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I was a paper boy in a village aged 13 part 2

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After my first sex I was getting used to breed Sarah and they wanted me to get my Girlfriend Dorothy to join in

After sex with Tanya I lay still not knowing what to do next and watched as she walked around naked her body was perfect well to a 13 year old it was but what I wanted to see was Sarah naked and have her sit on my cock like Tanya did ,I watched as Tanya went over to Sarah and Sarah put her hand between her Aunties legs and I watched as she fingered her no wonder she liked coming to her Auntie’s to stay they must of been doing this all the time as Tanya lifted Sarah’s top off and undone her bra then she slipped her skirt and panties off she was now naked and she called me over ,I stood up my cock sticking out like a rocket as I walked over she said it’s Sarah’s turn now and I want you to bend her over and put your cock in her pussy from behind ,I didn’t need telling twice as this 12 year old girl bent over the sofa and I got behind trying to get my cock in her pussy but to no avail Tanya laughed and got behind me i could feel her body on my back as she lent and grabbed my cock and positioned it at Sarah’s pussy entrance i felt the wetness of her lips and as i pushed the tightness of her little pussy as i pushed again and again and it went in , Tanya’s pussy was great but Sarah’s was amazing so tight gripping my little cock as i was right in and then I felt Tanya put he rhand on my balls and say fuck her and cum in her as i started to move in and out of her beautiful little body ,i was loving this and she was younger than me, i wanted it to last forever but with Tanya playing with my balls as I fucked Sarah i couldn’t and soon i was shooting my cum up into Sarah I felt it around my cock in her pussy Tanya said pull out let me eat your cum from her pussy as i watched Sarah turn over and Tanya go between her legs in front of me and all i could sew was Tanya’s bum and pussy i just had to finger her i bent down and stuck 3 fingers into her she lifted her head from Sarah’s pussy ,naughty boy she said but dont stop try get all your little hand in ,i had seen this called fisting as i worked my fingers and thumb into her and i pushed hard and my hand went in up to my wrist ,i was amazed how easy it went in and Tanya just kept eating out Sarah’s pussy as i fucked her pussy with my hand .
That’s a good boy you will soon have Aunty Tanya cumming then it’s time to fuck Sarah again I’ve cleaned her out ready for another load of cum and then I felt her pussy grip my hand and she started to shake as she was cumming so much it was like a waterfall sprinkling out past my wrist as she lifted her head and said fucking hell that was good and I slowly pulled my hand out and her pussy was wide open as I watched her lips trying to close but couldn’t yet still open from my hand up her ,she rolled over and said let me rest you fuck Sarah now and cum up her I want her pregnant before she goes home so don’t waste any cum fill her up as I looked at Sarah her face all smiles and her legs open with her pussy lips glistening ready for my cock which had been hard since I started fisting Tanya .
I moved between her legs and even though I’m only 5ft 2 she’s so small as I pushed my cock to her pussy which was still wet from Tanya licking her and it slipped in,I lay with it right in and started sucking her little nipples and was thinking of going slow but my cock wanted fast it just wanted to cum in her again,her little body was bouncing as I fucked it her arms around me holding me tight as she had multiple orgasms and I shot another load into her as Tanya clapped well done Tommy have a rest then do me .
I was shattered my cock was red and Tanya said Tommy just 2 more today then tomorrow and bring your girlfriend if you want , Dorothy would never do this but worth a try and as I rested I was thinking of Dorothy getting licked by Tanya and Sarah.
After fucking both Tanya and Sarah again I was going to head to the paper shop to do my afternoon papers I was now like 10 ft tall having had sex it was as if I thought everyone would be able to tell , I did my round and at the end I still did my naked cock play then headed home shattered and couldn’t wait till I tried to get Dorothy to come .

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    More please!

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    You’d have loved to be our paperboy. One night when we saw our paperboy collecting she answered the door in a towel and let it fall off right in front of him and his friend. They saw every inch of her 5-8, 120lb, 34DD-24-35 body with long red hair & matching bush. She put on a real show for them and given the chance she’d have shown them a night to remember. They looked to be between 12 & 14 and when she went to get his money I could hear them talking about her big tits and sexy ass. It got her hot as hell.

    • [email protected] ID:5uns90qhrk

      Where were you when I was a paperboy? I only had perv men. Was this your wife that exposed herself to the boys. So hot! I would have loved to collect at your house but I never brought a friend to help. Did you get to see the boys naked? How far would your wife go?