front of me with her tiny body looking all sexy is driving me nuts. I get up behind her and shove my dick right in her tight pussy. Marie Ann screamed out this time when my dick entered her. Again I’m not wearing a condom cuz I feel I don’t need to and definitely don’t want to, this pussys so good why would I wanna feel less of it? I thrust into her and can feel her little ass bump up against me each time, I look down and can see her tinyyy butthole starring at me it’s hot as hell. I place my hands around her waist and can feel how skinny she is. Marie Ann told me my dick was huge as I fucked her among other moans and screams. Her pussy is so tight I can hear wet suction cup sounds each time my dick went in and out, I can literally feel my dick pry open her pussy.

Ive came twice in the last 15 or so minutes so I feel confident I’ll last long this time. I fucked Marie Ann doggy style for 10 minutes and I made her cum 2 times. Each time she cums her whole body shakes like she was hit with electricity. I have her flip over on her back and lift her little legs up against my chest holding them at the ankles. I push her feet together and bend my head down and lick all over her feet, the sides of them, the soles of her feel and heel and I even stuck all of her toes in my mouth and sucked them as I fucked her. Marie Ann and her small body is laid back on the bed with her eyes closed and she’s gripping the sheets of the bed with all her might. I look down over her body and omfggggggg I can see a nice belly bulge form on her each time I thrust into her, she’s that tiny I can see my dick inside her, that’s just the hottest thing I ever saw. I needed my body on top of hers now so I spread her legs and let them go and go on top of her, I needed all the skin on skin contact right now. I take hold of her body and hold her tight pressed against me I’m about to cum inside her. With my whole body weight on her in between her legs I thrust one last time and cummm all up inside her, I came so much it started bursting out of her pussy.

I fucked Marie Ann like 6 times everyday for the rest of the week and came inside her every time. Marie Ann loves when I cum inside her and even started telling me to when we fucked. Never ever in my life had I ever thought I’d have an 11 year old cum bucket “girlfriend”. When our parents got back it was a little tricky for us to hang out and fuck. We didn’t wanna arouse any suspicion so we had to play it cool. Her parents had me babysit her a few times and that was sick, I got to fuck Marie Ann in her own bed in her little girls room. And that’s how it was for the next 3 years. When she was 14 and I was 18 we officially started dating and we dated for 4 years and then she went to college on the opposite coast. Things weren’t the same after that when she graduated and moved back, we had met and dated other people but remained good friends. If we were single we’d hang out and have sex, I didn’t get to cum in her anymore cuz I didn’t want her to get pregnant but if I’m being honest her pussy way so much better when she was younger, 13 year old Marie Ann was prime Marie Ann.

I’ll never forget all the good times I had fucking a preteenie when I was as old as I was. Nobody other than us ever found out… well you know now so shhhhhh.

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  • Reply Dennis ID:1euafugzk8bk

    Awesome story
    I’m 65 my girlfriend is 18

  • Reply George ID:1d227ottxp4u

    I’m 35 and my girlfriend is 11 she’s so sweet innocent pink pussy she’s in love with me loves having hot wet sex

    • Ugh eww ID:1e962xv8puew

      Gross ass loser.

  • Reply Reginald J. ID:1v4n6s520k

    Great story! The only issue I have is that a 15-year-old fucking an 11 or 12-year-old girl is pretty common, not rare. Your story makes it seem like you “struck gold” when many of us have done the same thing. When I was 15 for example, my gf was 13 and one day her 11-year-old sister told me bluntly she wanted to fuck so I fucked her. She wasn’t a virgin. She told me she busted her hymen accidentally masturbating with a hairbrush handle but who knows? Maybe ol’ dad or grandpa or the neighbor’s son was fucking her regularly. In my own experience, I couldn’t tell much difference between her pussy and her sister’s. It was nice, yes, but so were the 14 and 15-year-olds I was fucking at the time. I didn’t see a whole lot special about it.

    • James230 ID:1dhothrfj46j

      I guarantee you nearly everybody in my school my age and up never got to experience a 4’6 11 year old virgins pussy before and cum inside them. Most guys look for girls older than them at that age not younger. And I did feel like I struck gold as she was the second girl I ever had sex with and not just once but several times a day for an entire week. I could easily tell a huge difference in the older girls pussy versus Marie Ann’s. It’s well out of the societal norm to hook up with a girl her age so yes I’d say it’s rare. But thanks for the reply! Hope you liked it you horny bastard

  • Reply MrMmmmm ID:8bvve16340