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Doctors With A Fetish

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Three Doctors Like Anally Raping Women Who Are About To Give Birth

I will lose my job if any of this ever gets out, and my colleagues will too. But that’s partly what makes it so hot.

I work in a hospital with 2 other doctors and we have become great friends over time. We met each other when all three of us started working as young doctors around the age of 25, and have known each other for 10 years now. We all have families, are married and to the outside world it looks as though we are perfectly fine citizens. But we carry one deep secret.

All three of us like to anally rape pregnant women right before they give birth. The reason why we get away with it? They never find out we do it.

Here is how it goes. A large number of births take place over the course of hours. Sure, some go by a lot quicker, and those are not our targets. We target the ones that combine duration and a higher level of pain than average. When this happens, we can offer a little thing called the epidural.

The great thing about this is the ambivalence it provides. The epidural stops pain, but not all sensation. Women can still feel things, but they just won’t hurt. Since this is so far removed from the normal experience, it makes these women question everything they feel.

Here is how we work in a situation where we find a right target. We isolate the couple so that it’s only us three with them. We then let the situation unfold until the wife and the husband practically beg us to do something about the pain. Then we come in as the saviours. As we start the procedure, we tell the couple that it will take about 20-30 minutes for the pain the be relieved. When the wife starts showing signs of calming down, we tell the husband to move to another room so his wife can fully calm down.

One of us brings the husband to another room, and under no circumstance is he allowed back in until we are done with his wife.

With the wife now alone, we tell her that we need to run some tests. We then set up a sort of curtain over her body so that she cannot see us anymore. Then we start.

One of us takes out his cock, which is usually already hard, applies some lube and pushes it inside the wife’s ass. While this is happening, the other guy asks her if she is feeling anything. She will usually say she experiences some pressure around her ass, but even if she does feel as though someone is fucking her, she most likely would feel too embarrassed and confused to tell us anyway.

The guy continues to fuck her. We each have about 5-10 minutes of time inside her. When the first guy drains his balls inside her ass, we switch. The second guy, who was already in the room, starts to fuck her. The same thing repeats. The other guy now asks her questions while she is getting fucked. As soon as the second guy finishes inside her, he leaves to get the third guy who is still with the husband.

He makes up some excuse as to why the specific expertise of that guy is needed, and then stays with the husband to make sure he does not come in. The third guy then fucks the wife and cums inside her.

This all takes no more than 30 minutes. After that we tell the wife that the tests were fine, even though no tests were done, and we let the husband back in.

Over the course of the decade we have worked together, the three of us have probably fucked about 1,000 women like this. It’s so hot that nobody knows about it, and everybody kind of assumes we are good guys because we are doctors.

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  • Reply LonelyDaD ID:174u2a78l

    Amazing story,
    I would like to read more stories like this!

    • Slutxoxo ID:c1z6aml6h

      Me too ! Reading it made me so wet

    • Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

      When I got on the exam table he told me to lay down on the table and put my legs up so he could see my knee so when I got all the way down on the table he put his hands on my knees and then started to spread open my legs and asked me if I felt okay I told him I was comfortable he said my knee was sore still and I would have to come back next week for another visit he told me to just relax and he left the exam room and when he came back in I asked him if I should put my clothes back on he said that he just wanted to give me a quick physical to make sure everything was okay