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Virgin with experience

212 Words 👤 I’m a 12 year old girl and I’m sex crazed? I masturbated. I want a sugar daddy with doc pics! And I think about rape and it makes me horny. I have a lot of experience for a Virgin
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Me and my brother

279 Words 👤 One day, I was home alone with my 15 year old brother (I was 6 at the time). My parents had gone out to a meeting, and would’ve been back around midnight. It got to around 9pm and...
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My uncles cock

553 Words 👤 I thought I would share this with you from my childhood fun with my uncle . I was 9 at the time went stay at my grandmother’s my uncle was 22 one day I was in the shower and he...
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first time with a girl

469 Words 👤 I’m 13 i am 5”6, i’m not that pretty but i have big boobs and a big butt. this took place about 5 months ago, i was going over to my friend Allies house for a sleepover. she had...
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My confession

494 Words 👤 See juhtus ühel suvisel päeval kui ma asutuse autoga avarii tegin.Kohus määras minule 1,5.aastat vanglat ja mida ma 21.aastaselt kandma hakkasin.Koju jäi mind ootama pruut ja minu...
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My guilty pleasure

1182 Words Hi I’m a 32 year old mother to four beautiful daughters. My oldest is 7yo the twins are 5yo and the youngest is 3yo. They are all around the same age, we wanted them to be close,...
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First Live Sex Show

541 Words 👤 The first live sex shows I ever did was for my next door neighbour, I came home from work one day a saw home from my bedroom window watching a live sex show online with you know what...
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