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My daughters friend drops by – Part 1

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Knock Knock at the front door.

Weird I wasn’t expecting anyone on a friday night and my wife and daughter were out of town at a school basketball game. I’d just gotten home from work and ready to enjoy some alone time.

To my surprise it was my daughters friend Katie. Katie had been around the house a few times and her friendship with my daughter was a bit weird since Katie was a few years older. Katie is one of those just natural sexy girls even when she was way to young she had a cuteness to her but now at 15 she was a young woman and so incredible sexy. She was short but very athletic, I knew she was ranked one of the top tennis players and held a record in swimming for the area. She had straight brown hair that was always had tied back into a pony tail and no more than B cup. I had always been attracted to girls like this and she brings back memories of girls I dated in my teens with just her whole body being so toned and sexy.

“Is Stacy home?”

“No, she away at that basketball game this weekend. She should be back later on Sunday.”
There was a moment of silence which I decided to break “Did you bike all the way over here”

“Yeah, I was bored and thought maybe Stacy would like to go to the pool”

The thought of Katie in a swim suite started to make my dick move. Gotta keep that under control I thought she is still a kid and dude your married. But damn she doesn’t look like a kid and when I was 15 I certainly wasn’t doing kid things that is for sure.

“Can I maybe have a glass of water” Said Katie as she walked in the door.

Oh crap my mind started yelling at me. Stop her. Don’t let a girl in here nothing good will come of this. Stop continued my brain. But I didn’t.. I welcomed her in and we went into the kitchen, I got her a glass of water thinking she’d just drink it and go but instead she sat down at the island and started chatting.

We chatted for about 10 minutes and to my surprise she was very nice but the whole time my brain was yelling to get her out. Stop looking at her tits dude so I’d move my eyes down to her legs. Stop looking at her legs dude. She was wearing a yellow tank top and clearly no bra and one size too big so as she leaned forward there was always a chance of seeing some nipple. She had on some white shorts and you could see a little hint of pink cotton panties around the back when she leaned forward.

Our conversation migrated to talking about an upcoming dance and I decided to take my first risky chat.

“So do you have a boyfriend”

“No… I was dating someone but he was such a boy.. all the guys at my school are just boys.. all they talk about is nonsense.”

“haha yeah, I remember being your age and being like those boys” I said with grin. “well they are certainly the stupid ones you are a very cute girl” There I said it.. She was quite shocked by this I could see and I suddenly got very scared. I had stepped into a very touchy area and this could be very dangerous.

“Oh.. thank you..” she paused and started to smile really big while she shifted around on her stool “Can I tell you a secrete”

“Sure anything you tell me is between us” I said as I tried to focus on a possible nip slip with all the shifting around.

“I think you are pretty cute too hehhe” she now was now giggling uncontrollable and unable to make eye contact with me ]and I was fucking hard as a rock now. Shit what am I doing..

“Oh haha thank you but I’m just an old guy. Anyway umm we better get you going.”

She looked disappointed and likely confused about why the sudden turn of conversation but my brain finally kicked into making some sense.

“Ok.. thanks for the water” she said with a real disappointment in her voice “Maybe I’ll drop by on Sunday to see Stacy”

“Sure I’ll her you dropped by”

As I started to walk her to the door she spun around and gave me a hug. The hug was awkward since I wasn’t expecting it but I was very aware that my arm brushed up against her little tits as I fumbled for the hug and that my hard dick ended up pressing up against her and there is no way if she hadn’t noticed before she sure noticed that. When the hug lasted a bit too long I somewhat abruptly separated us and quickly rushed to the door to open it realizing how this could quickly turn into something different.

I watched her pedal away looking to make sure no neighbours had noticed how long a young girl had been in my house. I then quickly grabbed my daughters computer and went though her photos looking for pictures of Katie after finding one that was suitable I proceeded to jerk off twice.

–Next day
Knock Knock — weird.. I walked to the door and peaked out the side window. Shit it was Katie.. ok. don’t answer. no ok she saw me, ok just be strong and say Stacey isn’t here.

I opened the door and before I could even say much Katie walked right now again. Shit.. but also kind of hurray.. My brain was all over the place

“Hey… umm” is all i could manage to get out

“I was just biking by and got thirsty so I decided maybe I could have another glass of water”

–To be continued.

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  • Reply Jon ID:1ekbvrle4h4n

    Where is part two

  • Reply matt ID:eytui5y8z5t

    the hardest thing to do is listen to the big head when the little head is wanting that young , wet , innocent pussy. And she cums looking for you and wanting to fulfill her desires

  • Reply BayratPirate ID:1ck7drd2guu0

    Nice set up… looking forward to the “climaxes”