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The Dream Factory #2

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More torture and abuse at the crew of the dream factory. PPV molestations and rapes. No holes barred, so to speak.

I awoke from the nightmare dreams wracked with pain, tearful, scared. The memorof my recent ordeal all too vivid in my tortured mind. I knew they weren’t going to stop . That fucking cow Sandra had mentioned animals!!
Though so far the only animals I’ve seen or been in contact with are those monsters out there. Beth’s imagination was in overdrive contemplating what further terrors and humiliating misery awaited her. 16yrs old her life stolen by these maniacs. All because she was stupid enough to go online for months and pretend to be a nude model and older than she is. Beth’s self pity was rudely replaced by the door of the room being flung open and her female tormentor Sandra snarling. “It’s show time slut. Follow me?”

Beth arose from the single bed very stiffly her face contorted in pain . Her anus and cunt throbbed agonisingly with every step. Her holes although well douched. Still secreted the remnants of her rapists spend. Embarrassing the teen further as she made noises while striding behind her captor. The table she’d been bound to earlier was moved to the wall. In its place was what appeared to be a small set of parallel bars? Both James and David were mopping something up from underneath them!!. A black sack lay in the corner near the door. It looked to be moving now and then? Beth stared at it horrified to imagine what or who was inside? She soon discovered as Sandra said. “Ok my little fuck magnet. There’s a 10 minute vid and some pics required by a very rich client. They loved your last showing so much they asked for you to star in their latest fantasy?”

Beth was clamped to the bars arms stretched up forcing her boobs out and legs spread and secured to a wooden kitchen chair. This position forced her cute pale bum to prominence exposing her pink raw labia and abused teen anus in full glory gaping from the edge of the chair. Her small but pert tits hung just over the chairs back. Beth sobs then trys to turn and look as the door is opened. A very excited canine is led in followed by a bleating goat and a naked Asian looking girl with a long thick dark rope around her neck and waist? Beth screams until she’s hoarse, she knows what’s going to happen and is wailing incoherent curses at her torturers. This doesn’t stop them letting the large labrador retriever loose to do what he’s been trained for and is experienced in doing. His paws are covered and he sniffs at the 16 yr olds wet musky holes. His red knob is growing longer and throbbing Beth is screaming and crying he mounts her front paws on her shoulders as his dog cock searches for his bitches hole.

Two attempts later and young Beth Hewitt feels a long hard thick dog cock slide into her fucktube and gets the pounding of her life. The chair rocks back and forth as the dogs slavering mouth drenched the terrified teens back his whining and her wailing turn to grunts and moans as the terrific speed and ferocity of her canine rapist draws a loud screaming orgasm from little Beth’s body. She drops her head and shakes feverishly as her climax is sparking her erigenous nerve ends into a spasming series of eruptions in her cunt and over her niples her arsehole clenching and expanding with every gush inside her abused full pussy. She feels the dog stifen and shift slightly as her stretched labia are stretched ever further and she feels a golf ball joining the long cock already inserted within her vaginal channel.

She moans even louder as eventually the dog starts to whine and his knot appears as a precursor to the exiting of his cock. The resulting splosh of his and Beth’s ejaculate splatters the floor beneath her gaping cunt and raw labia. Her back is matted with sweat and hair. Scratched and red raw. Beth is still gasping and having small climaxes as she watches the naked Asian girl approach her and horrifically realises the dark rope is alive!! “Nooo pleeeeese don’t not that noooo????”
The ropes head moves and a flickering tongue tests the air? It slithers around on the girls body as she shoves the snakes head closer to Beth’s freshly raped cunt. Its head moves eerily, hypnotically, inexorably onto and into the squirming screeching teens fucked open hole. It’s tongue tickling and exciting Beth’s cuntal entrance.

The naked Asian girl pushes the reptile into Beth’s fanny and slowly allows the thing to slip up her cunt eliciting a further set of orgasmic cream inducing squirts that drench the reptile and send the shocked teen into spasms as it’s withdrawn from her dribbling hole and inserted up the waiting slit of the young Asian girl. Beth is shaking uncontrollably her captors cheering as she is wiped down with a towel before her next ordeal. The bleating young goat is horny and exited by the smell of Beth’s and the dogs cum. His cock is aching to be sheathed up the musky smelling entrance at his snout. Beth is hanging a sweaty drooling mess as her 16yr old cunt is yet again invaded by a beast. This one is long thick and throbs into place before it thrusts and humps her abused vaginal introitus to pulp, cumming in floods in her overused, abused and overstretched fuckhole.

Rivulets of smelly sticky goo are dribbling from her crack. Beth is mumbling incoherently as the assembled abusers disperse leaving her in her bound tortured position while they check on the clients feedback and comments!! They return sometime later. Beth is sound asleep from exhaustion and only wakes when a hose is inserted up her raped smelly cunt as she is douched by James. Sandra is watching smiling as Dave is uncoupling Beth from her cramped position on the chair. Unable to even stand as she is dripping with cold water and sloppy cum. The guys drag the exhausted girl to her room and dump her on the bed. Wet, in and out of consciousness and moaning with agony her bloody torn hole unusable for any further action until healed.
“Still your other two holes though cumdump.!!” The vicious Sandra whispers in Beth’s ear. The teen only curls up and is lost in a world of fantastical dreams and agonising pain.

