Please Teach Me Jack 2

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The morning after. Brinnley has a boo-boo.

I opened my eyes when my phone pinged on the nightstand. Linda was texting to say she and Autumn were getting ready to eat breakfast and go shopping at an outlet mall for a couple of hours and would probably be home around noon. I answered for her to take her time, everyone was still sleeping.

I replayed last night in my mind’s eye. By far, it was the most erotic moment I have ever experienced. I thought back to my teenage years; and yes, there were many electric moments. Linda and I have a great sex life and push the limits sometimes with roleplay and light restraint. However, last night was beyond this universe. Never in a lifetime did I ever feel I was attracted to prepubescent girls. Then that all fell apart in about one hour last evening at the pool. I really never thought I would.

Brinnley was different, like a college teenager in a child’s body. She had a healthy approach to life: an honor roll student, the top swimmer in her swim club competitions, an avid reader, and a deeper philosophical thought process than most adults I know. Her father was an asshole who treated his wife like she was a piece of dirt and since Brinnley was a carbon copy of her mother, minus 30 years, he treated her in a mirror-like fashion. Brinnley was a survivor and earned her mature approach to her young life.

I heard a light knock on the bedroom door. “Good morning, Jack. Have you heard from Mom and Linda?”

“Hey Girl, I sure have. Is Hunter still asleep?”

“He’s out. He usually sleeps in on Saturdays, unless he has a morning baseball game.

“Linda said they will be home around noon, they’re going to get some shopping done.” She was wearing another one of my sleeveless T-shirts and walked over to my bed. I rolled over to face her, stretching the sheet over my legs. The same bed where 8 hours ago, I was cleaning copious amounts of little girl juice from her body. “Are you okay?”

“Jack, I have never felt more alive in my entire life. I never dreamed that something like that could happen. Never.”

“It was pretty special. Thank you for allowing me to share the experience. It was my pleasure. I mean that. You are quite a remarkable young lady. You have a gift my little one,” I assured her sincerely while thinking “how can an eleven-year-old girl squirt so hard and so long.” A light breeze blew in from the open bay windows. A fragrance of lake water, freshly mowed grass, and eleven-year-old honey filled his nostrils and put a twitch in his loins. “Are you sure you’re okay? You’re not weirded out and going to drown all the members of your swim team?”, he joked seriously, making sure she knew he was looking into her eyes for the real answer.

Causing her little tittie buds to scrape on the inside of her T-shirt as she giggled.

“I know I made a joke but I need a serious answer. We did something that no one, and I mean no one can ever know. Ever. It was the most beautiful thing I ever experienced, but I would never hurt you by wanting this to continue with something you do not want to do. I just need to know if your head is okay with what happened. Do you understand what I’m saying? Are you sure you are okay?”

She came close and leaned against the mattress with her upper thighs, looking at me while the morning sun shone through the window and created a bright aura around her face. “I’m fine, Jack. My head is fine.” She stopped for a second while biting her lower lip. “This morning, I was feeling around down there and it was sore. I mean it felt good…. not as good as last night, but good. Just really, really sore. Kind of like a good hurt. I got out of bed and went into the hallway bathroom to look at it. It’s all swollen, Jack. Real red and puffy. And, I think I have a big bump there now.”

She widened her stance, her feet shoulder-width apart, and slowly started to raise the T-shirt she was wearing. Her fingers curled the shirt like a roll-up window blind in ultra-slow motion, it seemed like time stopped as her pussy came into view about a foot from my face. She was still biting her lower lip when I glanced up quickly to acknowledge what she was doing.

She held the shirt against her body with her elbows while her hands slowly crept down to her pussy. The tight compact little crease I saw last night in the bathroom doorway was gone! It was almost three times its size. Her lips bulged out so much that her little almost invisible crevasse from last night was at least an inch deep, inflamed red valley with a honey-spring flowing from it. The inside of her satiny thighs was coated with a bright sheen of 100% pure little girl juice. My eyes popped out of their sockets as her fingers started to part the opening. The syrup stretched from lip to lip like a gossamer until pulling apart and falling. In the center was a filmy, glistening bump the size of a bright pink pencil eraser.

She tenderly tapped on it with her right index finger. Her hips involuntarily jerked back. “It hurts to touch it, what is it? I have kind of felt a teeny weeny spot there before, but look, Jack,” she said while rocking her fingertip on the side of her clit against her swollen lips, making it seem larger than it really was. I was now the one biting my lower lip.

I looked quickly at the bedroom door but heard no sign of life from Hunter. “Oh, Sweetie! That is the most beautiful bump I have ever seen. You are so damn beautiful! My oh my!” I whispered, mesmerized by the rocking of her finger and her delicate but distended button rising from a pond of sweet liquid.

After another few seconds while he listened closely for other house sounds, he sympathetically murmured, “It really hurts, huh?”

“It does, Jack. It’s real sore. And, I’ve never seen it there before. Not that!” she emphasized pushing against the side of her button, causing her to whimper and chew down on her lip. A little surge of juice puddled and slowly run toward her thighs.

“Does my little girl have a boo-boo?”

She smiled through her teeth and lip, nodding her head while looking out the top of those large gray wolf-like eyes.

“Does my little girl need her boo-boo kissed? Does she want the hurt to stop?” I said in a sing-song mommy accent. Another bubble of juice dripped out and she was nodding her head faster.

