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Spain, a happy hunting ground

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I love Spain for its natural beauty and its natural beauties.

I say, without embarrassment, that I am in love with Spain. I have been going regularly since I was about 10 yo and I never get tired of the place.

When I am relaxing I try to find a quiet Air B&B or villa somewhere up in the hills or on a quiet coast. Somewhere I can speak Spanish and avoid tourists. I can eat with the locals and experience traditional Spanish food.

However, when I on the hunt, i head for the tourist hotspots where young women from all over Europe flaunt themselves wearing next to nothing and are often senseless from drink. They really are easy pickings.

It is also easy to find younger teens or even pre-teens emulating their older siblings whilst their parents drink themselves to oblivion.

The British have a reputation for being drunk and of loose morals when on holiday in Spain, but I have found them to be more switched on and harder to prey on. The other tough group are the Japanese – which is surprising given their prolific porn industry which focuses on very young girls..

Pretty much every other European citizens are relatively easy as well as Americans (they probably are the most gullible).

You have to be a bit careful with the Spanish girls as they have a lot of family locally and if you are not careful you can take a beating and end up in clink.

They are worth the effort though. I remember the first one I ever got my hands on. I was just on the outskirts of a tourist seaside town. It was a Sunday and most of the locals were in their best clothes and heading for Church.

I saw one family which consisted of Mom, Dad, an older teen boy and a gorgeous young girl probably not yet a teen. I noticed them for two reasons.

Firstly the little girl was gorgeous. She had long dark hair, held off her face by some sort of clip at the back of her head in a kind of half ponytail. She work a lovely pink dress which came down below her knees, with elaborate frills around the neckline, her short sleeves and around the hem of the dress.

Her face was angelic with full lips, a small upturned nose and big brown eyes. Her skin was a beautiful olive colour.

The other reason was that she was in a massive argument with her parents. From what I could make out, she was not all that happy to be going to church and she was letting her Mom know in no uncertain terms. I had a lot of sympathy with her as I hated going to church with a passion when I was young, and I actually refused to go anymore when I was about her age.

I was sitting outside of a cafe with a coffee and a croissant watching this unfold. Her Dad grabbed her arm and started dragging her towards the church. She broke free and she ran off crying. Her parents waved her away with exasperation and went on into the church.

I finished my breakfast, paid up and nonchalantly wandered off in the direction the little girl had run off.

I came across her sitting on a stone step on the corner of two alleyways. I assumed this was probably her house, but didn’t know.

I approached her and cleared my throat. She looked up startled, her tear-stained face morphing from upset to curiosity.

“Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the beach” I said in my best Spanish with what I hoped was a German accent.

She gave me directions, pointing this way and that congruent with her instructions.

“Thank you, are you alright? You look upset” I said.

She began crying again, so I sat beside her on the step.

“My name is George and I arrived here yesterday on holiday” I said, “What is your name?”

She sniffed and said her name was Natalia. She then related the argument she had with her parents. I sympathised her and told her I agreed with her. I added that I thought that young people should not be indoctrinated into religion by their parents and school. They should be allowed to make up their own minds when they were informed enough to realise what bullshit religion is.

Natalia broke into a smile and told me that was what she thought.

We chatted for maybe 30 minutes and then I said I had to go (having no intentions of actually going). She grabbed onto my arm and asked me not to go, she did not want to be left on her own.

“We can’t stay sitting on this stone step, my bottom has gone numb.” She howled with laughter at this. She said we could go into her house and sit somewhere comfortable. I was hesitant and asked her what would happen if her family came back and found me there.

“Don’t worry, Mass goes on for a couple of hours, so they won’t be back anytime soon” she informed me.

I was surprised when she just opened her front door, it wasn’t locked, and we entered a beautifully decorated room, so typically Spanish.

She gestured for me to sit down and sat beside me. Being so close to her, I could smell her perfume and was almost touching her bare knees which had become exposed.

We chatted for a few minutes, with her starting to spiral a bit into self pity, so I thought I would try something. I placed one hand on her bare knee, telling her that she shouldn’t dwell on the negative and should focus on all the things she had to be thankful for. I noted she hadn’t objected to my hand being where it was.

“What have I got to be thankful for” she asked.

