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My Muslim Lover

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The affair between a Hindu Housewife and Muslim Widower. A sexy and erotic affair

Yousuf Khan, 43, was madly in love with Shweta Pandit from the moment He saw Her in her anniversary party. I mean what he would have done. Shweta was milky white & very gorgeous.Whereas her husband Anil was a fat ass. How can a Real Man control himself.that too a Muslim….

Yousuf tried his best to get close to Shweta in the party but couldn’t. So just after a casual conversation with Shweta & her husband Anil Yousuf Left the party. He is a strong built man with a height of 6’2″ ,muscular & strong. He was dark skinned & religious.Yousuf is single as his wife had passed away & he has no children.Now coming back to the story.While travelling back home Yousuf was only thinking about Shweta,He has never had such feeling for anyone,not even for his late wife. After reaching home,He went to the bathroom & bathed & came out quickly and dried himself & goes to sleep. While resting in his bed, only the thought of Shweta is going through his mind. Her sexy, gorgeous looks,Yousuf just couldn’t get that out of his mind. I don’t blame him, Shweta was looking just gorgeous with this dress ❤

He took out his 11 inches cock & strayed jerking thinking of Shweta(as if he is fucking Shweta) Sometimes he cried “Ohh Shweta Fuck me……..Fuck Me”.He was imagining fucking Shweta with his 11 inch cock.He was imagining Shweta humping & jumping on his cock,but alas it was his imagination.Next morning as usual he went to work but he couldn’t concentrate in his work.He is rich & use to invest in Stock Market. His mind was only with shweta .He can’t be blamed. So he tried his best to get any contact of Shweta(email,hngouts I’d, mob no). So after 3 days of trying He got her Mobile No. Shweta on the other hand was sweet,simple,She focused on singing & was good in dancing.Yousuf was more attracted to her. Shweta didn’t get the satisfaction of sex she needed from her husband Anil. He was fat & boring,whereas Yousuf was tall, dark & fit.
Yousuf again got chance to talk to her when they met in an Office party. He husband was not there .He met her & again introduced himself & started talking.She was really enjoying talking to Yousuf. Yousuf even dropped her home. She was impressed. Yeah from that day Yousuf & Shweta became friends.Now they chat daily & talk on the phone. At the beginning it was normal but slowly Yousuf started to get closer to Shweta.Yousuf always imagined having sex with Shweta before going to sleep at night. He was passionately for Shweta. Now they became friends so it was just a time they get closer.Soon they started meeting & roaming together(it was descent).Yousuf bought her expensive gifts which she enjoyed.Soon they started becoming very close friends like they held hands while chating,Sometimes He use to put hands on Shweta shoulders. Shweta didn’t mind much. For Yousuf it was close yet so far. As days passed by Yousuf Body was craving for sex with Shweta. Just as luck would have wanted, one day while Shweta was busy marketing 2 roadside goons snatched her purse & ran away(there was lot of money in it).Shweta started shouting “Help, Help ” but no one came. After returning Home her husband Anil scolded her very much.She was sad,so she called up Yousuf & narrated the entire story. Yousuf promised to help her out. Few days after Yousuf came running to Shweta’s house fully bleeding with the stolen purse of Shweta. Shweta was surprised,she quickly aided to Yousuf & tried to calm him down. She asked “Why do u have to risk your life for my Purse”. He replied ” For u dear Friend” .Shweta’s Heart melted. Her husband was away(as always).He scolded her yesterday for loosing such an expensive purse. So it was only Yousuf & Shweta alone at home.Shweta helped Yousuf in cleaning up the blood staines on his body. When Yousuf took of his shirt,Shweta blushed(Why wouldnt she?)Still she continued to clean up Yousuf. As she was cleaning up,Yousuf was sympathetic about how her husband Anil treated her. She replied “It is OK,I am use to it” .Yousuf replied “No u shouldn’t, It is your life & your choice,you are beautiful”.She smiled and said “Thank You” & blushed.It was understandable that Shweta started liking Yousuf.It was already night & so Shweta requested Yousuf to stay back at her home. Shweta had a big house with many rooms,so it wasn’t difficult for Yousuf to stay in another room.As Yousuf slept, Shweta went to he room also to sleep.At midnight Shweta got up to go to the washroom.The moment Shweta reached the bathroom,she could hear Yousuf speaking. She heard “Ohh Shweta…. U r so sexy baby… Fuck me…. Ahhhhhh….Fuck me… as he was masturbating.Slowly she opened the door & saw Yousuf masturbating with a picture of her on his hand… sometimes kissing her pic. She was shocked to see 11 inches dick of Yousuf. Suddenly Yousuf noticed that Shweta was seeing her. He quickly controlled himself & got up naked,Shweta was just wearing her bra & panty. One was fully naked & other was half nude.

