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Struggling mom

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Marsha was sitting at her desk in the den working on her bills. She kept readjusting her budget. ‘How am I ever going to make it?’ she thought. ‘In two months, I will be $500 dollars less. Julie will be eighteen and child support for her will end. At least Susan is sixteen and I’ll have her child support for two more years. I screwed myself by divorcing that cheating asshole, I had the worst lawyer in town.’

It’s been two years since Marsha discovered her husband cheating for a year. Once she was divorced, she discovered that he had created with another woman for three years earlier. If she had known that before the divorce, she could have included that infidelity to increase the alimony. She did get the house, along with the mortgage tho. The house was awarded to her because of the children. Now she was waiting for a call, she was hoping to refinance the mortgage for a lower monthly payment. Even with a lower mortgage payment, it still wouldn’t be enough for her bare budget.

Marsha did get that call, but the refinance would only save her $100 a month in the payments. ‘A little help,’ she thought. She made an appointment to visit the bank to complete the paper work, but would have to leave work early Tuesday. ‘Even if I could scrape up the other $400,’ thought Marsha, ‘we would still barley make it each month. I really don’t want the girls to give up gymnastics or music lessons.’

Marsha put her head down in her hands on the desk and began to softly cry. She heard the girls come home, yelling their hellos as they ran to the kitchen to get a glass of milk. Marsha knew they needed to cool down from their gymnastics practice and then take showers before dinner. Marsha dried her eyes, not wanting her daughters to know she had been crying. Susan was peppy when she entered the den. She was excited and said, “I aced it, my landing from the uneven bars was perfect. The coach hugged me and even Julie gave me a high five.” Marsha was happy for her and she was happy that Julie gave her recognition. The oldest didn’t often give her younger sister complements. At least they didn‘t fight very often. ‘I have good daughters,’ thought Marsha.

Marsha give her daughter a hug and Susan said, “Oh, I‘m sorry mommy, you’re doing the bills, I’m sorry to interrupt.” Marsha smiled as best as she could and said, “It’s OK sweetie, I’m happy for you. Get your shower and I’ll start dinner in a minute.” She heard the shower turn on in the master bath, knowing Julie was getting her shower. It wouldn’t be long before the second bathroom shower would be on.

Marsha made organized piles of the bills and budgeting ideas, got up and went to the kitchen. She took out some frozen chicken breasts and began to cry, that this was the last of the chicken. There was a roast left in the freezer, and that would make at least two meals. She began to thaw the chicken and was staring out the window when Julie came up behind her and hugged her. Julie saw dried tears on her mothers cheeks. “Mon, what’s wrong?” Julie asked. Marsha merely said, “Oh, nothing for you to worry about.” And then asked her to peel some potatoes, she wanted to make mashed potatoes to go with the chicken.

Julie kept watching her mother. ‘She seems to be depressed about something,’ she thought. As she peeled some potatoes, she kept watching her mother. Her mother didn’t seem to be her jovial self and seemed to be preoccupied while working on dinner. Julie thought, ‘We three girls, we are a happy bunch, like the three musketeers. Something is bothering her. She hasn’t been out on a date for a long time, maybe she misses the male companionship.’ Julie smiled at her mother and asked, “How about I get your wine and pour you a glass?” Marsha answered, “Oh, maybe later I’ll have a glass, not right now, but thank you sweetie.”

During dinner, the girls happily chatted about their progress in gymnastics and Julie gave more compliments to her sister for the landing she made today. Julie noticed that her mother didn‘t seem to have her normal excitement of the good news. Marsha then said, “Julie, your big day is only a couple months away. It’s a big time, eighteen. One milestone in your life. We should begin plans. Maybe who you want to have here, maybe a party at a nice restaurant. Think about what you want to do and we’ll set it up.” Julie said, “Oh, that’s still a long way off, I’ll think about it.”

Dinner finished, Julie began to take the dirty dishes to the sink when Marsha said, “I’ll take care of that, you need to get your homework done. You too Susan, now scoot.” Julie reluctantly set the dishes by the sink and then went with her sister to their rooms. Marsha cleared the rest of the table and rinsed the dishes before loading the dishwasher. She then thought, ‘At least the appliances are working. I just pray there aren’t problems with the car, I don’t need any more unexpected expenses.’

Julie pulled Susan into her room and said, “Sus’ did you notice mom, she’s bothered about something. No pep as usual.” Susan said, “When I went into the den, she was working on the bills. When I saw her, she had her head down in her hands. I think she’d been crying.” “Oh,” said Julie, “she’s having trouble with the finances. Yeah, she’d been crying when I went into the kitchen to help with dinner.” Susan said, “Maybe we could help, I don’t need a new dress for the prom. I can redo something I already have. It might help some.” “OK, I’ll think of things I can do too,” said Julie, “My Senior Prom is coming up, I don‘t have a dress to alter, maybe one of mom’s dresses, we’re the same size. Helping to keep our expenses down may not be enough, we need to think of ways to help.” The girls then went to do their homework.

