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Diving deep into his own mother’s cunt

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A Muslim mother and her son perform the most socially unacceptable, but incredibly hot Taboo.

Hina gasped as she poured a cup of cold water on herself as she began to prepare for the day’s chores. She was 30 and a mother of two grown children. Her elder daughter, Inaya, was out of the family, for many reasons best left undiscussed and her son Salim, stayed in the house with her. Hina was married to her husband, Jaleel, at a tender age. It was quite a preordained affair. Nothing very uncommon in their tradition. Hina was respected in their community. For the way she managed her family and the way she managed her life. She wasn’t strict, she just wasn’t fake and stayed true, loving all, trusting all. Which is what led to her current situation.

Soon after marriage, she quickly gave birth to her daughter, followed a year or two by her son. The marriage wasn’t complicated, having not faced many problems. Till now. Jaleel had not many qualities except for being a maniac in bed. Several years older to her, Hina treated him as humanely as she could despite not receiving any compassion from her husband.

Somehow a prostitute had wooed him into her spell and Jaleel had moved away with her, leaving Hina and her son alone in their house, in the suburbs of Chennai. Now Hina was a very gullible woman or she used to be. But after Jaleel left she changed. Her 18 year old son Salim too.

Salim was considered the local wasterel. A good for nothing teenage boy, who roamed with tougher guys to avoid getting bullied or abused. After Inaya’s disappearance and her husband abandoning them, Hina took it upon herself to take care of Salim and their house. She opened up a convenience store and business went quite well.

Today morning, Hina woke her son up and busied herself in the kitchen. She heard Salim enter and move past her, reaching into the empty cupboard to search for the nonexistent biscuits, he looked for every morning. She glanced down and smirked.

“How much thinner can you even get?”

“Yeah. Just look at me. Why is this always empty?” He was annoyed and turned around to face her. Salim was in his red shorts. Leaving the rest of his body bare for his mother to see. Salim saw his mother look over his entire body.

“What? Are you wondering how much I’ve grown?”

“Oh, no. I’m wondering when are you going to leave this house and work.” She joked.

“Ammi, come on. I know you like having me here, besides,” Salim said to her as he hugged his mother from behind, “who else will look after an old hag like you?”

“Chup kar ja.” She said to her son, the hindi way of saying shut up, albeit in a playful manner. She allowed him to cuddle into her neck as she felt him press onto her. Their intimacy had grown after Jaleel had left them. Salim felt sad and angry, so when there were no one else except themselves, both mother and son understood and accepted their new life. So despite his age, Hina allowed him to occasionally cuddle or embrace her, as a means of seeking physical comfort, like how she used to do with her children when they were toddlers. Though the frequencies of these had increased manifold and Hina would lie to herself that she was just thinking too much about nothing.

Still in her son’s embrace, she felt her hands move away and fall to her sides when she suddenly felt Salim feel for her voluptuous breasts through her thin Salwar. Highly alarmed, she pulled her son’s hands away, turned and pushed him away from her. Both mom and son stood staring at each other for a while, before Salim spoke.

“Ammi, what?”

“You’re asking me! Ask yourself. What are you trying to do?”

“Nothing. I wasn’t trying to do anything other than hugging you.”

“Does that mean you’ll touch me anywhere you like?” She yelled at him.

“What are you getting so mad about? And will you please stop shouting.”

“I need to shout to put some sense into your thick head.”

“Is this all because I touched your boobs?”

Hina stood shocked in silence, seeing her son using that word. She had never expected him to say that and simply stayed mute, taking time to say what she wanted to.

“I… what did you just…”

“Yeah. I said boobs. So what? You never told me I can’t do that, nor did you tell me I can’t touch you here or there.”

“That doesn’t mean you can do what you did.”

Salim scoffed at her. “You’re making a small situation into a bigger one and for nothing.”

“Beta (son in Hindi) Salim, I’m your mother. And I’m also a woman. Don’t think I don’t understand what certain touches or gestures mean. I’m not stupid. Try to understand that when I cajole you or help you, I mean it purely in motherly fashion. I know you want companionship or friends or something. But I cannot be your ultimate tool.”

“Tool? What tool? What are you talking about? You think I’m your husband, that I’m Abbu who used to abuse you. I am not stupid either. I did not touch you on an impulse. I did so because I wanted to. Get it?”

Hina closed her eyes and pursed her lips as she looked down and shook her head in disbelief. She gave up after a while and so did Salim. She watched her son stumble his way across to his room, which he earlier used to share with his sister and disappear inside.

