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I did it, I fucked her

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After seeing my 10 year old daughter masturbating on CCTV, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I had sex with her and I don’t even feel bad about it.

Last week I saw my 10 year old daughter Charlotte masturbating while checking on her using the Wi-Fi camera I had installed in her bedroom, and since then I couldn’t stop thinking about it, the image of her laying naked on her bed masturbating with her mom’s massager has been floating around my head ever since.

Thinking about it was turning me on all the time, luckily my wife had been at home with me so I wasn’t alone with Charlotte, I haven’t told my wife what I saw on camera and she has no idea what is going in inside my head, but I have been fucking my wife nightly while thinking about Charlotte, and it has kept my naughty thoughts at bay.

But last night my wife went out to a party, leaving me alone in the house all night with Charlotte… big mistake!

At around 8:30pm Charlotte bounced in to the front room wearing white pyjamas covered in a tiny red heart pattern, “Goodnight, Daddy.” She said, giving me a hug and a kiss, my hand slipped down to her ass as she hugged me, it was small firm and round, “Night, baby.” I said, and then she bounced back out and went upstairs to bed.

I sat in the front room in my armchair with an erection for about half an hour, desperately trying to get the image of her out of my thoughts, I got up and paced around, even did a bit of cleaning and tidying up, hoping it would distract me, but it didn’t, my head was shouting “NO!” but my cock was pulling me towards the stairs.

Eventually I ended up at the top of the stairs, standing outside Charlotte’s closed bedroom door, I was leaning forward with my hands on the doorframe, feeling a bit anxious and sweating a little, I tried to stop myself, I really did, but I couldn’t, I reached down and grabbed the door handle and I opened the door.

The light from the hallway lit up her room and she woke and sat up rubbing her sleepy eyes, “Daddy?” she said, wondering what I was doing standing in her open doorway.

I saw her and smiled, then I walked over to her bed and sat down on it, “Hi, baby, did I wake you?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She nodded.

“Sorry.” I replied, lifting her up and sitting her down on my lap, “Do you remember what you were doing the other night? – What I said I wouldn’t tell mom about.” I asked her.

“Yeah.” She blushed.

Then I reached underneath her pillow and pulled out the massager she had used that night and held it up in front of her face, “Would you show me?” I asked.

She giggled and blushed, “No.” she said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“It was naughty.” She said.

“It’s okay to be naughty sometimes, baby. I give you permission to be naughty, just for tonight. So what do you say? – Will you show me?” I asked.

“Why though?” she asked.

“Because I want to see you doing it. You looked so pretty the other night. Please – It will make daddy happy.” I said.

She thought about it for a minute, blushing her cheeks off, “Okay.” She said.

“Good girl.” I said, and I gave her a big kiss on her forehead and then lifted her off my lap and placed her back on her bed.

“Do I have to take my pyjamas off?” she asked.

“Yes – just like you did the other night.” I said.

She removed her pyjama top and bottoms, but then hesitated to remove her panties and she giggled with nerves and went all embarrassed, “I’ve seen it before, baby. It’s okay. Go on – be naughty, just this once.” I said.

She smiled and then pulled off her panties like a good girl and I got a good look at her perfectly bald pussy and I licked my lips a little as she laid down on her back, spread her legs open, pressed the ball of the massager to her pussy and then turned it on, I could see the soft flash of her pussy vibrating, and she let out a pretty moan, “Uuh – Ooh.”

Seeing her laid there pleasuring herself made my rock hard, “That looks good. Do you want daddy to be naughty too?” I asked her, she nodded.

So I stood up and she didn’t really look at me while I was taking my top off, but as soon as I started undoing my pants, her big blue eyes were focussed on my crotch and she was waiting to see what I had inside my pants.

As soon as my pants dropped to my ankles her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open, the massager slipped out of her hand and she sat herself up, staring at my erect cock.

It was kind of funny, she was just frozen in place, gawping at my manhood, I wiggled my hips and made my cock bounce side-to-side, but Charlotte’s gaze didn’t move, “Charlotte…” I said, waving my hands trying to get her attention, “…Helloooo.” I chuckled.

“Huh?” she uttered.

“You okay, baby?” I asked.

She nodded very slowly, still staring.

As I walked towards the bed and stood right in front of her, she shuffled herself up on to her knees and smiled, she was so curious, so transfixed on my cock, I reached down and lifted her hand and I placed it around my cock, her smiled got bigger as soon as she felt it, I motioned her hand up and down and she gasped out a giggle, then she began to stroke my cock on her own.

“Feels good to hold it, doesn’t it?” I asked her.

“Yeah.” She said, then, like the sweet innocent child she is, “What is it?” she asked.

“Oh, baby – This is a cock. Every boy has one – and every girl should have one.” I said.

“Is this one for me?” she asked.

That made me smile with happiness, “Yes…” I said, already thinking about what I was going to do to her, “…do you want it?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She said.

“Then it’s yours. Want me to show you how it works?” I asked.

She nodded.

