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Daddy-Daughter Pregnancy Party: Part 3

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It’s 10-year-old Liu’s turn to get fucked, but when it comes out that the pre-teen may not want to go through with it, her father gives me permission.

RECAP: After having fucked an 11-year-old blonde girl the day before, I was ready for day two. 10-year-old Lia was my third choice to impregnate at the pregnancy party, where fathers from around the region met to allow their daughters to be fucked and impregnated by each other. She was the smallest girl I’ve ever been attracted to but her little innocent body made me want her all the more.

The next morning was free time for all the daddies and daughters. There were some events planned around the hotel, and everyone was encouraged to participate, but did not have to. The activities were all PG as not to raise the suspicions of the hotel management, but our group was able to rent out one of the indoor pool areas exclusively to allow a little more freedom without the scrutiny of wandering guests.

My daughter Melissa really wanted to go swimming so after breakfast we changed into our swim outfits and joined many of the other fathers and daughters down at the pool. Since there were no pregnancy sessions planned for the morning it looked like some of the fathers decided to do something else while their daughters were at the pool, because there were about 12 girls at the pool and only 3 dads including myself. They were all wearing mostly 2-piece bikinis which you don’t often see fathers allowing their pre-teen daughters to wear. Of course, our group wasn’t made up of the average dads and daughters. These young girls were accustomed to sex and being used a sexual objects, so they wore their skimpy swimming outfits with confidence. One girl who looked about 12 even had a micro-bikini on, which barely covered the nipples of her rather ample titties.

I recognized one of the girls running around the pool. It was Isabella, the short 12-year-old from Mexico. She kept looking over at me as she played with the other girls, and I hoped that meant perhaps I was one of the daddies she had requested to impregnate her. There was still this afternoon and tomorrow morning to fuck two more girls and she just might be one of them. Another girl who looked to be maybe 13 or 14 decided she wanted to swim topless and just removed her little bikini top. She had beautiful but small melons with tiny, light colored nipples and light brown hair. She instantly made me wish I had selected her as one of my top choices. Whoever had groomed this girl did a great job, because she didn’t care that all three dads were staring at her the whole time, and maybe she even liked it.

After swimming my daughter and I had lunch with another daddy/daughter couple and then went back to our room to get ready. Since Melissa knew what to expect this time she wanted to be a little more bold with her outfit. I let her decide what to wear and she put on a tight silver sparkle dress that went up to almost the top of her thighs. In fact, when she bent over to pick out a pair of panties I could see her little girl mound from behind. If I didn’t already know I would be fucking another man’s daughter in just a few minutes I would have taken her from behind right then. Melissa’s ass and cunt always makes me rock hard.

“All ready!” she said to me with a big smile. In addition to the silver dress she had on a pair of black flats and matching black thong underwear. “Do I look like I’m ready to get pregnant, Daddy?” she asked playfully.

“I certainly hope so!”


Back in the meeting room all of the young girls were showered up, clean, and smelling delicious. Most of them had sexier outfits on than the day before, probably because they were feeling more comfortable, just like Melissa was. One of the girls from the pool decided to come to the meeting in one of her bikinis, and not a single man in the room seemed to mind.

The organizer discussed a few minor issues from the night before. One of the father/daughter couples had to leave earlier than they expected so their matches were re-calculated. They clarified a few of the rules, then began handing out cards to the young teens and pre-teens. My daughter got her card and wandered off to find her sire for the afternoon. Today we were given an hour with the girls, which meant we could have a little more fun getting them knocked up.

After a few minutes I began to get nervous as more and more couples left the room to go make babies. I still had not been approached by anyone. Then, a man with two girls walked up to me. I immediately knew one of the girls was my third choice, Liu, the tiny 10-year-old girl who had been adopted from China.

“Hi,” he said to me as he approached, holding the hand of each girl on either side. “I believe you are Liu’s match.”

“Yes, that’s correct. Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Yes yes, everything is fine. Would you mind if we spoke briefly in my room? It’s just down the hall.”

“Of course.”

We walked to his room and the girl who was matched with him just stood against the wall as he explained the situation.

“So Liu wants to do this but is a little nervous. Yesterday, she was not able to finish with the man assigned to her.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I said, trying to hide my annoyance with the conversation. If there was a problem, he should have left the group so I could be assign a different girl. As it was, he had a perfectly fine teenager standing right there, waiting to be fucked and impregnated, while I was assigned his daughter who apparently didn’t want to put out. But I didn’t reveal those thought to him.

“I really want Liu to get pregnant, and she’s ready for it. But she has never been with another man besides me and got nervous yesterday.”

“I see.”

Then the man took a step closer to me and explained in a quiet voice. “So I wanted to talk to you before you went off with her alone. I wanted to say… that is, if she decides again that she doesn’t want to go through with it… if you’re okay with it, I give you permission to… make it happen.”

“Make it happen?”