Hina soon finished making breakfast and waited for her son to join her, before she ate. Then she dressed herself in a blue burqa and left the house for her shop. Before leaving, while she took out her slippers she glanced into where Salim was and met his gaze, as he was lounging on his bed. Salim looked away till his mother left and he heard the closing of the front door. He immediately removed his shorts and began to masturbate, thinking about his mom.

Salim knew he was addicted to porn and pretty much polluted by it when he just couldn’t stop watching and stroking himself at least twice a day. It disgusted him. Moreover his friends circle also belonged to the same category of porn addict freaks but most of them were in rich schools, living in affluent neighborhoods, did drugs and shagged chicks like it was nothing. All except Shivam who was the only one like Salim. Middle class, bad at studies, unremarkable character. But even Shivam somehow grabbed a good college. While Salim rotted away, dreaming of one day making millions through a startup or managing his mother’s business.

Salim had lusted for nearly every female he had seen in his life. Be it at the school, tuition, playground, college or his cousins. He had eyes for all. When it had fallen on his own mother, he could never really fathom. Maybe he thought, his mind straying as he neared his climax, that his mother was right. It was the combined frustration that had led to this morning’s outburst. Salim gripped his cock tight and looked at the bulbous head. His hand was covered in precum and full of perspiration. He removed it and stared dumbly at his erection imagining his mom’s reaction, if she were to ever see it for the first time. He jogged to the bathroom and switched on the shower, letting his hands support him, as he looked down. He was still erect, he realized. The thought of his mother not quite having left his mind.

He didn’t feel dirty or disgusted, when he felt his lust for her. The first time he fantasized about her it led to an amazing orgasm. He felt it naturally flow, this love, that he reasoned to himself, was just a translation of a son’s love from one of pure tenderness to actual sexual love. The fantasy was overpowering and even though his mother was quite docile, he feared her reaction. But still, it never left. Salim thought of it as an adolescent kink, which would pass over after multiple masturbations but it didn’t.

He tried different methods to dissuade himself from acting out on his fantasy. First, he tried to degrade himself by pointing out his meek physicality, which would never ever satisfy a woman, especially not someone like his mother. Then he tried to bring his uncle into it. Kaka had offered both his mother and Salim a safe haven, money in exchange for Hina to be his mistress. Unmarried but still like a wife to him. It wasn’t largely acceptable but given his status many women from their community would have pounced on this opportunity. But when Hina had refused, much to everybody’s bloody surprise, Salim had stopped this denial and had started to think of inventive ways to corner his mother into having sex with him.

In the afternoon, when Salim had finished his second round of jerking off, he heard the front door open. He had thought of staying naked and letting his mother see him like that, but decided against it. His mother entered and immediately took off her burqa and her shoulder bag. She was sweaty and since the weather there was always hot, Salim knew the uncomfortable feeling of sticky clothes from his experience during college days. He saw her move towards the kitchen and expected to hear her call for him, for not having eaten in the morning.

“Salim, you didn’t eat?” He heard her voice across the Hall. He didn’t bother to respond.

“Salim, I asked you something.” He still didn’t respond. He heard his mothers footsteps near the door to his room and he looked up.

Hina was leaning on the doorframe and staring at him.

“Why didn’t you eat?”

“Not hungry.” He said dismissively.

Hina didn’t feel like arguing and just went back to the kitchen, before announcing that she was having lunch and he was welcome to join, if he was hungry. After she left, he reluctantly got up and made way to the dining table where his smiling mother waited for him. She served him and afterwards mostly just looked on as her hungry son proceeded to eat.

Hina clearly had been thinking about the morning’s events the whole time even during the time she was in her store. Salma, her close friend who helped her in the shop, had noticed her aloofness and had suggested she take the day off and go home. Hina wasn’t sure but Salma was adamant and so she relented. There were times, when she wished she had taken up the offer of Kaka of being his mistress. But then she scolded herself for even thinking about it. Knowing men’s desire for her, she did want to get an easy life. The gifts he sent her were not a joke and even her son was understanding. But she knew, deep down, it would break him to see her living like that. ‘The good life’, as both mother and son jokingly referred to the period when they were helped by Kaka, abruptly ended when the proposal was declined.

