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My Brothers Friend Brings His Friends to Fuck Me

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Why is it when a boy fucks a girl he can’t keep his mouth shut? They always have to brag to their friends. I guarantee you that if they didn’t tell everybody and brag about it a lot more girls would fuck. When I was 10 my brother, Terry’s friend, David spent the night at our house and he snuck into my bedroom, fucked me and took my virginity. He was 16 at the time. I’m 11 now. (My Brother’s Friend Snuck Into My Room And Took My Virginity) if you choose to read.

Well, we lived next to a wooded area. It was very over grown with lots of big trees. We used to play in there. My brother and a bunch of boys built a fort back in there several years ago. I was riding my bike around one day and David came over to me, grabbed my bike’s handle bars and stood in front of me. He said, “Hey, I haven’t seen you in awhile.” I said, “Hi, David.” I had only seen him a couple times since he fucked me.

He said, “Where you going?” I said, “I’m just riding around.” He said, “Why don’t you walk to the store with me for some company, I gotta get my dad some cigarettes.” When we went to the store we always walked through the woods, it was a short cut to the little neighborhood store. I said, “Okay, let me put my bike in the driveway.”

We started walking and he was talking about nothing much when he said, “Hey, did you see what they did to the fort back here?” I said, “No, what?” He said, “Let me show you, come on.” He started walking toward the fort and he went inside it. He said, “Look.” I walked in and there was a mattress laying in there and a couple of old bar stools with the leather on the seat split. I said, “When did they do this?” He said, “I don’t know, I just saw it the other day.” Somebody had put a tarp over the top so it wouldn’t get wet. There was a tarp on the back and sides too. You had to pull back the side tarps to let in light. I thought it was pretty cool.

David put his arms around me from behind grabbing my titties. I said, “No David, not again.” He said, “Why, we did it once.” I started to walk out of the fort and he pulled me back and we fell on the mattress.
David was a lot bigger than I was. Like I said before, the biggest part of me was my boobs. That’s what he liked as well as other boys and men. He said, “My dick gets so hard when I think about the night I fucked your little pussy.” I said, “I can’t help that, David.” He said, “I’ve fucked a lot of girls but their pussy ain’t as tight as yours” Then he got on top of me and started kissing me and reaching under my skirt for my panties. I’m saying, “No, David, stop.” But, he continues pulling down my panties. I’m just really struggling to get him off me but he got them off and pulled his dick out of his pants. I could feel his hard dick between my legs I’m pushing him with my hands but he spread my legs further and stuck his dick in me. He rammed it all the way in and started fucking me fast. I’m about to cry when I said, “David, don’t do this to me again.”

He kept fucking me and then he cum in me. He raised up looking at me and said, “I love your pussy.”
All of a sudden three of his friends stepped into the fort. Bruce said, “Well, look what we have here boys.”
David said, “I just fucked her, you won’t believe how tight her pussy is.” I started to jump up and Mike and Bobby grabbed me by my arms and held me down on the mattress. Bruce unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick and he got between my legs and started fucking me. All these boys are David’s age 16/17 and quite big boys. David said, “Ain’t that a tight pussy?” Bruce said, “The tightest I’ve had my dick in.” Mike is covering my mouth so I can’t scream and Bobby is undoing my blouse and pulling my tits out of my bra.

Bobby is sucking one and Mike is sucking the other one. Bruce is fucking me hard and fast holding my ass in his hands pulling me into his body. I can’t fight anymore. I just lay there and let them fuck me. I know Bobby and Mike are gonna take their turn when Bruce gets done. What can I do? Nothing. I wanted to cry but I knew that wouldn’t stop them.

Bruce’s dick isn’t as big as David’s was. He’s getting ready to cum I can tell. He said, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming.” and he slides his dick in and out a few times and gets off. Bobby said, “My turn.” I’m not even trying to get up or resist at this point. Actually, it’s starting to feel good.

Bobby sticks his dick in me and fucks me. David is now sucking my tit that Bobby was, David said, “Gosh, I love these tits.” He squeezes them real hard and sucks on them. Mike took his hand off my mouth and Bruce walks up kneels down and sticks his dick in my mouth. He said, “Suck my dick and make it hard, I’m thinking about fucking you again.” I open my mouth and sucked on the head a little but that’s all. His dick got hard right away. Bobby’s fucking me and his dick swells up and he cums in me too.

When Mike gets down to take his turn he reaches into my pussy with his four fingers and pulls out a bunch of the cum from the other guys. David is still sucking on my tits and now he’s jacking off his dick.
Mike unzipped his pants and his dick flopped out, he has the biggest dick. He puts it in me and it feels good. David said, “Your liking this aren’t you?” I said, “I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s feeling good now.”