I then thought about what I wanted to do, and the first thing that came in to my mind due to her head being so close, we a nice blowjob, “Okay, uhm, go like this with your finger.” I said, putting my finger in to my mouth to show her so she could copy, she did it and sucked on her finger for a minute, “..That’s perfect. Okay, now, do exactly that – but put this in your mouth instead.” I said, bending my erect cock down towards her.

She was apprehensive, “You’ll like it – I promise.” I said to encourage her, so she did it, she put my cock in her mouth and sealed her lips around it and started to suck on it, and oh gosh, as soon as I felt my cock inside her mouth it felt so good that I almost wanted to cry.

She sucked on my cock for a few minutes, occasionally taking it out of her mouth to give my tip a lick before sucking it again, must be genetic memory from her mom because her mom gives good head, and Charlotte was just as good – and better even.

I could feel myself about to come, but I didn’t tell her, and I just ejaculated in to her mouth, “Oooaagh”, she flinched when my warm sperm took her by surprise and hit the back of her young throat, but she remained still, with my cock swelling and pumping sperm in to her mouth.

When she realised that I’d stopped squirting, she slowly popped her mouth off the end of my cock, a string of thick sperm trickled out of her mouth and down her chin, she gulped the rest down and then wiped her mouth with her hand, “Did that taste nice?” I asked her.

“What was it, Daddy?” she asked.

“My happiness, baby – Pure happiness.” I replied with a big smile on my face, then I was ready for more, “Okay, lay down on your bed.” I said.

For the next 10 minutes I sat between her legs pleasuring her with the massager, it was an absolute joy to tenderise her little pussy, and she got very wet indeed, “Do you want to show me what you did with the handle?” I asked her.

She leaned up slightly and took the massager from me then turned it around and she slowly pushed the handle of it inside her pussy, “Uh – Uuh – Uh.” She gasped as she pushed it in.

“Oooah yeah – That’s nice.” I said.

My cock had recovered and was now quickly hardening and sticking up again, when she noticed it sticking up she gasped and smiled at me, “I know what it’s for.” She announced, having now worked it out.

“What is it for?” I asked her.

She looked down between her legs and then back up at me, “Does it go in here?” she asked.

I chuckled, “Yes it does. You clever girl.” I replied, “Shall I put it in?” I asked her.

She nodded and then pulled out the massager and placed it on the bed beside her.

I got in position and leaned over her, it was about to happen, what I had been thinking about doing all week was about to become a reality.

I pushed the tip of my cock in to her wet slippery slit and pushed it about an inch inside her, “Ooooah” I gasped.

“Uuh.” She moaned.

“Ooooah – Ooah Charlotte, baby.” I gasped, her pussy felt so good, it was very hot, wet and clinging to my cock tighter than anything has before.

Thankfully she’d already done the prep work herself, by using the massager handle she’d already broken her hymen and stretch her insides open, but my cock was a lot thicker than the handle and is was stretching her open a lot wider.

“Uh – Mmm – Uuuh.” She moaned.

My legs were shaking like crazy while I was pushing my cock deeper and deeper inside, I soon got a smooth motion going, her tight pussy opened and moulded perfectly around my cock, and I began thrusting in and out.

“I like it – Uh – Uh – I like it, Daddy – Uh – Uh.” She moaned.

Music to my ears, “Good girl – me too.” I replied.

And those were the last words we spoke to each other for the next 20 minutes, the only sounds we made were lots of gasping, moaning and grunting, my cock was having a wonderful time, Charlotte’s little pussy was the perfect tightness, it was like it was made to comfort fit my cock, it was just incredibly good.

After 20 minutes of heavenly sex, I thrust in to her harder and drove my cock in to her deeper, she lifted her arms and legs and wrapped them around me, I was thrusting in to her so hard the bed was shaking and the springs in her mattress were grinding together, struggling to cope with the pressure I was putting on them.

Then it happened – release – “Ooooah – Ooooah – Ooah God.” I ejaculated my semen in to my little girl’s pussy, from my balls to her young cervix, and when she felt me come inside her, she made the most beautiful sound, it was the happiest moan I’d ever heard come out of her, “UuUuUuUuhH.”

Her small skinny arms and legs went limp and flopped down on to the bed as she gasped for breath, and I slowly pulled my cock out of her hole, it was covered in a shiny thick film of pussy fluid and semen.

She opened her eyes and looked directly at me and we both smiled at each other and had a laugh and a giggle.

“Listen. Don’t you go telling mom about this, okay.” I said.

“Why?” she asked.

Because if she found out she would cut my balls off, that’s why, “She will get jealous.” I said.

“Okay, Daddy.” She replied.

I laid on the bed with her for a while, cuddling her, until she fell asleep, then I put her in to her pyjamas and tucked her under her sheets, she looked like a beautiful little angel.

I left her bedroom and I laughed at myself as I went downstairs, it was a happy laugh, it just felt good, I just had the most amazing sex with my daughter, and I didn’t even feel bad about it, it was a beautiful thing shared between father and daughter.

I went in to the kitchen and had a beer.

I was so happy. I’m still very happy now.

I can’t wait to do that again. I just need to come up with a way to get her mom out of the house for the night again.

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