Hina knew it would be a struggle. A single mom, in a close community like theirs, living alone with her son whose father had left them for a prostitute was enough for gossip. But the toll on Salim she hadn’t realized till much later. She was thankful that he wasn’t into drugs, but when she saw his addiction to sex, she was appalled. It was understandable that not having to do anything in the house left him frustrated, bored but the extent to which it affected him was quite unnerving. She had never confronted him about this. Not even when she repeatedly ignored his wet, sticky underwears or towels. Not even when she discovered a vast collection of pornography in his college laptop. She also knew she never would directly confront him, because she always was a very non confrontational person.

But today Salim had surprised her and she was exposed to his dirty mind. That her own son thought about her in a sexual manner. She felt so embarrassed, not just on realizing that, but also on seeing him justify himself and his actions. Hina ultimately knew she couldn’t do anything. Whom would she say this to? They were already like outcasts, what would they be treated like if they were to know about this incestuous feeling brimming in the heart of Salim for his own mother. She looked at him now. He didn’t look guilty, at least he didn’t appear to look like it. Somehow seeing her son’s bare body now made Hina tingle as it appeared to her as that of a stranger.

“What are you thinking about?” Hina was snapped back by her son’s words and she lifted her chin from her hand.

“Oh, nothing. How’s the food?”

Salim thought to pass a sarcastic remark but refrained after seeing his mother’s expectant look.

“It’s good ammi.” He saw her smile and he smiled back.

“What made you come back early today?” Salim asked her.

“Salma said she’ll handle it for today. So I came back. What did you do?”

“I played around with myself.”

“It was boring for you, huh?”

“Yes.” Salim said as he finished the last morsels of his meal.

“So are you going out today again?” He asked her as he got up with his plate.

“No. I’m too tired to go anywhere. I’m just going to sleep after I wash. Give it here, I will… ” Hina tried to take her son’s plate but he refused.

“It’s ok. I’ll clean it.”

After washing, Salim went back to his room while Hina stayed in the kitchen a little longer. Before sleeping, she let a few droplets of water on her, making her Salwar wet and dropped into her bed to sleep. Salim entered her room a few moments later and slipped his arms under his mother’s sleeping body, as he embraced her from behind while lying down beside her on the bed. Hina placed her hand on his, acknowledging his presence before drifting off to sleep.

But Salim had other plans. He had decided that today was the day, he finally would go to the extent of actually fucking his own mother. He had come to her room, completely naked and slept beside her, as he embraced her. He boldly allowed his hands to travel down his mother’s body and placed it on her pussy’s area, before plunging into the confines of her clothing all the way to where her fabric ended and where he could feel her naked body heat. His other hand, which he usually slipped under his mother’s head like a pillow, lost no time in cupping her mouth, to prevent her from screaming as he began to grope her.

Hina grabbed both of her son’s hands which were busy exploring her vagina and her mouth, in sheer terror, before she heard her son’s voice whisper into her ears.

“Ammi, it’s me.”

Hina relaxed her hold a bit, but still struggled to get off her son’s grip on her body. She couldn’t believe what he was doing, yet when she felt his hands move all over her body she relished it and let him do what he wanted. Hina brushed away the thought of having to come to terms with what they both were currently allowing to happen and decided for it to be dealt with later as she felt her son’s kisses on her waist.

Hina also knew the extent to which this could go to. She could push her son away. He might leave her or mostly not. He has nowhere else to go. She could send him out, banish him. But was that what she wanted? Her only son to leave her forever. Like her daughter before him or like her husband. But it also didn’t mean she had to be used as her son pleased. What if it was not only him? What if she also wanted this? To raise their intimacy with each other, by doing the most taboo act? What would people think? What would society think? What would… No! For once, maybe, now that she is alone, with her son, she can allow the sin of thinking about herself before others. Maybe, after all she can also delve in what she found pleasurable after all. No one to judge. Just a loving son, doing what no son would dare do to his mother. Thinking so, Hina allowed herself to think of nothing else but what her son was doing to her.

Salim draped his leg over his mother’s body and pulled her to him. He turned his mother’s face to his and kissed her lips, awkwardly at first before he slowed down and eased into her mouth, guiding his tongue inside. He lifted part of his mother’s dress up and reached for the ‘nada’ or the loose thread which held up the lower pants of his mother’s dress to her legs. Completely undone, he tugged at her pants. He went down on her and pulled her pants off of his mother’s legs. He saw his mother get up and remove her upper body dress from her, leaving only her bra, which she then unhooked from behind, as she allowed Salim to watch.