Swinging my legs out from under the sheets, I stood, picked up Brinnley, and sat her on the bed. I walked over to the bedroom door, glanced and listened down the hallway before shutting it softly. Walking back toward her my granite-hard cock swung side to side. Her eyes were locked on it, her mouth now open, taking in a large gulp of air.

He grabbed the beach towel he used last night from the other side of the bed, picked up her legs and slid it underneath her bum. He knelt on the floor at her feet as she leaned back to lay down, her eyes closed and she was biting her bottom lip again with the shirt still gathered at her waist. He leaned forward and inhaled deeply through my nose. “Okay, Sweetie. I think I can help you, but I need your help. Remember last night when I was playing with your boobies. I need you to do that. I need you to do exactly what I was doing. Can you do that for me? It will help take the pain away down here,” he said. She nodded her head quickly and watched her hands fold onto her chest and start lightly touching her nipples through the T-shirt, he blew a long puff of breath onto her pussy as he slowly widened her lips, watching another flow trickle out. Her hips started rising and falling in cadence with her nipples as she started to gently squeeze them.

Jack started gliding his lips softly up and down her thighs, lightly sponging up the film and allowing his taste buds to enjoy the virgin substance. He glanced up and watched as she started increasing the pulling on the entire nipple with the tips of her fingers. Her mouth open, a slight gasp with each breath.

Without warning he pulled her lips apart wider and stared at her crinkled star, before starting there and making one long, slow pass up her entire pussy with his flattened tongue. As he passed over the swollen button, he felt his cock release a stream of pre-cum. Brinnley gasped loudly and slid her hands in through the sleeve openings pulling hard on her nipples, stretching them an obscene distance from her ribs. His cock released another small stream. He sucked hard on the distended protrusion, causing a yelp from Brinnley and a spontaneous release of honey. He started quickly flicking her rubbery clit back and forth as she clawed and pinched at her tender titties. And, just like last night her legs shot forward, locking at the knees as she shook like a 6.9 quake. Her pussy exploded, spewing a mouthful of warm virgin cum into Jack’s waiting mouth. He latched on, covering her entire pussy with his mouth while his cat-like tongue lapped up every drop of the sweet flowing nectar.

As she settled down and allowed her feet to dangle over the edge, Jack feather-kissed every inch of her thighs and pussy. “Hey sweetie, does it still hurt?” As he watched her pussy pulsing open and close in post-orgasmic rhythm.

In a dreamy whisper, she moaned, “Not at all. Your little girl is all better now, Uncle Jack. Nothing hurts. Except maybe my boobies a little,” she laughed and kicked her feet from the sensitivity of his kisses.

“See, told you I could make it go away. He stood, then changed his mind bending other to kiss her. His mouth and lips still coated in her delicious sauce. He never intended a peck on the lips. He firmly placed his mouth against hers, allowing his tongue to caress her lips. She opened wide and quickly caught on, as they licked and swirled their tongues against each other. The kiss lasted until they were both gasping. They looked into each other’s eyes with an undying passion.

Come on, let’s get you up and presentable,” he said, rising and pulling her up. She wearily got off the bed, testing her legs to see if she could stand, she looked down, pointed, and said, “Look at that, Uncle Jack!”

Dripping down the edge of the beach towel were several streams of cum that he didn’t even realize erupted from his dick. He didn’t even remember cumming. Brinnley reached out her fingertip and scooped up a large drop of cum that was suspended from the tip of his semi-hard, yet softening cock. She licked it while looking up into his eyes. “I like that. That tastes different but good. I like that. I like how I taste too!”

“Hey, young lady! What do you think you’re doing?” He feigned heartedly.

“Like my Grandpa Bob always says, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

“Oh, you are a real comedian. Come on, let me get you another shirt. You can the shower in the hallway bath, so your brother can sleep a little longer,” I suggested while pulling on a pair of shorts and a shirt.

“Thanks, Jack, thanks for helping me. I’ve had these strange feelings for a year or so now. Dad left and on a couple nights I tried to go down to mom’s room to sleep with her, but her door was locked and I could hear moaning inside and a buzzing noise. At first, I thought she was crying. One night she forgot to lock and close the door and I saw her doing something between her legs. She kicked the sheet away and I saw her rubbing herself real hard and fast until she screamed, I just started touching myself the same way during baths and it felt good. I just didn’t understand why I felt that way.”

I felt my dick starting to harden again with that vision because Autumn was a very attractive woman and deserved so much better than what she had. But the thought of her lying in bed and cumming like a freight train was almost overload at this moment. “Come on Sweetie, let’s get you to the shower without your brother waking up. And, one more thing.”

“What’s that Jack?” she asked while he pulled a fresh t-shirt over her naked form.

“Does your mom ever ever come into the bathroom when you’re in the tub?”

“Not much anymore. Why?”

“I would maybe suggest you take it easy for a few days with your little magical toy down there and not let her see it all puffy and swollen like that. Give it a rest. She’ll know. Trust me. Do you know what being discreet means?”

“I think so. You mean like being careful?”

“Exactly. You have to be very careful. And, remember, when they get home today, we, you and I, both need to be careful. No silly stuff. I know things have changed with us, but that must be our secret, no one else’s. We can’t continue if we aren’t careful.

“You worry too much. I’m not stupid,” she laughed as she pranced down the hallway, but not before flipping the new T-shirt up once, showing me that delicious-looking bum.

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