Cat: Virgin


Ms. Barkley, (23) tall blonde, thin and curvy teaches Math at an elementary school. She dresses in a white flowery sundress and high heels as she teaches her fourth grade class. It’s... # # #

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As a child one of my favorite times was family vacations, especially road trips. The most memorable one took place when I was 15 years old, I was the middle child. Our family consisted... # # #

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The Plumber

The plumber not only cleaned out the pipes..he filled my virgin pipes with his hot liquid.. # # #

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My neighbor part 3

Claire couldn’t make it on Sunday so I went over myself. I went into the garage and my neighbor was there tending to the puppies. Hi Avery, where’s Claire? She’s at home. I’m... # #

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My neighbor Part 2

The next day was the weekend so I told my best friend Claire about what happened and showed her the magazine. She was excited about the pictures and asked to go with me. We both wore... # # #

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