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I am a little sinner (13F)

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I live in a religious small town but I don’t believe in Christianity. I always loved watching porn and masturbating and like all sorts of kinky stuff. When I entered middle school, my dad wanted me to become active in church to “cure my sinful tendencies” and I sure was active~ I fucked my way through all the boys at church through the year and worked my way up and down the age groups at my church. Started out with boys my age, giving blowjobs to them on the church toilets and letting them finger me during sermons. I once had a gangbang with a group of brothers, 4 in total, who fucked me in the confession booth, filling all my holes. The oldest (21) raped my pussy good and came inside me raw, his dick was so tasty and girthy it hit my womb so good!!! The second one (17) took care of my anus and fucked into me until my hole was gaping open and leaking cum for days. The third (12) rammed his stinky, unwashed cock down my throat and made me eat the dick cheese from under his foreskin. I popped the cherry of the youngest (7) as a special treat for last and let him suck my tits and hump my stomach while the others were going down on me.

I even fucked the revenant in the church at night, he’s a huge p*do, it’s so hot. He keeps telling me he wants to “cure me of my sins” by raping me with his 8 incher but I know he just can’t get enough of my tight young cunt~ He is a sinner himself, he has a thing for young boys too and once made me suck his little kindergartener son while he penetrated his cute butthole and made out with him. I also had lesbo sex with his wife for the first time, he told her he would leave her if she didn’t let me fuck her and she agreed bc she didn’t want to be a discarded filthy divorcee wife, so she just let me go at her with my strap on and in the end she enjoyed it and has been coming to me on her own since.

Recently, I started raping my mother in her sleep too and filming it as I fuck her pussy and lick her nipples after I drug her each night. I want to show the tapes to my dad and blackmail him into getting me pregnant bc I have been into incest lately and it turns me on so bad. I am a little devil and I love it~

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  • Reply Golden ID:1doeeujos2ev

    This is so hot. Goldenbiguy on kik or wickr to discuss more.

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    Die Geschichte klingt so geil ja benutze und lasse dich von diesen verlogene kirchenwichser zeig uns wie pervers du bist es ist keine Sünde es ist natürlich

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    This is great stuff! Oh, you lovely blasphemous whore! Please write more anti-religious filth! Have choirboys being raped on the altar, piss in the font and spray paint the word FUCK on the stained glass windows!!

  • Reply Prime. ID:3tlp9ttyzrj

    Im pretty confident this was not written by, or even actually happened to a 13 Y.O girl. Its not so much of a story as it an explanation of the ideal girl to fulfil fantasies and desires of the author.

  • Reply M ID:14gt7pw3oic

    Not sure I believe it. It was possible until the 4 brothers included the seven year old and come on, if you had fucked that many boys, the whole town would know by now.

    Then you said you drugged your mom, how did you get the drugs? Unless she already had sleeping pills, but that would mean you wouldn’t need to drug her, she would do it herself.

    Not a bad story, but stretches at times.

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    Do you have an email little slut

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    Keep us updated.

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