Cat: Virgin

The vicar’s daughter

At midday on 6 March 1986, Jill Saward and her boyfriend, David Kerr, both 21, were watching a video recording of an episode of ‘Dallas’ at the Saward’s vicarage home... # #

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My first time with a dog

I was 13 years old and beginning to explore my sexual desires. I watched every thing I could find on the internet, until I came across zoophilla. I watched a girl and her dog have sex.... # # #

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How I Became A Sex Addict (Part 1)

I’ve always loved sex, even from an early age. My parents were barely home because of their work, which always required them to go on business trips, and our housekeepers usually... # #

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Fever Dreams

I couldn’t sleep, it was hot in my room, so I opened up my window. That’s when I saw the boy next door, in his back yard… # # #

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To Be Used

She tugged on the ropes half heartedly. The rough material chafed at her wrists turning them a raw red. She knew it was no use, the binds would not come undone. She had been stuck in... # # #

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raping amber

Amber got home from school and went to her room i went in and she was watching cartoons i sat down and pulled her onto my lap her skirt rose exposing her panties i put my hand on the... # #

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