“As in, do it anyway, even if she isn’t being cooperative. If you’re okay with that.”

I wasn’t sure I was hearing this father right, so I asked him to clarify. “Just so I understand you, if she says she doesn’t want to do it, I should just… have sex with her anyway?”

“Yes, if you’re comfortably with that.”

“Well,” I started, then took a moment to think. “What if she starts crying or yelling?”

“I know this sounds harsh, but look, she doesn’t bite. You can cover her mouth. Don’t hurt her, but do get her pregnant any way you have to. I give you permission.”

I glanced over at Liu who just looked at me sheepishly.

“Are you okay coming with me?” I asked her. She nodded her head very slowly.

“Would it make you feel more comfortable if I walked her over to your room and picked her up afterward?” he asked.

“Actually,” I replied, “that would make things easier, especially if she is not being cooperative, as you suggested.”

The clock was ticking so I made the decision to honor the father’s request. I probably could have demanded that he give me his matched girl instead, a plump teen about 14 who looked pretty if not a little plain, but I decided to take a chance on Liu as her tiny 10-year-old body looked irresistible in that sheer harem outfit he had her in.

I was a little nervous in the elevator to my room, especially since Liu was dressed like a slutty Jasmine, but we arrived without running into anyone else and Lui’s father quickly said goodbye and left. This whole exchange had already used up 10 minutes of our hour together, and I could already tell I was going to need to try and coax her into letting me fuck her.

“Hi, Liu. You look very pretty today. Do you wear this at home with your daddy?”

She stared at me with those adorable innocent eyes and slowly nodded her head once.

I asked her a few more questions about herself and where she’s from before sitting on the bed and asking her to join me, which she reluctantly did. She looked like the most irresistible slave girl in that tight crop top and sheer harem pants, but she acted like an innocent angel who did not want to be defiled.

We now had 40 minutes left and I continued to talk to her. She mostly gave one-word answers and just sat there on the bed. I knew I would need to become physical with her fairly soon, so I began touching her occasionally as we talked, her legs, her side, her face. Each time she sort of pulled away from me a little.

When we reached the 30 minutes mark I told her how much I wanted to kiss her and asked if she would be okay with that. She didn’t say anything so I leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth but she didn’t kiss back. This is when I decided I might need to be a little more aggressive. I would normally not behave this way, but I was already so sexually frustrated by the experience and had convinced myself that this little girl owed it to me since she didn’t make her father take her home. “Why would she still be here if deep down she didn’t want to get pregnant,” I asked myself.

“Okay listen,” I said to her, trying to sound friendly but firm. “Your father gave you to me to do whatever I want. What I want to do is kiss you, but I can do much more than that right now if you won’t go along with the kiss. Do you understand what I’m saying, Liu?” Maybe I came across a little too harshly but I was running out of time and I wasn’t going to end up like the man yesterday.

“Yes,” she replied. “Kissing only.”

I didn’t waste any time and leaned in and began kissing her again. Her mouth was tiny and wet. Kissing a pre-teen on the mouth is the most wonderful experience, second only to penetrating a young girl’s gash with your adult cock. I began to use my tongue and to my surprise she was French kissing me back. I touched her and groped her body and she let me. Her breath was getting heavier as we continued to exchange saliva.

I looked at the clock and realized I only had 20 minutes left. Her father had agreed to return to my room right at the time we were supposed to be back to the meeting room, so this gave me a few extra minutes. I still didn’t want to be caught with my pants down when he returned, so I decided to move things to the next step.

I pulled down her top and put my mouth on one of her little buds and she resisted for a moment but allowed me to suckle her puffy nipple. I thought she must certainly be ready by now, so with my mouth still latched onto her 10-year-old titty I reached down and began to slid her harem pants off her.

She grabbed my arms and tried to stop me but her strength was nothing by comparison. “No,” she whispered at first. Then just as I was removing her pants completely she said it again in a louder voice, “No.” But it was too late. I had already removed the only thing between my aching cock and her little pre-teen cunt.

I laid on top of her body and her face was near the center of my chest. She tried to push me off of her but she was so small it was useless. She tried to close her legs but I was already between them. I could feel the warmth of her snatch against my dick.

“No, stop!” she said louder now, pushing me with her arms. Then she hit me in the face. I don’t think she meant to, but the sudden strike, though it didn’t hurt, annoyed me enough to change my tone with her.

“You already agreed to come here and your daddy gave me instructions to make sure it happens. So it IS going to happen, Liu.”

“Just stop! Get off me!”

“So you can either let it happen and it will feel good, or you can fight it and it won’t be as fun.”

“Get off me!” she yelled again. I was getting worried someone in the room next to us might hear.

“Be quiet!” I said in a loud whisper.

