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Masturbate in bus station 2

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my god did you exactly this moment i coudnt keep anymore to not cum and with a scream at her yes emma i masturbate with you in my mind

Saturday afternoon end of first game of seasson we give our best but we lose with 15points difference anyway it was a very difficult match against previous seasson champions and most likely win again present seasson all girls were unhappy but our people and tom that come to see her sister and me i could fantasy with their claps they give us courage for later.After event in bus station emma told me he was her brother and she had see us talking there after this day i havent meet him again i didnt know him first because emma was only three months at town and because her family is old ways i know her mother and now her brother.
In dressing room our trainer want to talk to me and leader sofi alone while other girls doing bath when we finish with trainer other girls and emma had finish bath and they start clothing maria dont late i will waiting outside ok emma only a bath i will do and we go i with emma agree to sleeppower in her home her parents was little problem but at end agree when i go to bath i open water and start doing my hair then suddenly i hear my bathdoor open i turn and i see tom in frond of me nude with a halferected cock i cover my boobs and pussy with my hands what are you doing there other girls dont worry only we are here and i get here to see you if i was lucky nude you miss me all this days and i the same i told him this was realy truth without boyfriend for long time i was hot even best friends little brother so you want to see me nude very well.
I put down my hands and i was nude in frond of him wow you have nice rounds boobs while my sister had them small but like lemons you have see your sister nude yes in bathroom but not like we are now and your pussy is hairless while emma most times left hairy you know many things for your sister i know everything for you girls but now my interesting is you can i rub with my hand your pussy its not the best place you know and your sister wait me outside please only to feel it ok but for very litlle time i open legs and tom put his hand downof me in my pussy well did you like it is even better after we meet outside then its so wet and soft maybe because we are nude and wet with all this water fall at our body.
With tom rub me down there i had starting to be realy wet Better tom to get out and left me finish bath your sister wait me outside or she looks for you no until something last what you mean very simple give me your pussy and he stink inside my pussy two fingers doing scream not loudly or you taste my cock and he show me a now full erected cock i had no time for cocks take my pussy but please put out your fingers its difficult to not scream whatever you want but i will put my tongue inside it ok but end this i couldnt anymore keep loudly my moans i open more my legs and tom come between my legs and a tongue starting play with my pussylips to lick your pussy while you are standing on your feet it isnt the best pose so i put my hands above bathdoor allow me have my legs open more now tom tongue start go after pussylips and go inside my pussy.
I could feel his tongue lick my inside pussy and doing it liguids run at tom face my god tom this it drink all my juices i was near to cum in a 9yearsold mounth also all this time i have my eyes in his cock because you are a naughty but good boy i will play with your cock in this wolds tom stongue start moving faster inside me doing me grab bathdoor stronger and very difficult i try keep to not scream but in some meters in frond of me maria what are you doing all this time at bath sorry emma now i finish with tears of hotness in my ears wait why you are with hands in bathdoor my god did you exactly this moment i coudnt keep anymore to not cum and with a scream at her yes emma i masturbate with you in my mind and now you see me nude i cum.
I drop a lot of cum at tom mounth and face but this scream left emma with her mounth open and a shocking face but me with a face full of pleasure that all this end emma told that this was a big suprise of me and to not late more my mother looking for tom but they will return i will stay wait you outside oh no after all this she will think i am lesbian and i want her but i couldnt told her or discover that i had her bother between my legs lick my pussy ii feel tom go behind me wipe and licking my cum of his face it was fantastic better than bus station we are very lucky your sister not catch us i help him clean his face now go must not see us together but wait emma is outside dont worry.
He put his clothes and before he leaves i kiss him in his cheeks no kiss in mounth you want many things liitle now go we we talk again my house tonight it wiil be more difficult tom nothing difficult for me you will seei return to end my bath but i stil could feel the feeling tom of tongue in my pussy until tonight on emmas bedrroom in naughty things again with tom in other story.

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    Good story but bad English.