Tuesday morning, Marsha knocked on Jackson’s door, she needed to ask her boss if she could leave work early. She heard the usual, “Come”, and opened the door. Her employer was a large man, balding somewhat, in his 50’s and very handsome in a rugged way. She heard, “Marsha, what can I do for you?” He was spinning around toward his desk from the window. Marsha said, “I need to go to my bank this afternoon. I was hoping I could take off about an hour early?” Jackson Williams asked sincerely, “I hope you’re not having trouble with your account.” Marsha began to wring her hands and beads of perspiration began to form on her forehead.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Jackson, “I didn‘t mean to pry. Please, tell me what’s up, maybe I can help?” Marsha nervously said, “Mr. Williams, I have to refinance my mortgage to help my monthly budget. Please, I have to get to the bank to sign the papers.” “Marsha,” he said, “we go by our first names here, call me Jackson. I never want this company to be so formal…last names, bah. Sure, take two hours if you need it. Again, is there anything I can do to help?” Marsha smiled and said, “Oh, I just need an hour. Now that you ask, do we have a position I could take that pays more?” Jackson smiled saying, “I wish we did. If anything comes up, I’ll consider you first.”

Marsha smiled and said, “You’re the best boss.” Jackson smiled and said, “Maybe your boyfriend will ask you to merry him. Two incomes seem to be the way to balance the budgets now days.” Marsha’s face reddened and she said, “No, no boyfriend. I haven’t dated for many months, no knight in shining armor, at least I haven’t found him.” Jackson, giving a sly smile, and said, “Don’t take this wrong, please, it’s just a compliment, you are such a beautiful woman, I’m surprised you don’t have several men chasing after you.” Marsha smiled and turned a darker red as she thanked him and turned to leave.

Jackson watched as she was leaving. He was thinking, ‘What a great ass that white woman has. Her whole body shouts SEX, perfect proportions, there must be something wrong with men now days, she is so fuckable. She’s making my cock hard, I might have to have go home at noon and fuck my wife.’

Marsha was returning to her desk and thought, ‘Maybe he’s right, maybe I should spend a couple of dollars at a bar and see if ‘Mr. Right’ is out there. Being a female, at least most of my drinks would be paid for and I could get exercise dancing too. He’s such a nice boss, probably ten years older than me, but really good looking for a black man. I shouldn’t think of my boss that way, he’s married, I met his wife once and she’s beautiful.’

Marsha completed her appointment at the bank, but knew she still had to find a way to balance her budget. She went through her closet and pulled dresses out that she hadn’t worn since her divorce. She had dressed to be sexy for her husband, he liked other men looking at her. She wondered if she still had a sexual image her husband wanted. Four dresses were laid on the bed. Holding them up against her body, she was impressed that they were still in fashion, would still fit her and show off more ‘skin’ for that sexy look.

She stripped and wiggled into one stretchy dress. She looked in the full length mirror and with the few pounds she had gained from the divorce, her body was nicely shaped with the stretch material, her ‘curves’ were very pronounced. One problem she saw, panty line and bra straps showed. She pulled the dress off and removed her bra and panties. Putting the dress back on, ‘Oh, what a difference,’ she thought, ‘maybe shorten the hem a bit, I might not have to buy drinks. The wolves seem to have money to hit on us women.’

She sat on the bed and pulled up a pair of thigh high stockings and then slipped her feet into a pair of five inch pumps. As she was standing in front of the mirror thinking, ‘God, I’ll make a lot of men hard.’ She then heard, “Oh, my God.” She turned her head and saw Julie standing in the door way. “What do you think,” she asked Julie, “do you think I should start dating again?” Julie’s eyes were wide open and she said, “Yeah, date, but that dress is close to making you look like a prostitute.” Marsha said, “It’s still in fashion, in fact the newer fashions, the dresses are mesh or knit, they show off more than this.”

The next day, she wanted to thank her boss. Marsha went to Mr. Williams’ office and as she knocked, the familiar “Come” was heard. She entered and said, “Thank you Mr. Wil…er…Jackson, sorry. I got my refinancing done, but still way behind in the budget. I thought about what you said, and yes, I need to break out of my shell and date. Maybe Mr. Right is waiting for me.”

