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Taking revenge on my Neighbour

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When my neighbor called my daughter a slut. I had to do something to get back to her.

Hi, I’m Alice and I’m 38. I was a “fun” girl back in my days. And it happens to be that my daughter, Jess, is also a “Fun” girl. She is 19 and going to college. She is very friendly and had many friends, Specially boys. She lets them fuck her in her dorm room and visits them too. Sometimes they run a train on her. She share pics of her having fun, with me too.

During a conversation with my neighbor, Samantha,(31) in my house. I happen to be showing my phone to her when my daughter face-timed me while getting fucked by a couple of her “Friends”. We laughed and had a good conversation. By the time I kept my phone back I saw Samantha was already up and about to leave. I asked what happened. She said she didn’t want to be friends with me as my daughter is a slut and I didn’t told her to do better. She didn’t liked that, I approved of her lifestyle. As it will have bad influence on her 12 yr old daughter, Lisa. I was shocked but couldn’t say a thing. I knew she was a Christian prude, but come on. It was insulting to call my daughter a slut. I mean I know she was speaking truth, but that does not give her the right to call her slut.

I took it upon myself to humiliate this bitch and her daughter.

Lisa was going through puberty so she was a shy girl with developing breast. She was curious for sure. So I told my daughter to chat her up and bring her to our house. She did so.
We started to chat and one thing led to another and we were discussing female bodies.
Lisa had some questions so, first I undressed Jesse and showed her around her body. Lisa got sh. I told her it is just among us girls. Then I started to touch her body and showed how she gets aroused when someone gropes her breast, kisses her neck and licks her lips.

She was turning on. I took the opportunity to start to undress her. That poor girl had no idea. She couldn’t control herself and gave in. Jess and I stripped her naked and started to eat her out. By this time I was naked too. I was eating Lisa’s pussy and Jess was sucking her tongue. Then we made her eat us out too. She loved it. We made her cum so hard. She left all happy.

This became a thing. So I started to place camera’s in the house to record her excitement to get fucked by us. After a week or so of smashing pasties, it was time to take the plan to next level.

When Lisa arrived, Jess greeted her with a kiss on the lips and squeezing her tits. The way Lisa liked.

“Where is your mom,” Lisa Asked.
“She is busy. I will take you to her, but let me get the taste of your sweet sweet cunt” Jess got to work, turning the girl on and sedated is lust.

When Lisa was moaning for more, Jess got up and guided her to my room. She opened the door.
Lisa Stood there in shock. I was sucking on my black “Friend’s” Cock. Both naked and sweaty.

“I should go” Lisa said.
“No..Come on.. You are a big girl now.” I called her in. During these few days, she had developed a trust with me.
I held Lisa’s hand and pulled her close all the while sucking the huge, black, 10″, Nigger dick.
“Come here. you have tasted pussy and liked it right.. now it is time to taste the real thing.” I grabbed her hair and pushed her head to make sure she swallowed the big black dick. She choked a little bit but got around it. She stopped, giggled and continued sucking his cock.
I looked at my “Friend’s face” he knew what he was supposed to do. He stood up on the bed and grabbed her by her hair and made her kneel. Then he started to face fuck Lisa. She was loving it. She was a natural whore.
She had B cup boobs, where the nigger was groping violently. She was loving his dominance. His rough handling of her pretty young body. The contrast was beautiful. Her fair skin against his black body.

Then he pushed her on the bed and lifted her legs. He spit on his cock and inserted himself between her thighs.
“Easy Tiger, she is a virgin” I reminded the nigger.
He placed his cock on top her her pink, tight pussy and rubbed her clit. She was in trance by now. She wanted it so bad. Then he started to inserted his dick slowly inside her pussy. She was in pain at first. He tried harder. It was tight. But her pushed hard. I pushed his hips from behind to give some thrust and it was in. She screamed in pain. I closed her mouth.

“Take it.. Take it all in,… You will love it in a moment.” I said holding her down.
By this time the nigger was in full swing. He was too turned on to consider the 12 yr old he was fucking. He was ramming his huge dick against her pelvis. Making beautiful noise. He was tearing her young pussy apart. Now she could never be satisfied with a white dick.

He then turned her around and fucked her in doggy style. He was holding her hair back and pulling is like a lease on the horse. He was giving it to her. Jess and me were fingering each other.

Soon he was reaching climax and about to pull out. But I stood up and held his hips from behind making sure he does not pull up. He was surprised, but couldn’t stop from ejaculating inside Lisa, young womb. As soon as he finished planting his seed inside her and pulled his dick out, I inserted a butt plug up her pussy. I wanted his cum to stay inside her.

“What is this for” Lisa asked.
“This will help you get extra pleasure in future.” I replied. “You can keep it and do not take it out until next day”
She nodded with giggles and happiness.
My bed sheet was all red and sweaty due to this intercourse. I took that as a badge of honor.

This nigger was visiting us frequently now. Lisa was not able to get enough of him. So he started to bring some of his friends too. Soon Lisa lost her anal virginity too.

It had been 3 weeks since we have been grooming Lisa. It was time to reap the fruits of hard work.

When Saturday came, and Lisa visited us for her daily dose of Nigger dicks, I told that today I have to take Jess to College so she should let the nigger visit her place as her mom and dad are at work.

She was too horny to think otherwise.

Once she took all the three niggers to her place. I texted Samatha that she had an emergency at home and should visit immediately. Within a few mins, Sammy was at her house and ran in the house. The last thing I heard was a huge “aaaaaaaaggghhh”

Mission accomplished. 😉

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    Oohhh did the niggers fuck Samantha too?
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  • Reply Darrius1966 ID:6dn4ts9k0j

    The story ended too soon. This story sounds like it was set in the United States. If I am right about that. Straight after the scream would have come a few bangs. As the mother shot and killed the three black men who she found raping her under aged daughter.

  • Reply PO469 ID:305cn3i6ik

    Loved it but remember that there are big white cocks too.

  • Reply Cherripoppindelite ID:1ejdkh2gopri

    Love reading about little white girls being deflowered by BBC

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  • Reply Waseem ID:38avh4qrk

    Waseem nasir

  • Reply fatima ID:7rmvd6tcd4

    Nice! Revenge is best served with big black dicks up a 12 yr old 😉