This was the situation both were staring at each other.It was like a Cinematic pause .Yousuf said “Sorry Shweta ,But ever since I saw you… I am madly in love with you ever since I saw you”. “Every Night before going to sleep I think about you & my cock gets hard,I masturbate thinking about you as if you are riding my cock & we both r making love like animals”. Wow that was bold by Yousuf. Never have a Man been so bold in front of a woman. Yousuf then forced himself on Shweta by kissing her & then went back to his room. Shweta was stunned,she couldn’t speak at all. She was surprised,She also went back to her room thinking all about this. She was shocked too but at the same time excited. She couldn’t sleep at all,thinking about that incident, Yousuf huge cock & the kiss. She looked at the clock,It is was 1 am. She again quietly got up & slowly went to Yousuf room.Yousuf just got to sleep,Shweta quietly went towards him & forcefully took out his cock & started sucking. Yousuf was surprised,he said ” I thought u were upset, but….. Shweta interrupted “I want to take this to another level ” Yousuf smirked(his dream is coming true). They both started kissing & smooching,Yousuf took of her bra & started sucking her milky white boobs.Yousuf was sucking it & sometimes biting it,Shweta cried in pain “Ahhhhh…..ufffff” as Yousuf sucked.Yousuf was sucking as if there is no tomorrow.Milk was oozing out from her Milky boobs,which Yousuf drank it while he was sucking. He said “Shweta Baby your boobs are just lusty!! Yummy☺” as he continues sucking boobs.Then they changed their positions,Shweta started giving him a Blow job.”Wow, U have such a juicy cock” as she was sucking & giving a Blowjob.Shweta was sucking his cock passionately.”Ummmm…..ummmm” were the sounds as she sucked the cock. Then Yousuf pulled up Shweta & threw her on the bed & thrusted his cock into her. “Ahhhhhhhh… It is so good “cried Shweta .”Harder Baby…. Harder…. Faster…. OMG!!! ” shweta was enjoying as Yousuf was thrusting his tool into her. “You are so better than my Husband” said Shweta .

Shweta was jumping & humping on his cock(just like Yousuf dreamt). It was passionate & wildest sex Shweta ever had. She really enjoyed it as her husband didn’t satisfy her much. After sex both were gasping for breath!! Yousuf asked “How was it”
Shweta replied “Yousuf, this was the best sex ever “.Both were sweating.They lay in each other arms after sex.Before going of to sleep they kissed & smooched each other. Yousuf even licked Shweta’s arm pit(shaved),Shweta too licked the sweat of Yousuf Body.Both then went to sleep naked.Next morning before Shweta woke up, Yousuf made coffee(Shweta favourite) & brought it to her & woke her up with a 😘 kiss. Shweta was surprised cause she never experienced this from her Husband Anil. “Hey Darling,this is for you” said Yousuf. Shweta smiled & felt like a queen. “You are behaving like any Loving husband would do” Shweta said. “I wish I was yours” was the reply from Yousuf. Shweta smirked,then she pulled him on to the bed & they quickly had a short sex session,yousuf again came with a load of cum on Shweta.

Then they both got up & cleaned themselves in the bathroom. Both were very happy
Today Shweta dressed in pink Saree & red blouse. She was looking like a goddess. Yousuf anyway is handsome. Both went to office.At night Shweta was again all over Yousuf.

They had intense passionate sex while her husband Anil was away. Anil came back next day.It all seemed normal but shweta really enjoyed while he was out. Now Yousuf & Shweta regularly have sex sometimes in Shweta house and many times in Yousuf’s. They even had sex in the car. Yousuf was good enough never to blackmail her. She too enjoyed being with Yousuf. As time went on Yousuf love and lust went on with Shweta.They were literally Crazy for each other.

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