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My sister, our cum dump

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My sister forgot her swimsuit so she stripped down to her panties. Then we paid her to suck us all off, she was eager to do it and now she’s our whore

My sister Jewel is 8 years old and me and my friends use her as a cum dump.

It was Saturday afternoon and we were down at the lake playing on the rope swing we built, it was pretty scary, you had to stand at the top of a grassy hill then hold on to the rope, sitting on a thick branch attached to the bottom of the rope as a seat, when you swung down it went really fast, it was only about 5 inches off the ground as it swung down then it swung out over the lake and you jump off the swing and in to the water.

There was me, I’m 12.

Mark, age 12.

Steven, age 13.

Isaac, age 12.

And of course Jewel had to tag along with us, it was the only way mom and dad would let me go to the lake, so I was stuck with her.

Me and my mates played on the rope swing and swam in the lake for hours, we were all wearing swim shorts, Jewel spent most of the time sitting on the lake side dipping her feet in the water, she was wearing normal clothes, a pair of pink shorts and a yellow t-shirt, she kept nagging me to let her have a go on the swing.

“No. Mom said you’re not allowed.” I repeatedly explained to her.

“But I want to have a go.” She shouted, screeching in my ears and my mates were laughing at her tantrum.

“Shut up and stop shouting.” I responded angrily.

“I want a go!” she screamed.

“You can’t anyway. You’re not wearing your swim stuff and mom will kill you if you get your clothes wet. So Ner!” I replied.

“I don’t need my swim stuff.” She said, then she sat down, took off her trainers and socks, then she took her top and shorts off, “There. Now my clothes won’t get wet. Give me the rope.” She said.

I was in complete and total disbelief that she just stripped off, outside, in front of all us boys, “Whatever.” I said, handing her the rope and stepping back joining my mates, who were all chuckling and staring at my little sister and she pushed the thick rope between her legs and sat on the branch.
“Dude, I know she’s only eight but your sisters got a nice ass.” Whispered Steven.

I saw Mark with his phone out pointed towards her, I knocked his hand down, “Don’t video her! – dickhead.” I snapped.

She jumped up and began to swing, she screamed all the way as it swooped down the hill and then high up over the lake, she let go and went crashing in to the water, luckily she was a good swimmer, “Wooo. That was awesome.” She shouted, swimming back to the lakeside, she walked out of the water and then ran back up the hill.

As she got closer to us I could see that her panties were soaking wet, but they were also white and the water had turned them see-through, I picked up her clothes off the grass and rushed over and pushed them to her waist, “Jewel. Put your clothes on.” I said.

“Why?” she asked, wringing water out of her hair.

“We can see your – privates.” I said.

She giggled and then sat down on the grass, “So what.” She said.

I couldn’t be arsed with her anyway, I threw her clothes down beside her, “Fine. I don’t care.”, then I walked away and joined my mates playing on the swing.

Mark, Steven and I swung down in to the lake but after swimming around for a while realised Isaac wasn’t with us, when I look up the hill to see where he was, he was leaning with his back against the tree, Jewel was on her knees in front of him and she sucking his cock, “What the fuck!”, and I raced out of the lake and up the hill, with Mark and Steven following behind me.

“Wohw. Nice one, Isaac.” Said Steven, as we gathered around and watched.

Jewel was sucking on his cock like it was a juicy-pop, her head sliding forward and back pushing his cock in and out of her mouth, “Jewel!?” I snapped, “What do you think you’re doing?” I asked.

“Sucking his dick.” She giggled, popping it back in to her mouth when she finished talking.

Isaac placed his hand underneath her chin and tilted her head back, “Open wide.” He said to her, she was kneeling down with her hands on the grass, her head tilted back and her mouth wide open with her tongue sticking out, Isaac jerked on his cock a couple of times and then rested his tip on her bottom lip then he came in her mouth, “Ooh – Yeah – Aww”, he groaned, flooding her mouth with his spunk.

Jewel swallowed it all, then Isaac gave her 25 cents, “Thanks, babe.” He said.

“I got some money.” She said cheerfully, holding up her 25 cents like she’d just won a big prize.

Turns out Isaac offered her money to suck his cock and somehow managed to convince her to do it, I couldn’t believe my sister would become a cock slut so easily, Mark and Steven scrambled to find money in their pockets and they each gave her 25 cents to suck them off, which she did.

“I don’t believe you guys!.” I said, “That’s my sister.” I added.

“Lighten up, man. It’s only a blow.” Said Steven, nudging me on my shoulder.

“Yeah, give it a try.” Said Mark, pulling his shorts back up after dumping his spunk in my sisters mouth.
I can’t lie and say I wasn’t turned on seeing Jewel suck cock, it did make me hard, but she was my sister and it was weird, that was the first blowjob my mates had ever had, I know it was, I didn’t want to be left out but I didn’t know what to do.

The decision was made for me, Isaac gave Jewel another 25 cents, “Suck your brothers dick.” He said, then he grabbed me and pushed me against the tree, “Whip it out, man.” He said chuckling.

I looked down at Jewel who was on her knees, just wearing her panties, she was looking up at me and smiling, “I’ll do it. If you want me too.” She said, wiggling her tongue at me.

I got a bit embarrassed at the thought of showing my sister my cock, but as my friends encourage me on, I just pulled my shorts down and let my cock spring in to the breeze, Jewel leaned forward and slid her lips around my tip and then began to suck me, her lips and warm wet mouth made my cock throb harder as her saliva lubricated my shaft, I banged the back of my head against the tree as my head fell back, and I forgot she was my sister and just enjoyed getting blown.

“I’m about too…” I uttered, feeling my spunk rising up, “…Open your mouth.” I said, she leaned her head back and opened wide, then I came, a long thick stream of spunk shot off in to her waiting mouth.

She swallowed every drop, well, apart from the bit that dripped down and off her chin, I was no longer bothered that she was my sister, she gave good head, it was intense, I high fived my mates while Jewel put her clothes back on.

We went back to playing on the rope swing and after a while, when we were all in the lake and Jewel was sitting by herself at the top of the hill, we got talking and we wondered if she’d blow us for 25 cents then what would she do if we offered her more money.

We were all virgins and just had our first sexual experience, but we wanted more, we wanted to go all the way, it was pussy that we wanted more than anything else, so we formulated a plan.

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    I let some kids use my pool under their parents supervision. Came home last weekend end found the one of the dads fucking a 12 year old girl while 4 boys were in a circle around another girl was was sucking them off. They were all between 9 and 13. Ever watch a 9 yo girl airtight by 3 teen boys? HOT! I got my turn when they were done. graywolf804 on kik or [email protected]

  • Reply Nikki ID:85d0b4zkl

    I would have been sooooo afraid to try that, even for a quarter t that time…. my brother was *huge*! 🙂

  • Reply Annie ID:10zh0yw9fikl

    Nice story. When I was 10 my bro (16) fucked me. Always wish he shared me with one of his friends I was crushing on. Lol.

  • Reply 12 and weird •~• ID:1uha5rd9ip

    Fuckin hell mate that was a good story keep it up

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      send me your whatsapp number LET have sex chart

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      That was hot got me wet and dripping