Bruce said, “Wow, we’ve got us a little fuck toy boys.” We’ll have to bring you out here again and fuck that tight little pussy.” Mike is fucking me and I think I’m gonna cum. When Bruce said that it turned me on. Mike starts fucking me hard and he was hitting my clit and I cum all over his dick. Mike said, “Wow, she cum on my dick.” It felt so good. He rammed me again and I cum some more. I had never cum like that. Didn’t even know I could. He starts cumming and grunts real hard as he does.

I said, “Guys, can we stop now?” I’m full of cum. There all playing with their dicks. Bruce said, “I wanna fuck you again.” David said the same thing. Bobby said, “We can’t pass the chance of a lifetime.” So Bruce pulled me up and bent me over the stool and started fucking me from behind. He was fucking me and Bobby walked in front of me and stuck his dick in my mouth. I had never sucked a dick before so I didn’t really know how to do it.Bobby said, “Just hold your mouth open.” Then he held my head and ran his dick in and out of my mouth.

Bruce got done and David stepped in and put his dick in me. David was fucking me hard and that made Bobby’s dick go down my throat. Then Bobby started squirting cum in my throat. I spit it out. David got done and he cum again. Mike again reached in my pussy and wiped some of the cum out then put his dick in me. I really liked Mike’s dick. He was fucking me a while and he made me cum again. Bruce is squeezing my tits. He said, “Well, you did it again Mike, she’s squirting all down the stool leg.” Bruce said, “I wish you was my sister, I’d fuck you everyday, several times a day.” Bobby said, “She’s got a tight pussy, that’s for sure.” Bruce said, “You know her brother, Terry real well, don’t cha David, does he fuck her? David said, “Not that he’s ever said.” “I know he loves her tits.” Mike pulled my hips in to him and rammed his dick in me when he cum.
Mike pulled out of me and I stood up and said, “That’s it, boys.” “I’m done.” They were straightening their clothes as I put my tits back in my bra. I’m looking for my panties and blouse. They hand them to me. I say to them. I said, “So, now are you guys gonna run your mouth and brag to everybody you know what happened here?” “You will destroy me and my reputation if you do.” They said, “No.” Bruce said, ” If you say we might be able to do this again someday, we’ll keep quiet.” I said, “Maybe is all I can say now.” Which I had no intentions of doing this again. I said, “Please guys?” “If you do, I’ll tell you raped me.” “I’m gonna save some of this cum in me, got it?”

I got ready and they walked me home and I went in and took a shower. I thought about what happened when I got in bed. I couldn’t believe I was fucked like that and I liked it in the end. I felt like a slut because I enjoyed it. But, it’s something I’ll always remember and I know the boy’s will too. I never heard any rumors about it. I hope the didn’t tell too many. If that Michael comes around, I’ll fuck him again for sure. He’s the only one who made me cum. I’m liking sex a lot more than I used to.

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    You should write about your brother”s friend”s on a latter adulto enconter

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    Have you been fucked since the gang bang,?

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eh7ld01k8dj

    Did your brother ever find out? And did he ever fuck you or get you to suck his cock? When I was that age my older sister caught me jerking off looking at a picture of her in a bikini and her big tits were almost completly falling out. She sucked my cock for the first time that day. She ended up sucking my dick or having me fuck her every chance she got. You really should at least suck your brothers cock. I bet you’d both love it.

    • Naive little Girl ID:1a912bhj

      Actually, I just posted what happened when I told my brother.

  • Reply Person ID:1eusaskfk833

    Can you give me your email, Naive little girl?

    • Naive little girl ID:1a912bhj

      I’m so sorry, Person, I can’t.

  • Reply Daddy. Ass ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    You are thinking wrong it not that guy s can’t keep there mouth shut, it’s that they tell each other, hey this girl is easy.

  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    Loved the beginning because it was a real gangrape, the way they held you down and covered your mouth as they fucked you. Nice that you came too.
    But I want to hear about them fucking your right virgin ass. I want you assraped real good, you fucking slut.

    • Naive little girl ID:1a912bhj

      Years ago fucking someone’s ass wasn’t as popular as it is today. At least not in my circle of people.

  • Reply Curious Guy ID:i1kgr9v3ddr

    Did you get pregnant or worried about the possibility of that at the time

    • Naive little girl ID:1a912bhj

      I know there have been cases of pregnancy before a girl starts her period but I didn’t know it back then plus I was 11 and hadn’t started my period.