Cat: Virgin

fucking my neighbors niece

It was Monday I had watched the neighbors daughter playing with her cousins the oldest one was 13 she wore really tight jeans and a baggy sweatshirt she had a really nice ass they played... # #

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raping marissa

I was online talking to random people when this young girl started talking to me she sent very provocative pics yet not showing anything . She didn’t look very old and was trying... # # #

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Raping Maggie

I got a call from my sister sue she asked if I could come over to help her move her appliance’s si she could clean I told her yeah and headed over as I arrived she greeted me... # # #

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Big Brother

Danny was a few years older, and he sexually harassed me for years, but he didn’t tell me that’s what he was doing. #Covert # # #

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Daddy’s girl

Ok let me just say this is true as far as I’m able to make it so. Ages have been changed due to site rules and, well just because. Backstory (sort of): My Mom, who worked a part... # # #

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