Jackson thought it may be too soon, but he wanted tell her about some extra work. He knew his wife could set her up where she would not have to bother with a budget. His erection was pushing against his pants as he ogled her body. Jackson said, “I’m glad that can help. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for anything that could help.”

Marsha smiled and said, “Thank you, you’re the best boss a girl could have. I could kiss you if it wasn’t inappropriate.” “I wouldn’t mind that,” said Jackson, “but we’re at work.” He again surveyed her body and wondered how tight her pussy was for his big black cock, he would love to stretch her pussy. He knew his wife was going to be ravaged again. His problem, his wife couldn’t take his entire length without pain.

Marsha returned to her desk, she was thrilled that her boss was so nice and eager to help her. She thought, ‘Yes, if he wasn’t my boss, I would kiss him, not just a peck, but a full open mouth kiss. He deserves a reward for his interest to help an employee, even one on the low end of the totem pole.’

Friday, Marsha was eager to get home and shower. Her first duty was to hem the dress she planed to wear. She wanted the hem to fall between her knee and the bottom of her ass cheeks. She was going to be daring, knowing that the dress looked better without the panty line…so no panties or bra tonight. The hem modification done, she slipped the dress on and bent over. A bit too short she thought, but no time to change it now. Just bending over slightly, her bare ass and pussy were on full display. She felt her vaginal fluids oozing at the thought that bending would cause men to have erections, nope, the hem was going to stay where she put it.

Marsha finished her prepping and slipped on her heels. She admired herself at the mirror. ‘Yes,’ she thought, ‘the heels really define my calves, God I do look sexy.’ As she left the bedroom, she entered the living room where her daughters were watching a program. Both girls turned and gasped and almost in unison, “Wow, we haven’t seen you look like that since you divorced dad. It is a bit short, but there are shorter dresses out there.” She smiled at their compliment and heard them tell her not to drink too much. Marsha said, “I have a taxi coming, so I wouldn’t be drinking and driving.” Just then she heard the cab honking. She blew the girls a kiss and walked out the door.

Marsha felt guilty, she was way beyond her budget and here she was spending recklessly on a cab and a few drinks. She saw the driver’s eyes in the rear view mirror and his smile let her know he could see up her dress. She felt naughty and slightly spread her legs to show her freshly shaved pussy. She knew at least one man was going to have a hard-on tonight.

It was 8:00 and the bar was buzzing, people everywhere. She had to search for a place to sit. Finally, she spied a vacant stool at the bar. She would have preferred a table, but there was only one vacancy at the moment. She wasn’t used to climbing onto a high stool and it caused the hem of her dress to ride up above the lace of her thigh high stockings. She didn’t plan on this dilemma, but there was nothing she could do about it. She ordered a drink and as it was placed on the bar, she heard, “I’ll get that.”

She turned to the voice, and saw a tall man standing next to her. She thanked him, thinking that it was helping with her budget. They exchanged names and chatted as she nursed her drink. She noted that he wore a wedding band and she said, “Thank you for the drink, but I don’t plan to be the ‘other woman’.” The man immediately said, “Oh, I’m in an open marriage, it’s OK.” Marsha said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t get involved with married men, open marriage or not.” As he finally left to find another woman, she wondered if that was a line her husband had used, ‘open marriage’, my ass.

She had several drinks delivered to her from ‘anonymous’ men when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see who was tapping her. Her eyes bugged out when she saw her boss. “Jackson,” she said, “what a surprise to see you here.” Jackson said, “I have a booth over there.” pointing. “I’m here with my wife, Cherry. I spotted you and she told me to invite you over.” Marsha was stunned and took his hand as she slipped off the stool. She brushed the back of her dress down, knowing she was being exposed.

She was amazed at the size of his hand as he led her through the crowd. At the booth, he introduced Marsha to his wife. Marsha said, “Yes, we met briefly at the company party.” Cherry said, as she patted the soft seat, “Come sit. I’m glad to see you again, Jackson has talked to me about you. You are more beautiful than he has described. I remember now from the company party, you’re drop dead gorgeous.” A drink was delivered to Marsha as they talked. Cherry said, “Jackson has been worried about you, it seems your divorce has caused some financial problems. We have discussed a way for you to add to your income.”

Jackson quickly stood and said, “first, I want a dance with this beauty.” He took Marsha’s hand and led her to the dance floor. It was a slow dance and Marsha slowly closed into his body. Soon, Jackson pulled her tight and she could feel his cock pushing against her belly. Her head fell to his shoulder as he said, “It’s true, I did tell my wife how beautiful you are.” Marsha couldn’t hold back, she turned her head to him, said, “Not at the office.” She pressed her lips to his. She stayed against his lips and opened her mouth for his tongue. Their tongues danced together as Marsha unintentionally ground her stomach into his hard cock. She did nothing to discourage his hands from feeling her bare ass under her dress.