Her huge breasts tumbled free and Salim stared at them, seeing them naked for the first time as an adult. He looked down at his mother’s legs, at her white cotton panties, which were the last piece of clothing in his mother’s body and looked at her for confirmation. He saw her staring at the ceiling, her hair now loose at her sides, hands on her head as if she was thinking. Salim pulled at her panties and eased it out of his mother’s legs, removing it off her. Salim twirled on his mother’s pubic hairs as his eyes fell on her vagina and for the first time, in his sexual frenzy he felt emotions other than sexual tension. He felt anxious, doubtful and fearful. This was where he was from. Where he came into the world from. Would something happen to him or his mother, if he pushed into her depths, even though by seeing her reaction, she clearly wanted this? What was his mother thinking right now, about him, about her son, as he fluttered around his mother’s most private spot?

But it was also the most incredible thing he had seen. A wet pink spot of sensitivity , surrounded by darkness and moist sweaty brown layer of skin. He had never imagined it to be so warm to touch, which he did, sending through his mother’s body a shiver of pleasure. Salim felt her wetness on the tips of his fingers and saw his mother cover her mouth with both hands, as she stifled a nervous laugh.

He rose up and felt his erect dick twitch on seeing his mother’s heavy and wonderful breasts welcome him. He looked into her eyes as he straddled her breasts and held her gaze, as he began to suck her nipples. Salim cupped both her breasts and licked them, while his mother curled her fingers into his hairs and caressed his back. Salim went up and kissed her on her lips, widening them then probing inside with his tongue, as if proving his conquest over her mouth. Salim slided from her to her side, letting her breasts brush past his chest, without removing his mouth from hers and his fingers proceeded to his mother’s pussy.

He felt for her now familiar cunt lips and when he did he slowly parted them and inserted two fingers inside of her, startling both him and his mother at the bold intrusion. The wetness from her body, now overflowed uncontrollably into his fingers and outside, bringing his mother to sighs and gasps of pleasure, while still under his merciless kissing. Salim stopped and watched his mother’s reaction as he slowly fingered her wet cunt. She had closed her eyes and was in a deep state of something that he couldn’t comprehend, moaning, gasping but quietly. Her lips, he saw, she was biting as she hung her tongue out in wild abandon. Soon, Salim realized he was bringing her to her orgasm.

He patiently continued to push into her, now with four fingers inside her, rising the pace slowly till he felt her rise her body in tense anticipation and convulse in deep sated pleasure as waves of his mother’s orgasm took over her body. He saw her place a hand on her mouth and she finally opened her eyes to see him looking at her. No words were spoken, as Salim patiently waited to let his mother gather her strength and slow her rapid breathing. Salim got on his knees above his mother and sat on her breasts.

Hina knew that her son’s body, not weighing much, would not crush her but still felt his uncomfortable weight on her breasts. Still unsure what he wanted, she looked at him questioningly until he began to stroke his limp penis. She didn’t have to look down to see her neck get wet from his precum fluids. Salim didn’t say anything, just kept seeing her but Hina knew exactly what he wanted and so she obliged by leaning her neck forward and swallowing his limp cock into her mouth.

Salim looked down in amazement as his own mother sucked his cock into gaining an erection again, while her fingers held his dick in a straight direction. He saw her suck the tip like a straw and gulp down his precum. He met her gaze as she did this and he looked at her in happiness. As it gained a bit of erectness, Salim took his mother’s wrists and placing them on either sides of her head, pinning her to the bed, he leaned forward and began to slowly fuck his mother’s mouth. He glanced down to see his mother’s contorted face, but then adjusted to the new position. Salim closed his eyes and went in and out of her mouth, slowly, visualizing the visuals below. He knew if he kept this up, he would come inside her mouth and he didn’t want it to end there. Not the first time at least.

He slowly removed himself from her mouth and sat down near his mother’s bent legs. He pulled her knees to him and kissed them. He saw his mother look at him as she placed a hand under her head to watch him. He parted her legs and placed himself in front of her pussy’s entrance. Slowly he rubbed the tip of his dick on her cunt lips. His mother looked down at him, biting a finger and rubbing her breasts.

Still keeping eye contact, Salim leaned to grab his mother’s neck and pulling it up, he entered into his mother’s body with one fluid move. Not too hard but hard enough to feel his naked flesh entering into her to make her roll her eyes and gasp. Salim kissed her neck and looked deeper into his mother as he fucked her pussy, their eyes meeting to convey unspoken messages, sealing their love for each other by this forbidden union of a mother and her son. At the first thrust inside, Salim felt he had pushed his hips too much inside her and paused. But when he felt his mother’s hands on his back, gently rubbing him, he grinned and kissed her soft, sweaty neck before pushing once again in a more savage thrust.

