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The Peeper

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I was 15 and my step sister was 11. I was taking a shower and noticed the curtain under the sink move. I got out and toweled off. Put the towel around me and tucked it in place. I turned on the sink. “Damn drain is clogged again!”, I reached under the sink and grabbed her shorts and pulled her out. “No no no wait.”, She said as I dragged her.

She was so adorable trying to talk her way out of this. “I know how this looks but I lost my Barbie and I thought I left it under the sink here. You are my big brother, my superhero and I would never watch you showering. It is just not in my nature to do such things.”, I laughed.

My towel fell off when I grabbed her. “Why do you keep glancing at it then?”

“Well cover yourself then.”, She said. I grabbed her and spanked her butt. I lifted her and put her on the counter between the two sinks. I pulled her pants down. I tried spreading her legs but to no avail. She had them locked together. I tickled her until she complied. I put my face between her legs. She looked scared.

“I am going to punish you in the worst way possible.”, I said. I started licking her cunt. At first she was fighting me and trying to get away. I told her to calm down and accept her punishment. She just started moaning and getting into after a little bit. I took my pinky and fingered her. After a little bit she moved her upper body side to side moaning and her legs locked around my head as she came. She just laid there out of breath. “That is how I treat peepers!”, I said. I got her off the sink.

“What happened to it? It is standing up now!”, She asked. I slapped her face with it. She giggled.

“Out!”, I said.

“But I wanna…”, She said.

“Out! Bad girls don’t touch! You are being punished.”, I said. She left. I was so horny. I sat on the toilet and jacked off. She came back. “Oh I forgot my Bar..(gasp)..Oh wow!” She watched as I came. My sperm flying out. “Wow! That was sooo cool.”, She said.

I cleaned myself off. “What are you doing back here?”. She looked at me, “I just forgot my Barbie under the sink.” I looked. “There is no doll under the sink! You only came back here to look at me naked again. Why don’t you listen to me?” I grabbed her and held her upside down and spun her in a circle. She was laughing and having a good old time as I gave her her punishment. She grabbed my dick and held onto it as we spun. I pulled her shorts down. “Believe me this hurts me more than it does you!”, I said. She giggled. This time as I licked her she was more relaxed. That is until I jammed my thumb into her. She gasped loudly. I stopped licking and I used both hands and rubbed her hard and thumbed her. She “uh uh uh mmmmm damn Lukey!”, She said. As her legs locked into orgasmic glee.

Next morning I woke up and she was giving me a handjob. “What are you doing? You just cannot come in here and do that!”, I said.

“Everyone is gone. Your dad said to wake your lazy ass up! So I am best way I know how.”, She said. “I have been a bad bad girl Lukey. I need some punishment to set me straight. Help me please.”

I spanked her little butt. I squeezed her ass cheeks as hard as I could. “You little wench! How dare you! You are going to suck my dick as punishment.”, I said.

“Suck your dick?”, She asked.

“Yeah you suck on it like a lollipop until the white stuff comes out.”, I said

“In my mouth? Ew. No.”, She said, “that sounds gross!”

“Open up your mouth and stick your tongue out.”, I said. She did and I put my dick on her tongue. “Is that so bad.” She smiled. She put the head in her mouth. “Ok you don’t have to suck it this time but I want you to taste what comes out of it.”, I said.

She shook her head. “Look can’t you just lick my thing like last time and we call it even? This seems extreme. I wasn’t really a bad girl.”. I pointed out she lied to me then which is even worse. “Shit!”, She said.

“Now you are cussing? What happened to my sweet little sister I love so much?”, I asked “you definitely need to be punished. Come on watch me jack off. I know you like that. You can see the stuff come out.”

“Ugh ok. I really don’t want to taste it.”, She said.

I had her do most of the work giving me a handjob while I tried waking up. When I came she watched intensely.

“Come on take some on your finger and taste it. Big girls do it all the time.”, I said.

“Well I am only 11. Maybe I should wait a few years.”, she said trying to bargain her way out of this.

I told her ok. She laid on my chest and I rubbed her pussy. I was going to be sneaky and wait till she opened her mouth while I was doing this. I was rubbing her little clit and she finally came and I got my chance. She opened her mouth as she orgasmed and swished some in her mouth.

“You jerk! That wasn’t fair.”, She said. Not realizing she swallowed it. “I can’t believe you did that!”

I laughed. “Must not have tasted too bad. You swallowed it.”

“Yeah but you did not have to be sneaky like that!”, she said.

“Well you did not have to be sneaky like that either! Climbing under the sink and watching me shower.”, I said in a mocking tone.

She stomped off into her room. “Funny you didn’t even brush your teeth. Brat!”, I said. She yelled “asshole”

I cleaned my dick off and went into her room. “What did you just call me?”, I said.

Being bold now she said, “I said asshole. You want to make something out of it?”, She smiled sarcastically. Anxiously waiting for the punishment to come.

“You little lady need to be smacked.”, I said and smacked her across the face with my dick. She was giggling and laughing enjoying it. She grabbed it and put the head in her mouth.

“Am I doing ok Luke?”, She asked.

“Yeah baby. You know I love you right?”, she nodded with my dick in her mouth. I stroked her hair. Pulled her pants down and exposed her cute little baldy.

“Am I going to be punished?”, She asked.

“In the worst way possible”, I said. We laughed

To be continued.

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