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My friend watched me fuck his wife and then offered me his 13-yo daughter…

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I’d let a friend of mine named Jeff have a threesome with my wife and I. I wasn’t surprised when he offered his wife to me. But then his 13yo daughter

My wife and I had been in the swinger lifestyle for about 15-20 yrs and I.d become friends with a co-worker who had told me about his collection of porn movies. I had a bunch of movies too so we started getting together watching movies. One day I had a surprise for him and put on a movie we’d made in a hotel room with a guy we’d picked up in a bar. It started with My wife Lynn doing a sexy striptease only leaving a garter belt, stockings and heels on. Then when it started back she was on her knees beside the bed sucking the stranger’s cock. I put the camera on a tripod and went over beside her and she started sucking us both off. After a while we got on the bed I laid on my back and she straddled me sliding my cock in her pussy and he took her from behind and was fucking her in the ass.

He’d never seen my wife and had been assuming it was a girl the other guy knew I just said I’d met someone in a hotel. But he was raving about how hot the redhead was, going on and on about her firm body and big tits. And he was really turned on by the garter belt & stockings and told me his wife had some outfits like that. After a while my wife Lynn called down and asked if we wanted something to drink and I asked if she’d bring us a couple of beers. When she came down she was still behind us and he was still going on about how hot the girl in the video was. About then Lynn walks in front of us. She was wearing the same outfit as in the movie, and he was getting a close up view of my naked wife’s sexy 5-8, 120lb, 34DD-24-35 body. I thought his eyes were going to pop out.

Lynn looked over at the screen watching herself being DP’d and said she’d really enjoyed that trip out of town. And just came out and said anytime she could get 2-3 or more cocks at once is good. Then looked at Jeff and asked if he liked DPing a girl? He got a big grin and said he did. As planned she looked right into his eyes and said ” Well do you two want to fuck me or just watch the movie? ” I gave him this look like asking well do you want too?. He quickly said oh hell the real thing is always better than a movie. So I turned the movie off and we went to the bedroom. Lynn started by sucking us off and even pressed our cocks together trying to get both of them in her mouth at once. It surprised me when she had our cocks pressed together and were rubbing the heads together when he commented on how good that felt as well as how much he liked my cock.

Finally we started taking turns fucking her, then we both fucked her at the same time. It turned out not to be his first threesome, but it was his first DP. We both shot off inside her and she had cum running out of her ass & pussy. It surprised us both when he went down and started licking up the cum as it came out of both holes. I was just laying there watching and was semi hard. Then he really surprised me when he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. It soon was clear this wasn’t his first time sucking cock. I’d gotten fully hard again and he was taking almost all of my quite thick 9 1/2″ cock down his throat. And was fondling my balls and then went down and licked & sucked them. When I shot off he swallowed every drop.

The next week we went to his house and were watching movies. I’d seen his wife before and she was about 10 years younger than me. She had a nice body and long blonde hair & blue eyes. She wasn’t as pretty as Lynn but was still really hot. /I was surprised but not shocked when she came in the room in a garter belt & stockings and matching bra & panties. She came in a couple of times like that and when she’d leave he was asking if I thought she was hot and then the next time he asked if I wanted to fuck her? Of course I said I did and he called her back in the room and told her I wanted to fuck her. She got a big grin and took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. It surprised me when after stripping Jeff sat down in a chair beside the bed and said he just wanted to watch.

Hell I didn’t care, his wife was hot. She sucked me off and I ate her pussy and sucked her big tits then fucked her in a couple of positions. Then fucked her big tits until I’d shot a hot load all over her tits & face. As expected Jeff came over and shot off on her tits too. Then started licking it up. Then he sucked my cock again, and she seemed to really enjoy watching. I fooled around with his wife some more and even fucked her again in the shower while he went to pick up his daughter from her grandparents. I was just about to leave when they got back and I’d heard him say she was had just turned 13 and that she was pretty as her mother. Hell he wasn’t kidding, that little girls tits were as big as her moms. And she had long blonde hair and blue eyes. But she was much prettier than her mother. And something that was surprising was how much make-up she was wearing.

She was wearing a bright blue lipstick and eye-shadow that matched her very skimpy blue top that her tits were about to pop out of. And a pair of shorts that barely covered her firm round ass and a pair of heels. She looked like a hooker her hard nipples poking through the thin material of her top. I started to wonder if maybe he’d said she had just turned 23 rather than 13. But I was glad we were outside because my cock was rock hard. When I got home I fucked the crap out of Lynn and she said Jeff’s wife must have really been hot. I told her she was but that her daughter was much hotter. It was funny because she wanted to know all about the daughter. She gets as turned on by hot young girls as I do. And that has help as far as me getting to fuck some hot young girls.

Over the next few weeks I didn’t want to be to obvious but did mention his daughter a few times. Then one day out of the blue he asked if he were to ask me something could I keep it a secret? I said I could as I though damn I fucked your wife, you fucked my wife, and you sucked my dick so whats the big secret. And he finally came out & asked if I’d like to fuck his daughter? I didn’t hesitate and said yes. He said his wife didn’t know it but he’d been fucking her for almost a year and she loved to fuck and suck cock. Then said she was also bi and started telling me about him secretly watching her and her 16-yo friend one night having girl on girl sex. Then told me that she really got turned on by redheaded girls.