The music ended and they pulled apart. Back at the booth, Cherry said, “God, you looked good together. I liked seeing Jackson’s hands on your ass. Did you feel his big cock? It is big, you would love it stretching you open.” Marsha was now red. She said, “I’ve never been with a black man,” as she felt a hand on her thigh, but it wasn’t Jackson’s, it was Cherry‘s. Cherry said, “You’ll love it. Before Jackson interrupted me, I was going to say, I have a business partner and we would like to talk to you about a second job, maybe an hour or two after work, a couple days a week, but mostly on the weekends.”

Without thinking, Marsha turned to Cherry and kissed her on the lips. “Oh, my God,” Marsha apologized, “I shouldn’t have done that, I’m so sorry.” Cherry put her hand beside Marsha’s cheek and pushed her lips against hers and opened her mouth for her tongue. Marsha was stunned, but let their tongues mingle as she then felt the hand on her thigh move up under her dress.

Cherry’s hand rested between Marsha’s legs, the palm pushing against her vaginal opening. Marsha was stunned, the hand didn’t move, just pushed against her vagina. She was waiting for fingers to enter her, she didn‘t care that they would be a woman’s fingers. Her vaginal muscles were spasming as the nerve endings from her brain reminded her need to be fucked, fingers or cock, she didn’t care.

Cherry pulled her lips away and Marsha gasped and nervously asked, “What, ugh, what is this part-time work you talked about?” Cherry said, “Not now, I will call you and we will sit with my partner to discuss the details.” Right then, Jackson pulled Marsha from the booth. Marsha got up to dance again.

Marsha melted her body against Jackson, feeling his cock push against her stomach again. She again put her head on his shoulder and turned her face to his neck. She began to lick and kiss his neck. Marsha smashed her lips hard to his as she searched for his tongue. They kissed for a long time as his hands were once again pulling her naked ass tighter to him. “Humm,” moaned Marsha, “your hands feel so good.” Jackson smiled and said, “Not at the office.”

The song ended and Marsha wanted to stay against this big black man, but they returned to the booth. A fresh drink was waiting for her. She felt Cherry’s hand against her pussy again. Cherry then said, “Baby, you need to feel how wet this white pussy is. She’s so wet, I bet even she could take your cock pushing her womb up into her stomach, I’d love to see that.”

Marsha was now mesmerized, ‘A big long cock? It didn’t feel that big when we were dancing. I wonder just how long he is?’ She then felt Cherry’s hand being pushed aside as large fingers were now rubbing her labia and then three fingers were thrust into her. She sat straight up with her eyes wide open. The feeling was electrifying and she pushed her pelvis forward against his fingers. She needed to know. Her hand went to his crotch and found his pants were already open. She reached in and found a large hard object. Her hand couldn’t stretch around it and as she began to pump her hand on his cock. Being still confined in his pants, she never felt where his phallus connected to his balls.

Cherry’s lips were now licking Marsha’s ear lobes as she whispered, “I told you he was big. Sweetheart, within a week, you’re going to have the best fucking in your life. He’s going to stretch your pussy wider than you can imagine. I’m going to make sure he doesn’t have sex for several days, I want him to save up for the first time his fire hose pumps his black seed deep into you.” Marsha began to tremble thinking about what she was told. From his wife no less, she wanted her husband to fuck this white pussy.

After each dance, Marsha’s pussy was finger fucked. Cherry’s head was resting on her shoulder as Cherry kept whispering, “You’re going to love his cock. You will remember your ex-husband and ask yourself how he ever pleasured you.” Marsha was in a sexual daze thinking about fucking a black man, something she never fantasized about. Jackson had her vaginal juices running as she wondered when she was going to be spreading her legs for his big black cock.

It was closing time for the bar and Cherry said, “Don’t worry about a cab, we’ll take you home. Here’s a $100 bill, tomorrow, go to the adult book store and buy two dildos. One about 1 ½ inch diameter, 8 inches long and the other one 2 inches in diameter and 11 inches long. With the smaller one, fuck yourself for several days, as many times as you can. Then switch to the bigger one and do the same for several days. Get your pussy ready, believe me you’ll need to be ready. Cherry drove as Jackson was with Marsha in the back finger fucking her wet pussy as she was screaming in ecstasy with multiple orgasms.