Then as she started to yell again I covered her mouth with my left hand while pinning her arms above her head with my right. Her hands were so small it was easy to control this weak girl’s body. I had never had complete control over a little girl before. I always asked my daughter nicely to do sexual things, but somehow in this moment, knowing that I had total dominion over this 10-year-old slut, it made me so hard I just had to fuck her and I didn’t care how much she didn’t want me to. I mean, if I was paired up with her she must have put me pretty high up on her list of daddies to fuck, right?

I could hear her muffled cries as I lined up my cock with her dripping hole and pushed into her. She was pretty wet for having put up such a struggle. Little girls are already so tight but there is always the feeling of some elasticity when penetrating their cunts. This 10-year-old was the youngest girl I had been inside of and she was so tight I could feel her muscles squeezing my hard rod. Normally I would ease into my daughter gently, pulling out and then back in, little by little. But this tiny bitch was resisting and I already had her mouth covered so I decided to just push into her as deeply as I could on the first stroke. More muffled noises came out and her eyes began to water.

I didn’t want to torture her but I was here to release my seed into her underdeveloped womb. I pumped my stick in and out of her passage as tears continued to roll down her cheeks. After about 30 seconds she stopped struggling and I relaxed my grip on her arms. She didn’t try to hit me or push me off her and the fucking continued. I had to slow down or stop after every few thrusts, as her pre-teen pussy continued to edge me over and over.

After a minute I took my hand off her mouth and she didn’t trying to yell either. She just laid there and breathed heavily, occasionally gasping. I pounded her a little harder, now realizing our time would be over soon, and after a few more minutes of fucking this little grade-schooler I knew I was about to blow a huge load inside of her.

Just like I did with Megan yesterday, I pushed my cock to the back of her vagina, right against Liu’s cervix, and released a powerful stream of semen directly into it. I don’t know if she was having an orgasm too but I could feel her pussy squeeze and contract against my cock. Several more jets of cum shot into her cervix hole and I pumped her little cunt a few more times just to make sure I had released everything into her. Even though she was my third pick overall, Liu’s little body was the one I most wanted to impregnate, and for some reason knowing it was happening against her will made me cum harder than I normally would. It was absolute ecstasy.

After I pulled out, Liu put her clothes back on and just waited on the bed. A few minutes later her father was at the door, and it was a good thing I finished when I did because he was about 5 minutes early. I let him know the mating had been successful. He seemed so relieved and thanked me excessively.

“Do you mind taking Carrie back to the meeting room for me? I can tell Liu isn’t happy so I should just take her back to our room.”

“Yes, that’s no problem,” I replied and waved Carrie into the room as Liu and her father left.

The door closed and Carrie was standing there in a little white pleated skirt and a pink bra. I don’t know what happened to her shirt. Her face and chest were pink and flushed and she just smiled at me seductively, like she had just been fucked but didn’t get enough. Or maybe that’s just what it seemed like in my current mental state. Something happens to a girls between 12 and 14 that turns them into total nymphos, and Carrie seemed like a 14-year-old who wanted to fuck again.

I knew it was against the rules but somehow knowing I had just forced myself on a 10-year-old girl against her wishes made me so horny and I made the decision to have Carrie as well.

I looked right into her blue eyes and said, “Go bend over the bed.”

She seemed shocked by the demand but didn’t smile or grimace. All she said was, “Yes, Daddy,” and immediately obeyed my command.

I could see she had no panties on and her short pleated skirt would do nothing to stop my boner from entering her slit. Her skin was so pale and pink she looked like a little piggie just waiting for me to slaughter her.

I slid into her nice and easy and she was slick from the load that had been left in her. I normally would have never considered having another man’s sloppy seconds but I had just fucked this man’s daughter and the thought of replacing his seed with my own in this plump little teenager made me rock hard again.

I had to fuck her much faster and harder than I did Liu, since I was already spent and time was short, but Carrie seemed to love it and moaned loudly for me. It was already the time we were supposed to be back to the meeting room but I kept plowing her 14-year-old cunt, determined to leave my DNA inside of her.

After exploding a small but powerful load inside of her cervix, I threw on my pants and grabbed Carrie’s hand. “We have to hurry!” I announced as we raced down the hallway. Carrie giggled as we ran. In the elevator I could see globs of cum dripping down her thighs.

Back at the meeting room most of the daddies and daughter were still there. Carried winked at me and ran off to her father.

“Where have you been?” Melissa accused me playfully. “And who was that?” she asked, watching Carrie walk away.

“I’ll tell you when we get back to the room. Did you have a good time?”

“Yes of course, Daddy! I’m pregnant with twins now!” she joked.

The rest of the day we either hung out in our room or checked out what some of the other daddy/daughter couples were doing. I kept looking to see if I could spot Liu and her dad but they were nowhere to be found.

That night Melissa cuddled with me naked again and thanked me for bringing her.

“Just one more day,” I announced. “Then you head home as a pregnant ‘woman!”

I was so exhausted I fell asleep sucking on Melissa’s titties, dreaming of how delicious her milk would taste.


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