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Granddaughter Popsicle taste test

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It all started on a hot sumer day , my grand daughter savanah was over for the day enjoying the sun when she came in with her friend sammie and asked for a popsicle both didn’t know what flavor they wanted so I asked if they wanted to play a game to see if they could guess the flavor, ofcourse they both eagerly answered yes , but I told them I would have to blindfold them and keep they’re hands behind them as to not cheat , both girls agreed and sat on the couch, I went to the freezer and took out multiple different flavors, I opened the lime one and pit it against savanahs lips , she poked her tongue out and flicked the tip within seconds she had her lips around it sucking it , I was surprised at how good she was , but what girl doesn’t like Popsicles 😉 , I told her not to guess yet and let Sammie have a taste. , Sammie opened and took have the popsicle in her mouth. She clearly loved it and yelled out LIME lol , we did the same with blueberry, but then i took out some strawberry lube and ruled it on my now hard cock , I told them this one will be a little different, I put my co k against my sweet grand daughters lips she takes a long lick and loved the taste I pushed my cock in her mouth and to my surprise she started sycking it, but then stopped and said why it wasn’t cold , I told her it wasa giant gummy worm , and she giggle and went back to sucking at this point there was barely any lube left as she bobbed her head and said it was delicious, Sammie was pouti g waiting her turn. I slowly pulled my cock out of my sweet savanas mouth and she made a pop sound, I smeared more lube around my cock and did the same to Sammie, but it was like she’s done this before and sucked my gummy worm like a pro , that’s when she said this feels just like my daddies penis , I froze in shock as she went back and gobbled my cock, it took everything g to hold me back , that’s when savanah asked what’s a penis and I Siad that’s for another time sweety I took my cock out of her mouth , took there blindfold off , gave them both Popsicles and sent them on there way, I never shot a bigger load in my life , until……

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  • Reply Whip2238 ID:v78s70dnl33

    Vary good need more

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Need part 2

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Keep it going

  • Reply Ronald ID:2wcg8yx6ii

    Great story! Reminds me of one time my stepdaughter’s 14-year-old friend spent the night at our house. It was late at night and they had been bed for a while but we coincidentally ended up at the hall bathroom at the same time. We laughed and I told her to go ahead, I’d wait. She surprised me by telling me to step inside with her. I did but only half closed the door. I thought she wanted to tell me something. Well, she did but nothing it was nothing like I thought she was going to say. She looked at the crotch of my sweatpants then at my face then bluntly said “I’ll suck your dick if you want me to.” I was beyond shocked. I asked her what gave her the idea to even say something like that. She said, “I suck my dad’s all the time.” I immediately thought that, in fact, I did want her to do that very thing, right then, but I also had a mental picture of how this was going to look in court so I told her “I appreciate it, but nah. I’m good.” I jerked off later thinking about it but I didn’t have the balls to let her do it.

  • Reply Demon ID:1dj883edcbnw

    I need part 2 soon

    • Silent stalker ID:e5xm6spd4

      Glad you enjoyed, part 2 to come soon , Sammie knows allot more then I thought hehe

    • Chaz ID:1etw28dxlbkd

      Great story

  • Reply Firewater jim ID:2px1mcs54ht

    That was pretty good. You should write a few more.