Marsha knew her ‘snoopy’ daughters would be waiting and wondering if she found a boyfriend. She knew their questions, ‘What’s he like, when will we meet him, how much do you like him?’ Yeah, she knew, even tired, she wouldn’t get any rest until they thoroughly grilled her. She told Jackson, “My daughters will be at the window, acting just like my mother waiting for me to get home.” Cherry chuckled and said, kiss me before you get out. As Marsha leaned over the seat and kissed Cherry clandestinely, Jackson got out and walked around to open the door for her. She got out and thanked them for the best time since her divorce and walked to the front door.

Before she got to the top step, the front door ‘whooshed’ open and Julie and Susan were there asking why she got a ride from a black couple. “Let me get in,” plead Marsha. She plopped down on the couch, smiling she said, “Two of the greatest friends one could have. He is my boss and it so happened he and his wife were at the lounge I went to. I couldn’t be luckier than having a boss like Jackson. His wife is a jewel, so nice and sweet.” She knew that wasn’t going to satisfy their curiosity.

Marsha smiled at her daughters and said, “NO, I didn’t meet anyone that I wanted to date. God, Jackson is a good dancer.” She didn’t want to, but she fibbed, “Guys just do‘t know how to dance anymore. Thank God for Jackson, I got exercise from a man that knows how to dance. Maybe next Friday I might meet the man of my dreams.” She didn‘t mention that she already met the man of many wet dreams to come. A man whose wife wanted her to fuck him…no demanded she fuck him. She bade her daughters a good night and slowly made her way to her bedroom for a nice long shower and then sleep.

Marsha got up and was surprised when she entered the kitchen that her daughters had made coffee and breakfast. She sipped her coffee and thought about her night, the sensual kisses from both Jackson and Cherry, the hand from her and the fingers from him…the thought was causing her vaginal fluids to coat her labia. She finished breakfast and then remembered her home work assignment from Cherry…buy the two dildos, and put them to good use. She remembered the mandate by Cherry to be ready to be fucked by her husband, get her pussy ready for that day, her first black man.

Marsha was embarrassed when she went into the adult book store. Once inside, seeing so many things for ‘marital aids’, her embarrassment went away when she became curious at what was being sold. The various DVDs, books, magazines, and costume clothing…crotchless panties. Things she never knew existed. She found the dildos she needed, and she chose black, knowing she would be fantasizing about Jackson’s black cock fucking her.

As she was paying for the dildos, the lady reached to the shelf behind her and brought a bottle to the counter. She said, “You will need this, at least for the first use in the pussy. I recommend a lot when you use your toys in your ass…a lot, believe me. It hurts, I didn‘t use lube my first time…it tore me up and my ass hurt for days.” Marsha’s eyes opened and she thought, ‘I didn’t think about anal sex. Cherry didn’t say anything about that. I’ve only had one thing in my ass, that was an enema my mother gave me many, many years ago.’ She added the third item to her purchase, ‘better to be safe than sore’ she thought.

The girl said, “I shouldn’t be telling you this, but you can save money on the DVDs. Just check out the interracial videos on the internet, please don’t tell my boss what I said, he’ll fire me. Marsha questioned, “Interracial DVDs?” The clerk said, “I assume interracial because you are buying black dildos.” Marsha turned red and mumbled, “Yeah, you’re right. What titles do you suggest?” The clerk said, “The internet is swamped, so many white women want black clock now days. I like the gang bangs best.”

Marsha’s mind was spinning. The world has passed me by, so much sex now. I wonder what my girls know? Are they aware of interracial sex, or maybe what the girl said about anal sex? I always thought the girls were open and we discussed anything…they are probably better informed than me. We haven’t discussed sex. She then wondered if her husband spent time in the adult book store, or maybe he spent time on the internet watching porn.

That night, Marsha knew she needed to begin her regimen with the smaller dildo. Knowing her daughters were asleep, she decided to use her dildo as she watched interracial videos. She booted up the computer in the den, thinking about her husband, she checked the history to see what he might have been watching. Several interracial video sites were listed. Marsha was puzzled when she saw the dates visited were well after her divorce. She knew one or maybe both daughters had been watching interracial videos.

She opened the first video. A few minutes, she watched a white woman screaming as a black cock was violently thrusting into her pussy. Marsha’s pussy was now flowing her juices as her nerve endings pulsed. She slid the smaller dildo into her canal. She was well lubricated so she didn’t need her bottle of lube. She soon was thrusting her groin into the dildo, her back arched and her legs began to shake. Her mind reminded her what Cherry had said, ‘be ready’. She then remembered the comment Cheery made to Jackson, ‘she’ll probably stretch to accept your cock pushing her womb up to her stomach.’

