Addicted to Donkey semen

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Mum taught me how to collect semen from our Donkeys and now I can’t stop drinking it.

My parents run a Donkey ride business down on the beach and we have like eight of them, one day they were asked to provide semen to some Donkey breeders and mum let me watch.

Mum stimulated the Donkey until its cock got huge then she put this big rubber sleeve over it and then rub on its cock until it came, the bag filled with its white semen, it was like a huge carton of milk full of semen.

She let me have a try on the next Donkey because she wanted me to learn how to do it, I was going to inherit the business one day so had to know how to do this stuff, it took me a bit longer than mum but I managed to do it, I only had small hands though so had to use them both to rub its cock and get the semen out.

I messed up on the next Donkey because I slipped and the sleeve came off just as he was about to come, I slipped on to my back and although most of the semen did go in to the sleeve, some shot out all over me, it was all over my face and in my hair, I looked like I’d been dunked in a barrel of milk, some even went in to my mouth, I stupidly had my mouth open screaming while it ejaculated, but the strange thing is it actually tasted quite nice.

The next weekend when mum and dad took four of the Donkeys down to the beach, I stayed behind and went down to the stables, I put a sleeve over one of the Donkey’s cocks and rubbed it off until it filled it, then I took a swig of it out of the sleeve, it was heavy and ended up pouring loads down my chin, it was nice though, I developed a taste for Donkey semen.

I took off my clothes and lay myself under the other Donkey and rubbed its cock, I let it spray its semen all over my naked body, I took a big mouth full directly from the end of its cock and almost choked because there was so much, but I swallowed it then ate the rest off of my body using my hands like spoons.

The next day I filled five drinking water bottles with Donkey semen and kept them in my wardrobe in my room and just drank it all like it was a milkshake or something, I still do this every couple of days, when no one is watching, I’m seriously addicted to Donkey semen now.

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