Beth is kept in the room and watched and attended by her team of captors until her bloody torn body heals and she is once more advised of her commitment to their wants. Apparently during her recovery period. The police haven’t had any luck in looking for the missing teen girl. Beth has done crying and lays on the bed totally unconcerned at her naked state. Considering the last few days clothing is hardly a worry for her. The guys have all used her holes. She is told to dress in the short pink micro skirt and vest top they provided, ankle socks and a burgundy thong along with white sneakers complete an outfit that a whore wouldn’t be seen in far less a 16yr old cutie like Beth. She was taken out blindfold in the car and after a short drive she was helped to get out and walk some distance before the blindfold was removed.

Beth found herself in a wooded area with a river nearby. The exited sounds of children playing and shouting drifted on the wind. Beth was tied at the wrists and then her arms hoisted over a thick tree branch pulling her vest top up over her stomach . Her legs were bound at her ankles and as they hoisted her up her feet just barely touched the ground. This gave anyone passing a very good view of the nubile child’s neat thing covered arse and pointed titties. A board with the scrawled message :
Is nailed to the tree and she is abandoned as they hide and record what transpires. Will someone save her and let her go? Or will they free use her as directed to?

Gagged and bound and twirling on her rope Beth soon gets that question answered. A group of young boys and girls there boys two females ages about 12 -14 amble along the secluded pathway to the river and are amazed to find the teen and the request to use her as seen fit. One girl says to let her free and call someone. The other plus the three horny teen lads are soon helping our unfortunate starlet out of her flimsy clothing and staring at three hungry young hard ons. She pleads and begs but is ignored as is the other young girl who is being held down and stripped alongside Beth. The schoolgirl is held legs open arms behind her back and swiftly feels the first cock of her trip slide up her not so virgin hole as she’s fucked while Beth has her skirt at her ankles and her thong at her knees another boy is slipping his fingers up her sloppy pussy and thumbing her arsehole.

Beth groans as she swings back and forth listening to the schoolie getting smacked balls deep as the boys balls rattle off her fleshy arsecheeks. Meanwhile the girl holding her so called friends arms is rubbing her pantied crotch on her face. Seems the girl was new to the group and unaware she was always going to be rapemeat. Beth was a lusciously gorgeous bonus for them. After all three had emptied their balls in either Beth or one of the girls they left Beth and the schoolie and disappeared. The three captors kept watching awaiting whatever may happen next. Another hour passed and having secured the schoolgirls hands and feet. Gagged and blindfolded both Beth and her. They heard footsteps and man walking his dog appeared. He took a long look around as the dog sniffed at the girls open cunts. The canine licked at the cum filled pussies and as he got a mouthful the guy got his phone out and filmed himself rutting into the schoolgirls pink small anus.

She gurgled and weeped into her gag as his massive tool stretched her arse wider than intended he didn’t cum in her but chased his dog from Beth’s hairy snatch and rammed his cick up her while holding her hips. His mouth enveloped her abused raw bitten tits. The boys having had their fun and leaving her covered in red bite marks. Her nipples hard as rock as he slipped in and out her hole. He heard the dog growl then a muffled screech as he sees the schoolie on her knees arse up and his dog fucking her arsehole rapid and brutally having misplaced his aim and took advantage of his master’s kindly offering on the wailing child’s little bumhole. This spurred the man onto cumming in Beth’s hot cunt and depositing glops of thick baby juice into her young womb.

The dog meanwhile was stuck in the girls hole having knotted with her as she attempted to crawl away him stuck to her arse facing the other way. Beth swung lazily on her rope as his cum drizzled out her fanny. The man ran like fuck as soon as the dog was lose and having filmed the entire schoolgirls rape on his phone. Sandra and the guys decided it was to risky to hang around and grabbed Beth and the girl and returned to the car unseen.
Back at base the girls were allowed to shower and rest. Mainly because there were plans for the evenings clients to have their preferences accommodated
Though what particular twisted fantasy they’d be obliged to try and fill was what was occupying both children’s young imaginations as Beth sat comforting the schoolgirl who was crying for her mum. Beth sobbed and thought similarly of her own. What was to become of them? Would they ever see home or their mums ever again?

More to follow if wanted.
Thank you.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapf6ib

    I love how your very sweet name contrasts with the gloriously obscene and exciting erotica you produce. This is so good – the business with the snake is especially arousing!! If you continue – and I hope you do – maybe a little more scat content? Just a suggestion. Love it!!

  • Reply Erick ID:gqavwkg43

    Y para cuando los hombres negros gangbang y los burros y caballos y dobles, triples, cuádruples penetraciones y doble anal y triple anal y fisting, deseo varios capítulos
    Gracias por escribir historias

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapf6ib

    Brilliant! You never disappoint. Must rush. Will write further comments later. What a writer!