She watched some more videos. She was flabbergasted at the size of the black cocks those small white pussies were able to take. They could take the full length. She then turned her attention to her dildo. The full 8 inches were all the way into her and felt thrilling every time it punched against her cervix. She began fucking her dildo faster in and out of her pussy as she felt herself cumming. Her head dropped back, her eyes rolled upward, one hand pinched her nipple as the other continued the fucking dildo in and out. She began a gargle sound and then screamed, “OH FUCK…” She then shut her mouth to stifle her orgasm. She didn’t want to wake her daughters. Marsha had never felt such an orgasm.

Sunday, her daughters left to visit with their friends. She rushed into the den and brought up another video, this time there were three black men with what appeared to her as monster cocks. They took turns fucking a white blonde. Marsha noticed that the woman had wedding rings on her finger and she kept screaming, “Bigger than my husband.” She referred to her husband all through the video as a ‘wimp’, ‘unable to satisfy her’, ‘tinny white dick’ and said her husbands cock would never touch her again. The woman vowed that she was a black slut, always wanting to be fucked by black cock. Marsha’s hand was becoming tired from violently fucking her small dildo deep into her vagina.

She slowly pulled her dildo from her pussy and laid on the floor to regain her composure. She looked at the dildo and brought it up to her nose. She smelled her pussy juices that had coated the dildo with a white foam. She stuck out her tongue and licked the length of the dildo and was pleased with the taste, not distasteful. She was soon sucking the dildo trying to get the bulbous head to the back of her throat. With the dildo clean, she pushed it back into her pussy and fucked hard until another shattering orgasm caused her body to shake and spasm. She was looking forward to having Jackson’s cock, she was resolute to take his entire length, like Cherry described.

Marsha walked into work, happy and with a little bounce to her walk. As she sat at her desk, the phone rang. It was Jackson and he said Cherry was expecting her for lunch. It wasn’t a request, it was an order. She wrote down the restaurant and wondered if she could afford to buy lunch. Marsha was nervous when noon arrived. She drove to the restaurant and thought about driving back to work when she saw such a ‘ritzy’ restaurant. She knew her budget was over extended. She was beginning to drive away when she was stopped by Cherry.

Cherry smiled and said, “I‘m glad you came, I just got here myself. Come with me, I want you to meet my partner. Marsha sheepishly said, “Please, I can’t afford a place like this.” Cherry laughed and said, “I wouldn’t have asked you to come here if I expected you to pay.” Cherry leaned in the window and gave Marsha a kiss and said, “Get your ass out of that car and come inside.” Marsha felt better, but wondered if anyone saw a black woman kiss her.

Once inside, they heard, “Over here”. Marsha looked and there was a white man waving. She noted that he was well dressed and had a body that indicated that he used the gym regularly. As they approached, Cherry threw her arms around him and gave him a long loving kiss. When Cherry broke the kiss, she looked at Marsha and said, “Get used to it. Soon people will see you giving black men loving kisses. By the way, this is my partner, Richard. She put her hand out to shake, but Richard pulled her to a tight hug and gave her a kiss too.

Marsha began to scan the menu when Cherry said, “I’ve already ordered for you.” Two glass of wine were placed in front of the ladies, and Richard had a Scotch. Cherry said, “Richard and I want to discuss this part-time work we are offering you. We know you will need time to think about our proposition before you say ‘yea or nay’. Don’t reject it until you listen to what we have to say, I’m sure it will shock you, just listen, take your time to decide.”

Richard said, “Cherry and Jackson have talked to me, I know you need money. Well what we offer is between $200 an hour and sometimes up to $2000 for three to four hours, that’s your take.” Marsha’s eyes opened wide, her mind began to spin. Cherry said, “Think what you will be able to do. You could start nice savings accounts for your daughter’s education, not just Junior College, but some of the best universities. You wouldn’t have to worry about a budget. Nice fashionable clothes for you and your daughters, maybe a new car.”

Marsha said, “You know I work full time now. When would I have time for this work you are talking about?” Richard said, “An hour after work, maybe two, sometimes three days a week. Jackson will quietly give you early time off if you need to get ready.” Marsha was puzzled asking, “To get ready? Ready for what?” Cherry said, “You will entertain some men. It’s up to you what you want to do. Maybe dinner or walks through the park.” Marsha was skeptical and asked, “you mean to have sex, to be a whore?”

Richard chuckled and said, “If that‘s what you want, you’re in charge.” Cherry said, “We provide only gentlemen, well educated and clean. If you want, you can have sex with them. Once you are introduced to them, you will be happy. You will be their escort for an hour or two.” Marsha looked down at her wine and swirled the glass. She thought, ‘what if my daughters found out, what would they say? Could I do this, the money is tempting, but to let men, strange men have sex with me.’