His mother’s piercing yelp of a scream at his intrusion weirdly shamed him, but also excited him of the prospect of pleasuring his mother with his sex that he drove into her once again, eliciting the same response from her once again, this time more controlled and more in pleasure than in pain.

Salim buried into his mother’s embrace as he pushed himself deeply inside his mother, seeking refuge from her, while she struggled to make space for him inside her as he dived deeper into her. Seeing her struggle, Salim withdrew from her, helping Hina to ease her pussy walls back into shape but suddenly Salim rammed into her once again making both hug each other as Salim erupted inside his mother, his dick spurting streams of semen into his mother’s womb and making Hina shed a tear in the force of the final thrust, while also celebrating the joy of having sex with her son.

Hina calmed down her panting son, as he recovered from his orgasm, by stroking his hair and caressing him, like he was a child. She felt her son’s dick spurt semen inside her and she clenched her pussy walls to milk him completely. She felt his hand on her shoulder and she let him go, as he struggled to get off the top of her and lie down beside her.

Both Hina and Salim stared above them at nothing and let their minds run wild, as they contemplated what to do next. Hina wanted to feel her engorged pussy lips to ease out the mixed juices inside her, but even after what had happened between them, she felt embarrassed to do so in front of her son. Then laughing at herself, she did it anyway and eased open herself, feeling it overflow. Salim saw what his mother did. He turned to face her and rested his head on his elbow to admire her. To imagine his mother like this, naked, just after making love to her was opening a new world for Salim. His mother had closed her eyes and seemed asleep. He allowed her to do so and stared at her for a while, before he saw a smile appear in his mother’s face.

“What is it?” She asked him.

“I’m just looking at you.”

“Wasn’t what you did enough, that you still need to ogle at me?”

“I guess there’s nothing to say then.”

He lay down beside her, tucking an arm beneath him. For a while he remained quiet. Before he broke the silence yet again.

“Of course there’s so much to say. I cannot believe, we just had sex, ammi. You and me. I mean, I did fantasize about this countless times but in reality, I never knew. That this would make me so happy or content. Frankly, I’m mad that I didnt do this earlier.”

“Well, I’m happy you feel that way.”

“What about you? Ammi, how did you just agree? I thought you would be against this or something.”

“I did. I was against this. But again, Salim. I’ve been alone all my life. I’ve never asked for my personal happiness. It did not mean I wanted to have sex with my own son, but I think till now there has been a vast emptiness inside me. I don’t quite understand why I didn’t protest or why I wanted this to continue till completion, but I do know that for the first time, beta I truly am happy for something.”

Salim looked a little sadly at his mother.

“I knew Inaya affected you, mother,” he said, “and I knew Abbu affected you. But I guess, I just didn’t know how much. No one did.”

“That just comes with, when people decide to bottle up their feelings. I’m not a loudmouth, Salim. You’re my son, so you know that. But just for that I think everyone else believes I just don’t feel.”

“Why did you never tell me this before?”

“Because we didn’t have sex before, idiot.”

Hina chuckled as she got up and went to the table to get a bottle of water. Then she sat near Salim and drank. Salim watched his mother chug huge gulps of water down her throat. His mother then kept the bottle down and began to caress his legs, as Salim laid on his side.

Hina watched amusingly as she saw her son’s penis twitch, as her fingers scratched on the surface of his thighs.

“You know, for someone so thin, you wouldn’t expect a penis of your size.” She mocked him.

“Really? I would think it’s just an average size.”

“It is. But it has quite a remarkable thickness for its size. And it did give your mother quite a pleasurable evening, didn’t it?”

“Well you did birth me, so it should definitely satisfy you.”

“Hmm. This is going to be the rest of our lives isn’t it? You and I talking about sex, like it’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing, Ammi. I love you. Remember that. I’m not just using you for my pleasure. I do want to have this sexual relationship with you, not just as some lover, but as your son. Pretending that we’re something else, is futile. We are mother and son. Nothing changes that. But I do get it if you’re afraid.”

“Afraid? Of whom?”

“The ‘mohalla’, our society?”

“What society? They never supported me. They never gave me anything. I don’t owe them anything, beta. I am wary of them, but not fearful. They still judge me for something your father and my husband did, so let them go to hell.” His mother retorted quite angrily.

Salim stared at his mother, to which she asked him, “What?”

“It should be nothing, but Allah be Merciful! You do look sexier when you’re angrier. Especially if naked.”

Hina laughed with him and allowed her son to lay his head on her lap, as both of them talked till the sunset.

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