“Well, you live in a beautiful house in a lovely town, with a perfect little family. Also, you are a beautiful intelligent young woman with her whole life ahead of her” I said.

The feel of her soft skin on her leg was sending my cock crazy. I moved my hand slightly higher up her leg, just under her dress to even softer and smoother skin. She started to try to move away a little, looking concerned.

Fuck it, I thought, and grabbed her tightly. “This is how it’s going to work, you are going to do exactly as you are told or your family will return to find you dead. Do you understand?” I demanded.

She seemed to have gone into a catatonic state, so I shook her and asked her again “Do you understand”. She nodded.

“Stand up and lift up your dress” I ordered.

She slowly complied. My breath grew ragged as she raised the hem of her dress up her legs, over her soft smooth thighs until her panties became visible. OMG, I have never seen such panties before or since. They were pink, like her dress, with multiple rows of frills covering the entire front.

I told her to turn around. The back of her panties were plain pink cotton which hugged the curves of her bottom. The fabric was thin enough that I could just make out the crevice between her cheeks.

She turned back round and started to lower her dress again. “Woah, take it off” i said loudly.

She shook her head and asked me not to make her do that. I just stared hard at her and she lifted the dress up over the waistband of her panties showing her perfectly flat smooth tummy, then above her chest showing small but perky tits with dark brown nipples. Finally she pulled it off over her head and clutched it to her chest.

I held my hand out and she reluctantly handed me her dress. I carefully smoothed it out and placed it on the back of the couch, folding it neatly. No reason to mess up such a lovely dress.

Obviously she had no bra on, although she probably needed one. Her arms were crossed over her tits and she was looking at the floor, but interestingly she wasn’t crying.

Natalia, please take off your panties. She stayed still, hugging her chest and shaking her head.

I approached her and slowly pulled down the frilly lingerie. I had my face level with her pussy when it appeared. Her pussy lips were as fully as her kissing lips, completely bald, smooth and blemish free. There was no redness around it as I often found in white girls of a similar age.

I reached out and touched her lips and slit. She flinched back, so I put my arm around back on her buttocks and pulled her close allowing me to explore her front bottom.

Her pussy and ass were soft , smooth and firm. Her skin had that wonderful elasticity that young ones have, springing back after my fingers had probed her.

I kissed her between the legs and then spun her round to kiss her all over her bottom. She whimpered a bit and half-heartedly tried to pull away.

I helped her out of her panties, which I put in my pocket and looked at her standing nude in front of me. She looked like a Goddess to me. The perfect specimen of a beautiful young woman. Her eyes sparkled from tears recently shed and I wiped the remnants away from her cheeks with my thumb. She had beautiful thick dark eyebrows, not monstrous black slugs like some, but sexy eyebrows that I just had to run my thumb over.

I sat her down on the couch and got her to open her legs. I ran my hand up her inner thighs whilst leaning in to taste both of her little girl boobs. Her nipples sprung erect so I teased them with my tongue, flicking them and making circles around each one. Her nipples were quite long for such a little girl and made having them in my mouth a real turn-on.

My hand made it to her pussy and I pushed a finger between her labia seeking her clitoris. She was warm and moist down there and her clitoris quickly stiffened under my touch. I felt her react to the gently caressing I was giving her pussy, so I looked up from her tits to see her face was flushed. She wasn’t objecting or crying.

I dropped down between her legs and pulled her ass to the edge of the couch. The lower part of her buttocks looked full and chunky pressed against the cushion of the couch and her pussy looked good enough to eat.

I spread her labia and kissed her right on the clitoris. She jumped. I curled my tongue around it and wiggled causing her to squirm in response. I looked up at her face and saw she was looking back at me with her top teeth placed over her bottom lip. Christ that was a turn on.

I went full steam ahead attacking her pussy with mouth , tongue and teeth. Natalia was now making noises and was moving her hips against my face. I knew she was going to cum when her thighs closed around my head and she let out a gasping sob. I could feel the orgasm running through her body in waves. I could not believe my luck that she was cumming.

I decided it was time to introduce her to my white snake. She watched intently as I lowered my jeans and briefs so my cock sprang up before her. Her eyes widened.