Cherry broke her thoughts, “don’t make a decision now, you’re going to have questions. By the way, you are invited to the house tonight, Jackson wants to talk to you. Feed your daughters, get changed and come over for dinner with us.”

Marsha thought back to Cherry offering her husband to her. She did want to see the monster cock his wife boasted about. The thought of having sex with a black man sent chills down her back and her pussy was now twitching. She accepted the offer and was told to be at the house at 8 pm., Cherry said, “Oh, why don’t you wear that marvelous dress you wore at the lounge. That was hot. I’m sure Jackson would love to see you in it.” Marsha was having flash backs of the videos she had watched, she began to squirm in her seat and had pictures in her mind of Jackson’s black cock.

Marsha drove back to work. She was worried that she took more than an hour. No one seemed to care that she was gone so long. She didn’t know what she should do. She knew it involved prostitution, to sell her pussy to strange men. Escort sounded better than prostitute. She thought, ‘What kind of men were they talking about? Cherry said clean and well educated, it didn’t sound like bums or thugs. I never let my boyfriends fuck me on a first date, but here I would let perfect strange men fuck me after we meet.’ Her thoughts were causing her vaginal fluids to seep into her panties.

Marsha was preoccupied during work. She called her house and left a message on the answering machine. She let the girls know she would be home long enough to make their dinner then she had a dinner date with her boss and wife. At 4 pm, Jackson appeared at her desk and said, “Why don’t you leave now, I know you have to feed your daughters and change from your work clothes.” Marsha thought, ‘work clothes, I’m sure he was talking about putting on my short dress to get his cock hard.’

Marsha was a nervous wreck making dinner. Julie and Susan had most of their homework done and were happy that their mother was getting out, she was no longer a recluse since the divorce. As she was leaving, her older daughter looked at her dress and gave a look of surprise. Marsha said, “I really have no choice, sweety, right now this is the nicest dress I have. The girls gave her a hug as she was getting in her car.

As Marsha was driving, she panicked and thought, ‘Oh, I haven’t used my large dildo. Maybe he isn’t planning to fuck me tonight. God, I’m not ready for his monster cock, I wonder if I can take him before my stretching program. Cherry had warned me to be prepared for his large cock. She pulled up to their house, remembering the one time she had been there, well kept and Cherry’s decorating was superb.

Marsha didn’t have to ring the bell, Cherry was already waiting with the door wide open. Her dress was thin. Marsha could see her breasts and bare pussy. His wife’s body was on display as she reached out for a hug and kiss. When they parted, she was led into the living room where Richard and Jackson were seated and talking. When they saw her, they rose up and took their turns giving her long hugs and kisses. She felt Jackson’s hands on her bare ass again, as he said, “Just making sure, God that’s a fine ass, and we’re not at the office.”

She heard a strange voice announce, “Dinners served.” She turned and saw a white woman wearing a lace apron, Garter belt, nylons and high heels. No bra or panties. Cherry said, “This is Gloria, she works for us and tonight she is our maid. I felt that you might want to have a serious discussion with one of our girls.” Marsha said, “Oh, yes, good idea. I have questions and I’m really nervous.”

Marsha was impressed with the dinner and noticed that Gloria kept walking around the table, making sure the wine glasses were full. She also noticed that Cherry, Richard and Jackson made sure to feel whatever part of her body they wanted. Gloria then stood next to Marsha and said, “I’m spreading my legs for you, finger my pussy and see how wet I am.” Marsha was hesitant, but finally rubbed her hand up her thigh and felt her fingers get wet as they sunk into her white pussy. Gloria purred and quietly said, “That feels so good, I hope we can work together some time.”

With dinner finished, they went to the spacious living room. Jackson pulled Marsha to the couch with him and Cherry and Richard sat together in a facing couch. Gloria brought their wine glasses in and stood by the door to wait for any orders. Marsha then saw Cherry with her legs spread wide as Richard was finger fucking her. Jackson leaned to her ear and said, “Richard is her lover, my cock is too long for her.” It wasn’t long before Cherry opened Richard’s pants and had his cock exposed. Marsha was impressed, she saw a fat long white cock. Even Richard‘s cock was much larger than her Ex-husbands.

Cherry was now on her knees taking Richard’s cock deep in her mouth. Marsha felt Jackson’s hand on her thigh and moving toward her pussy. She did nothing to stop him…she had no intention to stop him. She pushed forward when she felt three large black fingers entering her white pussy. Her hand was soon exploring his crotch. She rubbed up and down, not able to feel where his cock began and where it ended. She knew Cherry was not just bragging about her husbands cock, she was warned that her pussy was going to be ruined. That thought frightened her a bit.