A couple of weeks later his wife was out of town so I went over. She knew why I was there and said she couldn’t wait to see my cock, that she bet it was huge. She was going by my size 6’6″-280lbs. But she seemed to be wanting as big a cock as possible. It was blowing my mind because she was dressed in a sexy school girl outfit with her hair in pigtails. I was rock within a couple of minutes seeing her. And when things got started she started talking like a little girl ( well more little ). Jeff wanted to join in on this after watching me undress her and then watching her sucking me off.

We didn’t try and DP her but we took turns fucking her and she sucked us both off. And we licked and sucked on every inch of her body. Especially her pussy, ass, and tits. And we both shot off in her mouth and she seemed to love every bit of it. And when her dad was out of the room said she’d like to be my girlfriend. When I said I was married she said she knew and she’d seen my wife and she wanted to be her girlfriend too. I got to fuck her again a few weeks later and took some pictures of her to show Lynn, and she was really hot for her but never got the chance. Jeff’s wife caught him in the girls room one night and the girl was sucking his cock and was naked. She didn’t call the police or anything but started to keep a tight leash on both of them.

I was glad I didn’t get caught up in any of that, but damn I’d have loved seeing her and my sexy wife going at it.

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  • Reply Hornymommy ID:1arcu2jb09

    Weird that as an older woman I always imagine myself as the little girl in these stories?

  • Reply AmyBadThoughtsMLF ID:1diwridgt7c9

    My mom used to get off on watching her boyfriends fucking me. A little fucked up, but I like remembering those days and fantasize doing the same with my daughters.

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxi2mh

      You should definitely go ahead and with it. Then join in with them

  • Reply Bedroom Gangster ID:1ah770lfxic

    That was hot

    • Alison ID:q0adqfic

      Beautiful ❤️

  • Reply Jenna ID:ehis3es42

    I wonder how it feels to be fucked up like that

  • Reply Lara ID:ehis3es42

    Wish I was fucked like that

  • Reply Lina ID:58g1hxym2

    Wish i was a part in this storie. Would love all of it

  • Reply BayratPirate ID:2goheo7qi

    Great story … too bad there aren’t more dads who share their daughters.. “sigh” but hope springs eternal…
    Same name on Wikr …

    • BayratPirate ID:2goheo7qi

      Or moms that share daughters too… 😁

  • Reply chance ID:1ep6ofppxqnp

    Anna do you watch porn and masterbate since your a virgin?

  • Reply chance ID:1ep6ofppxqnp

    I just plain love to watch people fuck.im hard now thinking of watching you masterbate.. What color is your pussy hair?

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    Fuck I wish someone could fuck my pussy like that

    • migiel ID:305drkzd9d

      I wish I could see it

    • Mike ID:2v2yxfsk0j

      Bet your a right slut

  • Reply AdultRP on kik ID:gaqdrd4

    I mean… On the one hand anna. Yes. But also thia.is.just fantasy so…. Not really?

  • Reply Anna ID:5vyj28gh8r9

    Am I a pedo if I read such stories to get off to? I’m a 23yo girl

    • horny for young pussy ID:2nhlx7yb0d

      at end of day we all have to get off some how

    • Aries ID:1dgivlod6pgj

      Look there’s nothing wrong reading a story about a teenage minor having sex with an adult. Or an adult having sex with a minor. No need to fear.

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      Anna there is nothing wrong with getting off on erotic stuff like this. Add me on snap chat if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11

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    • Anna ID:5vyj28gh8r9

      I’m a virgin too with daddy issues so I guess it makes sense.

    • horny for young pussy ID:2nhlx7yb0d

      so what your saying Anna is you want to lose your virginity and have a guy in your holes

    • Anna ID:5vyj28gh8r9

      I guess the answer is the trauma my dad caused me when I was a kid results in me being here

    • horny for young pussy ID:2nhlx7yb0d

      am guessing that it was bad then

    • Anna ID:5vyj28gh8r9

      Physical and mental abuse. Mentally he still does

    • horny for young pussy ID:2nhlx7yb0d

      wow if its something you would want to talk about but not on here i would be happy to talk else where

    • Anna ID:5vyj28gh8r9

      No it’s okay. I’m used to it. Thank you tho

    • horny for young pussy ID:2nhlx7yb0d

      what did he all do to you

    • Anna ID:5vyj28gh8r9

      I’d rather not talk about it

    • horny for young pussy ID:2nhlx7yb0d

      not a problem what sort of things would you like a guy to do to you if you meet up with them

    • chance ID:1ep6ofppxqnp

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      Yeah also calling him “daddy”

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    • Anna ID:5vyj28gh8r9

      Yeah, I’m his to do whatever he wants of course respecting my limits

    • horny for young pussy ID:2nhlx7yb0d

      nice and would you want him to get you pregnant so it could go on if you have a girl kid

    • Anna ID:5vyj28gh8r9

      Down the line yeah

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      Of course not

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    • durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

      you’re not attracted to children, you’re attracted to power dynamics.

      unless you actually find little kids physically, sexually attractive; their bodies and faces turn you on… then you’re a fucking pedo.

    • migiel ID:305drkzd9d

      damn all this comment are hot..

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    She have a little sister too?