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I unknowingly had sex with a 13yr old who said she was older

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This was last year I’m 22 now this happened when I was like 21 I had moved out of my mom’s place an rented a room from this guy. I met this girl thru this app where like minded gamers can meet an game if u don’t have any friends or anything like that. One girl had joined a post I had made about asking for a duo for fortnite we played a few rounds an she had found my voice to be attractive an even said I had a porno voice. We talked an later found out she lived in Portland an I was in Washington so we made plans to meet one day an for her to head back with me to my place with this I had been told by her she was 18 turning 19 when we met she walked up to me where I was waiting by a gas station. We hugged an kissed where I slid my hand to her ass giving it a tap an squeeze I got us an uber back to my place since I didn’t drive once we got there we lit a joint an started smoking. Weed normally makes me very horny an acts like viagra almost she noticed my hard on since we were cuddling an watching Leo an stitch since she liked the movies during the movie she went to my hips an layer her head on my lap massaging my groin a bit while eyes on the TV. She looked up at me an asked if it was ok if she can pull it out feeling excited I nodded an took a shot of whiskey she pulled it out an started at it I’d say my dick is more on the average side of length but I’ve been told it has a good amount of girth. She started to kiss an lick which felt so good on my cock an then she started sucking. She had never done anything before this besides a hand job but her mouth felt amazingly on my cock as her head bobbed up an down I felt her tongue swirling all around. Finally she took it out with a plop sound an spat on it an rubbed the spit in an asked if I can get a condom on. When I did she layed on my bed waiting as I got in between her legs an found her hole I slid it inside her slowly an started thrusting after a few thrusts she told me to take the condom off an she wanted me to cum inside her. Feeling nervous about knocking her up she reasured me she was on the pill so I took it off an fucked her faster this time. Finally about an 30 mins I came inside of her my hand tightened around her throat as I came deep in her pussy leaving her breathless and shaking a little. We’ve fooled around bit after that an then we just stopped talking she said during our game on fort one day if she can tell me something I said sure. She then revealed that she was actually 14 an just turned but she always loved older men cause how passionate they r.

Sorry about the format If any of u r nazis with it but this story is all true an I felt like maybe some of u might like it if any girls that read this an wanna talk Yolo_slaps is my discord


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  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    Omegle used to be a good app to pick up girls

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    Yes, you have to be careful these days and it’s very difficult to tell how old they are. It has happened to me once or twice before. I’m not complaining.

  • Reply 0526290c52f7820b28eaa5f31e9dc3bd519c2fe8 ID:gnrr5kb0k

    fuck her ass next

  • Reply BigDaddy7232 ID:1dkzi7t9s3y6

    Yeah I don’t have snap tho add my discord Yolo_slaps

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    Been looking for more girls on this app?

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      I’m not the poster, but I’d love to get in touch with you

    • BigDaddy7232 ID:1dkzi7t9s3y6

      I got discord it’s linked at the bottom of the post