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True story of me and my little sister

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First time fucking my underage sister on her 14th birthday what a night it was

I was 23 When I first met my sister she was 13 and living with our biological father.. I soon discovered she had a birthday coming up in a few short weeks. Being we were just meeting for first time I decided I wanted to take my little sister out to dinner for her 14th birthday so I asked our biological father if that would be OK and he agreed.

My sister Jessica was a small petite girl with glasses she weighed probably 90 pounds. From what I seen that first day. I didn’t really look at her much though. I was very excited to take her out in a few weeks.

Finally the day had arrived and I got dressed and went to pick her up. I pulled up and blew my horn and out she came. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her blue sundress and glasses. I couldn’t help now to notice she had a very attractive body small perky tits supper nice Lil ass. I made sure she didn’t see me staring though..soon after she asked me for a cigarette and I gave it to her then I asked if she smoked weed she said yes but please don’t tell father. I said fuck that dude and we laughed as I rolled a blunt to smoke before dinner.

After dinner we took a little ride to smoke again. And as I rolled the 2 blunt she asked if she could tell me something without me get offended… I said of course I’m your big brother I got you sis. Then she said I think you are really hott bro and if you wasn’t my brother I’d definitely fuck you..
A little shocked I replied and told her I thought she was very sexy ad well and we looked at each other and then she said we’ll if you won’t tell or mind maybe we could kiss.. I then leaned in and we kissed ever so passionately for about 15 minutes..

As we was driving back to drop her off she said she was really turned on. She then started to rub her had up her thighs and then to her panties. Is this OK with you big brother she asked I smiled and said hell yes.. soon she was rubbing and fingering her sweet little bald 14 year old pussy. I hadn’t seen one that young before and was very happy to see her playing with it. My dick was hard as it could be at this point. She was moaning and really getting into it as she said she was going to cum. Cum sis cum for your big brother fucking cum.

She came hard and was soaking my passenger side seat. I reached over kissed her and started to rub her pussy.. she came again as we pulled up to the house. I cut the car off and she grabbed my hard dick and began to suck it and oh my God she was good at it especially to be only 14. Soon she asked if she could ride my dick. Ther was no way I could say no.

She climbed up on my lap sliding herself down on to my dick. Her pussy was so damn tight she kept sliding up and down taking more and more every time till she eventually had all of me deep inside her. She rode me so passionately for about 30 minutes. Then I grabbed her and took her dress fully off and laid the passenger seat down and I asked if she was ready to get a seriously hard pounding she said yes.

I forced her face down and slammed my dick deep into her pussy. She screamed as I started to pound her pussy beating her pussy into oblivion she was literally crying from the pain yet loving the pleasure. I kept beating her little pussy for an hour straight she came over and over then I flipped her over and went back at it watching her eyes roll as I destroyed her little pussy I looked deeply into her eyes and told her I was about to cum. Cum bro cum for you little sister. Please cum all over me i looked into her eyes said I love you sis slammed in in deep kissed her and exploded deep inside her pussy filling her with my cum. She smiled got dressed and went inside. That was the greatest night of all time and we have been fucking ever since


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  • Reply always lies ID:1cx9qjixzzaj

    the first thing newly met siblings do is ask older siblings for cigs and pot as if they wont be told on lol. sure.

  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:60aa7938m

    You need prison time with many back cock’s in your ass and mouth

  • Reply Ant ID:rpvr1ozm

    so fake, can’t see how the parents didn’t come out to see where you were after parking up outside

  • Reply DavidY kenya ID:1jybr2qi

    Part two plzzz

  • Reply Dave ID:8b938yzd9a

    I am sure he could got his pregnant because I got my 17 yr old sister pregnant but 4 times there all boys 17 to 15 she letting them fuck cum inside until one day told she was pregnant by one of our sons

    • Beachboy ID:1co3awlkelx4

      Dam it that was so awesome and I really had such an experience with my sister and I have been trying to get her drunk and horny again but I’m sure that one day will happen again

  • Reply Paul ID:3zxjrjpw20a

    I really did fuck my baby sister alot and it was never like that I even fucked my great aunt one time and she had the best pussy that I ever fucked and we fucked for about a hour before I got to cum in her and we was drunk sister name is Tiffany C. Aunt passed away a long time ago and I’m 47 m from Ohio but I live in wv

    • TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      Hi Paul !! TARA

  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bhm

    Your English is horrid and the fact she tells you to cum on her then next sentence you cum in her and she smiles 🤣 riiight.

  • Reply TheSuper ID:6i2ohotkm2

    30 minutes in that tight pussy….LOL right

  • Reply hoursmaster ID:1dfc4kx38zob

    a guy fucking a girl for a hour with out cumming lol nice fairy tail, still hot.

  • Reply Kevin ID:1dw4fehx3cgd

    i love stories about young brother and younger sister. thank you for sharing

  • Reply Berolinus ID:1dstkd01qyw7

    So fucking fake? That doesn’t matter at all!
    You can share your stories with me. And I’ll
    tell you my experiences!
    Email me at [email protected]

  • Reply Dickhead ID:7zv3dr749i