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Father, Daughter Time

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My mom went on holiday with some of her friends for a week so I was left with my dad and brother, one day I was getting ready for school and I noticed the bathroom door open slightly I looked through the mirror and saw my dad looking at me with his hands down his pants, I didnt know what to do but it made me feel nice, after a few seconds I looked back and saw he was gone so I finished getting ready.

After school I went to my dads room a talked to him about what I saw, he started to get upset and apologies to me but then I told him its ok I liked it, he looked at me and confessed his feeling for me, I was shocked, I had some feeling for my dad so I told him that I wanted him to be my first real love, he looked at me and then he grabbed me and kisses me, we made out for a few minuets, after we stopped I saw he was hard, he did try and hide it but I just put my hand on it and started to rub, after a few seconds I unzip his pants and pop out his cock, it was rock hard, it had pre-cum on the top, my dad then asked me to suck it so I place my mouth just over it and then lowered my mouth onto it, after about 3 minuets my dad cum’s in my mouth and I swallow his load.

The day after, as it was the weekend I stayed in my nightwear, after about an hours of me waking up my dad comes into my room and asked me if I could help him I help him and he pick me up and puts me on my bed, he takes off my panties and spreads my legs, he gets on top and places his cock right at the entrance to my cunt, he looks at me in my eyes and says “Dont worry daddy’s gonna look after you”, he then pushes his cock into my tight pussy, the pleaser of my dads cock was amazing, I moaned “OH DADDY”, “OH FUCK RIGHT THERE”, as he thrusted into me, we was at it for a 5 minuets and he cum’s deep in my cunt, he left me on my bed with his cum flowing out all over my bed.

I wake up after that to my brother fucking me and cumming inside just like my dad did a few hours before.

(This I all fiction)

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