I took her hand and wrapped her fingers around it. She didn’t try to pull her hand away. I started her off, moving her hand up and down my shaft. She stared fascinated looking from my cock to my face and back.

I released her hand and she carried on wanking me on her own. I reached between her legs to her very wet lips and began stimulating her clitoris again. Her eyes rolled into her head before she closed them and whimpered.

This was going better than I even expected. I was anticipating tears and fighting, but no. She seemed to be enjoying the experience now, so I thought it might be a good time to pop her cherry.

I lay her on her back and lay on top of her with my cock between her Labia. I rubbed it up and down her slit, brushing her clitoris and entrance. She seemed to like that, so I lined up and pushed my cock head into her a couple of inches.She tensed up. I stroked her hair, kissed her mouth and on to her breasts. When she relaxed I pushed through her maidenhead. She screamed like a banshee. I put my hand over her mouth and pumped my dick in and out of her tight pussy. She squirmed, writhed and fought me, but I was way too strong.

My body was slapping into her. She had the sweetest most responsive pussy I had fucked up to that date. It seemed to flutter as I pushed in, I don’t have any other words to describe the sensation, it was delicious.

I could feel she was getting used to my invasion as she had stopped resisting and even relaxed a little. Her beautiful face gazed up at me, completely unreadable. She put her hand on my chest and said “please don’t cum inside of me, please. I don’t want the shame of being pregnant”.

The truth and honesty in her face caused me to stop thrusting. “I’ll make a deal with you”, I said, “if you tell no one about what has happened here today I will not cum in your pussy. But if you do tell someone, I will be back and I will impregnate you and your Mom, understand?” She nodded.

I pulled my dick out of her. It was a bloody mess.

I grabbed some tissue from the kitchen and wiped us both up, flushing it down the toilet. I got her to lie face down on the couch with her lovely Spanish bottom in the air. I placed my dick along her ass crack and rubbed up and down. Her bum cheeks were cool and soft causing my heart to beat fast and my mouth to water. I felt a jump in my balls which was my orgasm knocking on the door. No chance, I’m not ready.

Pushing harder into her ample bum crack I ground my cock between those cheeks. Her ass was warming up, so I pointed my cock downwards so it nestled between her meaty lower buttocks, grazing her butthole and probing between her legs. I humped her hard until there was no resisting the demands of my body any longer and I unloaded my full load between her preteen Spanish ass cheeks, between her legs and spraying over her labia.

I grunted my satisfaction as my semen pumped out on to her giving me tremendous pleasure and sexual relief. She was a delightful fuck, all soft flesh and curves all in a fabulous virgin package. If God was the designer then she was amongst his best work. I preferred to think she was the absolute pinnacle of evolution which couldn’t be bettered, only equalled.

I looked at her. I had seen little girls much more distraught after my attentions. She didn’t even seem all that upset. I’d have been mad as hell if I was in her shoes and someone had tricked their way into my home and taken my virginity.

Natalia cleaned herself up and put on her dress. She even went upstairs to put on some clean knickers.

When she came down she asked me to leave.

I was out of there, back to my car and out of the area within 30 mins. As I drove through the streets I saw the churches starting to empty. There were so many little girls along my route who were dressed the same as Natalia had been.

Once back at the villa, I showered and relaxed by the pool. My hunger had been satisfied for now, but I knew that in a few days I would need to find another unwilling victim. But what flavour to choose?

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    Loved the way you popped her cherry. Pinning her down with your body weight, your hand over her face, pumping hard into her cunt. Love to see a little bitch squeal and squirm getting raped hard. Too bad you didn’t fuck her up the ass. If you’re not shooting into her cunt, you might as well bust her ass open and unload deep in her bowels. There is nothing better than to assrape a little slut, your fat cock splitting her in half, you go balls deep, fast and hard, reaming her rectum, giving her pain, she will squeal and spasm around your cock, massaging you, milking your cum inside her guts, giving you the best orgasm ever. Please, rape the little bitch up the ass next time.

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    You perverted fuck, there is nothing sexy about violating a child.

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    Natalia acted almost like i would have! I’d probably have asked you to buy me a pill after you came inside me because i love getting creampied by adults. Although idk if i need it because i’m 11

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