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Ayushi the sluttiest sister and she likes to play!

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My sister Ayushi does sexy role plays with me. (As if the sex wasn’t already hot!)

My little sister Ayushi is 12 with braces, she is slim tall for her age with perky yet soft tits, she’s nearly perfect white and has cute bubble butts. She dyed her hair golden blonde and hair her on the head is the only hair on her body. She was always slutty in her clothes and around boys but I never asked her how far she goes. She’s 5 years younger than me and I was “active” at 11 age so she can be too whenever she wants. Ayushi would kiddingly tease me “you’ll never get a gf youre fat n ugly n weird u will be married to me I’m your gf n wife you fucker”. Few months later she climbed into bed with me n said in low voice “I’ve been unfaithful” I turned around to her n asked what does she mean. And she said she gave a blowjob to one of her boyfriends in his car after school and the thing is that she enjoy it and she’s going to do it again because when she sees dick she can’t control herself. And on top of that she “confessed” it’s not the firs bj she has given this day. Before her boyfriend she sucked our servant’s 15 year old son in the garage. Now I’m extremely surprised that all this is going on and also horny and curious.. but to top it all of the cherry on the cream is she is narrating it like a “wife” or “gf”. She said “I’m sorry dear” as she turned to me n grazed her hand through my hair. She obviously was in the play mode where she’s my gf and i was loving it whether the stories were true or not. I was so turned on i reduced the temperature of ac from the remote on bed rest. She knew the effect she has she was loving this. I asjusted myself in bed to hear her better. She took of her top and laid on her almost flat chest kissing those small mountains n sucking those nips. A sigh moan escaped her breath. I asked her more i said “that’s horrible. How many dicks did you suck” she tells me usually every morning she sucks one of her boyfriends n any boy from her class while she copies his “notes”. There was one extremely poor n disabled kid in her class who had a genetic mess up he had beard since he was 11 one hand was disfigured face was not shapely somehow bent like a kidney bean and one shut eye. And to my disbelief she has given him the entire package. She said he had one missing testicle and stiches around his dick because of some injury and he had skin diseases too around his dick and “ball” it was all snow white and devilish red and flaky and scarred. But she said it added “flavour”. After hearing so many “confession” i got between her legs and fucked her tiny pink pussy to the thought of that fat kid with beard having pounding all her holes. Then after we came we we slept but this became our daily routine. The next night she came to bed n i was all ears to hear everything. She said “dear” in a the wifey tone “i was gangbanged few days ago” i looked in her eyes and she almost lost seriousness in her tone and looked away to hide the giggle. . She said mansoor and his thugs from my class plowed her cunt ass and mouth like she’s a pig. It made sense too because few days ago they all didn’t join us at the gym after school. She’d narrate the stories in an apologetic tone but describe the events like “Vijay fucked me first that day in the cunt do you know how big his dick is? This big!” As she marked a spot on her arm that estimated the length of Vijay’s schlong to be 10 inch. “It reached till here” as she kept her hand down above her cunt and with a finger then marked the point to where it would be inside. She said “i only wanted to see his drawings. No matter how many dicks go through my pussy it’ll always belong to you my dear”. Then she said mansoor got the idea because earlier Rajendr and his gang took her to a farm house and fucked her with all the boys in Rajendr’s class. She was so turned on narrating these stories she was running out of breath and orgasming just thinking about it. She layed there with her eyes fixed at me making the innocent baby face while she raised her top to reveal the most adorable titties on the planet. I got close to her n flipped her pulled down her pjs n fucked her ass in doggy style position while she was saying things like “i licked their balls before sucking them because I thought its the only way to suck dick… ah ah yes…. I would not let them fuck my ass but i was trying to set a record to make maximum guys cum in fastest time so i gave up on the restriction…. Yes yes ahhh ahh ahhh… if you see its video … ahh ahh don’t believe my moans ahh ahh…. It was practice to moan for you dear ahh”. Then we came n slept. 3 months later things started getting more adventurous. She’d call snd fuck her boyfriends infront of me and say things like “his cock is tearing my pussy ahh yes… he’s paying me 50 rs yes yes… i wanna buy you that console… ahh so you can play game n stream…ahh ahh yes harder baby ah… i need 500 more clients ahh ahh…. Who else you think will fuck me…. Ahh ahh… should i offer blowjobs for 5 rs ir 10 rs… ahhhh ah should I swallow it ahhhh should i ask them… ahh.” And so on. Now everyday she’d fuck random guys infront of me and talk to me like this “He’s inside you sweet little gf ahh ill not be sweet now… ah im a whore ahh im a little whore…. You have me dear…. Im whore whose begging for your cock ahhh ….. “ this continued but differently when id bang my gfs although my gfs didnt all want Ayushi in the room and Ayushi could be getting fucked anywhere else too at the time. But 2 of my gf did allow her and id have great threesomes but first Ayushi would watch me fucking them. She’d get in role of a tied traditional housewife and me the cheating bf whose fucking other girl infront of her because I’m so evil like that. She’d say “no honey please dont have sex with her I’m your wife you love me this cant be happening dear god kill me. I wanna have your babies I devoted myself to you my ass loos better” we laughed and then continued till i would cum once in my gf then I’d release Ayushi from the bonds and we’d enjoy night with more great sex.

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