She rolled off the couch and knelt between his legs. Marsha was frantic, she pulled his zipper down and grabbed his pants and briefs down together. He rose up to allow her to get his pants to his knees. Marsha finally saw the object of the ‘rumors’. In front of her was a fat coal black cock, she estimated it to be eleven inches long semi-hard. The veins running up and down his shaft were thick. The bulbous glans a bright purple and seeping pre-cum as the foreskin was pulled back. Marsha was quick to begin licking the pre-cum as her hands worked the shaft to a rock hard erection. She did her best to get two inches of his loving cock into her mouth as her hands massaged his huge balls.

Jackson said, “Whoa, girl, I don’t want to cum yet. I saved my seed for that tight white pussy.” Marsha looked up and gave a pleading look, He the said,“You’ll have plenty of time to taste my cum.” He pulled her up and placed her on the couch with her legs spread wide and her dress pushed up to her waist. His face dove right into her vaginal opening as his finger began to strum her clit. Marsha felt an orgasm building when she was sucking his cock, but now she was shaking and screaming. Her legs were squeezing against the side of his head as her hands were pounding his shoulders. Marsha had never cum this hard in her life. She remember her ex-husband only gave her mild climaxes…some times.

Jackson pulled away to allow Marsha to breathe and calm her shaking. She then felt a hand on her pussy. She focused and saw Cherry rubbing a lubricant in and around her labia. “You’re going to need it,” said Cherry. Jackson pulled Marsha up and placed her over the arm rest, her pussy open and ready. She was expecting the pain, but once the bulbous head first entered, she felt the stretching, but very little pain. A slow inch was then pushed in and the pain began, but she didn‘t care, she wanted that cock deep in her pussy. More and more of his cock slowly pushed toward her cervix. She began to push back as the pain was becoming pleasurable.

The whole house seemed to shake with the echo from Marsha’s screaming, “FUCK ME, GIVE ME THAT BLACK COCK. FUCK ME, FUCK ME.” Cherry and Richard smiled at each other, they knew Marsha was going to be one of their whores. Marsha was in the throws of an earth shattering orgasm, getting better each time that giant black cock was thrust into her. She looked down between her legs and saw three inches left. She screamed, “GIVE ME ALL OF IT, I WANT IT. PUSH MY PUSSY INTO MY STOMACH, FUCK ME DEEP. FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEEE.”

Marsha felt mild pain now, but was proud that she was able to take the entire monster cock fully into her tight white pussy. Jackson asked, “Do you like black cock?” Marsha smiled and mumbled, “”God yes, don’t stop.” Cherry leaned into Marsha’s ear and asked, “Do you want to fuck our black customers?” “Oh, FUCK, FUCK,” Marsha began to cry, “FUCK YES, I WANT BLACK COCK. FUCK ME.” Jackson was impressed that this little white pussy could take his entire cock. He kept ramming into her cervix over and over until he felt his balls churning.

Jackson said, “Where do you want it babe, I’m going to bust a nut.” “FUCK IT IN ME,” yelled Marsha, “GIVE ME THAT BLACK SEED. FILL MY PUSSY, FUCK ME, FUCK ME.” Cherry smiled as she watched her husband give a final thrust, held tight as his balls began to twitch. With his guttural groan, She knew her womb would be leaking cum for the next few hours. The look in Marsha’s eyes was carnal lust. Her body was spasming as she felt Jackson’s cock throb as his cum was pumping deep in her womb.

Marsha laid over the arm rest, her legs continued to shake and spasm as cum began to seep from her open enlarged pussy. She was then rolled to the floor where Gloria knelt next to her and said, “That’s what it’s like, good black cock.” Marsha looked into her eyes and said, “That was unreal, are all black men that good?” Gloria said, “That’s all I fuck…black cock. Cherry and Richard provide the best…all with 8 inches or longer. I think your questions have been answered. You did better than me, like Cherry, I couldn’t get his whole cock in me.”

Cherry and Marsha smiled at each other. Cherry said, “We’ll talk tomorrow, I’ll give you all the details. Right now, here’s $500 for a great show. You made Jackson a very happy man tonight. I can‘t take him that deep, your pussy is very special, he’s going to want you again.” Marsha smiled and said, “I hope so, I want him again too.”

On the drive home, Marsha was singing to the songs on the radio and was wondering when she would get her first customer. The girls were asleep as Marsha stripped. She was going to get a long soak in the tub as she reached for her large dildo in her dresser.

She filled the tub and noticed something odd about her dildo. She had never had a chance to use it, but the seal on the plastic package was broken and three fourths of the shaft had a dried coating with a predominate small of pussy over the silicone rubber smell. Marsha wondered which of her daughters had discovered the phallus and used it.

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